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All parents want their children to be happy. And that turned out to be happy, not only their childhood, and adulthood. Naturally, educate their children, they are trying to correct "key": developing in girls femininity and masculinity in boys. And if the girls are more or less clear, then with the boys it is not so clear. How, for example, bring up the boy's masculine character, develop stamina, will-power and other attributes of masculinity and not force him to endure any hardship and to create comfortable living conditions.

By the way, psychologists believe that in shaping the character of boys (and girls too) are not only the correct methods and personal example, but also the surrounding space of the child. From this perspective, a child's room decoration in general and in particular for the boy becomes one of the most significant moments of the formation of the child's personality. How to choose a design for teen-age boy's room? How to make an interior room of the younger schoolboy? And in what the interior design of a child's room to stop, even if the baby goes to daycare? Let us try to understand all this.

Features for a boy child

In many ways, the design of children's rooms for boys and girls is similar. For example, in both cases, the actual reception of the zoning premises when the interior of the room is divided into functional areas-areas: to sleep, to work and for recreation (games). It is believed that the design should take into account the child's individual characteristics of children. Versatility and interior design requirements in terms of lighting rooms, which should be the primary source of lighting and lamps in the individual functional areas.

But the design of a child's room for a boy still has its own peculiarities. Still, the male character is very different from the thin sincere organization of women. In the foreground, and psychologists, and designers put forward such a demand as a short (nothing more) and restraint (nothing pretentious). Secondly, the choice of a design concept should directly depend on the child's age: all ages - different needs. Thirdly, it is very important to be clear functionality: men do not tend to combine different territorial scope of its activities. And, of course, already in childhood every man is guided by the motto "my territory - my rules." Therefore, take into account the wishes of the child's interests and hobbies is very important, developing the interior design of the room for the boy.

That last factor becomes crucial when choosing a design concept. That is why the interior of a room for the boy often not executed stylistically and thematically key. And especially the male psyche in conjunction with the child and determine the correct color of the interior. Let's start with color.

 interior nursery for a boy

The color of the room for a boy

Choosing a color scheme for the room boy, consider his age and temperament. If the future owner of the room is still very small and is in tender infancy, the psychologists are advised to make out the interior of a child's room in rich, vibrant colors. Appropriate patterns will be as large and geometric forms.

Maturing boy, who can not yet be defined with its own color preferences, completely trusts his parents. Therefore, it is important to take into account the psychological advice in choosing the color of the room for a child that age. Namely:

  1. All shades of blue relaxing act and contribute to the development of creative inclinations.
  2. White is neutral and can be a great backdrop for the brightly colored furniture and interior items.
  3. Yellow is appropriate in the area of ​​games, as is the color of curiosity.
  4. Green relieves irritation, improves efficiency and good effect on vision.
  5. Orange contributes to the emergence of feelings of joy and confidence, but in excess of this color can act oppressively.
  6. Contraindications (in psychological terms) for the interior of a child's room red and purple color. First developed aggression, apathy second.

And a few more tips:

  1. To calm the children, it is desirable to choose the bright and expressive colors and patterns.
  2. The interior design for the activity and mobility of the child should be addressed in the range consistent with the minimum variety of colors.
  3. For rooms, located on the shady side, you need to choose warm colors and bright colors.
  4. Needless lit child can "mute" to design the interior cool shades.
  5. And, most importantly - to focus on the age and temperament of the boy.

  Subject design for a boy child

Meet the children's ambitions and to some extent help realize the boy's fantasy themed design a child's room. What topics are especially popular with boys?

  • Sea theme

Marine theme has always fired the boy's imagination. Pirates and caravels, military submarines and intrepid scuba divers, underwater world and the sailor way of life - that's what will make any kid feel like a real man: brave and strong, noble and honest.

For the colors of the interior of such a room you can use any "sea" colors: blue, dark blue, azure, turquoise. Be sure to use the texture and color of natural wood and, of course, any marine attributes: steering wheels, anchors, compasses, pirate flags, sails, portholes.

  • Theme travel

Very close to the sea theme, and environmental issues. The interior of the room a young traveler can be arranged in different styles and choose different "sub-topics" ranging from sea voyages and ending with a safari. Colours - light shades of beige and sand color combined with a blue and green, brown and white. Accessories - maps and globes, ship models, trophies from trips, photos of various continents and countries. However, the theme of travel and the sea are more suitable for the preschool room or junior student. However, many teens do not give up like interior decoration of his room.

  • Sport theme

In the sports category, you can design the interior of the young athlete and passionate fans. There also are various options depending on how the sport has been a child. Football and ice hockey, boxing and gymnastics, skiing, swimming, car racing and weightlifting - all of which can be the subject of a specific design of the room boy.

The main colors of a room should be white, green and red. But it all depends on the specific sport and your favorite team colors. Attributes must also be sports, ranging from sports corner or shells and ending with their own diplomas and medals of the child and posters with photos of sports heroes.

  • Japanese theme

The interior is decorated in a Japanese theme, perfect for both boys and philosophical outlook, and for boys Samurai. The stylistic solution of this room - minimalism. Preference is quiet low-key colors (white, silver gray, lemon yellow, beige) and light miniature furniture. The main thematic accessories - hieroglyphs mat, bamboo curtain, samurai swords, vases and Japanese fans. Let us and other decor: rock garden, bonsai, Japanese landscape image.

  • Thread technology

Almost all the boys are addicted to technology. Do not leave the boys indifferent cars and airplanes, trains, tanks, missiles, and ships. Recommendations on the main colors of the interior of such a room is not - it can be anything. The main thing here - themed paraphernalia and accessories. But such a stylistic solution of the interior suggests itself - high-tech or military. And, accordingly, in this case it is necessary to create a design and decorate the interior in accordance with the requirements of these styles.

 Interior nursery for a boy

Tips for parents

Whatever style or theme for your child's room you choose, no matter how to design the interior, guided by two important rules. Firstly, the children's room should be environmentally friendly and safe, so give preference to natural materials, avoid heavy or unstable furniture, try not to open the wiring and put children protected electrical outlet.

And the boy's room should be easily cleaned. If a very young resident of this is not true, the teens have to cope with the cleaning of my room very quickly. If the child is cluttered, it is to maintain its order will not even the greatest akkuratist.

And try once again not to disturb the territorial possessions of the inhabitants. Even young men find their inviolable territory, and acting on it inviolable rules.

Invent the future design of the room together: for your boy is very important to take part in the planning and design of your room. For a boy at all, it is important to not only have their own opinions, but I think this opinion is respected. And who but parents will be able to teach him not only a statement of its point of view, but also the ability to defend it, in short, be a real man.

 Interior children's room boy - form a male character

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