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  • Sex positions and mutual pleasure
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What you mean sex? The pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and pleasure? Or he has become commonplace, a double tribute, sometimes you want to perform? Unfortunately, most couples after a few years of living together makes everything on semiautomatic. It is necessary discharge, although you do not want to strain.

But that never turned sex into a routine and bring bliss, you must constantly bring to bed something new. And not necessarily to rush from one extreme to buying whips and handcuffs with spikes. You can start to dream a little and experiment, to explore the unusual posture.

 unusual sex positions

Sex positions and mutual pleasure

In fact, there are 5 basic positions, and the rest - their variations. Think how many options and you know which ones are most often used in sex? In most cases - missionary, when the partner on top? Then you urgently should diversify their intimate life before it's too late!

  • Padlock with a belt

Your partner all the time sitting at the computer, and you just can not distract him? Have sex on the table! Believe me, he would not refuse such a pleasure. So, sit on the edge of the table, clasp your legs hip young man. Leather belt (without rivets and solid acting elements) clasp around the back or shoulders of the partner. Your significant other should be so easily enter the penis into the vagina. During sex constantly pull up on the belt - it will strengthen the feeling of intimacy.

The second option on this position: you put your feet on his shoulders, not entwine them around your waist. By the way, the first time you may not like it, because it will have to exert a lot of effort. But then, when natreniruetes, perhaps it will be the favorite position. To quickly get an orgasm, instead of using a table running the washing machine. Its vibration will give you an indescribable pleasure.

  • Doggy-style in a new way

If you are flexible enough girl, you can try this position. So, your partner should stand up straight, knees slightly bent. Placed so that the buttocks rest against the excited penis, lean forward and lean on the floor (or bed, if this is more convenient). In the case where much of the fair floor above, it can put a foot back legs partner. During sex, the young man has to support you for the buttocks or the waist, so you are not tired early.

  • "Evita" - a heavenly delight

Today, those who love wild and passionate and crazy sex, we offer experience with its partners, a new position under the elegant name of "Evita." It kind of reminds already discussed above, with the only difference that the partners change places, ie the active role belongs to the man. This posture ladies prefer many who are attracted by naughty sex fun.

When intimacy voltage partner in "Evita" is minimized, and the process takes pleasure maximum intensity. In this position, among other things, sets much faster orgasm that is, a woman is just enjoy the feelings and emotions.

A man has to make some effort, because in the process of sexual intercourse, he must not only make frictions, but also keep the balance couples. Excess power can be removed if the partner during sex will lie on an incline bench. In this case, the probability of getting her orgasm is greatly improved.

How to make a very passionate sex in this position? The technique of "Evita" is as follows: partner lies across the bed or on a slant board and brings together the straightened leg. The man is on top so that the women would be placed between the legs of his.

Before the start of vaginal intercourse partner should be wet enough to while entering the penis and began frictions reduce friction to a minimum. Once a young man came into the fold, it starts to make a reciprocating motion. Until such time as partners gain a mutually acceptable rate of movements, penetration member must be sensitive and not very sharp. Then you can completely surrender to their passion.

In this position perfectly stimulated the front wall and the vestibule. The additional impact on the clitoris will be provided if a man lying on the partner, begin to make rhythmic movements. In this crazy sex in the position of "Evita" can be achieved, if your significant other will be on the floor. Then forward the promotion of housing will give both of you an extra thrill, as by bending the penis in the process of frictions will provide intensive impact on the vestibule. Even such a small change in posture will give both new sensations and will fully enjoy a luxurious hot sex.

Making love in "Evita" will be even more passionate and brightest in the event that do not use an inclined bench. Then the man in the vicinity will be able to keep their hands on the buttocks of his partner. In this position, it is easier to control the depth of penetration into the female member. Alternate tightening the buttocks can also give an additional stimulating effect. In this position, it is appropriate for a man to be his partner and oral sex and fondling her shoulders, neck and chest. Women who know how to make sex sultry, in turn, can man's hands caressing her back or buttocks.

In fairness it should be noted that "Evita" is necessary, they say, "rasprobovat." It is excellent! If at first this position may not seem so easy as the others, after finding a common rhythm partners realize how good it is for sex. After all, such a posture makes it possible to obtain simultaneous orgasm. And what else is needed for hot sex games?

Anyone who knows what true physical pleasure, this option will be very interesting. Game wild sex - it is imagination and desperate courage, allows to reach incredible orgasms. Experiments in the field of intimacy always live up to expectations with a vengeance. Let us not deprive yourself of the pleasure! Anyone who has experienced what a passionate sexual intercourse, never be satisfied with fresh traditional sexual poses and will endlessly searching for something new and unknown.

  • Open book

Men like eyes - is an indisputable fact. To your partner quickly excited and got great satisfaction, you need to choose an interesting posture, due to which during lovemaking, he would constantly seen your genitals. As an option - "open book." So, you need to lie on your back, raise your legs and bend their knees, forming an angle of 90 degrees.

The partner should be on his knees, pridvinuvshis close to you and lift your body by the ankles. You just need to relax completely, so that he can put you as it is convenient. Once the penis enters the vagina, legs apart as far as possible (ideally - the splits).

Unfortunately, this position there are a few drawbacks. So, during sex untrained partner may get sick neck or back. Moreover, not everyone will be able to overcome the shame and shyness. In this case, the ladies have to say goodbye to the complex.

  • Secure pose - woman on top

Often, the fair sex are experiencing discomfort or severe pain during sex (when there is too deep penetration). And even if she starts to make love in the most usual position, it can not relax enough. In this case, you should choose a posture in which a woman could control the movement itself, the depth and rhythm. Most men love it when their favorite picks pose "rider."

Option One: partner lies on his back, one leg slightly bent at the knee. Girl sit with his back to the man. The position must be such that the clitoris rubbing during movement of the skin of a young man. Rejoice, because now he is in your power. To favorite was nice, you can hand to caress his scrotum or the area below.

The second option: a man leans on a pillow or wall, the woman sits on top (facing him). Once the penis enters the vagina, partner leans back and leans on his elbows. Man with one hand holding your buttocks, the other - stimulating the genitals. You also need to move the legs. Less pose - pretty fatigue.

Third, at least interesting and enjoyable position when you are not only the top, but do not give the man to take the initiative. So, tie his hands and fasten to the head of the bed (use a scarf, cuffs, tie). Then ask your partner to pull your knees to your chest. Your task - to sit down so that you feel comfortable. As a support use of his legs.

Quite a few women have orgasms in this position. The problem is that they are wrong move. What is the fundamental error? The fair sex just sit on a partner and start "jumping" up and down. It is sometimes even lead to injury member and tear soft tissue. So be careful. Pay attention to their movements: they must be smooth, as if you are the third of the penis and your partner's crotch.

  • Man on top

When a couple lives together for more than five years, and the husband and wife, perhaps, not to diversity. What it poses, if the child can go into the bedroom at any time. But even the regular missionary position can bring you a lot of pleasure during sex. We only want to.

What do I need a girl to get an orgasm? So, first, a partner should not have to press down. If you find it hard to breathe, tell me about it. It is not necessary to suffer and suffocate, waiting's over. By the way, the same goes for you when you are on top. Do not lean on his chest.

Please note, you do not always have to lie flat. You can stay across the bed so that your hips slightly hung. Your young person will have to be on your knees (you can put a pillow, if it is too high). In this case, the man freed his hands, so he will be able to stimulate the clitoris.

Just a couple of options when partner above: Girl throws ankles on his shoulders man hugging his legs or hips partner, raises the fair sex, hugging her knees to her chest. The main thing - do not lie flat and calm, looking at the ceiling, showing all kind that you want to quickly finish everything. To your boyfriend did not finish quickly, ask him to sit up on his elbows. At the same time you will also be pleased, as the angle of entry of the penis a little change.

And, finally, the easiest way to get mutual pleasure: Put a pillow under your hips or small paralonovym roller. In this position your genitals are strongly encouraged and will change the depth of penetration of the penis. At the same time you and your partner will be much more comfortable during sex.

 different sex positions

How often to change position

Even experienced in intimate terms people are interested in, how often to change the posture during sex. Remember once and for all: it all depends on the physiological characteristics and desires. You should not be too enthusiastic, because it can partner did not like it. But do not stop at one thing, since your young person can get tired hands, numb muscles.

If you want to change the position, gently whisper it in your ear about it. Believe me, man is very exciting. When a loved one offers to do something new, to yield to it. Just do not need to shout about what you do not like it, and call him a pervert. If some pose no pleasure or hurt you, immediately inform the young man. In no case should not be tolerated.

Remember the most important thing: any posture should be safe. Looking, for example, the Kama Sutra, you can find there are many options that require some physical preparation of both partners. Do not take chances, otherwise the next two weeks you can spend in traumatology.

 Interesting sex positions: introduce diversity in intimate life

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