Coca Cola for making unusual soup


  • Preparation of a variety of soups from Coca-Cola
  • Recipe chicken soup with the addition of fried Coke
  • Sweet soup Coke

The drink, which is already more than a hundred years, is still popular not only in the country, which had been invented, but also in other countries (to date of about 200). Coca-Cola is the most expensive brand, and its popularity is not going to take positions. At the beginning of the production of Coca-Cola consisted of coca leaves and kola nut tree. The first ingredient, by the way, served as the basis for the allocation of the drug cocaine, the use of which in those days were allowed, and that was used in drinks instead of alcohol. Do not be surprised, because the drink recipe was invented by a pharmacist.

Initially, this drink was designed to soothe and treat all kinds of disorders. Machine Coca-Cola has been installed in the pharmacy, and the cup of his cost only 5 cents. Customers in the first year the company was small, and did not get profits. However, every year who want to try the miracle drink (which gets rid of impotence and let go with morphine on coca) is growing. And those who tried to come to the pharmacy again and again.

Coca-Cola is not just a drink, which is consumed to quench thirst, but also an integral part of a recipe. To this end the drink has a sufficient amount of nutrients. For example, Coca-Cola is often used to marinade meat for hash refueling and even cooking soups and main dishes. To do this, you can mix a Coke with your favorite sauce and using the resulting mixture, fill with chicken wings, for example.

If you flood the meat for kebab is not plain water and soda, the meat will turn out much softer.

And if you still use a Coke, then the pieces will be a little glazed and acquire a kind of caramel flavor.

 the ingredients for the soup with the addition of Coca Cola

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Preparation of a variety of soups from Coca-Cola

As already mentioned, Coca-Cola is often used when the recipe and the dish requires a special aroma, lightness, or when you have not enough time. So cook the soup of this drink can only be based on Coke (instead of broth), or use it for other components of the intermediate preparation of soup. And if the drink is known to all children from an early age, the recipe of its preparation is still a mystery, which is contained in strict secrecy for the past 100 years.
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Recipe chicken soup with the addition of fried Coke

So, we should start with less complicated method of preparation. Recipe chicken soup with Coca-Cola is not much different from similar, but without the soda. First, you must inform readers that this recipe is suitable for people who have no stomach problems.

After a drink, like Coke, it is not always useful, especially for those whose stomach is not very healthy. Besides, the soup fairly fat frying involves vegetables and meat. So, first we need the following ingredients:

  • Chicken breast - 500-600 g,
  • 1 onion (you can leeks)
  • 4 potatoes,
  • Sour cream - 300 g,
  • Butter,
  • Greenery,
  • Spices
  • Water.

First, pour 1 liter of water into the pan and put it on medium heat to heat. At this time namyvali meat and fillets cut into cubes. A small portion (about 150-200 g) send to the boiling water in order to get the chicken broth. The remaining meat can marinate briefly. The recipe for the marinade includes the following products:

  • Lemon juice,
  • Salt
  • Pepper,
  • Garlic,
  • Soy sauce,
  • Coca-Cola (small can) - approximately 250 grams

So, we marinade chicken salt, pepper, pour the lemon juice and leave for a few minutes in a closed cup. Suffice it to an hour. Clean the onion and cut it into small cubes. As soon as the time comes marinade warm up a frying pan and pour oil into it. On a hot skillet send onion and lay out the chicken. The main condition is to prepare fried over high heat. We fry it so that it is on all sides got a bright golden color.

After that, pour the soy sauce in the pan and then add the Coke. Cook on medium heat for chicken for another 10 minutes. Turn off and give it brew for a while frying. Go back to the broth. It will send a piece of butter, potatoes, diced and fried. Cook a little longer the soup over medium heat for 10-15 minutes. When serving soup decorate with fresh herbs and sour cream.

Another variant of this soup can be soup. Fried prepared similarly to the above recipe (only fried onions separately), but the sauce is somewhat different. In a small saucepan, melt down the butter, add the potatoes in it and fried onions. In this pan add 3 a quarter cup of chicken broth and cook potatoes until tender all (15-20 minutes).

Then, using a blender, grind it all to the consistency of mashed potatoes. It pour a little milk or cream, put on low heat and cook a little longer for 5-10 minutes. When serving in soup put a few pieces of fried chicken, sprinkle with herbs. Like any other soup, mashed potatoes, serve him toast. For their preparation slices of white bread can lubricate the sauce in which the meat was roasting, and bake in the oven.

In the same way you can cook meat and other ingredients are: mutton, beef and pork. Instead of soy sauce, add a few spoonfuls of many ordinary ketchup. In order that the result paid off, you need to fry the meat until the sauce on it will not be very thick. Otherwise, once you leave the meat in the soup, the whole filling of Coca-Cola and wash off the sauce, the meat can become absolutely tasteless. So either spend more time in the marinade, or wait until the sauce will freeze well.

 the ingredients for a sweet soup with Coca Cola
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Sweet soup Coke

For those who can not live without the sweet, there is the so-called sweet soup recipe. Not only does it allow you to get a charge of vivacity, but the full extent of glucose to provide you with several months in advance. So, for this soup you will need:

  • Coca-Cola - a 2-liter bottle,
  • 2 Snickers candy bars,
  • Peanut bag, bag of chips, a package of crackers - all for about '50

First, you need to boil a Coke. In the boiling beverage add nuts first, then crunches. Snickers and chips send to the broth in the least, as they can quickly disappear. Therefore, adding them to immediately turn off the gas. As a seasoning for this soup of sweet toffee used Moeller, which is 2 liters, you will need 5-6 pieces. There is a need to warm the soup, as well as the further heating it will not stand, try to eat it at one time. Otherwise it will not work, because this yummy does not stay on the table for a long time.

But do not forget that such a concentration of products may not always have a positive effect on your digestive system. This recipe is contraindicated for people with stomach ulcers, gastritis and other gastrointestinal disease. Every time you have a party planned a significant number of children you have at hand is a delicious and easy recipe for making soup.

A large number of practicing chefs using carbonated drinks not only for the marinade products boiling soup. Thus, coca-cola, because of its particular taste, can be used as a filling for the hash instead of kvass or beer. In the event that you are afraid of your stomach, try adding a Coke mixed with plain water or kvass. In this embodiment, the share of gas in cooking greatly reduced, thereby reducing the burden on the stomach.

After all, if you read the drink, you will find it a lot of the ingredients of the chemical composition. Nevertheless soda manufacturers claim that the composition of Coke in no way harmful and negative influence on the body of a healthy person. Unlike those who have poor health. Almost all contraindications, you can find on the label of coca-cola.

 Interesting, quick and delicious recipes for soups to sweet drinks

 recipe for a delicious soup with salmon


  • Royal fish
  • The nutritional value of salmon, and especially its preparation
  • The classic recipe for fish soup
  • Lovers of experiments

The world-famous writer Sir Walter Scott told us that, in times of plenty in European rivers, salmon, Scottish fishermen in employment put forward an ultimatum - to feed them as little as possible of the fish.

Today, however, fish soup of salmon belongs to the category of delicacies, even if the hostess does not put back the steak and cook the broth only from the head, spine and fins.
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Royal fish

Of course, the fish rich soup can be made from any red fish, whether trout, salmon or salmon, but the salmon was recognized as the queen of all salmon. It is characterized by purity silver-blue color, without spot, and bright scales. Weight salmon may reach 30-40 kg. Certain individuals grow to 1, 5 m in length.

Lives salmon, not only in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, as there is also a kind of lake. In our country, lake salmon was chosen Onega and Ladoga lake, and once it was "overrun" and many rivers. The sharp reduction in the number of noble fish have been linked to environmental degradation.

Some fisheries are engaged in purposeful breeding of salmon in their own farms, but this fish is considerably inferior to the quality of fishing. Therefore, buying salmon for your dinner table, you should ask whether it is not grown artificially. Special care needs to be people who are prone to various kinds of allergies, as on farms in the feed may include antibiotics, pigment and modified additives. Inexperienced buyer is quite difficult to distinguish from wild specimen grown in captivity, but if you ask for, it is possible to learn this. Wild is usually more developed fins, and head shape is different.

Today the fish can be purchased at any retail network, as in split fillets and whole fresh or frozen. Present and budget option - soup set, consisting of the head, spine and fins. From this broth it is getting enough fat.

 Ingredients fish soup with salmon
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The nutritional value of salmon, and especially its preparation

Reference only marketable food and its taste is not quite true. It is important that the food was still useful. In this case, the salmon has good taste characteristics and unique value to health. After all, it contains almost the entire range of vitamins and 22 trace elements needed by man. Especially valuable polyunsaturated omega-3, which has a beneficial effect on mental activity and prevents aging of the organism. A large amount of melatonin is able to provide a deep, healthy sleep. It should be remembered that all this only applies to the salmon living in natural conditions.

It is vital to eat salmon on a regular basis to all those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and metabolic disorders. Salted salmon prevents the development of thrombophlebitis. It is also important that the fish are not able to accumulate a chemical elements and bring harm to the body.

Salmon has a pleasant taste in any form, whether it is fried in oil or grill, steam, smoked, salted or soup of Salmon. With respect to its preparation, the salmon is rightly recognized as fish, which at all desire can not spoil during cooking. Therefore, you can use any recipe. Still, there are some subtleties of culinary skill on this particular type of fish. Like any other fish, salmon does not require long heat treatment.

If the bird is small and it is supposed to cook a whole, it is necessary to put it in cold water, bring to a boil and reduce the heat and cook until tender. As a rule, enough pound fish 20 minutes, and in split into portions fish already put in salted boiling water and boil the same amount of time, 20-25 minutes.

You can buy, as mentioned above, soup set, which does not disappoint mistress, as head of salmon meat enough. And the price of a set of unique fish is much cheaper than the same chicken. And you can buy a whole fish, to wield it for pickling, and the head, abdomen with fins, a tail - in the ear. Just to avoid the bitter taste is better to remove the gills.

If the portions are small pieces or fish soup is brewed only from ridges and abdomen, the first pan placed all the other soup ingredients (onions, carrots, potatoes, cereal), and in the end had fish components. When the salmon fish soup is made from the fleshy parts, the fish is placed in cold water, boiled until tender, and then removed at this broth is preparing soup.

How long should be the head cook salmon, a moot point, and there is hardly a recipe specifies a particular time brewing head, as this depends on its size. Sometimes 20 minutes is enough, or even half an hour is not enough. Some recommendations hostess say that it will take time for the richness of the soup. But by increasing the cooking time will not add fat fish, but valuable nutritional quality decrease. Some prefer to greater transparency in the pre-strain fish broth before laying into him vegetables. But it does not matter.

 fish soup recipe
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The classic recipe for fish soup

The simplest in cooking fish soup does not need many ingredients, which in the opinion of experienced chefs only interrupt the natural taste and flavor of the fish. Especially that red, like borscht, which gives tomatoes, is not peculiar to the ear. Easy recipe for fish soup of salmon contains only salmon, onions, potatoes and greens. Even carrots are not required. For cooking broth need to 300-400 g salmon. This weight may give one head average individual. It is placed in cold water, brought to a boil.

The resulting foam should be carefully removed. If the beginning of the formation of foam as not to miss and not let the broth boil rapidly, then straining is required. Then add salt, pepper, a couple of bay leaves and whole onion. It is not forbidden onion cut into cubes.

When the fish is almost ready, the pot goes to the potatoes. Cutting arbitrary. Some people prefer in the form of cubes, and someone arrange large halves. Hardly a significant impact on the taste of the dish. Although the salad shape cutting is important. Ready fish soup generously sprinkled with herbs: onions, dill, parsley, celery, cilantro. To that taste. And if we add to this soup sorrel or spinach, it will be a little different from the classic green soup with sorrel. Classic soup recipe from ancient times had a total millet. At 2-2, 5 liters of broth half cup is enough.

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Lovers of experiments

If someone thinks that the stock of salmon is still not as beautiful as we would like, of course, you can make zazharku of onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes. This recipe involves cooking the broth of salmon and filtering. Then fried vegetables are put in the broth, add potatoes to them. Recommended fish Dowar slightly and then lower it again in the broth has all the ingredients to 10 minutes Ready soup sprinkle with herbs.

The growing popularity of soup recipe, mashed potatoes, and soup of salmon is no exception. He, too, can be a soup, mashed potatoes and cream soup. I must say that for the soup puree head is not the best option, fillets are required. So salmon fillet should be boiled until cooked with salt, onion and spices. The fish is then removed, and the finished soup boiled potatoes and carrots. Separately, in a frying pan fry the onions need and tomatoes without the skin. All ingredients are combined in a single container and whipped blender. The finished sauce add the cream, which is not prohibited to replace milk, then the dish will be less nutritious. After adding cream dish then you need 5 more minutes on low heat.

Since salmon - enough oily fish, it blends well with the components of halophytes. Recipe hodgepodge of salmon contains, in addition to potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, pickles, boiled or canned beans. Fans of spicy taste are not limited and include the recipe even olives, lemon or cucumber pickle. So all that apply in the traditional-bag, can find a place in the fish soup of salmon.

Cheese with salmon component is also quite acceptable, but you should consider when salting the soup, the cheese is too salty. The variety of cheese is not critical, it can be a Smoked sausage and cream. You can make the type of soup, mashed potatoes, but instead add the cream cheese.

Small vermicelli gossamer-too well with red fish. For any of the above recipes can be cooked in fish soup multivarka. Even if it does not contain the program mode "soup", salmon thrives in the "quenching". Do not be afraid of cooking time, the pieces of fish and vegetables retain their original shape. Salmon - a versatile fish that can be combined with both vegetables and cereals with, dairy products and pasta. Therefore, a variety of soups of this fish may be limited only by the imagination mistress.

 Soup of salmon: the fantasy is not limited to prescription