intercostal neuralgia

Pain in the back and chest periodically beset the majority of people. Someone - it believes that it has low back pain, and someone grabs and all heart medications, mistakenly believing that hurts the heart. However, most often the cause of these, sometimes very intense, pain is nothing else like intercostal neuralgia.

On such diseases we have heard almost everything, but what it is, only a few know. It is about what is intercostal neuralgia, how it manifests itself and how to be treated, and will be discussed below. After all, just knowing the enemy in the face, you can expect to win over him.

In fact, intercostal neuralgia occurs when abnormal irritation or compression of the nerves located between the ribs. This person is experiencing severe pain, which bring a huge amount of man is very painful minutes. Doctors refer to the group of intercostal neuralgia most unpleasant diseases.

And it is very important to promptly seek medical help from a doctor, because, as mentioned above, very often due to occur in the chest pain intercostal neuralgia confuses people with heart attacks. As a result, it begins to treat is not what is really needed. A waste of time can result in quite serious complications.

The symptoms of intercostal neuralgia

The disease can be felt by a number of specific symptoms that may occur as a complex and selectively. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of each individual. And it is from this also depends on and how brightly these symptoms are expressed.

For doctors like symptoms include:

  • Pathological unusual sensations from the skin.

Man can periodically or, much rarer, is constantly experiencing a burning sensation, numbness or tingling of different parts of the skin. By the way, what exactly which area of ​​the skin is affected, it depends on what kind of startled nerves intercostal neuralgia.

  • Back muscle strain.

A person suffering from intercostal neuralgia, often there is a strong back muscle strain. And most of such tension is maintained throughout the exacerbation of the disease. And relax a person just simply can not.

  • Increased sweating.

Increased sweating is also a characteristic feature that the sick person is faced with an intercostal neuralgia. Most often sweating occurs in the feet, hands and armpits. However, this symptom intercostal neuralgia can only be considered in conjunction with other signs.

  • Pain.

Almost indispensable companion intercostal neuralgia is pain. The intensity of pain can be very different - from mild to very intense. But in any case for the pain caused by the attack of neuralgia, is characterized by the following feature - by coughing, sneezing or physical activities pain at times increases.

These are the main characteristic of the intercostal neuralgia symptoms. However, there are minor symptoms of the disease are taken into account when making a diagnosis, but can not be considered independent symptoms of intercostal neuralgia. Examples of these symptoms include:

  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Dizziness.
  • Weakness in the body and trembling of the hands.

The first thing you need to do a doctor - is to eliminate these diseases that can cause similar pain. For example, intercostal neuralgia can be confused with pain in the heart. However, in this case, drugs for the treatment of pain in the heart of the patient do not facilitate human.

And if the pain of intercostal neuralgia is localized in the lumbar region, it often confused with pain, resulting from various kidney diseases. And these "fraudulent" pain can occur anywhere in the body completely, as the nerves extend to all systems of the body. You can never predict in advance exactly how the show itself intercostal neuralgia from one or the other person.

Therefore, if a person will pain of unknown origin, be much more sensible than trying to guess what hurts, and immediately call a brigade "first aid". After all, in any case - the acute pain is always evidence of serious health problems. And joke with your health not worth it.

 intercostal neuralgia - Treatment

The causes of intercostal neuralgia

Of course, almost all people facing this disease, are interested in the question of what are the reasons lead to the development of intercostal neuralgia. Such reasons are not so little:

  • Age-related changes. Doctors note a clear trend - the elderly suffer from intercostal neuralgia more often than younger people.
  • Diabetes and beriberi.
  • Gastro - intestinal tract.
  • Diseases of the spine and ribs, including different types of tumors.

In addition to these factors in the development of intercostal neuralgia often causes the common cold or muscle strain. In addition, general fatigue, hypothermia or stress also greatly increase the risk of intercostal neuralgia. And, perhaps, another factor which is very often the cause of intercostal neuralgia - is running a form of degenerative disc disease.

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia can not be ignored. Yes, and intense pain are unlikely to do so. The essence of the treatment of neuralgia is as follows:

  • Removal of pain and other symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.
  • Elimination of pinching and (or) inflammation of the affected nerve.
  • Address the underlying causes of the disease, which, strictly speaking, lead to the development of intercostal neuralgia.

That is why the treatment of intercostal neuralgia should be comprehensive - only in this case it would be really effective. Usually, at the first symptoms of the disease is a very good effect is the use of vitamins, massage and physiotherapy.

In that case, if the intercostal neuralgia is in the acute stage, the patient shows a man with strict bed rest. Note - bed should be firm enough and absolutely smooth. If the pain unbearable, the doctor will make novocaine blockade - it cut away the nerve novocaine, causing loses sensitivity.

Thereafter, sick person appointed physiotherapy treatments such as UHF, solux electrophoresis. The course of treatment is chosen strictly individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the disease in each individual sick person. If all the recommendations of the treating physician and the treatment of neuralgia is usually quite effective.

 Intercostal neuralgia

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 seborrhea scalp treatment

Seborrhea - a special skin disease, which is caused by a violation of the sebaceous glands of the human body. Today distinguish oily and dry seborrhea. Oily seborrhea scalp occurs when the sebaceous glands varies from the normal steady state towards hyperfunction, dry seborrhea scalp treatment that requires greater attention, in turn, occurs when a person moves the state of the sebaceous glands hypofunction side.

When seborrhea not only changes the amount of sebum excretion. Significant changes are also noted in the chemical composition of sebum in its physical properties. A common disease today is also a seborrhea on her face.

What causes this disease?

Improper hair care, as well as some diseases may occur serious violations in the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. So, the skin becomes dry and either starts to peel off or covered with sebum, making the hair greasy and contributing to their loss.

Important! One of the most important reasons because of which the person starts to fall the hair, it is seborrhea.

On the mechanism of the development of seborrhea influence:

  • Genetic factors;
  • Endocrine factors;
  • Gastrointestinal factors;
  • Stress factors;
  • Violation of the physiological balance of female hormones and male.

Let's talk about the last factor that cause seborrhea. The disease begins to emerge when a woman's body begin to dominate the male hormones, and vice versa, in the body of the man begin to dominate the female hormones. Most often, the disease manifests itself just at the people who are in adolescence.

As a rule, seborrhea helps:

  • The development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The development of all sorts of chronic infections;
  • Hypovitaminosis (most often - vitamin deficiencies of vitamins A and C);
  • Skin contamination.

When seborrhea all antibacterial properties that has sebaceous suppressed. Thus in the sebaceous glands of the skin, on the surface thereof begins to accumulate sebaceous, thereby creating an excellent basis for the development of harmful for skin infections. Often while blackheads appear on the skin. Avoid suppressing the bactericidal properties of the skin can only be achieved if properly care for their skin.

Varieties of seborrhea and the possible consequences of this serious disease

  • Oily seborrhea

In most cases, there is oily seborrhea. For oily seborrhea sebaceous glands begin to produce too much sebum. This is due to the fact that there was a serious disturbance in the human sebaceous glands.

For oily seborrhea:

  • It changes the entire composition of human sebum;
  • It reduces the protective properties of sebum;
  • Declining important for the stability of life properties of sebum;
  • There are favorable conditions for the common skin lesions of the face and body, to develop on the surface and inside the skin is very harmful microorganisms.

In this disease the skin becomes thicker, it starts much faster than dirty, and even becomes an unhealthy yellowish hue. The skin also becomes oily seborrhea of ​​greasy and shiny, very easy to inflammation covered, expressed in the form of red spots.

Initially, seborrhea occurs on the face, and then gradually it affects hair, body. At the head often have fatty rind, large flakes of dandruff, consisting of fatty scales yellowish and very easy to scrape off.

Very often oily seborrhea person begins to torment unbearable itching and the hair appears very nasty gray-yellow coating. During the day the hair is already very greasy, high-fat start to shine, even glued. Also, the hair starts to fall heavily.

It is important to remember that oily seborrhea necessarily be treated. Otherwise, for 3-5 years, you can totally bald. Remember that oily seborrhea quite quickly and easily treated.

How to treat oily seborrhea yourself? During the month, rub in hair-covered scalp 60% solution of sodium thiosulfate, or 2% solution of salicylic acid or alcohol solution of Naftalan oil. Very effective as sulsenovogo paste.

  • Dry seborrhea

Dry seborrhea occurs when human skin starts to produce insufficient for normal functioning of the body's amount of sebum. Because of this, the skin starts to peel off, the hair becomes dry and thin, brittle. Hair cease to shine, dandruff appears as dry white scales.

When dry seborrhea:

  • It is changing the composition of human sebum;
  • The skin becomes very dry.

It is important to remember that while dry seborrhea is strongly recommended to wash your hair too often. Thus, you only worsen the general condition of the skin, as well as sharpen the unpleasant disease. Do not forget that all the funds that degrease the skin and hair are applied to them when dry seborrhea very serious harm.

How to treat dry seborrhea yourself? With dry seborrhea usually ointments of sulfur, salicylic acid, in some cases even hormones. At home, you can carry out the treatment of dry seborrhea with sulfuric ointment 10% concentration.

Divide the hair into thin strands, and all the partings within three to five minutes, start to rub sulfuric ointment. This should be done within eight days. On the ninth day, experts recommend the opportunity to give the hair a little rest, and on the tenth day of the hair should be washed with boiled water with the help of special treatment shampoos. On the eleventh day, the treated hair with a solution of boric acid (for its preparation, mix two teaspoons of boric acid with 150 ml of hot water). This solution of boric acid rub in the head just before bedtime, and then wrap the hair with a towel, go to bed. This rubbing should be continued for three days. Thereafter, the complex procedures leave hair alone for seven days, and only on the tenth day of the wash them thoroughly.

 seborrhea scalp

The effects of seborrhea

The most unpleasant consequences of this disease are dandruff and premature hair loss. It is important to always be on time to identify seborrhea, seek professional help and prevent further progression of the disease.

It is unfortunate that modern men and women do not know that over the years, seborrhea provokes people baldness. Be careful. Do not begin to deal with this disease too late, when the hair can no longer be recovered.

How doctors treat seborrhea?

Experts recommend always with the possibility to carry out a comprehensive treatment of seborrhea. Diligently care for the skin of the face and hair at home, using the unique therapeutic agent. Be sure to also seborrhea doctor regularly.

In the treatment of seborrhea experts tend to:

  • Use products that are engaged in the restoration of all the important functions of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Begin to engage in treatment is absolutely for all diseases detected in a patient in the course of due diligence;
  • Spend hormone therapy (this treatment is the most effective in severe forms of the disease);
  • Give patients a special diet. For example, they recommend include in the daily diet dairy products, yaytsy and fruits and vegetables (in particular - the cabbage and beets), oatmeal (most preferred oatmeal) and strongly advised to try as much as possible to eat less fatty foods, animal fats (eg, lamb and pork, beef fat), canned, very salty and spicy dishes, various spices (horseradish and mustard, pepper). Diet seborrhea leads to normal gastrointestinal tract of the patient, and also eliminates the possibility of deterioration in a patient;
  • Prescribing the use of vitamins of the groups A, B, D and E, as well as drugs, the composition of which contains a significant amount of zinc and sulfur. In order for the organism was able to cope with seborrhea, it is necessary to saturate these very useful substances;
  • Carry out physiotherapy. Under physiotherapy understand the whole complex is very important procedures: massage, cryotherapy, and mesotherapy ozone therapy, herbal medicine, as well as ultraviolet irradiation;
  • Recommended for patients to do more physical activity. So, it is advised to walk in the open air, taking air and sun baths, tempered body, swim in open water, as well as sports. That physical exercise contribute to the normalization of blood circulation in the human body, but also improve the flow of the process of metabolism.

If you suffer from seborrhea and have become often losing his hair, in good weather, try not to wear headgear, to spend more time in the sun.

Do not forget! In the sun, it is not recommended to be high blood pressure, people with cardiovascular disease.

What must always be remembered in the treatment of the disease

Very often, seborrhea and seborrhea facial hair is treated by the use of special herbs. However, in any case, this treatment should not forget that you may experience a variety of relapses.

In order to avoid this, once in 1-1, 5 months is required to start using other medicinal plants. Thus seborrhea of ​​the face and other forms of the disease more than you will not bother.

 Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: treatment, symptoms, especially

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