Induction of labor

Sometimes perenashivanie pregnancy, unplanned opening of membranes, or pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, fetal growth cessation and so on. N. A need induction of labor.

In this case it is possible to first try to start their own delivery and only if you will fail or do not have time to use these techniques, you should resort to artificial methods of inducing medication delivery.
After consulting with the doctor, you can try the following methods of stimulation:


Pressing the thumb or finger on certain points sometimes causes or intensifies fight. One of these points (splenic 6) located on the inner four fingers above the ankle. You click on the tibia at a different angle. It is a painful point. Try to press three times for 10-15 seconds with an interval of several seconds.
Practice finding point can be your partner or non-pregnant girlfriend.

It is also possible to soften the cervix and stimulate contractions stimulation of certain acupuncture points with electric pulses. Used terms: splenic 6 located above the inner ankle, and hepatic 3, located on the upper side of the foot (the exact position shall be determined by the doctor).

Stimulation of bowel

With the reduction of bowel movements and increases the production of prostaglandins, which causes the softening of the cervix.

The contractions can cause the enema, creating sufficient uterine activity of the intestine. Enema with a large amount of liquid more efficient (but more troublesome) than a small volume, calculated on the home application.

Castor oil is a powerful contraction of the intestine and used with some success for many years to artificially induce labor. Contractions may occur shortly after administration, and a few hours later. Castor oil can cause painful intestinal cramps and worsen hemorrhoids. It is sometimes used in combination with an enema. Your doctor should you choose a method of stimulation.

Stimulation of the clitoris

Sexual arousal, especially orgasm, causes uterine contractions, released during this prostaglandins affect the cervix. Manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris, even without orgasm can also be effective for the onset of labor. Manual or oral-genital stimulation can be carried out until the fetal bladder intact and if these methods suit you and your partner. If the fetal bladder was discovered, it is only possible stimulation of the clitoris, as nothing should enter the vagina. Ingress of air into the vagina is dangerous and should not take place. If you choose these methods, try to make them give you maximum pleasure.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation helps to soften the cervix and causes contractions. In some cases it is advisable to carry out nipple stimulation several times a day. But you should always contact your doctor or midwife. Sometimes, nipple stimulation is too long (more than 60 seconds) or too strong (painful) cramping and the child can not tolerate them. To protect against these potential problems, you should first perform the nipple stimulation in a clinical setting with electronic fetal monitoring. This is how well-being of the fetus being tested (the test for the stress of labor). Then, if all goes well, you can go home and continue the nipple stimulation.

Another way to protect yourself from being too long and heavy labor - note the time the contractions induced by stimulation of the nipples. If contractions are painful and last longer than one minute, reduce stimulation (both breasts to one, with continuous up short-term).

For stimulation of lightly tap or pat one nipple with your fingertips or a towel, or squeeze his fingers. Start with one nipple. A few minutes later you are likely to feel the contraction of the uterus. If not, stimulate both nipples. Since the fight can be stopped immediately after the cessation of stimulation, you will have to continue to exercise for hours, if you are going to soon begin delivery. If your goal is - to soften the cervix and you are not in a hurry to start labor right now (for example, artificial induction of delivery scheduled in a few days), you can stimulate or lightly massage the breast with warm wet towel for an hour three times a day.

Sometimes it is used to stimulate the breast, which is applied for 10-20 minutes on each breast.

If your close friend has a three-twelve-baby, you can try nipple stimulation, putting the baby to her breast. To conduct this procedure should be very careful. A child should not sleep and not be too hungry; sleepy baby sucking will not be hungry and upset. The right time - when the baby woke up and ate it, and you just want to suck the breast yet. "Feed" for 10 minutes each breast may be sufficient. Sit on the oilcloth, because they can move water. In this case, to avoid infection and to observe the rules of hygiene.

To stimulate the onset of labor in clinical use various methods: separation of fetal membranes, artificial opening membranes, prostaglandin gel oxytocin intravenously and others.
The choice of method depends on the state of the cervix and taken to the clinic approaches to the problem. If you go to artificial induction of labor, ask what method will be applied in order to know what to expect.

Department of fetal membrane

Relatively conservative treatment, but rarely leads to success. Your doctor may try it, if the cervix is ​​sufficiently softened and revealed that it was the finger of the doctor.

Artificial membranes showdown

Rarely leads to success if the cervix is ​​thick (immature), non-smoothed and directed back. Artificial membranes sometimes autopsy carried out before the injection of oxytocin or together with it, if the position of the cervix "favors" of this procedure, that is, it is ripe, directed forward, and partially offset by disclosed.

Prostaglandin gel

Less invasive and more effective than artificial opening membranes, when the position of the cervix "is not favorable."

An injection of oxytocin

It is the most common way of artificially inducing labor. Since the probability of success is low, if the cervix is ​​not smoothed and directed backwards, becoming more popular method is combined with the use of prostaglandin gel followed by an injection of oxytocin. In this method, the gel once applied to the cavity and around the cervix for a day or two, to make injections of oxytocin.

 Induction of labor

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 how to lose weight quickly after giving birth


  • We move a lot and with pleasure
  • Eat right
  • Do not deprive yourself of rest
  • Breast-feed

Nine long months of carrying a child, and the hospital is over and you finally return home with a precious bundle in his hands and a strong feeling of happiness at heart. You - my mother, and now your family has increased by one man. However, the addition did not end there. This indifferent informed the mirror in the hall and the old things that you were before pregnancy. We talk about the extra pounds. They force you to change your wardrobe and buy things larger. And it's their fault you're ashamed to undress on the beach.

Who likes after 44 size and admiring the views of men wearing baggy 48th and impersonal title "Hey, woman?" Yes anybody! That is why young mothers puzzling problem: how to lose weight quickly after giving birth, and without prejudice to the kid? The situation is complicated by the fact that any change in the diet may affect the quality of breast milk, so use an old proven method called "diet" will not turn. So how can that be? Is nursing mother is destined to hide the extra kilos under the loose-fitting clothing? No and no again! We will teach you how to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

We move a lot and with pleasure

In the last months of pregnancy, many women limit themselves to physical activity. They practically do not walk, climb the elevator to the apartment and are trying to automate the housework. It is understandable. Try to climb the sixth floor with a huge stomach, or at least sweep the floor with a broom! Many people do not what a broom in his hand, but the floor is not visible. What about all the walks and also sadly predictable. Expectant mother can, and it would be a walk in the park, but swollen legs dictate his regime, forcing the woman obediently sit on the bench. After childbirth (especially after caesarean section) weakening of the body, too, not to sports runs.

However, if you are determined to lose weight, you will have to move. Start with the fact that during a walk with the baby does not sit on the bench in the company of young mothers, as well walk. You can select a specific route on a rough surface to roll the stroller was a little more complicated. As a result, your body will spend more energy than walking on a flat asphalt path. Day after day, lengthen the distance traveled.

The next step will be buying a home treadmill or at least hulahupa. The hoop will help restore harmony waist, and the treadmill, adjust the reading on the floor scales. Of course, it will happen, provided daily training, so collect will in a fist and engage them. The more that 15-20 minutes a day for the return of harmony would be sufficient.

 how quickly lose weight after giving birth

Eat right

Nursing mother is constantly trying to impose the idea that she should eat for two. And many women are starting to heavily drink tea with condensed milk (even in between feedings), there are fat cottage cheese. Moreover, they do so not at a certain time, and chaotic. It often happens that the young mother all day devoted himself to the care of the baby and when he falls asleep, runs to the fridge and eats in store. Do you recognize yourself? So, your extra weight - is the result of random power. So let's learn to eat properly.

  1. To begin, lower the fat content of milk and cheese, are eaten.
  2. Do not drink tea with condensed milk around the clock. Suffice it to half a cup before feeding to enhance lactation.
  3. Stop to eat up the baby porridge for children. What are you more - the remains of a tasty milk supply or preserve their waist?
  4. Do not eat four hours before going to bed. If you can not overcome hunger, kill the appetite cup of nonfat yogurt or an apple.
  5. Drink vitamins designed specifically for the nursing mother. Firstly, they will enrich breast milk all useful microelements. Secondly, to help recover from childbirth. Women after cesarean vitamins need to be individualized and should be done by the attending physician.
  6. Try to eat more than three times a day. The less you eat, the greater the portion of choose for yourself. And it's bad for the stomach, and for the figure. Forget about the fact that breastfeeding need to eat twice as much. This is a myth.
  7. Remember the wise saying: "Eat breakfast myself, dinner Share with a friend, dinner give the enemy"? If you adhere to this principle, we will soon have your old clothes fit. And with it the flattering title of "woman."

Do not deprive yourself of rest

What is the dream of every woman after pregnancy and childbirth? Not only how to lose weight quickly after giving birth. Young mother more than anything else wants to sleep as small children live under the script and loved waking up several times a night. Add to that the stress of pregnancy and childbirth (or worse - after cesarean), and get exhausted and emaciated woman. She would have some peace and quiet! In practice, it turns out that the young mother in the rare hours when the baby finally falls asleep, throws cook dinner, clean the house and wash the diaper. Sound familiar?

But to a nursing woman relaxing simply vital, because she and her baby breast milk transmits its psychological state. If mom all day on the nerves, the child will almost certainly want parents sleepless night. So do not forget about the rest. Asleep baby? Drop your household, get some sleep. Believe me, your family does not need clean dishes and a healthy mom and smiling.

We do not encourage you to spend days lying on the bed completely throw all the cases. Find a middle ground. For example, learn to entrust part of his household domestic duties. They need to understand that you now is not easy, and try as much as possible to ease your fate. Learn to relax right? Then the weight will come back to normal. Because very often we simply "jam" our fatigue more than pie, or candy.


Nature has arranged so that the female body during pregnancy not only preparing for childbirth, but also for the upcoming lactation. It follows that the extra inches around the waist is not nothing but a fat reserves for the future of lactation. Plus diet for lactating women simply will not let you get better: anything fat, low sweet, fried contraindicated, salty - too. Where here to talk about the extra pounds? So do not rush to pull the breast after childbirth or cesarean. Moreover, together with breastfeeding adjusted invisible bond between mother and child. And that, believe me, is much more important than the problem of "how to lose weight quickly after giving birth."

Finally I want to wish all the young mothers do not get hung up on its own weight. Focus on the child: his health, mood. Catch the first smile of a baby, the first word. Radiate love, dipped into the joy of motherhood, and a slim figure does not take long.

 How to lose weight after giving birth quickly and without problems

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