cesarean section indications

Any woman awaiting the birth of the child, hoping that will give birth to yourself, naturally, as provided by nature. But, unfortunately, sometimes that hope will not come true, and the baby is born through surgery - Caesarean section. Cesarean section indications have enough variety - some of them can be detected even before a woman becomes pregnant, and some - only in the process of childbirth.

Of course, in most cases pregnant women successfully give birth to their babies on their own. However, information on what the reasons may lead to the need for caesarean section, still need. Because of this possibility, unfortunately, not one hundred percent insured, no pregnant woman.

And if it happens unexpectedly for the mother, you will certainly scare her. And most of them, this fear is based on the lack of women at the information you need. But, as is known, the unknown frightens a man the most. And if the woman will know what a cesarean section, and why it may be necessary, it will be much quieter. So, let's see, what are the indications for cesarean section.

Absolute indications for cesarean section maternal

Cesarean section - this is a very serious surgery in a woman's body. That is why no doctor would carry out a caesarean section for a reason, without a strict indications for its implementation. Of course, in this case no question of the private clinics in which huge amounts of money for doing a caesarean for women who are afraid of labor pain. Ethics and professionalism of these doctors we will not discuss in this article - let them remain on the conscience of most doctors.

In all other cases, surgery is necessary indications for cesarean section. All indications are divided into two groups - absolute and relative. This is what will be discussed below.

There are so-called absolute indications for cesarean section from the mother. Absolute indications are those situations in which a natural childbirth is physically impossible. And, regardless of all other conditions and factors, the doctor has to hold only birth by Caesarean section. Typically, in such cases, natural childbirth will certainly lead to the death of his mother. These indications include:

  • Clinically narrow basin

One of the main indicators for cesarean section is absolutely narrow pelvis of pregnant women. Clinically narrow basin - it is a phenomenon of the pelvic anatomy in which the pelvic ring is so narrow that it will not pass through even the head of the fetus, is not something that a hanger. Moreover, there are several methods of delivery with a narrow pelvis, so resorted to caesarean section in really extreme cases.

It goes without saying that if a woman was standing on the account of pregnancy and regularly visited a doctor - a gynecologist, this pathology is detected in advance. And caesarean section for women will not be shocking news.

  • Mechanical obstruction

In some cases, a barrier to natural childbirth and indication for caesarean section is the presence of various mechanical obstacles that make the passage of the fetus through the birth canal impossible. Like mechanical barriers may be a large ovarian tumor, uterine fibroids and other.

Typically, these deviations doctors noticed during pregnancy, at the scheduled scans and ultrasound. All of the above applies equally and all other pelvic tumors and deformities of the pelvis - both congenital and acquired as a result of certain injuries. These defects in some cases often pose significant obstacles to the passage of the baby through the birth canal.

  • The threat of uterine rupture

Typically, these indications for cesarean section appear in cases where a woman holds a scar on the uterus. The scars on the uterus are the result of either has an earlier cesarean section or other abdominal operations on the uterus, inevitably entailing the appearance of the scar.

Of course, the scar on the uterus does not always require cesarean section - if the healing was normal, natural childbirth can be carried out. But sometimes there are situations in which the scar on the uterus is insolvent and there is a very serious risk of uterine rupture. And this is - a direct threat to a woman's life, and sometimes the baby.

In order to identify the failure of the scar, a woman needs to spend ultrasound. In the event that uneven contours of the scar and contain large amounts of connective tissue, and its thickness is less than 3 mm, doctors say failure rumen.

Absolute indications for surgery from the fetus

In some cases, a cesarean section is performed because of the absolute indications from the baby. They are also extremely important, because natural birth in this case, will inevitably lead to the death of a child. These contraindications include:

  • Placenta previa

Placenta previa doctors call it a location at which it is attached is not as it should be - on the back wall of the uterus and its neck. This arrangement covers the baby out of the uterus. If a caesarean section is not done in a timely manner, it may start very heavy bleeding, which threatens the life of both mother and child.

This case relates to the planning, because this pathology is often detected in advance, with a planned ultrasound, which is usually done by 36 weeks of pregnancy. A woman should be under strict medical supervision up to the birth. If up to 38 weeks did not appear blood discharge from the vagina, the woman made elective Caesarean section. In some cases, it has to be done urgently if labor begins earlier than planned.

  • Premature detachment of the placenta

Another indication for cesarean section associated with the placenta - is its premature separation, before the child's birth. This situation is extremely dangerous, as the child ceases to receive oxygen. This endangers his life, and massive bleeding, which inevitably arises - threatens the mother's life. That is why in such cases the doctors immediately conducted an emergency cesarean section.

 indications for cesarean section

Relative indications for cesarean section maternal

Apart from the absolute indications for cesarean section, there are also relative. In such cases, by natural childbirth, in principle, possible. However, they are associated with a certain risk to the life and health of both mother so the baby. As a rule, the share of such cases accounted for the vast majority of all cases of caesarean section. In such cases, the question of the mode of delivery is solved purely individual in each case, taking into account all factors, without exception.

  • Chronic diseases of mother

A relative indication for cesarean section may be the presence of the future mother of a serious chronic disease. Thus disease pathology may be cardiac or nervous system, cancers, diabetes and so forth.

In addition, the relative indication for caesarean section may be an aggravation of chronic diseases of the genital organs, such as genital herpes. When natural childbirth there is a risk of infection of the baby.

Relative indications for cesarean section from the fetus

In some cases, there are relative indications on the part of the baby:

  • Malpresentation

In some cases, the indication for caesarean section is the incorrect position of the baby. Sometimes, a woman unable to bear their own, but when combined with the presentation of the child that pathology, doctors prefer not to risk it.

  • Fetal hypoxia

In the event that for some - any reason the baby is developing intrauterine hypoxia, and gestational age is large enough, your doctor may decide to conduct caesarean sections.

In any case, the woman should be reasonable - if the doctor believes there are indications for cesarean section, do not balk. After taking care of the health of the baby - this is important!

 Indications for cesarean section

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 Vitamin E for pregnant women


  • Vitamins - the guarantee of health
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E in nature, and why they should not be abused
  • Tocopherol dosage for pregnant women
  • Summarizing

Over the life of humanity in some developing areas, and in others far behind its predecessors. The older generation still remembers the days when the shelves were empty, but the products that are sold, strikingly different in quality from today. Our grandparents ate modestly - vegetables and fruit mainly grown in the gardens, about any fast food is not heard, and butter and sausage bought on cards. And, despite this, people were healthier and stronger than the current generation.

At today's youth product selection is incredibly large supermarkets offer a huge range of products, presenting several types of the same product: cheese, sweets, bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals and so on. Take whatever you want; However, as would be sad as it may sound, the quality of modern food is incredibly bad. Scientists have long been sounding the alarm about the low nutritional value of existing products and the huge amount of harmful modified substances contained in them.

Today, vegetables, herbs, fruits and meat are almost no vital elements that are necessary for the normal development of man. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, then you need to take care of themselves on their own. To do so, provide a flow from the outside all the major vitamins and minerals in your body. Take special complexes recommended after examination by a doctor, who will tell you what the daily dose you need and how to drink the entire course.

Of particular importance, as is known, vitamins occupy life of pregnant women. Why do they need, I think, so much is clear. Firstly, most of the nutrients from the mother takes her child. Secondly, in this period, some elements must be ingested expectant mother in large amounts, since they are directly involved in the formation and development, and carrying a baby. It is to such concerns, and vitamin E. For information on how to take it, what is the daily rate and the lack of it is fraught for pregnant women, and we will describe below.

Vitamins - the guarantee of health

All expectant mothers know that vitamins are essential during pregnancy. And they go to the pharmacy to buy there any mineral complex, and when the choice is very often guided by advertising boards or "experienced" friends or relatives. And calm down on this, believing that the problem is solved. However, in reality it is not.

Let us first try to understand why a man do we need vitamins. The answer is very simple: to maintain all the vital processes in the body. It is held under the supervision of vitamins thousands of biochemical processes constantly occurring in the body. Moreover, in the case of a pregnant woman, it is true for not only the future mother but also her child. After the body of the developing fetus must be content to only those vitamins that gives him the mother's body.

Often, a woman, even though drinking mineral complexes, still does not receive the necessary vitamins in sufficient quantities. And just because their little contained in preparations or not at all. Get them a woman could be very simple - adjusting your diet. In order to protect themselves from such situations, the expectant mother should know what kind of vitamins it needs for a successful pregnancy.

The most important and necessary element for the health of mother and her child, as the experts, is vitamin E, which is also known as tocopherol. It not only protects against the development of cancer, and prevents Alzheimer's, but also helps to bear fruit. There is a certain rate of the content of this element in the human body, and if for some reason it is not enough, you might see a weakness, even worse - anemia. So eat right and take extra vitamins to pregnant is very important.

 the rate of vitamin E for pregnant women

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is more popularly known as the "vitamin of youth". And he got this name rightly, because that vitamin E has the unique ability to reliably protect every single cell in the body from a very aggressive harmful chemicals - free radicals.

That is why vitamin E may have a positive impact on a huge number of different processes that occur in the body of the mother and the fetus. And often, these processes are extremely important: for example, vitamin E protects the pregnancy from its early spontaneous abortion, and prepares to light the crumbs spontaneous breathing after birth.

Due to the way of life that leads today's young people, and the state of the environment, today many early pregnancy there is a violation of the menstrual cycle. This may be related to stress or health problems of great importance also has diet and other factors. To resolve these issues and prevent a possible miscarriage, doctors recommend taking vitamin E. However, to self-medicate in any case not worth it - because you can only hurt themselves and their baby. After all, there is a dosage that is especially individual, so that all issues should be discussed with a gynecologist, who is watching you.

Tocopherol helps to improve the transport of oxygen and prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, reduces spasms of the lower limbs, a beneficial effect on the general state of nails, hair and skin. He is considered the most "feminine" vitamin of all the other elements, so it helps not only to restore the menstrual cycle, but also promotes the maturation of infantile uterus, is also used in the late start of menstruation, ovarian dysfunction cures. Very often prescribe vitamin E to girls who can not get pregnant for a long time, because it improves the reproductive ability and adjusts the work of the sexual glands.

Pregnant women taking tocopherol is necessary, as it participates in the formation of the respiratory system of the child, establishes the function of the ovaries, prevents involuntary abortion and supports the normal hormonal balance. In its effects this vitamin is very similar to the hormone progesterone. He also favors the maturation of the placenta and regulates its operation, prevents detachment, helps to maintain normal blood vessels and so on. Tocopherol also participates in the production of hormones, which provides lactation. In short, the vitamin E is irreplaceable in pregnancy; Now I think you understand why, and why it should take every woman, being in position.

Vitamin E in nature, and why they should not be abused

Vitamin E has large quantities in a variety of products: it contains wheat germ, soybeans, legumes, all kinds of crude vegetable oils (soy, corn, sunflower and olive oil), dairy products, meat, vegetables, fish. Simply put, they are absolutely in all products - so big its value for propagation of all living organisms. But even despite this, almost all doctors prefer to err and prescribe vitamin E during pregnancy further.

Despite all the positive aspects of tocopherol, should also be considered that if the content of it in the body exceeds the norm, this element can be dangerous. The fact that the fat-soluble vitamin has one nehoroshey ability - to accumulate in adipose tissue. And it is not desirable for pregnant women, because during the childbearing woman and so gaining extra weight. In addition, vitamin E improves muscle elasticity, which could negatively affect future births. Some scientists also believe that this element can lead to other consequences that have not yet been studied. Therefore, if it is known that the rate of tocopherol from 200 to 400 milligrams per day, higher than the figure you should not!

Tocopherol dosage for pregnant women

Tocopherol daily rate for a healthy person is about 20 milligrams. The dosage of drugs is indicated in such international units as the IU. 0, 67 milligrams of vitamin E corresponds to 1 IU or 1 milligram tocopherol acetate.

Some women may be troubled, the doctor prescribed because they take 200 or 400 milligrams per day. But do not panic, because the dose of the element is selected strictly individually, taking into consideration during pregnancy, women's health, and so on. Under normal conditions and in the absence of any problems safe dose - no more than 1,000 milligrams a day tocopherol. But in any case, do not get carried away in self - you can only harm yourself or your baby.

Vitamin E is often appointed as an independent drug, but the selected special multivitamin complexes, which contains a daily rate of this element. If you do not wish to receive tocopherol in the form of the drug is required to revise your daily diet. Eat as much as possible cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice), vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, walnuts and other nuts. In general, all those products which contain vitamin E.

Note that inorganic iron coming into contact with the tocopherol is completely destroyed or more. Therefore, doctors do not recommend taking iron supplements together with vitamin E. As for cooked foods that are rich in iron, then they should be eaten only after eight and top twelve hours after the last reception of funds.

 Why pregnant women vitamin E.


From the above it becomes clear that pregnancy and vitamins should always go hand in hand. And in any case not allowed to take it lightly, thinking that your body does not need any additives. This article has given you some idea of ​​what is fraught with deficiency of a vitamin. Therefore, be careful to avoid such a situation.

However, and taking vitamins should be very cautious and prudent, not to indulge in unhealthy fanaticism. The first thing to do - is to carefully review the diet. Talk to a registered dietitian, and in his absence - with your physician-gynecologist. Doctors can help you make the menu the best way to meet all the needs of the body as you and your baby.

So, to you and your child to be healthy, you need to eat vitamin E, getting it from foods or drink a course of drugs. However, remember that the dosage of a purely individual, so be sure to consult your doctor. Reiterate the positive properties of tocopherol:

  • it prevents the development of anemia, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease;
  • helps restore the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance;
  • prevents involuntary abortion;
  • participates in the formation of the respiratory system of the child;
  • Vitamin E helps to reduce the harmful effects of the environment, protects against the negative environmental influence;
  • increases the protective function of the human body and helps fight infections.

Therefore, to obtain sufficiently the element necessary for everyone, and especially - for pregnant women, which grows in the womb of another life. Going to the reception to your doctor, be sure to discuss with him the issue. Let tell you how to take tocopherol what his daily dose for you.

And not to mention the vitamin-mineral complexes. In no case do not buy their own, as it often happens. Yes, vitamin E during pregnancy is extremely important, but is it you are missing? Yes, vitamin E vitally needed, but an excess can lead to thrombosis. So let doctors determine your needs and assign vitamins that satisfy these needs.

 Vitamin E for pregnant women: the health of mother and baby

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