independent travel to Thailand


  • Geographical location and climate
  • Customs, transport, money
  • Beach vacation and diving
  • Entertainment
  • sights
  • Shopping in Thailand
  • Thai massage
  • security measures

Thailand - a marvelous exotic country, attracting Europeans fabulous atmosphere, impregnated with mystery and magic of the ancient temples of the beauty of nature. The flow of tourists to the "land of a thousand smiles" is growing every year, traveling to Thailand for millions of tourists - it is, above all, an unforgettable experience, a sea of ​​emotions, cheerfulness and good humor.

Locals welcome guests, so independent travel in Thailand have long been commonplace for many tourists. Excellent service in hotels, shopping democratic, highly developed sex industry are attracted to travel to Thailand, all kinds of people. It is quite inexpensive can rest carefree youth, and here for the comfort of travelers respecting granted five-star service.

Geographical location and climate

Thailand is located between India and China, in the heart of Southeast Asia, the Malay Peninsula, and Indochina. East of the country covered with the Gulf, South China Sea, and on the west by the Andaman Sea. The area resembles a Thai elephant head looking towards Myanmar (formerly - Burma). Elephant ears are located in the direction of Laos and Cambodia, and the trunk is located between Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to the border with Malaysia. The state covers an area of ​​510,000 square meters, has a population of about 60 million people.

The ethnic composition of the population, as well as geography and climate, the country is divided into six regions: North Mountain, Northeast Big Plateau, Central Plain, eastern coastal plain, plains and mountains of the West and the southern peninsula.

Climate Travel Thailand favorable tropical. The average annual temperature is + 28 ° to + 30 °, into the cool period does not fall below + 25 °.

Customs, transport, money

Under the current legislation in the country of import of drugs, obscene literature and pictures, firearms, certain species of fish, animals, plants, vegetables and fruits. Toll can import video and photo equipment in the amount of one unit, plus 5 films, tobacco products are not more than 200 pieces, no more than 1 liter of alcohol. Of the country's forbidden to export any images of Buddha, for works of art and antiquities required export license, which is issued by the Department of Fine Arts.

Navigate to your trip to Thailand better public transport. The country offers excellent intercity bus service. Passenger trains do not move too fast, which allows foreigners to see all the beauty of this fabulous country. Road traffic is chaotic and unsafe, so movements in the country is better to rent a car with a chauffeur.

 Travel to Thailand

Beach vacation and diving

For those who prefer a holiday in the sun, sea and water sports, offers a gem of Thailand Siam - their best resorts in Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket, exotic island of Koh Chang, Samet and Phi Phi. Snow-white beaches, azure expanse of the sea calm, the body is covered sunbathing sunbathers gorgeous golden tan. Transparent sea water, an abundance of living creatures, amazing coral reefs provide excellent conditions for diving. In the gentle waves windsurfing, sailing, it is abundant water attractions. Isle of Cha Am, where until recently rested imperial family, the Thai elite and aristocracy, became extremely popular among fans of families. This paradise allows you to abandon the problems and hassles and merge in harmony with nature.


As soon as the sun goes down, Thailand comes alive: everywhere sounds catchy music, I heard laughter, youth walks and fun. Thailand - a great place for recreation club. There is even a small cafe filled with visitors, happy to eat the dishes of national cuisine, which is very exotic. Excellent show, affecting its looseness, will not leave anyone indifferent. There are constant bright, colorful festivals, which is open to all comers.

 Travel in Thailand


In Thailand, in the past - Siam, it dominates the cult of Buddha, which demonstrates the huge (400!) The number of temples, his widespread image and innumerable army of monks. As in Thailand, sightseeing tourists invariably begin with the churches. Among the places of worship stands Emerald Buddha Temple, located in the north of the royal residence Mahamontien. It is an object of national pride locals Thais reverently visit this temple, expressing his respects to the Buddha and his teachings. In the Temple of the Golden Buddha statue of the deity cast out of 5, 5 tons of pure gold. In one of the most ancient temples of Thailand, the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, a deity figure is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It is completely covered with gold and symbolizes the state of Buddha in anticipation of the transition from the world of mortals in absolute immortality.

The King of Thailand in the state is also considered a sacred person, so built in the XVIII century. Grand Palace is a work of art. The length of the walls around the royal residence is more than two kilometers, and the entire complex covers an area of ​​218 400 sq.m. Favorite residence of King Chulalongkorn, the famous Heavenly Palace, and today is the world's largest teak building.

National Parks in Thailand are dazzling; Orchid Farm and Butterfly Garden are famous all over the world. Flower Garden, situated 32 km south of Bangkok, covers more than 25 acres and is the inexhaustible sea of ​​roses and orchids.

Shopping in Thailand

Variety of tourism - shopping - many attracted by the cheapness and a rich assortment. In the markets there you can buy at the lowest prices Thai silk, jewelry made of gold and precious stones, products made of crocodile leather and stingray leather. Europeans acquire a souvenir unique souvenirs and handicrafts. The stores are regularly shares and sales, they work long hours, and stores «Seven-Eleven» - all around the clock, even on holidays. All this makes the trip to Thailand even more attractive.

 Travel in Thailand - what to see

Thai massage

Speaking of Thailand, we can not say about the famous Thai massage, whose origins go back to the time of the Buddha. Massage Thai women usually do, which is by nature a very petite. However, their strength can be affected simply because a Thai massage - is not a tender and erotic stroking, as it is a mistake to think. It is a complex of specific chiropractic effects on your body. This massage promotes even distribution of energy throughout the body, after it feels remarkably rested and refreshed. Very popular with tourists another type of massage - foot massage. Masseuses affect all sensitive points, of which the soles of a person very much. After this action, you can non-stop dancing in the club all night long! In short, if you happen to be in Thailand, do not deny yourself the pleasure and treat yourself to a great Thai massage!

security measures

While in Thailand, it is necessary to remember some simple safety rules. Raw water in Thailand is harmful to health, before use it is required to boil. Sunblock should be used with a high degree of protection. Even with the gloomy weather can severely burnt in the hot Asian sun.

The country has left-hand traffic; cross the road, you need to look first to the right and then left. When renting a car definitely need insurance from just under №1. Motorcycles are not insured at all, and force majeure long and costly proceedings are provided.

In Thailand, night is best not to turn into dark alleys, fans of easy money in the country lack. If you follow these rules, you will not have negative emotions. On the contrary, your memory for a long time retain the warmest impressions of the trip to the country.

 Independent travel to Thailand

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 Car in Europe


  • Estonia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Lithuania

Many kilometers of trails and highways, "the old lady" of Europe seem to be made for them to travel by car. If we add to this the very mythical "itch" in heels, a desire to learn new countries, indulging pioneer instinct, and looming in the near future an extended vacation, you get the only sure way for you to travel. Not the cheapest as some mistakenly think, but the most exciting. An unusual opportunity to see the city and the country through the eyes of local residents. Dream about in what parts of Europe would you like to visit and then on the horizon loomed very clear road trip through Europe!

At this stage, especially if you are an inexperienced traveler, you can not do without the services of a tour operator. It will help you to optimize the route, will the Schengen visa and the hotel booking all over your route. Loss of time searching Accommodations can spoil all impression of the town. Pre-calculate the travel budget to include expenses for the so-called toll roads and penalties.

By the way, do not forget that the technical condition of the vehicle must comply with European standards. Of course, if you do not want to trip over, and it began. Do not forget about their own safety and the ability to ignore the minor injuries, so the first aid kit should be equipped with a stock. Especially it is necessary to think about those who are suffering from chronic diseases. You go abroad, and most of the medicines prescribed by doctors. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, take care of the necessary preparations to you!

However, quite lyrical digressions, the documents are ready, the route corresponds to the flight of your imagination, and it's time to go on a trip!

Route from: Estonia (Tallinn), Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Bremen, Frankfurt), Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Vienna), the Czech Republic (Brno), Poland (Krakow), Lithuania (Vilnius) .

 travel across Europe by car


For all living in the former Soviet Union, of which Estonia has been and will be useful to go there today. The ancient, original culture of the country, golden sandy beaches, forested hills and fairytale beauty of its cities have always attracted tourists. Narva, Narva and its Ivangorskoy fortresses, historical province of Viru, lookout tower, a waterfall Valaste. Comfort of small towns, breathing peace and some special charm and warmth. Tartu - a cultural center and the old city states.

Its university, founded in 1632, is considered one of the oldest in Europe. The ruins of the cathedral of Peter and Paul, the Angels and the Devil's Bridge, St John's Church, Tartu Observatory and Botanical Garden - literally everything is steeped in antiquity will give you a lot of impressions and will not leave indifferent. And finally - a fabulous Tallinn. Medieval towers holding up the sky spiers, weather vanes Vyshgorod, narrow cobbled stone streets.

Oleviste Church with unique Gothic choirs - one of the highest in Europe, with Pühavaimu "hanging of the department" and a magnificent clock, Church of Our Lady of Kazan, the church of Alexander Nevsky. Street artisans Katarina, "street-ladder" Lühike jalg and City Hall, which is a symbol of the city - weather vane Vana Toomas. Menu hundreds of cafes and restaurants will satisfy even the most capricious palates. So, while waiting for the ferry that will take you to Sweden, you can enjoy both the diversity of local cuisine (syyr, suitsukala, verevёrst, faith pakёogid) and delicious dishes of other countries.

 car trip through Europe


The feeling that you are a guest at the whimsical and capricious god of the sea, a visit you when a huge snow-white steam float on the waves of the Baltic Sea to transport you to your next destination - Sweden.

Strict and lyrical Stockholm meet lancet towers silhouetted against the sky, the usual noise of the port and amazing fresh air, it is no wonder this city is called the capital of the purest in the world. The harmonious combination of reinforced concrete buildings, parks and oases fragile beauty of ancient castles seduce you at first sight. Stockholm is located on fifteen islands, each of which is worthy of attention and scrutiny. Gamlastan central island on which the old city. This is where you can find places from which construction began in Stockholm.

The oldest building in the city Riddarholmskaya church building dates back to the XIII century that - in Sweden the only surviving medieval monastery church. It was the burial place of Swedish monarchs until 1950. German Church or the Church of St. Gertrude, affecting the severity of lines and lush beauty of interior decoration. In Stockholm, a huge number of monuments and museums. It seems that a lifetime is not enough to go through all the streets of the Swedish capital, to admire the Queen Street with pairs of lions "resting" in its entirety, stone, iron and bronze sculptures, here and there, gladdening sight.

On the waterfront, you will see a figure of the god of the sea spaces - Sogudena with a mermaid, sat on his lap. The ability to stagger the imagination Swedish unobtrusively integrate modern buildings in unique architectural monuments of medieval culture group without disrupting the "spirit" of its capital, and beckons to linger, to understand and learn from them this art. However, you expect the correct vehicle and smooth road surface, leading to new experiences.

Sweden - is enormous, and on the way to Denmark, you will meet with a variety of large and small cities, enjoy the inexpressible beauty of nature. A trip to Europe by car is good so that you can stay in any town you pleasing to rest, dive into their leisurely course of life, wander through the county fair ...

 by car across Europe to Denmark


Time rushes forward and forced to leave their transience welcoming Sweden, going on the longest in Europe (32 kilometers), the Oresund bridge to the next step of your journey. If possible, you should fill up what is called the "rainy day", gasoline is cheaper in Sweden than in Denmark. So, paying forty euros, enough to enjoy the views and the Øresund strait from the car window, welcome to Denmark.

After Lindgrenovskoy Sweden Pippi and her house roof, where lives the same Carlson, Anderson Denmark is a continuation of a fairy tale. How else to say about the city, where the number of sites per square meter central area exceeds all acceptable "norms". Town Hall is equipped with a rather original thermometer, which in bad weather there is a girl with an umbrella in his hand, and on sunny days - the same girl, but on a bicycle. By the way, Copenhagen is considered the city of cyclists, and Town Hall Square - the longest and oldest pedestrian zone in Europe.

In Copenhagen, you will not find skyscrapers and grandiose urban buildings. 'Gingerbread' houses with roofs covered with tiles, cobblestone square, as if descended from the pages of Andersen's fairy tales. It seems that for the next corner is wrapped in a thin scarf, "The Little Match Girl," and from the windows facing opposite each other houses outstretched arms of Kai and Gerda, what would weave his fingers over the heads of passers-by. The Little Mermaid as a symbol of self-sacrifice in the name of love, froze on his stone. The most popular areas of Copenhagen - Nyhavn harbor with its colorful houses will cheer up even in the cloudy day. Danes - a very smiling people. And, looking at their smiles and warm and then getting the crowd singing and playing on the areas people may doubt that it is the descendants of those warlike Vikings.

Amalienborg Palace - the residence of the royal family, is worthy of special attention (here it began its march naked king). Four identical form octagonal palace area, at noon the crowds of tourists flock here to admire the changing of the royal guard. And if you're lucky, and the queen at this point would be in residence, the changing of the guard will be held on the auspicious ceremonies.

The famous Royal Library is considered the oldest in Scandinavia, it raised two and a half million volumes. As in Denmark, it is impossible not to visit the Frederiksborg Castle, it is located on three islands in the lake and striking interiors of its rooms, the throne and the Knights. It is a pity to part with gingerbread Denmark, but it's time to go. Also, the car in this oasis for pedestrians and cyclists has stagnated around.

 travel across Europe by car to Garmanov


A paradise for motorists. Only on German roads, you really appreciate the beauty of traveling through Europe by car. Most trails are paid, but for speed, well-organized movement and comfort worth paying.

Miles of paved roads quietly flying from under the wheels, speedometer counts the distance to the next point, and that's again a fabulous city.

  • Bremen - "Rome of the North"

A city with a long history, a major tourist center, an important economic unit ... and a place to live are the same Bremen Town Musicians.

No wonder this city is called "Northern Rome", emphasizing its cultural and economic importance. Every third car "Mercedes" in the world released in Bremen, here are the large-scale shipyards. A Market Square, Bёtthershtrasse Hall Arts Bremen our beloved Church Women and St. Peter are part of Europe's cultural heritage.

Cozy streets, "toy" houses, organ-grinders, and a statue of the knight Roland, guarding Bremen Blind street and "Fountain of seven sloths," Bremen Town Musicians monument, and an infinite number of stone and cast iron pieces, here and there scattered around the city. Like a step in childhood, where all fairy tales end with her "... and they lived happily ever after ..." and every new day promised an unforgettable adventure.

The home-style cafes and restaurants Bremen, dispose to unhurried conversations. And if you decide to spend a few days here, you can afford this German beer mug. Germany is rich in contrasts, and the next town, through which the route passes, is the complete opposite of the fabulous burden.

But do not forget that in Europe, particularly in Germany, the penalty for drunk driving is five hundred euros. And in the case of an accident and you do run the risk of going to jail and lose the rights.

If we talk about the busy road leading to Frankfurt, it should be noted that throughout the route you are unlikely to meet higher traffic. But the movement is organized so competently and attention to detail that this has no effect on the rate of progress towards the goal. However, in Frankfurt it is better to use public transport. Fortunately, there is no shortage. And in the central part of the city, it is better to travel by metro. A car can be left on a paid parking lot of the hotel where you have booked accommodation.

  • Frankfurt: from Gothic to submit skyscrapers hand

City, leading its history since the days of the Holy Roman Empire that survived the occupation of the Napoleonic troops and has become a prime target for bombing the allied forces during the Second World War, over the centuries is the most important financial and transportation center of Germany.

The historical part of Frankfurt has been hit hard during the Second World War. Only part of the building was able to be restored. The famous Frankfurt Cathedral of St. Bartholomew - almost to the end of the XVII century it crowned emperor. Church of St. Paul - the seat of the first German Parliament. The building of the old opera - the main opera house in Germany. The largest Lutheran church - the Church of St. Catherine, Brig. Quay Lane, overlooking the old town and the towering skyscrapers behind her.

It seems that is able to reach out and touch the one hand spire of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, and the second to reach the clouds of the roof propping Commerzbank Turm. On the opposite bank of the Main Museum Quarter is located. Municipal Museum of Sculpture, Museum of Applied Art, the Museum of German architecture. Tsal - the longest shopping street of Frankfurt, and in the days before Christmas, it is the venue for one of the major German Christmas Markets.

Introduction to Frankfurt is not complete without a visit to a restaurant with traditional cuisine. The famous apple cider, "manual" caraway cheese, sausages, frankfurters, and of course beer.

As he wrote the classic, "for me, my reader ..." Here you have time to say goodbye to Frankfurt. Next, in Switzerland reliable.

 Switzerland - a trip to Europe by car


A large part of Switzerland - the mountains and the engine of your car will have to work hard on this segment of the route, so it is best to carry a small inspection and to prevent overheating of the engine. Repairs to the machine in Switzerland can "fly" you a pretty penny.

Switzerland - a beautiful country, and it is worthy of a separate visit. What is the view from the window of the car! A ski resorts, the Rhine Falls! Every city in this country is worthy of special mention. But the following paragraph of this journey through Europe by car began to Zurich.

Located on the shores of Lake Zurich, the city instantly captivates with its beauty. And it becomes matter, it is the fourth in the world financial center, here are the most elegant shops in Europe that the first mention of the town date back to the end of the II century. Statistics and treasury dry historical facts - not the language in which we can speak of Zurich.

After the bridge Rudolf Brun, you will find yourself in the most ancient and beautiful quarter of the city - Shipfe. He sprawled at the foot of the hill Lidenhov - the place where started and Zurich. Winding streets, rough stonework underfoot, a variety of handicrafts in the handicraft shops dipped into the romantic atmosphere of a medieval past.

Church of St. Peter. The clock on its tower ticking minutes running from the VIII century, and if you close your eyes, it seems that you can hear the rustle of crumbling at the foot of the tower time.

Fraumunster Church, elegant and beautiful, green spire towering over the square Myunsterhof. The interior of the church, the former in the past popularity of women's abbey, decorated with five stained glass work of Marc Chagall.

Wonderful will walk along the waterfront, to Lake Zurich, where on the coast you can sit in a cozy cafe and enjoy a tasty beer.

Between the Grossmünster, monastery, the tower is a beautiful view of the city, and Fraumuenster church is located on the water - Wasserkirche. It is built on a small island climate is.

Zurich so attractive that I want to return to this city again and again. And giving himself a promise, you can go further.

Again, flashing endless beautiful scenery outside the window. Motor, then strained, the cheerful and fun, rumbling under the hood of the car, serpentine mountain roads, tunnels with artificial lighting, corridors, highways ... And the soul has heard Strauss waltzes. It is not surprising, the next stop - Vienna.

 by car across Europe to Austria


The town at the foot of the Alps, home of famous composers - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, the writer Stefan Zweig and founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Arriving in Vienna, put the car in the parking lot near the hotel and the nearest coffee shop to order a coffee. That's right, drinking coffee and gain strength, it is necessary to begin acquaintance with the city.