In kindergarten without tears

Sooner or later comes a time when the grown toddler acquainted with kindergarten. And how will this knowledge - with daily or joyful tears - depends on the attitude of parents and pre-preparation for the event.

In fact, the psychological adaptation to the baby's stay in kindergarten - is not easy. After all, a child barely weaned, became an independent and courageous, when he finds himself in a totally unfamiliar environment, confused, without a mother.

There are several common mistakes that often allow even the most enlightened parents paying child in kindergartens Ufa, and which, as a rule, strongly contributing to the problem of primary adaptation kid to kindergarten:

Error 1. Toddler given to kindergarten because of the fact that he has a brother or sister, and my mother is hard to deal with both. The problem here may be that the older child is going through a hard time, and so the appearance of "rival" and now it is also somewhere to "pass", in fact - disposed of as kids often think.

Mistake 2. Before you hand over the toddler to kindergarten, the family council (in the presence of the future kindergartners) anxiously discussing all the negative aspects associated with the upcoming stay "poor child" among snotty, very aggressive children without a mother. Such sentiments are quickly transferred to the baby, and he will have a garden with anxiety and pessimistic.

Mistake 3. On the first day of kindergarten kid take home only in the evening. According to psychologists, children aged from 2 to 4 very poorly oriented in time, and my mother's words, "I will come at 7 o'clock" about anything your child does not say. But wait for it can seem like an eternity.

Error 4. Bringing the baby to the kindergarten, my mother drags his new toys or communicating with children and quietly disappear, knowing that the separation is not without tears. And in this case, of course, all the tears and tantrums will get teachers and nurses. A toddler was once again convinced that the mother can throw it and disappear.

Error 5. Listening to endless complaints kid that everyone in the garden "bad bully" mom laments and does not know how to save their child. In this her behavior the child will increasingly believe that all of his hurt, and do not like kindergarten - a bad place.

So, to go to kindergarten without crying, you must adhere to these psychological advice: pre-kindergarten to show the kid, fun to play with kids; the first day of leave little for long; do not run, and give your child the opportunity to say goodbye and pohnykat; be optimistic and calm your baby to help solve all problems.

 In kindergarten without tears

 Features of education of young boys

You can often hear the phrase that educate boys harder than girls. What are they by nature more energetic, more aggressive, more independent and to control their behavior, therefore, is much more complicated.

Of course, we can not say for sure, but the boys do, tend to be more mobile, they are more difficult to learn to calm down, to focus, listen. On the one hand, of course, the child needs discipline and the ability to behave in a group, but on the other hand - overprotection from parents, undue restrictions pose a risk to the baby to kill a person, grow infantile mama's son unable to make their own decisions. Of course, we all want my kiddies only the very best, all of these baby monitors display, expensive toys, books, training, all aimed at the education of the person with a capital letter. Only it is important not to forget that, for example, aggression, is absolutely inherent to all people and it is important not just to suppress it a little boy and teach him to guide her to a peaceful course.

As psychologists say, can not blame the boys for acts of aggression. The process is out of control and you just need to learn to overcome and control these emissions together with a toddler. Do not need to teach his son that the man does not cry, he keeps his emotions in yourself - you do not want to grow clamped, a notorious man! It is better to help the kids are civilized ways to express aggression.

So, an excellent yield of psychologists consider the purchase of a punching bag. You can direct the emotions at work: during bouts of anger finely tear colored paper, and then put out her application. An excellent choice - to have a special children's home "package to anger." At the right moment in this package can be vykrichat, breathe out their aggression, and then tie it and just throw!

The main thing is to listen to his son, observe its behavior and, if necessary, consult with a neurologist. Do not blindly follow all the advice found on the internet: it is one thing to buy a digital thermometer as you like from the reviews, and the other - to choose the method of educating the little man!

 Features of education of young boys

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 The reasons for sibling rivalry

Women after childbirth difficult one to deal with two children, and she tries to send the eldest child to the grandmother. As a result, the child suffers from jealousy, because my mother is now not only it!

When the family comes second child, her grandmother begin to lament that older childhood ended. If the difference between the children of 2 or 3 years, the child does not understand the value of these words. But if between the children as often happens, the difference is 6 years old, you can imagine what is happening in the soul eldest. And now only depend on parents as will further develop the relationship between the older and younger child.

How does jealousy

When a woman is expecting her second child, most of the pregnancy she spends with her firstborn. He paid attention, bought radio, dancing or soft toys. My mother and have time to go to the playground and read a story. When it comes to maternity leave, a woman becomes harder and come to the aid of the grandmother.

Now the senior is more than my grandmother, and after giving birth at all while she lives. Is it correct? From the perspective of the child calm and relieve the mother - no doubt correctly. But in terms of offspring, who misses his mother, in her room, on her bed, toys this situation is not entirely kororektno. After all, for the harmonious development of the child is important to the daily attention from parents. He can not, and does not want to forget the fact that with the advent of the little brother or sister have to share my mother that she did not belong to him completely.

And then the eldest child could easily strike infants, hide a bottle constantly capricious, further complicating the tired mother lives. A grandmother will behave calmly, making it clear that all would have been nice if there was not a little man yonder.

Way out

Initially, when the chips just brought from the hospital, the eldest daughter or son, you must try to explain that a little bit will have to stay with my grandmother, but that necessarily every day, parents will see him. Even better, my grandmother will live for two weeks at home and help my mother with a newborn and cope with the older child. Cook a meal, holding a senior in kindergarten or school, will meet. After all, Dad, sure, works and comes home only in the evening and therefore do not have time to do it all himself.

Even if the child around the time of sending to the grandmothers, it is necessary to explain the reason for his extended stay at a distance, gradually increasing the time co-host. And at the first opportunity, when a woman feels freer child is returned home.

To the senior did not feel a sense of jealousy, a woman needs to exercise tact and restraint, gradually accustomed to the older child's baby. Ask to file a pacifier, bring a bottle cuisine, developed diaper. But you never know what another small business can be entrusted to an older child. Let him feel that my mother can not cope without it, and the younger brother or sister bored if he's not there. And then there will come a time when children's jealousy of will be over, and he even let youngest brother or sister touched her finger favorite teddy bear.

 The reasons for sibling rivalry

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 boil causes of children


  • The main causes of boils in children
  • Treatment for boils in children

Furuncle - an illness that can occur in a person at any age. However, especially unpleasant when it appears in children. Treat boils in children should immediately because running problem will be much more difficult to eliminate. And the consequences can be the most harmless. But it is better to prevent disease. Therefore it is necessary to know what is what causes boils and its appearance in the child.

Boils - is inflamed and festering boils on the skin. Their size can vary significantly. There have been documented cases in which the boil reaches a size of about 7 cm. More often boil appears on parts of the body of the child, which has hair. The hair follicle becomes inflamed and forms a festering bundle. But the pus does not appear immediately, but somewhere on the second or third day. Then the abscess grows and becomes a bright red color, and even later - rich purple. Around the fifth or sixth day of the child boil bursts and the pus it flows out. At the site of the nodule is formed sore that delivers a lot of discomfort, so it is treated before the onset of this stage.
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The main causes of boils in children

Causes of this disease are varied. However, we can identify the most common.

  1. Reduced immunity in a child because of malnutrition. Pile disease occurs in children and adults, for that very reason. Good immunity - a fundamental basis of all aspects of health! It is therefore extremely important to ensure that children receive the food necessary vitamins and minerals. It should be carefully monitored diet to maximize his balance. The "heavy" for an organism seasons (spring and winter) baby food receives much less nutrients than it needs. It is therefore necessary to give additional vitamins.
  2. Lack of time children spend outdoors. This factor significantly undermines children's immunity and could be one of the causes of boils in children. Do not neglect walking on the street and you will greatly reduce the chances of the disease in children.
  3. Failure to comply with the basic rules of personal hygiene of the child. In a typical normal microorganisms that cause abrasions, harmless enough. But they are harmful to the environment, which occur when there is insufficient hygiene. The skin is quite thin, and children exposed to the emergence of various cracks and scratches. Furuncle may occur due to the ingress of microorganisms in these microcracks and sweat glands.
  4. Transferred common infections, frequent exhaustion or hypothermia. These factors may also affect the appearance of boils, since significantly weaken the child's body.

 boil treatment in children

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Treatment for boils in children

Treatment boils the child has the features you need to know. One of the main rules: do not attempt to self-treat, rastsarapyvat or squeeze the boil!   This is especially dangerous for ulcers located on the head. Opening of inflammation may lead to infection. The head - a very sensitive spot (especially infant). A showdown boils on the head can result in the appearance of purulent meningitis.

Do not forget about the need to visit a doctor .  Treat yourself boil dangerous! Only a doctor can establish the true causes of boils and prescribe medication that will not harm the child .  At the initial stage of treatment is usually limited to the use of external means: antibiotic ointments, solutions, etc. . d .  In the later stages of the disease the treatment implies a certain surgery .  The doctor may discover boils special blade, allowing the pus come out .  The process takes place under general anesthesia, so the child will take it too seriously .  The incision is usually not immediately sutured .  In a sterile dressing is applied, treated with a special solution .  Make an incision boil at home can not be .  The reason for this - not only unsuitable conditions concerning sterility, but also the lack of necessary knowledge and skills .  you can make a wrong incision and cause it harm .

Treatment of boils also implies a general increase in the body's defenses and increase immunity. As mentioned above, it is necessary to conduct a correct way of life and to follow the diet. It is recommended to eliminate all sweets during acute illness. Once treatment is completed, it is necessary to limit the intake of harmful products.

Do not start your child's health. If you notice any signs of the disease, immediately lead him to a specialist.

 The causes of and ways to treat boils