hyperhidrosis of the palms


  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of hyperhidrosis of palms

Sweaty palms contented person always cause negative emotions in others. And it can become a very serious problem - until the development of an inferiority complex. Although the health, of course, there is no threat, if sweating is not a sign of a disease.

Of course, you can simply put up with this feature of the organism and modestly hiding his hands in every way to avoid shaking hands and touching. But is it worth? After all, in most cases, to get rid of hyperhidrosis of the palms - that is the name of the disease - it is possible. And sometimes even without medical intervention.

Traditional methods of treatment

The pharmacy you can buy a number of tools that can help solve the problem of excessive sweating. All these funds are sold without a prescription and are absolutely safe. At worst, they simply will not do.

  • Lotion for hands

If sweating is very strong, mix in a glass container 5g boric acid, 15 g of salicylic acid and borax, 60 grams of glycerol and 70 grams of rubbing alcohol. Mix all ingredients and close the lid, place in the refrigerator. Three times a day is necessary to wipe his hands with a cotton pad moistened with this lotion. About an hour after that did not wash your hands - it will strengthen the therapeutic effect of the lotion. After about three days you will notice a clear improvement, but the treatment did not stop for about two weeks.

  • Zinc ointment

Zinc ointment can help if palmar hyperhidrosis is not very pronounced. In the evening, soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes, then dry and apply a thin layer of zinc ointment. Ideally, it would be put on cotton gloves and leave ointment approximately 20 - 25 minutes. Then be sure to wash your hands to avoid irritation. The same procedure must be repeated once a day for as long as sweating hands stops.

  • Pasta Teymurova

Pasta Teymurova provide a stronger and helps even in the most severe cases. Before applying the paste to make a hot tub with baking soda, hold it in his hands and dry them thoroughly. Coat the entire surface of the palm rest is very thick paste Teymurova leave as long as it is well dry up - in most cases, it takes about 30 minutes.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

It is difficult to say what caused this action of hydrogen peroxide, but it does very effectively cope with sweating palms. Yes, and in the application very easy - just drop a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the palm and rub. This must be done 3-4 times a day for one week.

  • Iontophoresis

If the previous funds have been ineffective, it is possible to apply to the beauty salon, which offers treatments iontophoresis. The essence of treatment is simple - under the skin by means of electrical pulses are administered drugs, which eliminate the sweating of palms.

  • Botox injections

In the most severe cases, when there is no other way, you can resort to Botox injections. Under the skin of the palms introduce a special drug that blocks the sweat glands. Only one procedure - and you forget about sweating for about six months. But be prepared to part with a round sum of money - a costly procedure.

 palms hyperhidrosis treatment

Folk remedies for the treatment of hyperhidrosis of palms

It is not necessary to abandon the popular treatments for hyperhidrosis - such treatment in the majority of cases, no less effectively. The main thing that you need to succeed - it is systematic and a little patience. Do not expect that her hands are dry after the first procedure.

  • Bath with a decoction of oak bark

The surest remedy for hyperhidrosis - oak bark. To prepare the broth five tablespoons of chopped oak bark pour half a liter of water and simmer over low heat until until half of the water does not boil away. Then the broth cool and strain.

In the evening, before bedtime, heat a liter of water, mix it with a decoction of oak and keep your hands in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Then let them dry naturally without wiping.

The first improvements will become apparent very quickly - within a day or two, but do not stop there - the treatment should last at least a month. Otherwise, you will quickly realize that the problem is back, if not disappeared.

  • Salt baths

Ordinary table salt, too, can work wonders. Treatment is quite simple - salt baths at least twice a day. Tray preparing elementary - in two liters of hot water, dissolve half a cup of salt. Dip your hands so that the palms were completely covered by water. Tray should last less than 40 minutes, so keep it handy and top up with warm water in the tub as it cools. Be sure to wash your hands after a bath and apply the cream. Treatment should continue for about two weeks - then about three months sweating palms will not annoy you.

  • Honey ointment

A good remedy for sweating of palms is honey. And if you add more and soda, the result certainly will please you. Mix one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of baking soda, let the mixture stand for 10 minutes, then put on his hand. Be sure to cover the palm of plastic wrap on top put on cotton gloves and leave the cream on for 40 minutes. Then wash your hands with cool water and apply your usual hand cream.

  • Lemon juice

If you need to get rid of sweating right now - for example, before a date or business negotiations - can resort to the least. Press the juice of one lemon and rub it into the palm, hands in any case do not wash. Approximately four hours will not be sweating. But do not abuse this means - only in case of emergency!

A similar procedure should be done once a day - the treatment lasts at least a month. The first week and a half or two tangible result you will not notice. But do not worry - if you treat sweating palms in such a way, the problem about a month retreat. Moreover - the effect lasts for a long time: about six months.

 Hyperhidrosis of the palms. How to fight it?

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 diet for erosive gastritis


  • Prohibited Products
  • The list of authorized products

Gastritis - is a disease that is very common - both in children and in adults. And often there is a form of erosive gastritis - gastric mucosa is affected too much and form ulcers. They can be localized across the gastric mucosa and can be grouped together in one place.

For the time being gastritis may be asymptomatic, but in the end still will be felt. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, pain - this is not a complete list of all the "charms" of erosive gastritis. But in order to accurately diagnose the disease, be sure to check with a term such as diet for erosive gastritis. Also visit the doctor-gastroenterologist. Firstly, self-diagnosed and may be mistaken, but it can be fraught with very serious consequences. Secondly, the doctor based on your state will select the most appropriate course of treatment.

 erosive gastritis diet

Prohibited Products

As mentioned above, when erosive gastritis diet is a must, and it should be very, very strict. Of course, no one says that the sick person has to torture himself to death - on the contrary, the power must be balanced. But fractional - portions should be small, as well as a break between meals - not more than three hours. However, it is important to remember a list of products that must be strictly excluded from the diet:

  • Fatty foods

Fatty foods should be strictly prohibited. And this also applies to fatty meats and fatty fish varieties. It does not matter, no matter how small portion was not.

  • Condiments and spices, sauces

No hot spices and spice - the maximum is dill and parsley. Everything else is very irritating to the stomach lining, and it worsens the condition of the sick person. The same applies not only hot spices but also all acute food. Also have to give up all the sauces, including mayonnaise. At best, you can leave sour.

  • Canned food

Under the strict prohibition includes all without exception, canned - meat, vegetables, fish. The preservatives that are in them, is a very serious burden for the already weakened gastric mucosa.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruit, of course, very useful for the organism. But not only in the case when gastritis in humans. Fruit and vegetable acid at times worsen the condition of your stomach. Therefore, all fruits and vegetables must undergo thermal treatment.

  • Some Beverages

Any carbonated drinks, even mineral water, coffee and alcohol from the diet should be excluded. By the way, any juices in the erosive strictly contraindicated.

 proper diet for erosive gastritis

The list of authorized products

Many people may protest vigorously - they say, what then eat? Believe me, you do not have so little choice. Soups, ideally mucous consistency, variety of cereal - semolina, rice, buckwheat, oats. Of course, the empty porridge to eat very difficult - as suitable filling butter or cream.

Every day you can include in your diet lean meat, steamed meatballs and burgers, meat souffle, lean fish. Just give up the meat products is not necessary, since you can develop anemia and other very unpleasant complications.

Several times a week the menu sick person can be included low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt - it will help prevent calcium deficiency. In addition, twice a week, you can eat an omelet steam. Do not become superfluous domestic compotes and jelly - the main thing, not a sour grapes and fruit. In addition, you can drink rather weak black and green tea, but do not overdo it with the sugar.

Remember that all food should be thoroughly crushed, and ideally all frayed. Eat slowly, carefully chewing - despite the fact that she and so Mashed. As a rule, such a diet should be observed for some time after the disappearance of symptoms. Exactly how much - you tell your doctor, a gastroenterologist.

 Diet for erosive gastritis - the key to successful treatment

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