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Sweating - this is one of the most common problems, which is very annoying person. And sweating sweating strife. If sweating under the arms can be managed using deodorant - antiperspirant, then sweating feet to fight much harder. Just mask the unpleasant smell - is not enough to get rid of the phenomenon.

In this article you will learn about issues such as hyperhidrosis feet. Only in the event that the cause of the disease is detected and treated early, the problem will recede quickly enough. The main thing is to strictly follow recipes and keep in mind the systematic - procedures performed from time to time, the desired result will never bring.

One of the most unpleasant sensations - is shaking hands with someone who has a cold and damp palm. A rash feet of medical statistics, is found in one in five people. Athlete's Foot - a phenomenon very, very unpleasant. And people are forced to look for ways to solve this problem. Someone is trying to cover up sweating, some resort to more radical methods of treatment - such as Botox injections or even surgery.

However, these therapies have a certain number of drawbacks. Firstly, it is very, very high cost of such treatment. He can afford not all women. And, just as importantly, this treatment can lead to a wide variety of complications that affect the state of health of the person not the most favorable.

So do not rush "in the pool with his head." There are many very effective ways to reduce people's sweating. Moreover, this treatment has a very important advantage - it has no side effects and thus can be used by all people without exception.

The only thing you need to remember - is to visit the doctor. Very often, but still sometimes sweating of the feet may indicate the presence of a person of a disease of the internal organs. Only in the event that your doctor has given permission, you can start treatment with folk remedies.

Those people who suffer from hyperhidrosis stop, know firsthand about all the "charm" of this phenomenon. Constantly wet feet, unpleasant smell. And undressed somewhere at a party - generally the whole tragedy. But even with this problem it is quite possible to cope on their own - most importantly, the desire.

 Stop the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Traditional methods of treatment

So, let's try to cure hyperhidrosis feet folk remedies. There are many different recipes that will help get rid of the problem as soon as possible. We offer you the most effective ones:

  • Oak bark

Oak bark contains extracts that very effectively normalize the work of the sweat glands. To do this, prepare a decoction of oak. Place in an enamel pot five tablespoons of chopped oak bark, pour a liter of water. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

Once the broth comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until such time as half of the water does not boil away. Then strain the broth oak using gauze cloth, pour into a glass container, which must be stored exclusively in the refrigerator. Otherwise the effectiveness of the broth will be many times lower.

Every night before going to sleep, you must do the bath. In a deep bowl or a small bowl pour a liter of hot water and add 200 grams of broth oak bark. Duration baths - for at least 15 minutes. After that, let the hands dry naturally without wiping. Treatment should be continued for at least 20 days.

  • Chamomile & Honey

In that case, if the sweating feet is especially strong, you can try the following means. Put in a thermos three tablespoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy daisy, pour a half cup of boiling water and leave for 3 hours. Then strain the infusion using a gauze cloth in a glass container, combine with five tablespoons of honey.

You should have a mixture of creamy consistency. Twice a day - morning and evening - apply the resulting mixture on foot and leave for 15 minutes. It is best to carry out this procedure in the bathroom to avoid the contamination of things. After this time, wash your feet in the cool running water. Thus sweating is treated at least 21 days.

  • Contrast baths

Another very effective way - is the contrast baths. Please note - the temperature must be radically opposed. The hot tub should be as far as you can stand it. A cold water is necessary to add ice cubes.

It is best to carry out this procedure before going to bed. But you can at any time convenient for you. The duration of this course of treatment - not less than one month. Those people who tried this remedy on himself, argue that sweating is not returned about 6 months. Agree, a very good result.

Medication treatment methods

Pasta Teymurova - one of the most popular treatments for sweating feet. And in fairness it should be noted that this tool is really very effective. For the treatment you need to buy in the drugstore paste Teymurova. It is sold without a prescription, so buy it will have no difficulty.

In the evening, how to steam the legs, wipe and let dry completely. Then on foot, apply a thick layer of ointment. Pay special attention to the skin between the toes - it must be very carefully fluff. Leave the cream until until it dries completely - about an hour. Then rinse the ointment under running cold water.

Perspiration is reduced within a day, and after 3 - 4 treatments usually disappears completely. But in any case, do not stop treatment - 10 procedures necessary to carry out. Otherwise, sweating with a high degree of probability will be back again.

  • Zinc ointment

Zinc ointment may also help get rid of sweating feet. But only if the sweating is not very strong - otherwise it is best to purchase a paste Teymurova. Zinc ointment normalizes the sweat glands and slightly dries the skin. By the way, do not overdo it - dry skin is also not the most pleasant thing.

Zinc ointment should be applied to clean skin on the feet at least three times a day. Ointment Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse under running water. Thoroughly dry your feet. Duration of treatment - at least 10 days.

  • Powder

As additional funds can be used most ordinary baby powder, without any additives. Apply it on a clean, dry skin of the feet after every wash. Self-treatment is not, but helps to reduce sweating.

 increased hyperhidrosis stop treatment

General recommendations

Typically, most of the above methods of treatment are very effective. But only in strict compliance with the simple but very important rules. Otherwise, all efforts would be completely useless:

  • Hosiery

Make sure that what you wear socks - you need to give up synthetic materials. This is especially true for women - nylon socks stand you a very bad service, if you have a sweating of the feet.

  • The choice of footwear

Equally important is the shoes. Synthetic materials, especially rubber, sooner or later will lead to excessive sweating, even in those people who had no such problems were not. Of course, quality shoes is quite expensive. But health more expensive than any money, so do not skimp on it.

  • Hygiene

Do not forget about the need to observe basic rules of hygiene. Wash your feet at least twice a day - preferably with cool water. Very often, people believe that it is enough to wash the feet before going to bed. However, this opinion is very wrong. Feet should be washed by removing shoes. And this should be done not only in the winter - not sandals eliminate the need to wash the feet after returning home. Do not forget about the socks - they should be changed each time after you wash feet.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple - their compliance with little effort from you is not required. The main thing - it is systematic. If you will remember them only occasionally, sweating and remains your constant companion unpleasant. Be healthy!

 Hyperhidrosis feet. What to do?

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 acute gastritis


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  • Symptoms of acute gastritis
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment of acute gastritis: diet
  • Traditional methods of treatment of acute gastritis

About gastritis so many saying that it is hardly possible to say something new. But, nevertheless, the vast majority of people still do not have a clear idea of ​​what is gastritis and how to act with the appearance of its symptoms. A similar lack of information can be very expensive - if the treatment does not start on time, may develop more serious complications, such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

It's about gastritis and will be discussed in today's conversation. And we'll talk about is the acute form of the disease - in fact at this stage of the easiest way to cope with the disease. And if you ignore the acute gastritis and does not take the necessary measures, the disease can take a chronic course.

The causes of acute gastritis

Of course, gastritis can not arise out of nowhere, for no reason. And these very reasons, provoking the development of acute gastritis, is not so little. Doctors are two main types of aggressive factors: endogenous and exogenous. By exogenous - external - factors include:

  • Malnutrition

What is the most direct impact on the gastric mucosa? That's right, that's food. And that is why what people eat, it depends on the health of the stomach. And the use of poor-quality food often leads to a strong inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa. As a consequence, the development of acute gastritis. Therefore, carefully watch the quality of used products, because of their shelf life, storage conditions. Try to avoid eating in fast food.

In addition, the development of gastritis can be provoked and receiving unusual for human food. For example, you are used to the Russian kitchen and ate some food Caucasus, too sharp and bold. It is not necessary then to wonder why your stomach is so rebelled. By the way, like often happens in the holidays, when people go to rest in the tropical countries. As a result, a vacation ruined.

Often inflammation of the gastric mucosa develops from the banal overeating. If the stomach is constantly overloaded, sooner or later a violation of enzyme systems. And there already and to acute gastritis hand. Such cases of acute gastritis is most often observed after the holidays, during which abundant feasts are commonplace.

  • Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages are a major challenge for the entire human body. Including for the gastric mucosa. But in that case the alcohol taken in too large doses may develop inflammation. The same thing happens in the case of poor quality drink. Just a couple of glasses of this drink - and you are guaranteed acute gastritis.

  • Medications

Sometimes acute gastritis may develop as a result of the impact on the gastric mucosa of various pharmacological agents. In the case of pain in the stomach have begun while taking any medications as soon as possible consult your your doctor.

  • Exposure to chemicals

Sometimes mucosal lesion may be caused by the ingestion of chemicals, such as household products. Most often these incidents occur with small children that whatever they come across on the eyes, eager to taste. However, adults may encounter such a situation - for example, in the event that the dishes were rinsed bad, and it remained detergent.

  • Extreme temperature cooking

Sometimes, the main cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane becomes a man's love for a very hot or very cold foods. So do not get involved in such dishes - best to eat about 37 degrees. By the way, this is very good for your teeth - tooth enamel very negatively reacts to changes in temperature.

So, we understand external factors. It's time to talk about endogenous - internal - factors. Yes - yes, in some cases just a few diseases can trigger the development of acute gastritis:

  • The extensive protein breakdown

In the event that acute gastritis developed after extensive burns or following blood transfusion, the likely cause was a massive breakdown of proteins. In this case, the doctor will take all necessary measures to address the acute gastritis.

  • Viral infections

Sometimes the development of gastritis can be triggered by the body's existing sources of acute infection. For example, dysentery and viral hepatitis. In this case, there is an infectious gastritis. Treatment of such cases of gastritis is conducted in parallel with the primary disease under the Infectious Diseases Hospital. Self-treatment is by no means unacceptable.

  • Diseases of internal organs

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritis are chronic kidney or liver disease. The same applies to violations of metabolic processes.

 acute gastritis symptoms

Symptoms of acute gastritis

The course of acute gastritis can not go unnoticed - signs of inflammation are expressed very clearly. There are certain symptoms indicating the presence of acute gastritis. These include:

  • Pain

Pain in the stomach area is one of the first signs that the gastric mucosa is inflamed. And very often the pain is so severe that people barely tolerate it. After the meal the pain is magnified. That is why in the first few days of illness shows a strict diet. And only after symptoms weaken, you can begin to introduce products.

Especially strong pain when a person struck by acute erosive gastritis. In this type of the disease is not only inflammation of the gastric mucosa, but also its subsequent ulceration. Without a gastroscopy to determine exactly what a person is faced with erosive gastritis, it is difficult - all the signs are typical.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Very often in the acute phase of gastritis is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sometimes appears. Moreover, these symptoms are also often appear right after the meal, and sometimes even plain water. Although sometimes these symptoms may be absent altogether.

Diagnosis of the disease

In order to assign the proper treatment, the disease must be properly diagnosed. To this end, the sick person should seek help from a doctor, a gastroenterologist. The doctor will examine the sick person, listen to all the complaints, assess the symptoms and prescribe specific research. Generally, for the diagnosis of acute gastritis is appointed:

  • Gastropically examination of the stomach

This type of study is as follows. In the cavity of the stomach a special probe is placed at the end of which there is a video camera. The screen displays the mucosa of the stomach and the doctor can in real time to assess its condition. And accordingly, and to diagnose the disease. In addition, this probe is equipped with special devices that enable, if necessary, immediately take the pieces of the mucous membrane, for further laboratory analysis.

Many people are experiencing extreme and refuse to gastroscopy, believing that it is extremely painful. However, this does not - before applying the doctor will make anesthesia and no throat pain you feel. Of course, to avoid several unpleasant moments you do not succeed, but it is quite possible to endure. For a more reliable method of diagnosing gastritis today simply does not exist. On some symptoms can not be relied.

  • Determining the level of acidity of gastric juice

For a complete diagnosis and can not do without a certain level of acidity of gastric juice. This is necessary in order to understand with what it views gastritis encountered a sick man. After all, it depends on the success of treatment - for each type of gastritis is his. A properly selected medicines can only worsen the situation.

  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity

You can not do without ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. It is necessary in order to verify the absence of the doctor of various comorbidities. You remember that sometimes an acute form of gastritis is a direct consequence of certain diseases of internal organs? In addition, symptoms of gastritis may be similar to a number of other diseases - such as acute pancreatitis. And rely solely on the symptoms of the disease can not be - very high probability of error.

 acute gastritis treatment

Treatment of acute gastritis: diet

Medication should appoint a doctor, a gastroenterologist. He also, if necessary, prescribe physiotherapy. From the patient as a person requires strict adherence to all doctor's appointments, his advice and guidance. First and foremost, the sick person should strictly follow a diet.

  • Fasting

In the first few days of illness the sick person should be completely abandon the meal. Although most of the sick person does not feel any desire to eat - pain completely suppress appetite. The only thing that is allowed in this period - it is a liquid. It is best to drink pure non-carbonated water or unsweetened compote of dried fruits. This is especially significant in the case of drinking, if a sick person vomited. Otherwise, he faces severe dehydration.

  • Out of starvation

About a third - the fourth day, when the pain subside, you can start eating. However, needless to say, this should be done very carefully so as not to overload the stomach after prolonged fasting. The first day of the sick person allowed to eat no more than 200 grams of a slimy soup. On the second day to the soup, you can add a bowl of porridge and razvaristoy one glass of jelly. Only on the third day of a sick person can afford to 100 gammas meat sauce or meatballs steam.

  • List strictly prohibited foods

At the time of treatment - up to a full recovery - the menu should strictly exclude the following products: sharp, smoked and salted, all foods containing artificial preservatives and dyes. In addition, it is necessary to completely eliminate all kinds of spices, condiments and sauces, except maybe a low-fat sour cream. Watch and the fact that the sick person drinks - should be excluded coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, too sour and sweet juices.

  • The list of authorized products

No restrictions can be consumed any dairy products, lean meats, fish and poultry, cooked legumes. You can drink non-carbonated water, milk drinks, fruit drinks and stewed fruit. All dishes need to boil, fry or bake in the oven. And try to make a similar diet rule your life, not just a necessary measure on the treatment of acute gastritis.

Traditional methods of treatment of acute gastritis

Treatment of acute gastritis - a process very responsible. And it must be done under strict medical supervision. But you can also treat gastritis using recipes of traditional medicine. Of course, only after prior consultation with your doctor. Recipes of traditional medicine can become a tool in the treatment of gastritis, but not an alternative to the basic treatment. Treat gastritis folk remedies just unacceptable.

  • Eliminating pain

In the event that a sick man pesters a sharp pain, you can try the following means. You will need one vial of Novocain, three leaves of aloe and three tablespoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy daisy, one tablespoon of honey.

Place a daisy in a thermos, pour one cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for at least an hour. At this time, clean the leaves of aloe on the skin, using a strainer grind to puree the state. An hour infusion of strain and pour into a glass container. Add the honey camomile tea mix thoroughly.

After the infusion has cooled to room temperature, add the pulp of aloe and procaine. Stir all the ingredients - you should get a homogeneous mass. All the resulting volume of the sick person to drink for 10 minutes, then lie down. As a rule, only half an hour departs even the most severe pain. Excessive use of this tool should not be - a day you can take no more than two times. Remember that the tool - not the treatment of gastritis, but only ambulance.

  • Removal of inflammation of the gastric mucosa

You will recall that acute gastritis is nothing else like inflammation of the gastric mucosa? This means that treatment should be directed primarily at the elimination of most of the inflammatory process. And it can be done with St. John's wort. You will need five tablespoons of dry Hypericum perforatum.

Place it in an enamel pan, pour a liter of water and boil for 30 minutes. After that, leave to infuse for two hours. Strain the broth using a gauze fabric, add a pleasant taste to give a few spoonfuls of any honey. The resulting broth sick person should drink during the day. Usually, relief comes in a couple of days, but you need to treat gastritis exactly one week. Do not cook the broth for future use - longer than one day it is not stored.

  • Honey broth

Perhaps we do not distinguish the great originality, to tell you the following means - it is used very often. However, it is worth to recall it. All you need is warm water and natural honey. Dissolve one tablespoon of any of honey in a glass of warm water, drink the morning on an empty stomach.

Honey is very rapidly absorbed in the stomach lining. It has strong anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, normalize the level of acidity of gastric juice. The course of treatment should last 10 days. Note - This tool can be used only by people who do not suffer from allergic reactions to honey.

In the event that you will comply with all recommendations of the doctor, strictly follow the diet therapy, very soon you will forget about acute gastritis. Be healthy!

 Acute gastritis: Symptoms and Treatment

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