Acne treatment with hydrogen peroxide


  • How does our skin?
  • Declare war on pimples

Hydrogen peroxide - a chemical compound which belongs to the class of peroxides. Initially, a liquid that has no color. It is readily soluble in water. In medicine, the use of hydrogen peroxide is found as a 3 percent solution. This is a good external agent, has an antiseptic effect. However, in addition to a peroxide treatment of wounds and bleeding, there are other indications. Thus, the fair sex (and not only) using hydrogen peroxide for acne.

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agents. Human tissues contain enzymes that decompose peroxide to two major components - water and oxygen. Atomic oxygen is aggressive, he is actively kills microorganisms on the skin surface. The release of oxygen is accompanied by a visible "hiss" peroxides - manifest themselves as bubbles of gas. What is the connection of the equipment and problem areas on the skin?

 hydrogen peroxide to treat acne
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How does our skin?

It's no secret that not all people have the sebaceous glands of the skin are functioning correctly. Normally sebum has a liquid consistency, and performs a variety of useful functions. This creation of lubrication, moisturizes the skin and protects it from dirt, and maintain an optimal balance between heat production and heat loss (which is why in severe frosts people have long smeared face fat, for example, goose), and a number of anti-bacterial properties. The skin in this invisible protective barrier keeps a optimum amount of moisture, pleases its smoothness and elasticity. As a result of many factors the formation of sebum is broken. This leads to acne.

There are many types of acne. Black points - these acne, which needlessly thick sebum scores and time in contact with the external environment. Are white point - in this case, the fat does not communicate with air. Inside clogged pores created ideal conditions for bacteria. They can give rise to inflammations. Pimple increases in size, red, can cause discomfort. There is a great temptation to squeeze it, but this is not worth it. So you can spread the infection to adjacent areas of the skin and aggravate the situation. After extrusion are often ugly scars. To reflection in the mirror did not make the hair stand on end, it is necessary to do treatment of the problem.

 Use of hydrogen peroxide
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Declare war on pimples

Against acne developed a number of measures.

If lubricated locally inflamed pustules hydrogen peroxide, then after a few days you will notice a good drying effect.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide is that it kills the upper layers of skin at the site of an inflammatory cell destroys microorganisms and promotes speedy recovery. However, to apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton pad to the entire skin is highly undesirable - this will lead to flaking and extremely unpleasant. We do not need to kill healthy cells of the epidermis, is not it? It is also worth remembering that the peroxide vybelivaet skin and take this into account in the application.

There are several ways to use peroxide acne. The easiest was described previously - this application 3 percent solution locally to sites of inflammation. You can do otherwise - to add a certain amount of peroxide to your favorite lotion for the face. Very popular and masks with this tool.

A small amount of hydrogen peroxide, plus yeast, sour cream or honey, and get a real recipe for beauty! The finished mask can be added to tea tree oil, aloe vera and other ingredients. The experiments are welcomed. This mask is applied to the skin, left thereon for 15-20 minutes and then gently removed. The consistency should resemble a mask cream. Allowed layering one layer dries for 5 minutes, then applied to another. The use of masks with hydrogen peroxide is important to regularly, at least once a week. Of course, the miracle of the first day will not happen, but after a few weeks of such treatment of a skin condition improved markedly. A pleasant fact is and extreme efficiency of this method of fighting acne - hydrogen peroxide is worth a penny, one bottle lasts for a long time.

 Hydrogen peroxide as a remedy for acne

 tray for nail growth


  • Salt baths: use sea salt
  • Oil bath: Olive oil is very useful
  • Milk bath milk, honey and lemon juice
  • Pepper baths: red pepper accelerates the growth of nails
  • Yeast trays: an option for gourmets

Beautiful hand of the girl - a sign of her grooming. If oblez paint themselves nails of different lengths and shapes, and there are burrs on each finger, it immediately catches the eye and pushes. Beautiful manicure is attracted.

Many girls dream of long nails, and his, not extensions. But not everyone is able to grow nails desired length. But this is not so difficult - a good help to the bath for the rapid growth of nails. Next, talk about them and go.

Well only grow healthy nails. If you have thinned nail plate after numerous accruals if exfoliate nails, cracked and broken, they will never grow long. First you need to recover and heal them.

If you for some time addicted capacity gel or acrylic, your nail plate has become very thin. Restore can be with special tools (selection of large, can be found in any drugstore). Well strengthens nails sea salt. Going on vacation by the sea, leave the house nail polish. Already this week the nails will become stronger and thicker. At home, you can do the bath with sea salt. Just dilute the salt in warm water and keep your hands in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure every day, and the result will not take long.

If you have not built up the nails, but they still exfoliate and break down, then the body lacks calcium. Enter in your diet foods rich in calcium - it is fish and dairy products. Propyl course of vitamins with a high content of calcium.

When the nails will get a healthy look, you can begin to take measures for their rapid growth. At home, good to help special bath. Their choice is very large, the main thing - to find her, and that you will not be difficult to do, and the result of it will not take long.

 beautiful nails
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Salt baths: use sea salt

As mentioned earlier, nails useful salt. For their rapid growth is well suited iodine-salt bath. In a glass of water need three tablespoons of salt (ideally the sea, without flavorings and other chemicals) and one teaspoon of iodine. Keep your fingers in the bath for 20 minutes Iodine is a very good effect on the growth of nails. They are useful even at night nails smear. But the problem is that in the morning the nail plate will have a yellowish tint. If you are not going anywhere in the morning to go, before going to bed, apply iodine on a cotton swab and smear each nail. Morning or nakraste nail varnish, or do household chores. From the numerous contacts with iodine wash off with water.
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Oil bath: Olive oil is very useful

Good effect on nails and butter. Heat some olive oil in a water bath and keep the fingers in it at least 10, and ideally 30 minutes. If a lot of oil, then dip in the tub is completely hands - your skin becomes velvety. You can add oil apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1. Such a bath will also be very useful. After the oil bath should be wet cloth and wash hands with soap and water.
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Milk bath milk, honey and lemon juice

If you think the oil bath is not very pleasant, you may like milk-honey-lemon bath. Heat half a cup of milk, add two tablespoons of honey and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Mix all ingredients until smooth. Dip the tips of his fingers in the resulting mass by 20 minutes. Lemon juice has a very good effect. You can even just to smear their nails. This is especially helpful if the nail plate due to long use is not the highest quality varnishes acquired a yellowish tint. Lemon removes yellowing and return a healthy glow.

 bath salt for nail growth
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Pepper baths: red pepper accelerates the growth of nails

Good tub with red pepper. You will need a teaspoon of cream for hands, half a teaspoon of water and the same amount of red pepper. Mix everything in a bowl and melt in a water bath. Keep the fingertips in the bath does not exceed 20 minutes. Tray is very efficient, really nails grow by leaps and bounds, but to make such a mask can be no more than once a week.
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Yeast trays: an option for gourmets

Since I mentioned the yeast, you can not leave the side of the tub and out of this product. But it is worth to mention that it is gourmet. For its preparation you need, in addition to yeast, rowan berries and cream. Chop half a cup of berries of mountain ash (you can scroll through a meat grinder), add two tablespoons of sour cream, one - the yeast, pour a glass of water and mix thoroughly. Useful weight ready. Keep hands in it for at least 20 minutes.

For the best results, try to do such procedures every day. You can do the same tray, and can be alternated. Ideally, basins should be done within one month, then it will be quite a few times a week (or pepper once a week). Be prepared for the fact that this month you have not paint your nails, as do the bath to the painted nails pointless.

In order to nail grew well and were healthy at the same time, do not forget to apply moisturizer on your hands and handle special cuticle oil. When there is free time, rub into the nail plate special wax. It makes nails smooth and strong. Wax polish sold in pharmacies in small jars.

Thoroughly try to trim nail. It is best to buy it at the pharmacy benefit that there are now reinforcing paints of all colors. If you prefer a certain brand is good, if the varnish are vitamins. Avoid lacquers, which include toluene and formaldehyde, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain to grow nails.

 The rapid growth of nails using trays