Honeymoon is a great opportunity to enjoy a holiday alone with your loved one and make a reality all their own, seemed previously unattainable dreams. This trip is not just a vacation, especially a romantic trip for two people only. And it should be remembered for a lifetime. Hence, it is necessary to treat it should be perhaps even more serious than the organization of the wedding.

We must start with the selection of destinations. It can be anything that your heart desires: a sandy beach, the mountains, the lake, a large metropolis or overseas and do a tour with a lot of excursions. It all depends on your mood and preferences.

Very romantic and quiet will rest on the beach, hot sand and azure sea. In this respect, Cyprus is good, where you can enjoy not only the beach, but the cool pine forests. Glorified for its white sandy beaches and coral Maldives. Greece, fascinating for its ancient architecture, clean beaches and ski slopes, too, does not remain on the sidelines.

Lovers of urban leisure suit travel to Western European city. Whether it is London, its all sorts of shops. Paris - the city of love, which is good as the day and night.

Do not forget the honeymoon can be carried out, without leaving the country, such as lakes, such as Lake Baikal or Seliger. An interesting will travel along the Golden Ring, St. Petersburg, with its white nights.

Of course, this is only a small part of where you can go. The main thing in this trip to enjoy your vacation with your loved one - to dream, to plan for the future, and may have to choose names for their future children. Perhaps it was during the trip can begin and the first family disputes. It is not surprising, because after the wedding stress (especially if it is in both the first time), it is quite common. After much effort, and mental and physical has been spent on the organization of the most important events in life, experiences that can be, something not catch or something can go wrong as it should, and much, much more. It should therefore be more discreet and loyal to each other, to be able to listen and understand.


 Wedding. Organizing a wedding event

Wedding - one of the brightest moments in our lives. Currently, many couples realize that family relations are very significant moment - the responsibility, and the wedding is the first step toward major changes in life. Therefore, the planning and preparation of the wedding event should be given a lot of time. The only way you can fulfill your dream of a fairytale wedding. Of course, weddings requires certain expenditures as cash and time. The main thing to try to do everything efficiently and correctly, then the holiday will bring you a lot of positive emotions and remember. Modern wedding events differ in their pomp and splendor. Looking for wedding limousines and bridesmaid dresses, it becomes clear that the wedding - a magnificent celebration, which will give the newlyweds a storm of emotions and joy.

An important point in the preparation of the wedding - it is certainly invitation. It is necessary to choose a bright and modern invitations, especially now in bridal salons presented their wide range. You only need to buy them and send all those who would like to see you at the wedding. Also of great importance are the accessories that will make the holiday a luxurious and unforgettable.
An essential attribute of the wedding table glasses are newlyweds. Today is quite simple to pick them, because in bridal salons, they are presented in large quantities and for every taste.

 Organizing a wedding event

 Wedding in the church rules


  • The basic rules of wedding
  • Preparation for the sacrament of marriage under the arches of the church
  • Religious wedding ceremony
  • Superstitions related to the wedding, and can terminate the church marriage?

The birth of a new family of all peoples and in all ages celebrated festively and solemnly. In every country have such a significant event has its own traditions and characteristics. And at the same site, depending on the state, formed at one time or another, can have the totally new customs, rules and regulations, or return, seemingly forever forgotten. For example, the registry offices have appeared only in the Soviet era, and first in our country to stamp the passports and the word "sign" had a very different meaning.

It has long been in Russia conducted a wedding ceremony. The triumph was incredibly pompous and impressive in scale. It was preceded by a long preparation, that everything went smoothly and the guests there was no reason to whisper behind parents of the newlyweds. By the sacraments equally seriously as the people of poor class and know.

In Russia the wedding ceremony was performed in the Orthodox Church. The temple is decorated with gilding, icon-painting before the face of the Lord, the couple made a vow to carry the priest to take responsibility, and responsibility for each other all their lives. And those oaths sounded completely different, they invested a special meaning, after all, marriage in those centuries, people treated with much less frivolous than now. Indeed, at a wedding ceremony in the days of Russia Orthodox marriages are made in heaven.

Then, after the change of power in the country there was another tradition of celebrating the beginning of the design and family life. Faith in God was beyond the law, respectively, and the role of the church in the lives of young people has lost its former importance. The main symbol of marriage began to march by Mendelssohn, recorded in the book of civil registration and stamp in the passport. Orthodox wedding ceremony is actively opposed by the Bolsheviks, and those who dared to secretly at him, threatened severe punishment.

And what about today? Modern rules still require mandatory registration in the registry office, but now the newlyweds have the opportunity to appeal to the centuries-old traditions of Orthodoxy and married. Whether to hold a ceremony in a church or not, it depends on the willingness of the bride and groom. In recent years, it has become particularly popular wedding. The priests themselves explain this by saying that greatly increased the number of parishioners among the younger generation. But there is another reason that makes the couple in a hurry after the registrar under the arches of the church - it has become fashionable to get married.

The beauty of the ceremony, a festive atmosphere, the opportunity to touch the centuries-old Orthodox tradition, the blessing of heaven, bells chiming, singing church choir - it is a very strong and bright moments, signifying the importance of family life and remembered forever. But those who first plans to take an oath before the altar, are concerned about how the wedding takes place in the Orthodox Church? What preceded the ceremony? What traditions have survived?

The basic rules of wedding

Orthodox wedding ceremony in the church provides for its own rules and laws, without which the sacrament of marriage is impossible. As the baptism of the infant, and the new union of two people is unimaginable without established traditions for centuries. To the basic of them is a requirement of the Church: to be able to go through the ceremony of betrothal and wedding are the only people serious about religion and following it with the provisions and principles, necessarily baptized. Those who is an atheist and did not believe, married under the dome of the Orthodox church is prohibited.

Age for the wedding ceremony in the church is: the groom must be eighteen years old and the bride - sixteen. An important role for the sacrament of marriage in the temple plays that do not belong to any young one family tree. In Orthodoxy does not recognize unions between relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity. Such marriages are considered sinful. Here it is in solidarity with the Church and science. On it pundits have a simple and clear explanation of all: the immune system of the offspring parent family weakens, more pronounced hereditary diseases (such as "royal" disease hemophilia), and ultimately degenerates race.

Wedding ceremony and suggests another important point, without which it is impossible to get young at the altar. It is necessary that the alleged marriage with the parents agreed. My father and mother and the bride and groom have to give them his parental blessing. Otherwise, it was believed that the Union will not be able to be happy, and the offspring will be born from him sick and weak. Since the days of Ancient Rus did not dare to marry the young without parental consent.

However, sometimes the bride and groom, in spite of the request of the father and mother, and secretly ran away to marry in a small temple, taking a witness to the first comer. But it was very rare, because young people usually obey the will of the older generation. So often the young girl met unions and elderly men. And as if the bride or disgusted parents had a choice but to disobey their will, she could not. Parenting is not allowed. That would be our modern young girls on a time travel back to that era. I wonder how they would have responded to some of the restrictions that still push the current parents?

To marry, according to Orthodox religious law can not be more than three times. All subsequent marriages Church, in contrast to the loyal registrar, does not recognize. Maybe that explains why this fortress unions, which is a long time ago, even before the revolution. However, the wedding ceremony in the church are allowed to be carried out only after the registration in the registry office very loyal. This is the essence of the implicit contract between the state and the church.

It should be noted that such rules exist in most European countries. But in Catholic Germany, for example, allowed the wedding without first registering the union in the state body. However, such a marriage does not affect the amount of taxes that are required to pay a man and a woman become husband and wife in church law. It turns out that their family status in the eyes of the state does not change. Therefore, the German couple as we are, yet are not limited solely union before God.

The wedding is also very important. It is impossible to hold a ceremony during any of Lent and fast days (Tuesday and Thursday). The Church allows married before or after them. This is due to the fact that the wedding feast, necessarily accompanying the wedding, is a violation of fasting. Do not fasten marriages and Saturday and on the eve of the great and temple festivals. In addition, certain days in September, as an exception to the calendar. Therefore, make an advance wedding should be better make it for three weeks before the expected date. Should take into account the fact that the ritual takes place in the morning or in the afternoon, after the end liturgy. This should be taken into account in the timing of the painting in the registry office, if both of the ceremony to be held in one day.

Besides Suite, in a ceremony attended by witnesses and - one from each side. Usually they appear as single close friend of the bride and the bridegroom's friend, not related by marriage. To conduct a wedding ceremony, you must have two icons - Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. Typically, families living under the laws of orthodoxy, these images are transferred from the older generation to the younger, and therefore are of great value. If you have no icons, then they can be purchased in the church. You also need to carry the wedding rings, traditionally one of them to be gold, and the second - silver. Another necessary attribute for the upcoming ceremony are wedding candles (bought in the Temple).

You will also need towels and two weddings, one of which is spread under the feet of the young, and the second during the wedding bind their hands. Can not do without you, and four handkerchiefs, where the newlyweds will need to keep candles and witnesses must take their crowns. Also, be careful with that, to you and the groom wore pectoral cross. Well, if they will be the ones that you've got a baby at baptism. Better to pass these subjects (except daggers) to one of the invited guests. Usually all bring with them witnesses, because in the bustle of the bride and groom may need to forget at home.

To dress for the wedding in the church and its demands. If you carefully consider the canvases, which captures the moment the sacraments, the suit and the groom and the bride's outfit surprise with rigor. So, the bride's head should be covered, but her face is not tinted. Dress (necessarily white) for a wedding in the Orthodox Church should not be too deep neckline and short sleeves. If the bride's attire too open arms and chest, it is necessary to use a cape. To dress chosen for the wedding in the church are allowed to fasten a long train, which will take on, it symbolizes a long and happy family life.

 you need for the wedding in the church

Preparation for the sacrament of marriage under the arches of the church

The requirements of the Orthodox Church are such that even before they stand before the altar, the young should be required to cleanse his soul confession and communion. There are certain moments and preparations for these two sacraments. Usually neglected youth that wedding just a tribute to modern fashion. But religious couples relate to the requirements of the church seriously, because of their faith. As the main preparatory moment should be called Lenten Retreat. In other words, according to the canons of the Russian Orthodox Church, the couple must undergo preliminary preparation for the sacrament of marriage. It consists of fasting, prayer, penance (confession) and Communion.

In addition, most clerics recommend future newlyweds seriously to the choice of the temple, where they will get married. You should not come solely from the picturesque surroundings, for reasons of convenience and so on. Be sure to go to church or cathedral. It is more important to feel the atmosphere inside them to understand how comfortable a spiritual point of view, you feel yourself there. Sometimes it can be heard by others, that one church they feel peace and tranquility, and the other, on the contrary, they become anxious.

Try to determine what exactly you want. If you are planning a quiet family ceremony with few guests, then you should stop at the small church, because its chamber environment could not be better emphasize the significance of this important and very personal for a couple of days. And for those who want more solemnity, pomp even better to opt for a wedding great cathedral. Its rich decoration emphasize your desire for lush holiday.

When the future spouses in order to determine conclusively, in which the church will be a ceremony of church wedding, they need to make another step - to talk with the priest, who hold such important in their future life ceremony. Permission to communicate with each of those who took part in the service, and choose the person to whom you are having more confidence. It is this priest, you can ask all your questions, clarify doubts and to share the highlights of the upcoming ceremony.

Couples wishing to legalize their union, not only in the eyes of modern society, but also the face of God, during the wedding ceremony in the church should be attached special importance to all the above requirements. It's not just the rules - a world view based on the experience of many generations. And he carries the sacred wisdom and mystery of the ages to help get closer to the essence of the universe and get his blessing. Therefore, the groom and the bride must go to the temple with a pure heart.

As for the more mundane advice, the girl is better to wear shoes with a low heel, as the wedding takes about forty minutes - legs get tired quickly. The witnesses should not take people's average and above average growth, because otherwise it would be quite difficult to keep the crowns over the heads of the newlyweds. Do not plan a meal, guided by clear time the ceremony, since there may be delays, so leave a small margin. And now let's see how the Orthodox wedding ceremony is held in the church.

Religious wedding ceremony

Before going to happen in a church wedding, the bride and groom have to pass another milestone. First performed the betrothal, which is often called the engagement. It is, if circumstances so require, it is possible to terminate before the wedding. In times of Orthodox Russia, these two ceremonies were made at different times. The idea was that the boys and girls wishing to marry, were able to verify the truth of his feelings and intentions of hardness. To do this, they exchanged wedding rings and, after becoming a bride and groom, stayed for a while in this status. In modern society, the rite of betrothal is held just before the wedding on the threshold of the church.

It is necessary to say a few words about how the ceremony itself, because some people think that this is the beginning of the wedding. But it is not. The bride and groom and the entire process is stopped at the entrance to the temple. The bride should stand to the left of the groom. From the altar, the priest comes to them, it festive white robe. Approaching the young couple, it dawns on them the Holy Cross (three times), and provides already lighted candles. By the way, if someone enters the bridal church marriage is not the first time, a pair of candles do not believe because they symbolize purity and innocence as the best start marriage.

Then, the censer with incense priest smokes the future bride and groom. He thus holds them together like a common desire to become one in the face of the Lord. Then follows a brief prayer, then betrothed to the young priest rings, while it three times to change their hands into the hands of the bride groom. As a result, the bride is on her finger a golden ring, and have Suite - silver.

After the rite of betrothal consummated, the bride, groom, witnesses and guests enter the church. All the way from the porch to the center of the church accompanied by the singing of psalms. Young stand before the lectern, which are two of the greatest Christian symbols - the Gospel and the Holy Cross. The first one symbolizes the presence of Christ, and the second is his love for people.

Witnesses hold over the heads of bridal crowns, and the priest began to read the prayer befitting the occasion. In between, he asks each of the intending spouses first most important for them the question of whether or not they wish to marry voluntary, sincere, and whether it was dictated solely by love. After receiving an affirmative answer from both, comes the turn to the second question, the meaning of which is as follows: "Do not let anyone spouses promise of marriage to another person? "After all, to be honest.

When the received answers to all questions, begins actually the Sacrament of Matrimony. As a rule, the priest says three obligatory prayers. Then he takes the crown three times crosswise holds them in the face of the bridegroom, who was to be put to the lips of the Savior. At the head of the future wife of the priest he holds the crown and says: "The servant of God is crowned ...". The same awaits the bride, but she kisses the image of the Virgin.

By the way, very interesting value crowns in Orthodoxy. First of all they are a royal and symbolize the new status of the spouses, because now they are in a real sense to each other becomes a king and queen. Secondly, the crowns are considered to be a martyr, because now the couple will have to deal with the problems of selfishness. And it is quite natural, because to build a strong family is only possible through compromises and concessions. Third, the crown symbolizes the opportunity to enter the kingdom of God is the spouses who lead a righteous life in marriage.

After laying wreaths priest pronounces the words, called taynosvershitelnymi. This is followed by the reading of excerpts from the Gospel, then, after prayers for the newlyweds, to make common cup of wine, which the bride and groom in turn should sip three times.