Lamination of hair


  • What is lamination hair
  • Lamination professional tools
  • Traditional recipes laminating
  • Reviews of lamination hair

Beauty Hair models of television advertising resources for the care of hair is often the beautiful half of humanity may cause a slight envy and the question: "What should be done to have the locks? "The desire to have a gorgeous, flowing locks makes them trust the loud words of advertisers, or at least pushes the check is it really something or other means can bring them to the desired result. However, experience shows that a simple hair washing does not give great results, you need more, so found another way - a visit to the beauty salon. It is possible for the N-th sum of money to get a high quality hair care from a professional, but alas, it is not affordable for everyone. However, visionary beauty always find a way out. All procedures are performed in the cabin, they learn to do at home, including a possible laminating hair at home.

So, today many women's forums, you can stumble upon an interesting discussion procedure (laminating hair) and how to do this miracle procedure at home.
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What is lamination hair

Initially, the concept was used in printing documents to cover the film, but "covering film" is now possible and locks to protect them. In fact, the procedure was referred to as "elyuminirovanie", but by analogy with the name of the familiar printing method caught the name "laminate". The essence of the procedure is that as a result of the impact of the special composition of each hair as a sealed, enveloped a thin film, which successfully defends curls from adverse external influences.

The film is completely safe because it contains microscopic pores, and it gives a wonderful effect, whereby curls breathe freely, do not lose moisture and protected from aggressive substances. Is good and what lamination hair gives them the flexibility and volume. Thus, the procedure turns out very useful, especially for hair damaged repeated staining.

 gelatin for laminating
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Lamination professional tools

You can make the lamination in the home professional tools. How do laminating hair at home? To perform the procedure at home can be used as a special composition and prepared independently special mixture with gelatin. The desired composition can be purchased in the store for hairdressers. Special formulations are nice because they do not contain corrosive substances such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and they contain a caring substances - amino acids and keratin, rejuvenating hair structure.

Procedure - laminating hair at home - is carried out in several stages:

  1. Wash your hair better than special shampoo for cleaning, is removed from the hair and dust, and grease, and dirt and residues of styling. After washing - dry.
  2. Then you need to apply and evenly distribute it curls.
  3. It is the hair wrap with cling film or a cover with a plastic bag, half an hour alternately heated hair dryer for 5 minutes and then give them to cool for 5 minutes. In general, for 30 minutes 3 times it is necessary to give the hair to warm up and cool down.
  4. Then remove the film, rinse hair, to wash away the tool and apply conditioner, wait a minute and then rinse.
  5. Now you can simply dry the hair, but you can make styling.

 Heat compress lamination gelatin

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Traditional recipes laminating

Homemade hair lamination gelatin. What good is this procedure and what effect does it offer?

Among women, the popularity has gained the most simple and affordable procedure - a laminating hair at home gelatin. This procedure is simple in nature and requires a small amount of money. It will take the gelatin, water, and the usual means of hair care: a balm or a mask.

The proportion of the composition is as follows: 1 sachet of gelatine (about 1 tbsp. L.), It is necessary to take 3 tbsp. l. water and half a spoon of hair masks, no more, otherwise it will be less effective. Then your actions are as follows:

  1. Gelatin is filled with hot water, and then closes the lid to swell for 20 minutes. It is time better spent on bathing hair treatment of balm, opoloskivanie and drying with a towel. Hair should be left slightly damp to mass is distributed better. If after 20 minutes gelatin poorly soluble, it should be warmed in a water bath. By weight after a short cooling added half a spoon of mask or balm, all mixed thoroughly.
  2. The weight is distributed over a gelatin curls. Head covered with plastic or cling film, as described in laminating technology professional tools, wrap towel, hair dryer to warm the top for 10-15 minutes, then allow the composition to act for another half hour without heating. The hair is then rinsed with water.

Advantages of laminated gelatin

The home laminating hair salon gelatin best procedure? It turned out that there are several reasons for opting for the lamination of the gelatin:

  1. Gelatin - a natural substance consisting of animal collagen, are perceived as a natural hair, it not only protects the hair, but also perfectly nourishes it.
  2. Procedure for the Council to carry out with each shampoo, it produces a magical effect on the locks; if they are thin and fragile, after three treatments, they can not be found.
  3. Price. The procedure is literally pennies, the technology is simple, but the effect - in a million.

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Reviews of lamination hair

Reviews of procedure meet a variety, some enthusiastic, others are at a loss, while others are disappointed misinformation. Sometimes girls, going to the lamination process, it is believed that the effect will last for up to six months. Lamination procedure is improving, by which the effect may last for 3-4 weeks.

Catching lamination gelatin should not expect amazing results from the first time. For visible results require a minimum of 3 treatments. The procedure is simple and usually takes less than an hour

The disadvantages of this method of laminating is that zhirneyut tresses, and the procedure is insufficient strengthens dry hair ends.

Expert opinion on the lamination in the home

Thanks gelatin laminated under heat when warmed curls hairdryer, scales open and steamed, which allows the mask to get inside. The film created around the hair, is also the custodian of the protective capsule and nutrients in the hair. The end result is hair look smooth and shiny.

 Homemade hair lamination

 Almond oil


  • What is the almond butter?
  • Use of oil depending on the type of hair
  • Use oil for beauty

Almond oil is in great demand in various fields of human activity.

But the most commonly used almond oil for hair and skin of the face and body. This is due to its characteristics and useful properties, due to which improves the condition and strengthens the structure of hair and skin.
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What is the almond butter?

This kind of oil extracted from the seeds of bitter and sweet almond. In its external characteristics means is yellowish oily liquid which is practically odorless.   The high content of vitamin E positively affects the condition and hair growth, Vitamin F restores the sebaceous glands located in the scalp and increases the elasticity of the hair.

Thanks to these properties, almond oil for hair is a common and effective care, and it is very easy to use at home, without the help of professionals and modern drugs. Regularly enough to put oil on your hair and leave for a while, then rinse thoroughly with warm water using the usual means for washing.

You can also put a few drops of almond oil on the comb with large teeth twice a day and combing their hair. As a result, oil is uniformly distributed over the entire length of the hair and has a strengthening effect.

 Use almond oil
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Use of oil depending on the type of hair

Each type of hair requires its problems. For example, oily hair quite rapidly polluted, which creates a sense of unkempt appearance. Dry the hair, on the contrary, appear excessively damaged and weak.

Owners of oily type of hair it is advisable to apply almond oil in its pure form. For this, before each washing is applied in advance a small amount, it is rubbed into the roots gradually spread over the entire length. To enhance the effect of the cosmetic procedures, you can add a few drops of cedar or cypress oil.

For dry hair type is recommended to use oil after washing the hair, causing product to damp hair. Through this procedure, hair becomes healthy and strong. For best results it is advisable to add almond oil of orange, mandarin and sandalwood.

It is very important that it is quite an effective tool used as a treatment for brittle and split ends. After applying the hairs become stronger and more flexible, which could result in gloss. Also almond liquid is a component of many tools for hair care. Various recipes mask with the addition of a small amount of almond allow us to make hair more beautiful and lush. Even a few drops added to your favorite shampoo will give visible results after the first use.

If you experience itching of the scalp and dandruff effectively use extracts from almonds. Useful properties can eliminate unpleasant symptoms due to the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Any microtrauma color heal fast enough, restore the lipid and water balance of the skin. Healthy skin - is the key to beautiful and elegant hairstyles.

 the result of the use of oil
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Use oil for beauty

It should be noted that mandelic liquid is also used for strengthening the eyelashes. To improve their growth should be regularly before going to bed to put a small amount of oil. This procedure allows not only to accelerate growth but also to make the lashes more soft and thick, reduce the number of drop-down cilia.

The skin is a unique organ of human, and therefore requires special care for her. This again will help almonds, which is suitable for all skin types (dry, oily, combination). The oil means practically does not cause allergic reactions, they arise only in exceptional cases of intolerance almonds. It has a positive effect on the human skin, removing the inflammatory processes and eliminating irritation.

Due to the content of vitamin E vehicle involved in regenerating processes of the skin, allowing the skin cells and renew. Ideal for the cold season, when the skin is in need of increased moisture and eliminate dryness and roughness. At the same end used in many dermatological diseases: eczema, dermatitis, herpes, and others.

Thus, the almond tool is an effective and affordable means for the care of hair and skin of the face and body, and it allows for the cost of the procedure on a regular basis, resulting in fixed effect and significantly improves the appearance of hair.

 Almond oil for hair beauty