Holiday hairstyles

New Year - a holiday of fun, joy and fulfillment of our deepest desires. Dress, make-up and, of course, hair - everything has to be perfect. Holiday hairstyles striking for its diversity and extravagance, but do not leave without attention and fashion trends.

If you have already decided on New Year's outfit and choose Christmas makeup - it's time to think about the haircut, which will be the finishing touch to your festive image. No matter what color, how long is your hair curly or straight, they - the main thing that hairstyle was not only beautiful, but also original. Black Water Dragon loves all mysterious and magical, extravagant and extraordinary. Hairstyles for a meeting in 2012 are a combination of various experiments and classics.

Lovers of retro style

In fashion returns retro style. Why not use this trend in the New Year? Hairstyles that are ordinary and everyday a few decades ago and were so beloved by our grandmothers, now look very original and stylish. It could be fleece, and Babette, and hairstyle a la Jackie Kennedy. After Jackie was not the only US First Lady, but this style icon. Lovers of chic and glamor style hair will appreciate the Hollywood diva 40-50 years. Many men today believe the standard of seduction and femininity languid beauties with soft flowing curls.

 Festive hairstyle

Lively curls

Curly will not leave anyone indifferent. Hairstyle with curls doll will give its owner confidence in their uniqueness and attractiveness, as well as a festive mood. Cloud naughty curls look great on platinum or caramel shades of hair. With such a hairstyle will look at any fancy dress - and flirty mini and maxi evening.

 Holiday hairstyles for medium hair

Bangs Pony

Lovers of more modern style turned his attention to the hairstyles with bangs pony. Whether you have wavy or straight hair, bangs should be perfectly flat and without profiling. Hair will look really beautiful if hair color is smooth and rich. You may have to advance to dye hair. Confident and prone to outrageous encourage girls to pick up her hair in a high ponytail. To hide the rubber band, wrap the curl around the tail and kill the pin. With such a hairstyle you will surely attract the attention of the New Year's Eve.

 Holiday hairstyles with straight bangs

Again pigtails

A worthy place among the New Year's hair braids and cornrows take. It may be thin braids on the sides converging in the tail or collected in the original beam. You can braid one or two braids. This may be a classic or a French braid, braid or Switzerland "fishtail". Place the braids a crown or a fancy basket, then loosen and release weaving slightly curled locks on each side. And if you vpletete shiny ribbons in braids or decorate their sparkling hairpins, the Black Water Dragon will be ecstatic. What would weave you choose, it must be a little careless, that give hair a unique charm and elegance. These holiday hairstyles for medium hair will suit as well as for long.

 festive hairstyle for the new year

Short hair

If you have short hair - it does not mean the presence of a small number of variants of the New hairstyles. Make an unusual parting - oblique or zigzag, straighten the ends and apply over the entire length of the nail polish with gold and silver sequins. Festive hairstyle is ready! If you are not ultra short haircut, then dry the hair, giving it volume, you can even cheat hair in curlers and make a small fleece. Put your hair back and decorate elegant rim.

 Holiday hairstyles for medium and short hair

Hair accessories

Interesting accessories will help supplement New Year's hair. This is all kinds of rims and bandages of different shapes and widths, richly decorated with stones and embroidery. The combination of black velvet or satin with large rhinestones will be particularly important in the year of the Black Dragon. With the help of accessories can be easily transformed into the ancient goddess or female jazz era. A gorgeous ring or patch, generously studded with stones, easily converts short boyish haircut in a very feminine and glamorous styling, and you stand in the New Year in a very different manner.

 Holiday hairstyles with adornments

And further. In order to appear in the New Year amazing, you must adhere to three rules:

  1. Hair should be in harmony with the clothes, makeup and accessories.
  2. Hair should be ideally suited to your type of person.
  3. Hairstyle should you like to feel confident about the whole evening.

Try to choose a hairstyle advance to the New Year's Eve there was an unpleasant surprise. Pay particular attention not only to the beauty of the hair, but also on its usability, because you have to be a princess all night, and the hair should be in good order.

 Holiday hairstyles for a meeting of the year of Black Water Dragon

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 Braiding on short hair


  • Weaving using toupees
  • French braids
  • African braids

French braids, plaits, spikes, African braids attract the eye and amaze many variations. Yes, they are easy to braid, if the hair is long and straight. And if the hair short, but show off with braids of hair still like? What should I do in this case, as the intrigue surrounding the unusual and stylish hairstyle? After all the hair in braids, never go out of fashion.

And if earlier it was believed that pigtails - a privilege for long and thick hair, but today such a hairstyle can decorate and very short curls. Moreover, at the present time braiding short hair became popular and topical solution to create a stylish hairstyle.

Weaving using toupees

One of the variants of braiding short hair involves the use of overhead in the form of hair braids, locks and tails. They can be made of natural hair or kanekalona which is particularly widely used for afrokosichek. You can buy several braids. Their color does not always have to perfectly match the natural color. Sometimes, due to the game of color can achieve interesting effects in the hair. False braids are often provided with special comb, helping them to secure their own hair, and if the length of the native hair is not less than 15 centimeters, it is possible to directly to them priplesti artificial.

It starts a weaving accession invoice braids to your hair, as close to its roots. Then it will be better to stay. When all the planned netting made, and hair done, it is sure to secure it with hair spray strong fixation. It should be remembered that the braiding with the applicator of the tail should be carried out with the help of pins, which allows users to secure the tail. It is shaped clip and usually comes with contact tail.

In such hair can beat the difference in length between the tail and own hair, placing one or more tails so that out of them were straightened short strands. You can use individual strands overhead hair braids will be thinner, but the connection with the hair stronger.

In the case where the natural hair is too short, it is better to use the services of experts hair salon. They often use decorative hair clips, masking the junction with braid hair and a thin wire, which is woven into braids for ease of installation. In addition, the master will advise what styling is right for you, a way of fixing it would be better to keep your hair, take into account all the needs, as well as the structure and color of your native hair.

"Socket" of toupees

In order to braid "socket", you will need: fixing gel, comb, hairpins invisible, hairpins and false hair. Let's get started:

  • Hair should be thoroughly combed to the back and staple strands unruly invisible, pre-treating them with gel;
  • Now we take invoice braid and fasten it to their own hair, putting it in a semicircle in the form of the rim;
  • Slightly fix hairspray;
  • To decorate, you can use whatever you want: rhinestones, flowers, decorative studs.

 braiding short hair

French braids

French braids, which are often called "Frenchy" can also be used for weaving on short hair. They differ in that seal tightly to the scalp, this method allows you to capture a strand by strand, weaving them into a pigtail, even if they are short. Sometimes "french" funny stick the ends of strands, giving the hair a mischievous appearance in the style of "Pippi Longstocking."

You can try to braid one semi-spike, prihvatyvaya only the lower strand of hair, and the rest just gently put locks or curl curling. This hairstyle looks not only original, but also romantic. If you are going to experiment with short hair, be sure to stock up on plenty of pins, hairpins, invisible, various ornaments. Also in your arsenal always be present locking means being of good quality. You do not want to spoil your hair, right?

Kos "fishtail"

This type of hairstyle is possible if your hair is medium length - shoulder length would be sufficient.

  • Carefully combed hair and determine which side will be pigtail;
  • For example, you have chosen the right side. Combed curls to the right and left side are starting to pick up hair and carefully twist them up along the back of the head;
  • So do the right. Thus, you will be in the hands of two identical hair harness;
  • Pletёm braid a thin strand separating the left and throwing it to the right;
  • What Do the same action on the other side;
  • Again we return to the left, then again to the right. We do this until there are no more hair;
  • Remember: all strands must be the same, and the thinner the strand, the hair looks more beautiful;
  • When finished weave, braid fasten a rubber band.

 braiding short hair

African braids

I do not think that the netting of African plaits possible only on long hair. And in a very short hair can be woven ready afrokosichki made either from yarn or from artificial hair. And the shorter the hair will be, the more original will look like this haircut. But it requires the hand of the master, as you yourself can hardly cope with the weaving. Such interweaving can be worn more than two months, without referring to the master of the correction. The main thing to take care of them.

Of course, such a hairstyle and disadvantages exist. Chief among them is the irritation of the skin on the head. This happens due to very tight and close to the native weaving braids hair. It can help a normal baby cream or a special, reduce inflammation and irritation.

When it comes time to untwist all this beauty, you may be shocked by the amount of hair loss. But this much experience is not necessary, as long hair was tightly fixed, the daily rate of hair is not lost, and after the liberation of all of them at once and emptied. By the way, untwist African braids, too, must be the master.

As you can see, the owner of a short hair there is no need to limit yourself to creating fashionable hairstyles. Experiment! Today, you naughty girl sticking out in all directions strands, and tomorrow - elegant lady with a strong braid wrap around the head. Do not be afraid to be misunderstood others because of too extravagant styling. Just always be yourself - and let all envy your courage and a willingness to change your style at any time! After all, very few women can boast of such determination ...

 Braiding on short hair: options and opportunities

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