hairstyles for short hair


  • For lovers curls and flourishes
  • For those who prefer straight hair
  • What if a haircut "a boy"?

It argued that can only be beautiful long hair. Hundreds of beauties are sure that the shorthaired they lose their beauty, and about the solemn hairstyles and did have to forget. I want to say that this view is not only wrong, it is fundamentally wrong.

Look beautiful and stunning can be any length of hair.   The most important thing - it's their freshness and well-groomed. But the celebration of the hair does not make sense to worry about. It is about catering to the short length hairstyles today and will be discussed. So the holiday hairstyles for short hair.

 hairstyles with adornments
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For lovers curls and flourishes

Who said you can not curl short hair? They not only can be curled, but also to make way through this truly unique. For this will be enough for even the shortest type of punishment. About packing very short haircut ("a boy") will be discussed later.

The festive styling with curls

For this hairstyle required length about the chin and below. The main tool - curling. It is imperative to protect your hair with a spray for thermal protection. To fix the hairstyle need mousse and hairspray medium or strong hold. Without them, the locks quickly "fall off".

First you need to split hairs conditional on several areas: whiskey, head and strands of a person. At this time, curling hair curler heated to a temperature of about 100-120 degrees. This heat will be enough, and the hair is much less harm.

Each strand is processed first, thermal protection. Mousse for hair should already be applied before blow-drying. Hair are wound inwardly curling and retained on no more than 30 seconds. After that, each strand should be sprinkled with lacquer.

Now you can start the formation of the hair. To do this, make an asymmetrical parting on a comfortable way. So, on one side of the head the hair is obtained anymore. A smaller part of the hair is collected in the hand and rotated once to the face, and then stabs herself invisible in the area, which is just above the temple. Some with lots of curls remains intact. Thus, it appears asymmetrical hairstyle Hollywood-style. It is bright and bold styling option. To add it, you can, if put on in one ear (that is open) is very large dangling earrings, while in the other ear insert a small earring stud.

Simple festive styling with curls

But this option will appeal to those who prefer a light, playful, but at the same time very elegant hairstyle. This time, the hair will be screwed onto the iron is for straightening hair. It is not surprising, because a real woman can cheat curls on anything.

For the creation of this installation is necessary to start with the head washed and dried. Mousse should not be used. Better that after washing will take approximately 2-3 hours. So stop hair "crumble" and will be more pliable.

All the amount of hair to be divided about 10-12 strands. Each strand is processed for thermal protection, to prevent moisture loss and tip section.

Then another strand is twisted into a kind of "flagellum" and processed utjuzhkom. Tool for 10 seconds is applied to each portion "flagellum." After the heating should be given time to cool down the strand. An important rule: no combs to create curls and waves! Separation and hair styling must be done exclusively by hand.

A similar effect happens with hair iron is cheat. The head is tilted down and his hands neatly divide the hair. Then you need a little "mash" and a little tousle hair. The final touch - fixing varnish. Hairstyle with unusual curls and a dizzying amount ready. It requires no slaughtering. All containment function in this case takes the hairspray.

 simple hairstyles for short hair
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For those who prefer straight hair

Without a doubt, holiday hairstyles for short hair can look very well and smooth strands. This is sure to emphasize the courage and style of women.

Holiday laying on straight hair

For this you will need a good hairstyle straighten hair. This is necessary even if the nature are themselves smooth.

Washed hair drying hair dryer and then "pulled" by using a circular comb with a very large diameter. It's not only their perfect smooth out, but also gives more shine. In addition, the strands become more supple, elastic and well-groomed.

After laying a hairdryer hair need a little treat straighteners. In this situation it is necessary to pay attention not each strand and the whole hair in general.

Now we need to make a significant bouffant front strands are in the middle, when the hair is combed back. Then formed a kind of cook that it is necessary to slaughter invisible. The remaining strands need to frame the face. It gets a hairdo in the disco. It is well suited for informal celebrations.

Simple festive styling straight hair on

But for a more formal setting suitable laying next. Its creation will need wax for hair.

Pre-washed and styled hair combed back with the help of a big massage brush. This is to ensure that the hair does not remain in the grooves.

Next on the arm takes a moderate amount of wax that is applied to the entire length. All hair must be pulled back. The main thing - do not overdo it with the stacker material, otherwise the head will look greasy. Ends hairstyle fixation using varnish. If desired, you can add a beautiful ring with a brooch.

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What if a haircut "a boy"?

Of course, with a length less than 10 cm is not particularly pofantaziruesh. But there are a couple of solutions that will be transformed for the celebration:

  • It looks good on the hair length of the effect of such a "wet" hair. On sale there are special tools to help achieve it;
  • wind the hair with a curling iron does not work, but "empty" light wave is quite real. This will require a special nozzle for a hair dryer, which is called a diffuser;
  • help transform and various accessories. Headbands, ribbons, small wreaths of fresh flowers or textiles, brooches hair, mini hats, veils - all point to the style and festive hairstyle. In addition, these items are very feminine advantageous to look at the short hair. Success is achieved thanks to the contrast between the adolescent and feminine style;
  • well, if in a very short haircut there any asymmetric part. For example, a long strand of a person. This significantly increases the possibilities for the imagination.

Summarizing all the above, I want to note that you can look good, regardless of the length of the hair. Create a beautiful and spectacular holiday styling, you can even with a short hairstyle. The most important thing - it's sensible advice and a lot of confidence in his own irresistibility. And that's not all, with regard to holiday hairstyles for short hair.

 Holiday hairstyles for short haircuts

 haircuts to curly hair


  • Hairstyles for curly mid-length curls
  • Care curly hair of medium length
  • Laying curly mid-length curls

Curly hair - a real wealth of women. With proper care, they look very nice. Placement of curly tresses - it is painstaking, but it's worth it. Haircuts for medium length curls are very diverse. Before hair cut, must take into account the structure of the hair. Those with elastic curls, fit only certain hairstyle, and having curly hair can afford almost all hairstyles.

The average haircut is an ideal solution for business ladies, and for housewives. Hairstyles with a long practical, elegant, feminine and beautiful. They are able to adjust not only the shape of the face, but the shape. There are many options pilings haircuts wavy curls that length.

The average length for curly hair is the most popular, such as the long tresses almost confused and do not fluff, as in a short hairstyle.

 beautiful hairstyles for medium hair
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Hairstyles for curly mid-length curls

Haircut for curls, "bean"

To date, this haircut is popular to do on any hair. On medium hair, she looks very good in a classic style. In so doing curls shorn on one line. Also, it looks stylish flourishes when the front elongated strands. This hairstyle can be seen at the singer Rihanna. This hairstyle suits stylish and glamorous girls. If you put a bean using the foam, we obtain a neat and romantic ringlets. Girl with medium wavy tresses, has made an asymmetrical bob, just do not make a mistake. This hairstyle will not let his hair go awry, and lie in neat curls.

"Four of a Kind" - haircut for curly tresses

Rack of classical form is great for those who have medium curly hair. Also, this hairstyle is suitable for those who have thin curls. This hairstyle is quite voluminous, and at the same time unpretentious when laying in contrast, for example, from the stage. For those who like to experiment with your hair, try styling hairstyle with diagonal parting and asymmetrical bangs. Girls with thick wavy hair most suitable layered haircut.

This hairstyle will make the image bright and sexy. This season is very popular milled and torn tips. For instance, Meg Ryan bob-bob is held for a long time, despite the fact that the actress has curls. And it looks great with this hairstyle. If the hair interfere eyes, then fix this problem, you can use the bezel or hairpins. To lay a hairstyle usually use foam or mousse.

Guidelines for selecting the length of the quads for different types of persons:

  1. For women with a round face, it is recommended elongated square.
  2. For women with a form of a triangle or square person best suited to a square chin.
  3. An oval face shape suits any length haircut.

 trendy haircuts to curly hair

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Care curly hair of medium length

The main condition for the kind of stunning wavy curls is the right care.

Women with an average length of no more difficult to care for your hair. Most owners of curly curls complain that for such hair difficult to follow. Therefore, very often they are cut for easier maintenance. But it is not necessary to cut their hair short, enough to make their average length. Plus a hairstyle - is the ability to do a variety of installation and ease of care. Remember haircut medium length curls fit any type of person.

Tips on caring for curly hair:

  1. To improve the blood circulation is necessary during washing massaging the scalp.
  2. Hair should be washed in several stages (2-3 times).
  3. After shampooing is recommended to use the balm, which is able to improve the condition of curls.
  4. At least once a month, preferably on a 1 cm cut off the tips of curls. Such a procedure will help the hair to feel good and comfortable.
  5. Once a week you need to moisten the hair with masks.
  6. When choosing a comb, you must take a plastic comb with a few teeth and large comb.
  7. If used for straightening curls styler (iron is), it is recommended to use it as little as possible as it adversely affects the condition of the hair.
  8. If disobedient curls, you can fertilize their hemp oil. To this oil must be heated in a water bath, and then rub it along the entire length of curls. After the cover head with polyethylene and warm towel. Leave on for half an hour. Then wash using shampoo.
  9. Shampoo is better to choose such a part which has a cornflower extracts, licorice oil, witch hazel extract and coconut oil.
  10. Drying Irons hairdryer recommended as little as possible, because in most cases suffer from dry curls and in contact with a hot hair dryer can be easily damaged.
  11. Curly locks do not like moisture, so in the rain under an umbrella to go better.
  12. To curls did not stick out in different directions, you can use gel or mousse.
  13. Sostrig ends, it is better to do profiling, which give grooming curly hair.

Hairstyles for medium length curly locks require special attention and special styling. Too violent curls did not fit the use of paints or other fasteners hairstyles with poor fixing property. For these whorls it is recommended to use the funds with strong and STYLER.

Must be approached carefully to the choice of shampoo for curly tresses. Shampoo should be separate and soften curls, without impeding the combing curls. After shampoo is desirable to use air conditioners and balms to help Curly hair to be strong, firm and crumbly.

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Laying curly mid-length curls

Tips for installation:

  • during installation it is not necessary to use a brush, better to use a comb with a few teeth and putting the hair, it is better to comb the strands with your fingers. This will help create beautiful curls;
  • when laying frizzy curls can use the rim;
  • unruly curls better to deal with a special smoothing means and heat styling spray;
  • if necessary to align the hair, it is necessary to use only quality ironing, which has a ceramic coating and temperature control, the temperature is better to set a low heating medium.

Stacking of hair curls curly medium length, good to have on hand a special tool for styling curls of this type, means for curling and finishing cream. With this set, you can easily keep the shape of hair, and, if necessary, correct it quickly. When laying a haircut termoschiptsy used, the presence must be a protective spray. And that curly hair is not dried up during the drying process, it is best to use the Ionic hair dryers.

If you wish, you can make larger curls, using tongs with large termotsilindrami. These locks look elegant and chic, and great for special occasions.

Having cut from mid-length curly hair, you can create a variety of hairstyles. And if the owner of the hair will learn to manage it, it will always be irresistible.

 Haircuts for owners of medium length curly hair