solyanka with sausage


  • Phased cooking dishes of Russian cuisine
  • Pickles for halophytes

Agree, it happens in a conversation we use the phrase "hodgepodge." But in such moments we do not draw parallels with the well-known dish - Salt. But the word has come into our speech of Russian cuisine. So we often call anything, what a lot of things are mixed. And this applies to all areas of our lives. But back to the very recipe. The origins of its dark. Rather, there are multiple versions of the birth of halophytes. One of them is this: if a long time ago in Russia, this soup was called "peasant woman" and was the favorite food of the peasants. Easy and, in fact, uncomplicated meal, because hostess threw into the pot, and in those days in the pot, all that fell on his arm.

The main thing that was hearty and fast. And only later "peasant woman" assimilate into "hodgepodge" because peasants love to add all sorts of pickles. Another version of the origin of this recipe soup was originally called "halophyte" precisely because the peasants for its preparation in the foundation took it pickles.

But no matter what puzzles tossed us a story, no matter what version existed, the soup is soup and, perhaps, one of the favorite dishes among the Russian-speaking population.

Solyanka is different: fish, meat. We give an example of how to cook hodgepodge with sausage.

 Ingredients for soups with sausage
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Phased cooking dishes of Russian cuisine

Salinity, the sharpness of the soup depends on your taste. And as you probably already guessed, based on the history of the origin of a unique recipe cooking bag of sausage there. Solyanka, so we proceed to the collection of products. Potatoes, pickles, sausages of different varieties, onions, tomato paste or tomato, olives, lemon, parsley, garlic - these are the main ingredients. You can do without greens, garlic and olives to add and olives. Let's get started. Clarify the weight of a product will not be because Surely each one of you is preparing its volume of soup.

We took out the pot, type in her cold water and set on fire. Meanwhile, as the water heats up, we take the most common potato (vegetable and easier than you can imagine, and at home he always is), clean and cut the way you want. Cube, Rectangle, straw or even any intricate shape - that's how your darling please. We shift the sliced ​​potatoes in a pan and proceed to the next product from our recipe.

Rubbed on a coarse grater carrots, cut onion and put these two ingredients into the pan with the already added sunflower or olive oil. The resulting mixture passeruem, thus it is necessary to carrots and onions are not scorched. There is an opinion, if the burnt onions, you need to throw it, and cook it all over again. But it is up to you, and besides, we are preparing a hodgepodge, but it will suffer any experiments with the products. A couple of minutes, and the kitchen spreads a pleasant fragrance from the content pans. Turn off the gas and yet forget about this mixture.

Take the tomato paste and add it to the pan, stir, conjure over our grab-bag. There can be little escape from the recipe and choose another option. Take the tomatoes, scald them with boiling water, easily remove them with sandpaper and rub again on a coarse grater. A little pepper, salt, add no more than one spoon of vinegar and put it on the fire, bring to a boil, stirring all the time. And you have already received personally cooked tomato paste. It can also add garlic. He adds and pasta and soup flavor.

 tasty solyanka
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Pickles for halophytes

Further, the following recipe is taken for razdelyvanie pickles. Here too strict instructions what shape to give chopped cucumbers, no. But it is better to do it as finely as possible. Chopped - send cucumbers in a pot with a future-bag. The remaining brine is also possible to use and add to the soup. We obtain non-waste production. Optionally, cucumbers can be pre-fry in a pan.

Suppose in your refrigerator stale cooked sausage and sausage. Take them and boldly cut as we want, and pour into a saucepan. It is not necessary to use these kinds of sausages. In this regard, our recipe may change. It may be any other sausage. But perhaps, besides salami. This sausage is slightly spoils hodgepodge. But again, it's a matter of taste. Now remember about carrots and onions, which you browned and pour them into the soup. All prevented. Soljanka likes to stir it often.

As for the olives, then you can add them as an already simmering, almost finished the soup and the dish before serving. Little put a slice of lemon in a bowl of soup had been poured. With this ingredient do not overdo it, if the tomato paste made themselves because vinegar was added thereto. Otherwise, you risk making your hodgepodge with sausage too acidic. And here it is, the final touch: your soup and sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve. Compliments and positive feedback you provided.

As you have probably seen, cook hodgepodge with sausage is easy.   The recipe is very simple and delicious. Time-consuming enough, but the result always turns out delicious and sure to please you, your family and guests.

 Hodgepodge with sausage

 Finnish fish soup recipe


  • Cooking broth base
  • Variations on a theme of fish

Different tasty fish soup: not only Russian, but Finnish. By the way, this soup Finns will be called lohikeitto.

The main feature is that it is prepared with cream. Delicate flavor and density of salmon cream - a pleasant combination. Finnish ear cream is prepared as follows.

Use for cooking soup pot of 3 liters. Take 300 grams. red fish, the best fillet, but also soup set amiss. Murphy takes only 4 pcs., But large. Use onions or leeks. It will take a few pieces of about 100 grams. For roasting take 50-70 grams. butter. The basis of the soup - cream. The required amount of cream - about 1 liter. And also need salt and black pepper to your taste.

With remove peel potatoes, cut into cubes or strips. Then put in a pan, fill with water. The water level must be above the potatoes. Bring to a boil, then cook for 10 minutes.
If you have to cook the flesh from the bones, first of all separate the flesh from the bones of the fish. Boil the broth in the ear bones, and it adds sliced ​​potatoes.

Melt the butter in a frying pan. Shall cut onion rings, as thin as possible. We fry it for a minute.

Leek is immediately put into the pot, where boiled potatoes without frying, it need only be washed and cut.
Prescription flesh of the fish should be cut into cubes, separated from the skin. Use the salmon or trout. The fish fry when we prepare onions for 1 minute. Add to the pan with the potatoes and cook over moderate heat for 10-15 minutes.

 Finnish ingredients for soup
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Cooking broth base

Then add the cream and leave on the heat for another 5 minutes to fish soaked. Seasoned with salt and pepper, stir. The soup is ready. Before serving, let it brew for 5 minutes. Use for soup cream 10-20% fat. Furthermore, the amount of cream may be used to cut, i.e. not take L 1, as indicated in the recipe. And, you can add a little flour. Before serving, add parsley to the soup, it definitely can not hurt.

This soup - original replacement for conventional ear - exotic, unusual, but tasty guaranteed.

During the preparation of possible differences with the recipe. Poached retain its richness and fishing spirit. By the way, salmon can be left in one piece, as you prefer.

 Variations on a theme of fish
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Variations on a theme of fish

Recipes may be different. In addition to fish, you can add shrimp.

Add the mushrooms to the soup, make some deviation from the Finnish recipe. Mushrooms - a rare visit to the country Suomi dishes.

For frying onions, you can use olive oil. For those who love vegetables in any form, can be included in the food peas, corn, red pepper, carrots and beans. Serve soup with garlic bread.

Whichever recipe you use, in any case, the soup is wonderful. Bon Appetit!

 Creamy soup from Finland