The concept of hitchhiking was born in the United States. But now, in America, it is not so popular because of strict laws: tourists traveling from one country to another point on the ride to, can be arrested for vagrancy. But in Russia this kind of travel is becoming more popular every year, especially among young people.

Hitchhiking is ideal for those who are limited in funds, or simply can not live without thrills. This is a wonderful chance to see their own country, and maybe even some foreign countries, such as Europe. But there is another reason that stops many people from being able to give preference to ride to travel, headwind and communicate with strangers and interesting people. And the reason - doubt that hitchhiking is safe.

It's all over, on the one hand, these doubts are justified, because we've all heard the bloody history, which travels with the help of people hitchhiking imported into the dark forest, kill, rob, etc. Still, this is more myth than reality. On the road it happens a variety of unexpected and sometimes dangerous incident, but if you or your traveling companion (better if it is a man) can stand up for themselves, have a good enough physical training and skills intelligent communicating with different people, you have nothing to fear. Just do not lose vigilance, and just in case, buy pepper spray, which will be your guarantee of security while hitchhiking.

In addition to a gas canister, ideally you will need:

  • penknife;
  • Tents and sleeping bags in case you have to spend the night in the woods or in the field;
  • antibiotics and aspirin, disinfectants, bandages;
  • Road Map;
  • compass;
  • Spare linen;
  • matches;
  • a minimum set of necessary products (canned meat, crackers, tea), and water supply.

Hitchhiking on the one hand is safer for young people. On the other hand the young man to a woman much more likely to catch a ride.

It is best to start this practice with the movement of his own field: try in the shortest possible time to get it from one point to another. If all goes well, and you will understand that such an adventure just for you, you can try hitchhiking across Russia. First, you can choose the two settlements, not so far spaced. Then you can start to move over longer distances, and thus obtain a chance to see almost all the great and vast country. While hitchhiking across Russia you will see that contrary to popular opinion in our country much more kind and responsive people who are always ready to help other people than bandits, robbers, etc.

Those who understand that their own country has little, can try their hand in the conquest of foreign countries. This kind of tourism will allow you to explore the country from the inside and really get to know the mentality of the local people and their habits.

Hitchhiking trip to Europe is different: you need some more money, and basic knowledge of at least one European language.

In conclusion I would like to give some advice to those who are just going to try this kind of tourism. The concept of "avtsotop" is not always synonymous with "free." Many seasoned travelers believe that a small reward the person who drove you far enough away - is not an obligation, as a courtesy. And remember that many tourists hitchhiking sure is much better to spend the night in the open air than in the cab from the driver.

 Hitchhiking from Paris to Nakhodka

 Rest in UAE

Holidays - a welcome and long-awaited time. We dream about it all year, we plan every time we want to this year's fond memories warm us during the working year. That's why most people prefer to plan their holidays in advance, which would be possible to avoid all unforeseen and not very pleasant situation. But the most important and legitimate question in this planning: where to go in the coming holiday? It is unlikely that you will get an unforgettable experience, if you spend a month on the couch watching TV or in the country for regular weeding the beds.

Country travel, according to the majority, must meet many requirements: suitable for a beach holiday, to have a high level of service, a tranquil political situation, opportunities for leisure activities of people with different needs. At the same time, the ideal resort should be available for people with different financial capabilities. That is why in recent years, many are choosing vacation in the United Arab Emirates, for the State meets all the requirements described above.

East fairy tale reality

The United Arab Emirates is very young country, formed in 1971 and located on the Arabian Peninsula. A little more than 40 years of its history, this country has managed to transform itself from a desert oasis in a comfortable state in whose territory the towering skyscrapers, has a variety of luxury hotels, parks, gardens. Tourist infrastructure UAE envy of many countries: the spectrum of all kinds of entertainment are so broad that absolutely everyone can choose something for everyone.

Many tour operators offer tours to the UAE, including the system all inclusive. However, if you wish, you can go to that country and their own. Simply choose what kind of the emirate of the seven available for you, then find the right airline flight and hotel stay, and boldly go on vacation. The locals are very hospitable and welcome visitors from different countries, so you can not worry about their safety.

Visa to the United Arab Emirates to get much easier than, for example, Schengen, but some documents to you all still have to collect. Most travelers make out a tourist visa. If you plan to stay in the country for more than two weeks, you will need a visitor's visa. In the event that the United Arab Emirates - is not the only state that you plan to visit during the holidays, you will have to issue a transit visa.

Special attention at the entrance to this country should pay for drugs that you're taking with you: it prohibited the use of codeine and all medicines that contain it. Since codeine is found in many of antipyretic and analgesic popular among our fellow citizens, better to get acquainted with the composition of drugs in your medicine cabinet. If any medicines you are taking on the advice of the doctor, the customs will be required to present a prescription, and in some cases even get a special permit.

 UAE holiday

Resorts UAE or How to choose the right Emirate

The structure of the State consists of seven emirates, each of them has its own characteristics. That is why better to choose a specific resort UAE: rest on them may be somewhat different and more suitable for people with different needs and preferences.

  • Abu Dhabi - the largest in territory and rich emirate country

The eponymous city is the capital of the UAE, but because it is here that the main focus of state infrastructure, major business centers, etc. At the same time it is in Abu Dhabi you will find many green parks in the shade of which will be able to hide from the heat and enjoy the beauty of exotic trees, once planted personally by locals right at the desert.

The structure of this part of the emirate's two hundred islands, and virtually all of them created the conditions for a modern holiday. Tourists in Abu Dhabi attracts the fact that the majority of hotels are located directly on the coast.

The main attraction of this area is the palace of al-Husn, which is located inside the old fort. This ancient building was erected for the protection of fresh water, and here today hosts numerous excursions that allow you to feel the atmosphere of oriental charm and dive into a real fairy tale.

Lovers of history will draw the village, which has been completely restored an old ancestral way of life of local residents, for example, the tribe of Beni Jaz from Liwa. Here you can explore the unique museum-houses, buy ethnic souvenirs for all your loved ones.

Holidays in the UAE in Abu Dhabi is more suitable for those who, even while on vacation wants to feel in the center of civilization. Shoppers, once the capital of the emirate, will be able to indulge in a shopping interesting, because there are plenty of shopping complexes, while they themselves have always been famous Emirates loyal prices and variety of assortment. The most popular products among our compatriots - furs and jewelry, you'll boast of returning home.

  • The most popular tourist resort - Dubai

For vacationers in Dubai presents a variety of entertainment so that you can organize your leisure with dignity regardless of whether you are planning a vacation alone, with friends or with the whole family.

If you are visiting Dubai is not on the ticket, or your tour operator does not offer sightseeing tours to the main attractions of the resort, you can read them by ordering a special water taxi or rent a small sightseeing plane. During this tour you will be able to visit such historical and architectural monuments, a museum in Fort Al Fahidi, the palace of Sheikh Zayed, whose windows offer stunning views of the sea, ships and yachts, the Burj Nahar watchtower, against which love to be photographed tourists.

Holidays in the UAE will satisfy the needs of fans and active entertainment: here you can ride a jet ski, scuba diving or windsurfing (a special kind of sailing). If you have always dreamed of flying in the air, you can fulfill your dreams with the help of paragliding and walks in a balloon. In addition, the territory of almost all hotels in the city has golf, tennis and gyms. In the heart of Dubai and is a unique ice town. Impressions from the fact that in the midst of a hot day you find yourself in a cool place where you can slide down a snowy hill with skiing or ice skating, simply unforgettable. Your possibilities are endless in the resort - the main thing to find the time and energy to explore all the sights and do not be afraid to try something new.

  • Sharjah

Sharjah and the eponymous town for those who want to spend a holiday in a small and quiet hotel on the coast of the Persian Gulf. This resort is located on the shore of the lagoon, and because the sea is always calm and somewhat warmer than in other emirates.

Holidays in the UAE in Sharjah also attracts lovers of history: the National Museum, located here, will tell you about all the stages of development of the country. Interesting, but at the same time, it is the traditional exhibits are designed and presented in such a way that people will be able to attract even indifferent to such cultural events like going on excursions.

Bazaars in Sharjah are considered to be the most colorful in the country, they have preserved their unique oriental style. Here you can buy marine fish, various spices, decorations in national style, scarves and much more. Do not forget about their ability to bargain, because here it is useful to you than anywhere else!

If you go on vacation with the kids, it can safely go to Sharjah: here is one of the nation's largest amusement parks, and in a calm lagoon no dangerous sea creatures, so you will not worry and worry until your child will splash in water.

 reviews about the rest in the United Arab Emirates

  • Emirate of Fujairah

Emirate of Fujairah - a great find for those who during the rest prefer to see themselves at least some people and a maximum of spectacular scenery. Hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, nature reserves - here's how you can describe this resort. On the territory of the Emirate are also several forts, visiting which will diversify the beach holiday, mountain climbing and hiking on Protected Areas.

If in between a relaxing beach holiday you want vivid sensations and adrenaline, go to a bullfight. Local competitions are very different from traditional Spanish, and therefore attract the connoisseurs of such entertainment from around the world.

  • Adzhaman - small emirate, the most suitable for a family vacation

Locals are used to the unhurried and measured way of life here is calm and quiet. This resort is unlikely to attract lovers of extreme adventure and a great group of friends, but married couples of all ages come here with great pleasure. There is also frequented by tourists, it is counting on budget vacation at the same time wishing to live in good conditions and get decent service.

The main pride of the residents Adzhamana - speed Mosque, which attracts tourists with its unusual design. On the territory of the emirate also survived several old forts and watchtowers.

  • Umm Al Quwain is famous for its nature reserve

Here you will find quite a few tourists, because the infrastructure of the area of ​​the country has not developed as much as in other emirates. But there is an old market with the stone houses and windmills. If you want to get away from the everyday hustle and imagine that you are traveling not only from country to country, but in time, you are welcome in Umm Al Quwain!

  • Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

Ras al Khaimah was once famous for extracting the pearls here and pirates, thanks to which even called the pirate coast. Today, it is a fairly quiet resort, where you can find small and cozy hotels. This emirate is also considered agricultural and agricultural center of the country, so the kitchen is at the highest level, no matter whether you want to try traditional European and national dishes.

If you can not decide so, what specific emirate worth a visit, or want to explore as much as possible during the holidays as much as possible points of interest, do not despair: there are plenty of excursions that include visiting the different Emirates. And if you want to bring to your vacation some flavor, you can even go on a seven-day sea cruise with a visit to all of the best resorts in the United Arab Emirates.

The best time to holiday in the United Arab Emirates

Reviews of holiday in the UAE and the local climate suggest that it is better to go to that country in the period from September to mid-May. It was at this time is set soft and warm weather, and the sea and sand warmed up well enough. Over, in December and January is unlikely to go to this country with young children, because the water in the sea for them to be too cold. But in the remaining months of the high season, the temperature of the sea is not very different from the air temperature, which averages about 30 degrees.

What is the hottest season is in September - May, this does not mean that the UAE is not suitable for summer vacation. Just at this time of the year it is set quite hot weather. However, almost all the local establishments are air-conditioned and features a swimming pool with cool water. Therefore, if you are not afraid of the temperature around 40 degrees, you can enjoy the delights of this oriental country at any time of year, especially in the summer, during the low season, prices for all services are somewhat lower.

 Holidays in the UAE - a luxury vacation at affordable prices

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