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  • Water attractions of the city
  • Historical Sites of Sochi
  • The open air museum in the heart of the city
  • Garden-Museum of the All-Russian Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops

The capital of the first in the history of the Winter Olympics of the Russian Federation, which is about to take place (paradoxically) in the south of our country's main sea resort city in Russia, the pearl. There are a lot of expressions that can define a city like Sochi. It is here that many travelers in a hurry and want to relax on the beautiful beaches and swim in the warm Black Sea.

And even despite the fact that he is considered a city in which everything is built specifically and exclusively for relaxation, where you can see and visit the most interesting sights of Sochi, which you can visit with your family or group of friends. This waterfalls, mountains and canyons, and museums, and theaters and a whole list of attractions, which is quite difficult to get around. While many believe that this town just for a beach holiday. But if you do not spend all day long just on the beach and in the hotel, you will find a lot of interesting things.

 Square Arts
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Water attractions of the city

These amazing places of the city attracts visitors of all ages. These attractions include rivers, waterfalls and lakes of great beauty and charming atmosphere.

They may be located separately from each other or may be concentrated in one place.

Berendeevo kingdom - the mountain fairytale

One of such accumulations is Berendeevo kingdom which is not only the title is truly fantastic borough. To visit it, you will need to go to the Valley Kuapse, where you can discover the unique rock formations, alpine bowls and waterfalls. They are, among other things, as much as 7, and the highest reaches a length of almost 30 meters. All the mountain slopes and ridges are entangled variety of trees, shrubs and loach. Here you can see plants such as rhododendron yellow, Iberian oak, hazel, elder, maple and others.

The route is divided into two stages. First, a length of 450 meters, is the descent of the trail along the gorge where the creek flows. The trail is very convenient because it has a bridge with handrails, and placed along the route of park furniture. This stage leads you to the waterfalls. By the way, the name of the kingdom Berendeevo this area was because of all the attractions here are named after characters in the fairy tale "The Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky. Upon completion of the first phase of this journey you will be behind 2 small waterfall - Unnamed and Kupava, you still pass through the bridge and Lake Mizgir Happiness.

But the most charming and spectacular is the waterfall (the highest), called Beard Berendey. The second stage of the journey starts from the observation deck at the waterfall Beard Berendey and ends at Mount Nameless. There is still preserved monuments of the Bronze Age - carved on one of the menhirs petroglyphs.

In addition, if you are tired, you can go to the cafe, which is located in Berendeevo kingdom. Here you will be offered to the Adygei national cuisine - kebab, fried trout and even a real mountain Caucasian honey tea. Another pleasant surprise will be the throne of the king Berendey, where anyone can sit. All these features attract tourists more and more.

Sparkling in the sun "lattice" of water

This creates a feeling of a small waterfall located in the beginning of the road to the lake Riza on the right bank of the river Bzyb. The name of the waterfall is associated with a very beautiful and sad story that happened a long time ago. "Maiden's Tears" - so called this waterfall locals. Legend describes the events that took place long before the river formed a settlement, and, accordingly, no waterfall at this place was not.

It was here only one house where the family lived. All members of this family were herdsmen, the parents had a daughter, but her name did not come up to our time. The girl was very beautiful and every day drove away the goats in the mountains, to where they were grazing peacefully. Belle-spotted mountain shepherdess Spirit dwelling in those parts. She liked him. She also could not resist the charm and grandeur of a mountain spirit and loved him. But together they are not destined to be had. After all, except for the mountain spirit in the places inhabited by an evil sorceress.

She was very jealous and therefore vowed never when it will not be such that people will love the spirit and vice versa. Once it to gain time when the mountain spirit was far from the pastures of his beloved. The evil witch grabbed the girl by the hair and lifted her right above the gorge. She tried to make the poor thing to give up his love, but she was adamant. In the end, the girl burst into tears and said the word, according to which if it dies, it tears it otolyutsya evil sorceress, and she will never find peace. And so it happened, a girl's bitter tears still streaming out of the rock in the gorge.

In fact, at this point there is a way out of the rocks water, which is formed by melting snow on the alpine meadows. No city is not able to bring you these emotions and impressions.

 House museum of Stalin
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Historical Sites of Sochi

The history of this city and its surroundings is very rich, and begins with doantichnogo period, as evidenced by numerous data obtained as a result of archeological excavations.

Cottage Museum Stalin

The most famous and popular among travelers is a monument of history and architecture at the same time as the House of Stalin. Until now, tourists from all over the country arrive in Sochi and choose exactly the guided tour. Some seek to examine in more detail the country's history, someone just wants to look at the conditions in which to live "hosts" the great country called the Soviet Union. The house offers stunning views of the Main Caucasian Ridge, with its snowy peaks. Matsestinskaya valley is full of a variety of herbs and flowers, and surrounded by her magical forest, where centuries-old trees grow.

Ground garden belongs to 1937, when it is this area has become the most popular among a large number of politicians and military elite of the state, which from time to time want to leave the city and relax. This was the main reason for choosing this place to build a summer residence of Stalin. During his reign leader visited the country are usually in the autumn, while his family preferred summer visit to Sochi.

With this house survived until the present time very well, and today is no change in the external and internal decoration of buildings are planned. Visitors can see the desk at which he worked the head of state, carpet, family photos, a sofa, a fireplace, and many other items. The museum is located on the first floor, where there is also a wax copy of Stalin seated at a table with a pipe in his hand. Here you can take a picture, take a break from city life and breathe in plenty of fresh mountain air.

A museum dedicated to NA Ostrovsky

In the same year in Sochi was opened the State Literary and Memorial Museum N. Ostrovsky. The expositions of the museum are several thousands of rare specimens. Among them - prints, applied art of the 19th century. and household items. The museum complex contains several major areas. The first area - the house itself is a family Ostrowski. It was built in 1935 as a gift from the government Ostrovsky State.

There are photographs, documents and all other items which should be present in every home. The house is built in the same style as most other country houses of that time. The second part of the museum is devoted to literature. This part of the complex was built much later - in 1956 - and illuminates the many events of the literary life of the city of Sochi. They are connected with the names of prominent figures of literature as M.Zoshchenko, Kassil, Mayakovsky, E. Schwartz et al.

The third exhibit includes art works. For exhibitions organized delivery of art works of many central Russian museums. On arrival in the city, try to visit this wonderful place.

 Sochi Arboretum
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The open air museum in the heart of the city

If you come to Sochi not only to spend a few days on vacation swimming and sunbathing, do not hesitate to look for adventure. If you dislike them and are considered dangerous to go to the mountains or waterfalls, is a place for you in the center of Sochi. The city has several theaters, museums, one of which is Sochi Arboretum. Here you will find a great variety of flora as the Western Caucasus and other southern countries.

More than a thousand species of plants can be found in the territory of nearly 50 hectares. Particular attention should be given to this kind of plants, like Metasequoia. Until recently, it was believed that this plant became extinct about 60 million years ago. But to find in China a few specimens, scientists extracted and their seeds were brought to Sochi to breed Metasequoia at the arboretum. As you'll see, they succeeded.

On the territory of the park is a large marine aquarium, which contains both the vegetation and several species of fauna of the Black Sea. Thus, Sochi sights involve not only entertaining, but also cultural life. This town is filled with a variety of monuments of nature and art.

 Agura Waterfalls
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Garden-Museum of the All-Russian Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops

Another miracle plant of this city is Garden-Museum "Tree of Friendship". It is one big tree grown by several scientists. The first in this case had a hand scientist F. Zorin, who decided to bring the city to bring new plants and cold-resistant varieties of citrus. For this, he has imparted to it tangerines, lemons, grapefruit and oranges. That is why in the mid-20th century, a group of Vietnamese scientists have proposed to call it the Friendship Tree Tree. Today the tree grafted several types of citrus out of 167 countries in the world. Since then, the garden is visited by many travelers. During the period of the garden-museum it was made a huge number of top officials of vaccination in many countries, as well as prominent figures of science and art in memory of the visit of the garden.

Now it's not just one tree, growing around him a few young trees of Friendship. They have American, Canadian, Polish roots and the roots of other states. Apart from the fact that the trees belong to this or that people, they are called in honor of the professions of those who planted them. Here you will see a tree astronauts, ambassadors, doctors and many other professionals. The museum accommodates not only the flora, but also exhibit consisting of the Friendship Tree gifts from around the world. This coin and national souvenirs, household items of different peoples and even the earth brought from some states in vases and boxes. Such gifts are more than 20 thousand, and the coffers of the museum is constantly updated.

 Historical, architectural, cultural and natural ensemble of the city Sochi