For more than 8000 years, is known the world henna. Even Cleopatra used this unusual plant for the treatment and cosmetic purposes, but today, this product does not lose its popularity. Henna is used for dyeing hair, in pure form or in admixture with other dyes. It perfectly fills the gray hair, strengthens the hair and makes them shiny, giving a beautiful, rich red color. Also popular were and remain Henna.

In the East, the tradition of painting on the body, there are about 5 thousand years. Women of Ancient Egypt did tattoos on certain parts of the face and chin, and the men loaded the image hoopoe on whiskey.

And the inhabitants of the countries of Central Asia has long been used henna to apply the drawings on the body. These figures are called mehndi, and they are often religious motives and were associated with rituals, traditions and customs. At the wedding the bride painted with intricate patterns using henna as a powder that remained after application, buried in the ground. Thus, belief in marriage was protected by an adulterer and a quick break. A Moroccan woman during pregnancy applied henna patterns on the ankle to the unborn child is not jinxed.

Each of the peoples in their own way tried to change the color of a "tattoo". For example, Indian henna powder was added to a solution of tea and African women previously fumigated the place of drawing the smoke of wood.

In the East, even now there are special beauty salons, which until late work of the artist-risovalschitsy creating unsurpassed masterpieces on the bodies of their clients, although lately it's just a fashion trend. However, these artists can be found in Russia, now it is not difficult.

The cost of such a tattoo is quite different. It all depends on the level of skill of the artist, the size of the figure, the complexity of the pattern, and even paint and color. The simplest pattern on the palm-sized "glove" usually costs 400-600 rubles, more complex patterns can cost from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles.

An important role in the cost of the work is the quality of paints and additives (if you decide to change the color of the drawing), and a method of applying henna.

Select a picture for the application is not difficult. Virtually any good craftsman can offer you the sketches or make a preliminary sketch. Besides the Internet, there are many different pictures and photo Henna, so pick out something to taste not be easy.

 All for drawing henna on the body

How do henna at home?

First you need to prepare everything for drawing henna on the body. You will need:

  • Capacity for mixing henna;
  • Spoon or stick;
  • Syringe;
  • Scissors;
  • Film;
  • Henna;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Eucalyptus oil;

Pour hot (not boiling) water, henna powder and add a few drops of lemon juice. Bring to a single lot of consistency and give a little stand.

While the mixture is brewed, the treated area, which will be done drawing, oil of eucalyptus. It would be nice to make this section of peeling skin with soft tools that will not scratch the skin too hard, but well otshelushat upper stratum corneum. This will increase the intensity of the color of the tattoo, and the future will reveal the pores of the skin. The fact that eucalyptus oil helps to slow down the drying henna, which means that the paint last longer on the skin and penetrates deeper. But do not use more than 3 drops of oil, so as not to cause irritation. When sensitive skin is better to pre-test for the presence of an allergic reaction in the crook of the elbow. It's enough to put a few drops on the skin and leave for the night. If redness, it is not necessary to use oil.

On the tape, felt-tip pen to draw the desired pattern and apply it to the skin, to design is printed. Enter ink into the syringe and gently circle henna resulting sketch. Optimally repeat this procedure with 2-fold difference in 1 hour to the color of the tattoo was deeper.

After the pattern is ready, it is necessary to dry. Ideally, drying should take at least 1 hour. If drying is less time tattoo, the pattern is very pale and quickly descend.

Dry drawing warm, to give more brightness mehndi can be periodically wet paint lemon juice with sugar (1: 2). Just do not overdo it, otherwise you risk to grease pattern.

If you decide to make a henna patterns at home on a fairly large area of ​​the body will need additional measures.

Boil half a liter of water, add the 2 tsp black tea or organic coffee (ground), and cook the mixture on low heat for an hour. Strain the infusion.

While the tea leaves brewed, you can prepare for the procedure henna. Note that it is necessary for drawing henna, which is designed for painting the body. It is made of the upper leaves of bushes, which have a high coloring properties.

40-50 g of the powder pass through a sieve. The resulting dust gradually pour hot broth, ensuring consistency of the icing sugar. The main thing that the mixture was too liquid, otherwise the pattern will not turn out. Ready paint is to cool and infuse for 2-3 hours.

To get a more vivid pattern, try to add to the paste a couple of drops of lemon juice or lime.

Figure is best applied with a colorful pen and tracing paper. To put the pattern on the skin, you will need a solid deodorant (preferably male). Apply it to the entire surface of the skin, apply a rubber stamp with a picture and a sketch, faded gently, that he was transferred to the body. Then, the planned lines complete your henna via syringe package.

  • How to make the syringe package for figures?

Make it is not difficult. It would take an ordinary bag, quite strong and dense. Cut a rectangle of 16h20 cm, do it from a bag and seal the joints with duct tape (acute angle, too). In the resulting gun lay henna paste, filling in 23 volume. Wrap the edges of the package that the paint does not leak and secure it with duct tape. In the acute angle needle make a small hole to paint quite easily squeezed out.

 Henna at home

Choosing a place for henna tattoos

Often there seems to be a strange question, but where better to put henna? The easiest way to do mehndi on palms. It's convenient, the color is saturated, and the paint lasts longer. Looks nice pattern on the back of the hand and upper arm. And it fits perfectly into a simple pattern on the wrists and ankles. But to make such a tattoo on his chest or neck is not necessary.

Keeps a pattern depending on the quality of the paint from 1 to 3 weeks, and needs to be adjusted. All depends on the location of application of the pattern, for example, hands are often in contact with water and eluted paint.

Be of good cheer, maybe you do not succeed on the first try as good as we would like, but a little bit of training and skill, and your images will attract looks and charming beauty of the pattern!

 Henna or Mehndi

 beautiful eyebrows

Every woman always wants to look beautiful. An important fact to female beauty and are beautiful eyebrows - they can both beautify and transform the face and spoil all impression. By their nature, beautiful eyebrows create facial expressions, from which made an impression on others. This was even known in ancient times, when a woman is not only beautiful, but also tried to give a beautiful shape eyebrows. Eyebrow shape can be arranged in different ways, you can make them arched, straight, curved and broken. Beautiful shape their eyebrows a woman can give to your liking, and, characteristically, in nature.

Beautiful Eyebrow open their eyes and thus conceal fatigue and makes the young look .  Not everyone is given the nature of the beautiful with the desired density, curved and requires no adjustments form eyebrows .  To do this, and there is such a thing as an adjustment of eyebrows .  Correction corrects the shape and lines of the face closer to the ideal, but most importantly because of the correction, attaches great expressiveness .  Eyebrows arched shape significantly rejuvenate the face of a woman and give clear expression, and thick and wide make a woman strong and harsh .  If the eyebrows to give greater length so that a woman will feel more sad and old, that perhaps it is not so .  Women who would like to make a correction and thus make beautiful eyebrows, it is recommended to apply to the beauty parlor, but if this is not possible, then, adhering to a few rules, you can make the correction in home .

Eyebrow correction

 beautiful eyebrows photo

To get a beautiful shape eyebrows important element of their correction is height and length. They must begin and end at a certain point, or they may spoil the impression, whatever the rest of the beautiful facial features. Just eyebrows should be raised a little. Otherwise, if the eyebrow is lowered, you will pitiful, sad look.

To locate the beginning of the eyebrow, it is recommended, for example, make a pencil on the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, there is a beginning. To determine the center of the eyebrows, the uppermost point of it, you need to make a pencil from the center of the upper lip and through the pupil. If you did not immediately identify the center of the eyebrows can not get a beautiful shape. To determine the end of the eyebrows, is to make a pencil on the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, at this point your brow should end.

Now that the desired shape is indicated, you can start adjusting. To do this, take the tweezers melenko brush to remove hair removal and cotton swab moistened with alcohol to disinfect. Before you begin to tweeze eyebrows tweezers should be wiped with alcohol, and the skin under the eyebrows oil cream for better sliding tweezers. Gently pulling the skin, you can begin to pull out. Correction should begin with the inner side to the outer eyebrow the direction of hair growth. Plucking, it should be remembered that the higher is the line eyebrows, seem to be the more eyes and beautiful face as a whole. But do not get carried away and do not make her eyebrows - strings. Eyebrows should be natural width. After adjusting for the beauty of the eyebrows, you can use cosmetics, gels and pencils. This will help the woman to fix the shape and impart the desired color.

How can that be if the nature of the sparse eyebrows as to give them the desired shape and thickness? To this end, missing a lot of adjustments of various funds, such as shadows, special ink, pencil. Color pencil should choose the color of his hair or a couple of shades lighter. Start with the tip draws the eyebrows, this part should be slightly darker than the rest. The part where the eyebrow begins, leave a little blank. It looks much more natural than clearly traced eyebrows. Then comb the eyebrows and secure form of wax or gel for eyebrows.

The most radical method of adjustment is considered permanent makeup eyebrow. From the depth of the paint and its location depends on how long enough painted eyebrows. When properly applied the tattoo, which can be easy to simulate hair, eyebrows beauty can be maintained from three months to three years.

Eyebrow Shape

 beautiful shape eyebrows

To you get a really beautiful eyebrows, photo gives a great opportunity to determine for themselves the form. You can, of course, to look at a woman with a beautiful form to another, but their shape is tailored specifically for them, and whether it will suit a woman who, by and large never worked Eyebrow? Creating a beautiful makeup, as a complex combination of all its components, it is essential. Beauty eyebrows can completely change the impression of the whole makeup.

If the right make up and podschipat eyebrows, they will be able to hide some flaws and correct face and groomed eyebrows can ruin the overall impression of the appearance of a woman. There are many ways to improve the appearance of eyebrows, such as correction, coloring, plucking, tattoo and care for the individual hairs, which will eventually start to grow and spoil the appearance. If a woman really wants to look beautiful and get the right make-up, is to give maximum attention to all aspects. It is necessary first to determine what the woman has to do, and what the result would be welcome. First you need to determine what form it would be desirable to give as broad and should be neat eyebrows.

Color eyebrows should always be combined with the color of hair and eyes. On the advice of beauticians, to do as much as possible the natural color of the eyebrows so that the eyebrows to the color matches the color of the hair root. If the eyebrows themselves dark, should monitor the color of makeup. For these women, perfect bright lipstick, which will help hide the stiffness of the face. Blonde eyebrows, if possible, you will need to tint a pair of dark tones.

 beautiful well-groomed eyebrows

Shape eyebrows always begging depending on your face shape:

  • For example, for a round face most suitable shape of the eyebrows - curved, with short tip and high lift. But do not bend too sharp, otherwise you will only emphasize the roundness of the face. Just do not make a round shape, follows the contours of your face.
  • For elongated (oval), long face shape eyebrows considered perfect straight and horizontal eyebrows, can be a little rounded, slightly removed from the nose. It is necessary to avoid the shape of eyebrows with a high arch.
  • If you have a triangular face shape, you will approach the eyebrows of medium length, slightly elevated uniformly curved. Stylists do not recommend direct eyebrows for your face shape.
  • For a square face - ideal long eyebrows, lifted high up the curved arc. Thin eyebrows are contraindicated for you.

Considered ideal eyebrows, which combined the right color and width, so that would conform to the shape of the face and eye shape. If at first you do not quite get the right correction, do not be upset. Over time you will learn how to choose your perfect brow shape.

 Beautiful shape eyebrows

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