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  • Who is the mother - a single
  • Basic social assistance for mothers - singles
  • School and Kindergarten
  • Moscow benefits
  • tax code
  • Single mother married. What are the benefits?

Day after day, the doors swing open towards the bridal salons in love with girls and boys. Everyone wants to love and be loved. For the sake of the eternal happiness of young couples make the unchanging ritual: submit an application to the registrar, dress up in festive clothes, changing rings and believe that much of a marriage will continue until a ripe old age. Till death do loving hearts.

But life is making plans Young their adjustments, and often ex-boyfriend with delight abusing women in a circle of friends and ex-lover receives public assistance intended for single mothers. And the new member of the family has incomplete grows without paternal warmth and attention, suggesting that it should be so. Although, if the marriage was annulled shortly before the birth of the baby, the status of single mothers will be difficult to obtain. But first things first.

Who is the mother - a single

Before the law all are equal. It's certainly not bad. On the other hand, women are sometimes difficult to prove that it is raising a child and get legal help and let a small, but benefits. Since state their vision of the situation. Under the Constitution, a single mother is considered to be a woman who:

  • bore married but paternity challenged in court;
  • She gave birth to a baby after 300 days after the divorce;
  • adopted (adopted by a) a baby, being unmarried;

If the child's father died, the widow can not be considered as a single mother and have the appropriate payments. The state has allocated these women survivors' benefits. Agree that a single mother sometimes does not matter what the name of this or that book. The main thing that it is and adds to the family budget. The most difficult case is the one where the father of the baby is installed, but is deprived of parental rights. At the same time ex-wife can not claim to be a single mother.

And to help in ensuring the State should not, and the child's father, who even after the divestment required to pay alimony. Needless to add, that men rarely provide those children who were abandoned? They leave this honorable mission to single mothers. And it's not an empty purse, but a lack of conscience. But let's concede the right to discuss the moral principles of neighbors on a bench and return to single mothers? What benefits are put to women who raise their children themselves?

 social assistance to single mothers

Basic social assistance for mothers - singles

First of all I want to note a welfare payment to unemployed single mothers to children under 16 anniversary. Its size is 1873, 10 rubles, which will agree, very well when in the hands of your minor child, and the possibility to get a job there. But even if you have found a permanent place of employment, social assistance is paid, but in a slightly different size - 40% of average earnings. To issue any of the above benefits, you must contact the Social Protection Committee, located at your place of residence. Bring:

  • the birth certificate of the baby;
  • work book;
  • passport;
  • a certificate from the housing department that the child is living with you;
  • passbook.

In addition, you will have to write an application for benefits (the shape you give workers the Social Protection Committee). As a rule, income statement of the family in this case is not required, but (if you can) grab it with him - in RUSZN where all children are drawn directly benefits may request documents from the accounting of the salary for the last three months.

School and Kindergarten

Help for single mothers - it is not only cash benefits, but the benefits to enroll in kindergarten. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a place in preschool. Some years, standing in line, someone has to carry a child on the other end of town, as the space was only in kindergarten neighboring district. But if you - a single mother, the State grants you the right to registration of a child in kindergarten without queuing. At least that's what the law says. In life, it turns out that single mothers are much more than the privileged places in preschool. And now exempts lining up for a place in kindergarten. But in any case, your child will be in the group much earlier than his peers from a complete family.

Further exemptions apply to the payment of kindergarten. A single mother has a 50% discount on food child in preschool. As for the schools, here children of single mothers are provided with free half board (breakfast and dinner), as well as 30% discount on payment activities in the children's art schools. This assistance is valid until the child reaches adulthood.

Moscow benefits

Did you know that Moscow single mothers rely (in addition to the standard allowance) additional payments? The fact that the Moscow city government developed a comprehensive program of measures of social protection of its citizens. It takes into account the interests of single moms. Thus, any single mother is entitled to a monthly compensation of 500 rubles (if its income is below the subsistence level) or 170 rubles (if its wage above the subsistence minimum). In addition, the program provides payment for meals of children under three years of age, 500 rubles a month.

tax code

With regard to the Tax Code, there shall be entitled to benefits only those single mothers who are unmarried. And if ordinary benefit is 300 rubles for each minor child, then a single mother, this amount is doubled. That is, you have the right not to pay extra 600 rubles a month for each of their child.

 financial assistance to single mothers

Single mother married. What are the benefits?

Life does not stand still. And the women, tired of pulling the family alone again marry. Very often, in parallel with this joyful event in the head of newly born brides doubts (about this rebellious Russian soul, it is no rest). Many of them are worried that they will lose the status of single mothers, and with it all the benefits that they were fed up of it. Do not worry. Basic assistance for single mothers to continue (the one that you made out in the Social Protection Committee in the community), but under the condition that your husband will not adopt children. With regard to the tax code, everything strictly. Got married? Lisha benefits. True standard deduction of 300 rubles per child remains. What is also good.

Finally, we note a nasty trend. In the 21st century in Russia more and more women receiving public assistance for single mothers. And more men hiding from the payment of alimony. Sometimes it seems that the institution of marriage has exhausted itself, and people have forgotten how to appreciate the family atmosphere, preferring the noisy gatherings with friends or career. But this is fundamentally wrong. Because you will not give a career in the age of water. And friends will not cook chicken broth every night (unless you pour them for that beer). Therefore, it would be desirable to wish: love one another, appreciate your family. And let the government assistance for single mothers will remain on paper.

 Help mothers - singles

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 Separate family budget


  • Models of formation of the family budget
  • Expenditure items of the family budget
  • Allocation of budgetary funds

At the beginning of family life, we rarely think about such vile things as money. That's right, with a sweet, as you know, and in a tent - a paradise, and genes Decembrists in us rage, giving a sense of boundless happiness. Oh, if such an idyllic picture of family life is preserved forever. Alas! Reality is knocking at the doors and windows, and even in the mailbox, in the form of bills for the apartment, telephone and mortgage payments. And it turns out that in a hut shivering and cute does not want to share the stash, and to work in Siberia Nothing will tempt him. So we have to learn the basics of the family economy.

The saddest thing in this situation is that no one will come from the outside and not answer any questions we have. All have to learn from experience. How to distribute the family budget of revenues and expenditures? What a way to choose its formation? How to do this is the budget? But do not give up: all have long known that the rich are not the one who has a lot of money, but one who lacks them. So you need to make sure that you have earned enough money and financial issues do not have differences in your life together. Let's try to understand together.

Models of formation of the family budget

As you know, the budget is made up of items of income and expenses. And in order to properly distribute the family budget, you must first choose the model of its formation, which will be for your family as comfortable, efficient and conflict-free. Though it is necessary to make a reservation at once, that in its purest form, none of these models is not working. And it's not an allegation. If you think, you're dealing with one of the branches of economics - the family economy. And any scientific models are created for ideal situations. Unfortunately, in real life it is practically impossible to achieve the ideal, but it is possible for him to aspire. Thus, we consider the first model of budgeting couples.

  • Total family income

Model of the budget, when all incomes of spouses are included in the total "pot" and it had come from transfers of the needs of the family. It would seem an ideal model, but each of us have our passions, weaknesses and habits. It turns out that in order to be able to "sit with her friends in a cafe," have to do "nest egg."

Even with the competent planning of the overall budget you're unlikely to make this item of expenditure. Combine also the fact that to keep records of income and expenditure will need to be one of the spouses, therefore, the second is in a situation where you need to ask for money. Agree, it's not everyone might like. And remember, you have a month to make ends meet, and if the money is not enough (and it happens quite often, and this no one is safe), listen to rebuke the foolish spending. You're comfortable with this situation? If yes - this is your ideal way of budgeting families.

  • Part of the overall budget

Many people call this model a compromise. It is suitable for those who doubt, a common or separate family budget taken as a basis for further financial prosperity. It should be noted that the model is close to the ideal, especially for those who have an average level of income. But here, too, is not without its pitfalls. One gets such a budget is not the entire amount of your earnings as well, for example, from 70-80%. The remaining part is for personal use. Not bad. But you forget that no one takes into account in this situation your job - my mother, a cook and a cleaner in one. This default is your duty, and to remove it from your fragile shoulders no one is going. But then what kind of justice can there be?

And one more detail. If you have a husband, a different salary, your 20-30% remaining after making money in the family budget, will be very different from his personal funds. Somehow unfair. Do not you think? And the potential problem with the lack of money before the end of the month, too, has not been canceled. But if you can find your truth is somewhere in between, this model will be a good opportunity to keep abreast of family finances.

  • Separate budget

This model of the family budget is called almost a death sentence for marriage. But as practice shows, this is not true, or rather, not so. In Europe, the separate family budget - the norm. And financial disputes can become a cause of divorce in rare cases. By the way, financial security in case of divorce for women in Europe is much higher than ours. But let us recall once again separate budget does not mean separate marriage, let us still separate the wheat from the chaff.

The distinguishing feature of a separate budget is that spouses do not invest their earnings in a common fund. But do not think that spending on the needs of families in this budget takes over someone one. Not at all. It is necessary to agree on who in your household pays for what. And it must be done correctly and carefully as possible. With separate budget you take on a very great responsibility. By the way, the majority held financially girls prefer this model of the family budget.

Separate budget does not fit your family, if too great a difference in wages. For example, if one of the spouses - a student, if you are on maternity leave or long-term care if you were married and not going to work anymore. And this option is possible that your husband does not want you to work. As they say, the taste and color ... And maybe so that your independence you are inconvenienced.

But whatever model of formation you choose, you still have to "pay the bills". And if with the income and models of the formation of the family budget is more or less clear that the allocation of costs should be planned in advance.

 common or separate budget

Expenditure items of the family budget

Typically, the average family expenditure items consist of conditions and lifestyle. First of all, the costs are divided into compulsory (inevitable) and optional (which can be saved). Second, expenditure may be planned and unplanned. And, thirdly, you can spend money on obschesemeynye or personal needs.

For example, utilities are included in the category of mandatory. Also, do not avoid the cost of food. But buying clothes (for adults) can often be overkill. Anyway, we sin irrepressible craving to acquire more and more new items of clothing, even if it is not absolutely necessary.

As regards planning costs, for example, the same communal, food, clothing and shoes, as a rule, constitute an article of planned spending. Here it is possible to enable (ie, plan ahead) expenditure on repairs to rest, for the purchase of household appliances, garden or car. Unplanned expenses can be the result of force majeure or unexpected events. After all, misery, entailing financial expenditure, it is impossible to plan. And these costs can pour into anything, ranging from fines for parking and ending with the payment of funeral services office.

However, fortunately, not always unplanned expenses related to the sad events. Unplanned is to buy a wedding gift to friends or relatives, the acquisition "on the occasion of" some expensive things (at half price) or the last minute. Therefore, paradoxically, unplanned expenses, too, should be planned.

 pros separate budget

Allocation of budgetary funds

Only the correct allocation of funds will ensure careful planning of the family budget. In general, (Science), half of the budget money should be spent on the necessary requirements (compulsory payments and vital things). Thirty percent of the total family income can be spent on non-binding, but pleasant spending. It is because they take money for beach vacation, to buy a new coat or to replace an old refrigerator. The remaining twenty percent may be a means to accumulate or become a reserve stock. It is because it will be possible to get the money for unplanned expenses, and then just fill in your NC.

And how to be with my own funds? Everything is very simple. This item of expenditure should be included in the first half of the expenditure. Because personal means each family member simply vital. And how much would be this article depends on your income and your lifestyle.

If you choose the model of separate budget, then you have a husband, precisely and accurately calculate all of your income and total expenses of your family. Then determine (if possible in proportion) what expenses take over you, and which will go to the spouse. And the recall. Incurring certain expenses, remember that you, among other things, after a hard day working again, only a housewife. And if you calculate how much would you pay daily maid, then this amount as the expenditure side should take your spouse. Of course, no one says that he has to pay you a salary, just expressed in monetary terms the amount to be deducted from your monthly expenses for a family.

And finally. No matter which model you choose a financial behavior, common or separate family budget will lead. The main thing - do not budget apple marital discord. Any problems and any differences can be overcome.

 How to distribute the family budget or revenue and expenditure

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