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What is heartburn, known, perhaps, to everyone. After all, this attack happens periodically in almost all. People describe heartburn as a burning sensation in the esophagus and the sternum. And trying to get rid of her in various ways. The most common treatment is reduced to a hike in the pharmacy for that or other pharmacological agent, of which there are very many. But is it always justified? After all, medicine is always a cure, no matter how harmless it is.

And you know that if you suffer from heartburn folk remedies can relieve your condition as soon as possible? And the health benefits of such treatment no harm. This is what will be discussed in today's conversation. But let's first look at why there is this most heartburn.

Causes of heartburn

Strictly speaking, the cause of heartburn is only one - it's reflux. Reflux - a casting of stomach contents into the esophagus. The gastric juice contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid, which is also at the reflux into the esophagus. And if the gastric mucosa has a strong protection against irritating hydrochloric acid and other components of gastric juice, the esophageal mucosa completely defenseless. And when in contact with gastric juice quickly inflamed.

But the reasons that can lead to reflux of this, quite a lot. The most common of them - is:

  • The anatomical feature of the valve

Quite rare, but it happens that a person initially weak stomach valve so that the contents of the stomach and into the esophagus. Typically, in such cases, the problems occur in childhood. In addition to heartburn in the child immediately after a meal, if he took the supine position, often vomiting.

  • Overeating

Not to say thank you to your esophagus and an excessive amount of food. For those people who overeat, heartburn occurs more frequently than all the others. Remember the "golden" rule - from the table, need to wake up, feeling a slight feeling of hunger. A feeling of fullness comes after about 15 minutes. And excess weight is a great insurance.

  • A number of drugs

In some cases, severe heartburn can cause some pharmacological agents, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you are taking certain medications, and you have a heartburn, be sure to tell your doctor.

  • Bad habits

Very strongly provoke heartburn bad habits such as smoking, nicotine abuse and caffeinated beverages. Therefore, it is desirable to give up these habits. Or at least minimized. And certainly not at bedtime, or a sleepless night with heartburn you provided.

  • Wrong diet

Not the last role is played and food of the sick person. If you are beginning to exasperate heartburn, be sure your menu. Heartburn often provoke too fatty, spicy and smoked food, especially fried. Try to eliminate them from the menu, and make sure their condition.

  • Diseases of internal organs

Often the cause of heartburn are certain diseases of internal organs. Most often these are diseases: peptic ulcer and / or duodenal ulcer, gastritis - both with high and low acidity of gastric juice, diabetes, diaphragmatic hernia.

 means for heartburn

The secrets of traditional medicine

So, let us consider in detail the treatment of heartburn folk remedies. The main thing you should pay attention - this is on the components of a recipe. The main thing that they have a sick person was not allergic - otherwise you'll have to resort to the help of a doctor - an allergist.

  • Rhizome

If heartburn is not very strong, a very effective means may be the most common and p - more precisely, its rhizome. A small piece of carefully chew, swallow and wash down with half a glass of cool boiled water. As a rule, only after one application heartburn disappeared a long time.

If heartburn is too strong, you have to undergo such treatment. Treatment should be repeated twice a day - in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. Duration of treatment - 21 days.

  • Sorrel

In more severe cases, when severe heartburn, it is recommended treatment with sorrel. Treatment is very simple - every morning, eat one tablespoon of finely ground sorrel. Barely a week treat heartburn retreat.

  • Milk and activated charcoal

I tortured heartburn? If you normally carry milk, consider yourself very lucky. Purchase at the pharmacy most common activated carbon. In the morning, before breakfast, warm the half cup of milk, a solution of 6 tablets of activated charcoal and drink in one gulp. Treatment lasts at least two weeks. And if necessary, it can be extended up to one month. By the way, this tool can be used as an emergency. But in this case you need to add in the milk is not 6, and 10 tablets of activated charcoal.

  • Herbal infusion

If heartburn occurs against a background of gastritis, can be prepared following the infusion. Take one teaspoon of dry plantain leaves, herb St. John's wort and inflorescences pharmacy daisy. Place the collection in a thermos and pour one liter of boiling water. Insist during the day, then strain it with the help of gauze fabric. Store broth necessary in a glass container in a refrigerator, no more than three days.

Take the broth must be two teaspoons before each meal. Treatment should continue for two weeks. Then do five recipe and repeat the treatment. Receding not only heartburn and gastritis symptoms.

  • The juice of raw potato

Regular exhausting heartburn you can try to cure with the help of raw potato juice. And potatoes successfully eliminates not only heartburn, but also from gastritis. Moreover - and potato juice eliminates the pain, which are typical of chronic gastritis. Apply it is possible even at an exacerbation of the disease.

4 times a day, before meals, drink half a cup of fresh potato juice. Relief will come in a few days. But treatment can not stop - it should last at least a month. Otherwise, heartburn can come back again.

  • Buckwheat

If heartburn is often tormented at night, try to resort to the help of buckwheat. To do this, you need 400 grams of cereals and washed clean pan. Place cereal in a pan and fry it until then, until it acquires a dark brown color.

Thoroughly mash it, then using the grinder grind to a powder. The resulting flour, sift and pour the storage in glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Take-third tablespoons of powder three times a day 15 minutes before meal. Duration of treatment - 21 days. If necessary, after a week's break, the treatment can be repeated.

  • Apple vinegar

It would seem that vinegar should increase the level of acidity of gastric juice. But not the apple - it is, on the contrary, this same acidity normalize. So, and heartburn apple cider vinegar helps very well. But, of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to drink liters. Suffice it every morning on an empty stomach to drink a teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar.

For this it must be dissolved in half a glass of warm water. Also, if you do not have an allergic reaction to bee products can be in the water add one teaspoon of all natural honey. Honey also normalizes the level of acidity of gastric juice, and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus. Duration of treatment - no more than 21 days.

  • Seeds of anise

In chronic persistent heartburn when other means prove ineffective, you can try tincture of anise seeds. One tablespoon of anise seeds chop, place in a glass bowl and pour 0, 5 liters of vodka. Insist is necessary in a cool dark place for at least a month, shaking occasionally.

Treatment is very simple - the sick person should after each meal to drink a tablespoon of anisette. Of course, this means the treatment of heartburn is not suitable for pregnant women and young people, as a part of alcohol there. And those people who do not tolerate alcohol, must also use this recipe with great care.

Diet for heartburn

All proceeds from heartburn, described above, are effective. But only if the sick person will review your diet. First, watch your nutrition schedule:

  • Do not overeat. It is better to eat more often, but small portions.
  • Do not eat less than two hours before bedtime. Moreover - even just try not to go for an hour after eating.
  • Try not to eat breakfast immediately after waking up - Wait at least 15 minutes.

In addition to the graphics power you need to pay attention to diet. Did you notice it is those products that trigger heartburn from you. Of course, they you should strictly be excluded from the diet.

In addition, it is necessary to completely abandon the following products:

  • Caffeinated beverages, cocoa, chocolate.
  • Seasonings, spices and various sauces, except cream.
  • Fatty, fried foods. All meals are desirable boiled or baked.
  • Alcohol - even alcoholic beverages.
  • Carbonated drinks, natural juices, especially acidic.

But foods that contain large amounts of fiber and complex carbohydrates, is very well neutralize the acidity of gastric juice. Furthermore, they are easily digested and do not load the digestive system.

 Treatment of heartburn folk remedies

Lifestyle Human

Do not forget also about the need to change your lifestyle. Sometimes it is a way of life becomes the main culprit of heartburn. It is important to observe a few simple rules:

  • Physical activity

Movement - is not only life, but also health. So be sure to move - it will help avoid excess weight, so - heartburn. And not necessarily to wear down himself in the gym - just at least one hour before going to bed to walk on foot.

  • Dream

Make sure that as you sleep. To the night person is not tortured heartburn, headboard of his bed should be elevated about 15 cm. This can be put under the mattress rolled blanket roll.

  • Choice of clothing

It would seem, what is the connection between heartburn and clothing? It turns out that the most direct - tight clothing pinched stomach. As a consequence, there is a casting of stomach contents into the esophagus. So, and the heartburn will not take long.

If all of these simple rules heartburn treatment methods described above would certainly be very effective. Be healthy!

 Heartburn: folk remedies

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