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If you ask pregnant women that most annoyed them during pregnancy, 90% immediately thought about heartburn. Moreover - some women seriously believe that heartburn - a sign of pregnancy. That's about heartburn and will be discussed in this article. We deal with the fact that this phenomenon, why heartburn occurs during pregnancy, and - most importantly - how to fight it. After endure heartburn for several months, and sometimes throughout the pregnancy, is not such a simple matter.

Heartburn largely complicates normal pregnancy, the woman bringing discomfort. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that much of a threat to the health of mother and baby heartburn in pregnant women is not. Well, maybe it worsens toxicity, if any, is the place to be - his symptoms worse.

First, let's talk about what exactly is heartburn. Doctors call heartburn very complex term - "reflux esophagitis." He stands quite simple - throw the contents of the stomach into the esophagus, causing inflammation develops, which involved the mucous membrane lining the lowermost part of the esophagus, which is on the border of the pylorus.

As a rule, most of heartburn during pregnancy begins to torment the woman at the end of the second - the third trimester. However, in some cases, heartburn may start in the first trimester and continue up to the birth. Sometimes heartburn occurs at some time - from a few minutes to several hours, and sometimes a woman brings forth, day after day, week after week.

 Heartburn during pregnancy treatment

Causes of heartburn

So, let's understand why pregnant women are so often the victims of heartburn? Why is it so often the case in this period of a woman's life? It is a direct relationship and pregnancy heartburn is obvious.

For many centuries the people there was a belief that the most common heartburn occurs at a time when the crumbs are growing hairs. However, neither the doctors nor the women themselves do not confirm this theory. Very often, those mothers who greatly suffered from heartburn, babies are born with little or no hairs. And vice versa - pyshnovolosyh mothers of newborn babies with heartburn during pregnancy does not come across.

And what about this the doctors say? How do they explain the phenomenon of heartburn in pregnancy? The mechanism of acid reflux does not cause problems - stomach contents thrown into the esophagus, which under the influence of the content of this annoying and start an inflammatory process. However, the question is why during pregnancy, this pathological process is activated, clear answer from the doctors there. They put forward several hypotheses, each of which is fully justified. Let's look at each of these in more detail:

  • Heartburn in early pregnancy

As mentioned above, sometimes heartburn makes itself felt even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. And sometimes even at all to delay menstruation - some women, it becomes one of the first signs of pregnancy. Typically, in this case, heartburn does not come alone, but accompanied true "mates" - nausea, vomiting, heartburn. Or, to put it simply, there are symptoms of toxicity first half of pregnancy.

So what is the cause of this heartburn? Of course, hormones. It is known that hormonal pregnant woman varies greatly - in the blood of women sharply and repeatedly increases the level of sex hormones such as progesterone required to maintain pregnancy and human chorionic gonadotropin required for its successful development. These hormones have very diverse effects on all organs and body functions. Including the gastrointestinal tract, smooth muscle under the influence of hormones which largely relaxes.

This is what is the cause of abandonment of stomach contents into the esophagus. A, respectively, and the cause of heartburn during pregnancy. Usually, heartburn caused by similar causes, independently runs by the end of the first trimester. However, unfortunately, there is absolutely no guarantee that the second - the third trimester, she will not come back. However, at this stage of pregnancy heartburn is caused by a completely different reasons.

  • Heartburn at high pregnancy

In the case of heartburn it appeared in the later stages of pregnancy, to the extent that, as the uterus expands and the growing belly, its causes slightly different. The most common heartburn "activated" after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Firstly, this term again releases hormones, relaxing smooth muscles of the entire body. Including doorman - it performs its function is not so correct, as usual.

Furthermore, the uterus continues to increase in volume. As soon as it rises higher and higher, the stomach is gradually shrinking. It puts pressure on the diaphragm, causing shortness of breath and throw provokes gastric contents into the esophagus, which, as we have seen, is the trigger mechanism for the development of heartburn. This state facilitated a couple of weeks before delivery, when the uterus drops down a little.

The uterus drops down due to the fact that the baby's head is lowered as low as possible to a small pelvis - the child takes the most optimal position before birth. Incidentally, during this period not only fades heartburn, and dyspnea. And the level of progesterone in this period of pregnancy greatly reduced. While replacing this discomfort come others - frequent urination and constipation. They, in turn, arise from the fact that the uterus begins to push on the intestine and the bladder. But do not despair - there are very few. And you will meet with your baby!

How to avoid heartburn?

So, heartburn during pregnancy: what to do? The first step is to try to the problem did not arise at all. Of course, completely exclude the possibility of acid reflux can not be avoided. However, it's worth trying - observing certain measures if you do not fully insure against this scourge, at least at times will reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks of heartburn.

  • Diet

A sure way to earn heartburn for any person - it does not care about your diet. And pregnant women - is no exception to this immutable rule. Moreover - expectant mothers must carefully keep track of what they eat. First, you need to entirely eliminate from the diet of those foods that tend to irritate the stomach lining, or even just to provoke an enhanced production of gastric juice.

These products include all fried foods, meats, preserves, pickles, sharp and salty foods. In addition, expectant mothers is not recommended to eat sour fruits, berries, sweets in large quantities, fresh baking. Watch and what you drink - it is inadmissible to use soft drinks, sweet and sour juice, any kind of coffee and strong tea. It is best to drink moms fit sparkling mineral water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, dairy products.

  • Mealtime

The vast number of people have a "marvelous" habit - the whole day to catch something, and when he got home - from the heart to eat, and just before bedtime. So - a pregnant woman a supply schedule is strictly contraindicated! The only valid option - a split meals. In no event it is impossible to overload the body like food "attacks." Try to eat often, but small portions - 8 - 10 times a day.

By the way, like meals will also help to avoid such a problem, as constipation. They are also highly relevant to a pregnant woman. Incidentally, constipation can also cause the development of heartburn. This is due to the fact that constipation provoke tension throughout the digestive system, and hence the abandonment of stomach contents into the esophagus.

 Heartburn during pregnancy what to do

How to get rid of heartburn?

Too many women believe that the treatment of heartburn during pregnancy - a futile exercise. Like, until the crumb will not appear on the light, and you should not try. However, this is not so - from heartburn during pregnancy can help secure but highly effective means. And there are both drugs and folk remedies.

By the way, if you suffer from heartburn, be sure to tell your doctor - a gynecologist. Perhaps he sees fit and prescribe you any pharmacological agents. Independently take anything not worth it. After all, even the most harmless medicine in pregnant women can lead to unpredictable consequences.

But you can try to treat heartburn home, safe way. And immediately, I would say that soda - not the best assistant. Soda can only alleviate the symptoms at the time of illness. Too many women to "buy" this apparent efficiency - because soda is actually a time helps. However, it is not necessary to do so. Do not believe? See for yourself! For this you need soda, water, vinegar, and an empty glass.

Pour into a glass of water, pour a tablespoon of vinegar and add a pinch of baking soda. You see, like soda (lye) reacts with gastric juice? (acid)? Do you want a similar chemical reactions occur in your stomach? Otherwise the minimum you are guaranteed gastritis. Therefore, let the ash continues to stand on its shelf. And we'll tell you about others, much safer ways to eliminate heartburn.

Funds from heartburn

  • Grated carrots

So, you have the first symptoms of heartburn. It is not necessary to rush and grab for tablets - while heartburn is still not strong, you can help ordinary raw carrots. Clean it, wash and grate. In no case do not add sugar carrot, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. This treatment will only worsen the situation, as the heartburn will become more pronounced.

Just a little bit of grated carrots helps to forget about heartburn for at least several hours. This treatment is completely safe. Moreover - carrots a beneficial effect on the body of mother and baby - because it contains large amounts of nutrients.

  • Honeycomb

Also in the fight against heartburn can very effectively help a bee products, like a honeycomb. However, this treatment is effective only when the single and not very strong attacks of heartburn. Just chew honeycomb like ordinary chewing gum. Wax gently obvolochet mucosa of the stomach and esophagus wax, remove the inflammatory process.

In that case, if you have previously been cases of allergic reactions to honey, this treatment does not suit you. Yes, and all the rest should not be abused - then the child may be allergic to honey. In fairness it should be noted that this information has not been confirmed officially by doctors, but not worth the risk. After treatment in any case should not harm the baby!

  • Alkaline Mineral Water

If heartburn hurts you in the first weeks of pregnancy can help ordinary alkaline mineral water. As soon as you feel at least one acid reflux symptoms begin immediately drink a third cup of alkaline water. After that, be sure to soak a few minutes - otherwise it can be bloating and flatulence. And this is - unnecessary problems and inconveniences that the expectant mother is to anything, is not it?

  • The juice of raw potato

Heartburn during pregnancy can help potato juice. To do this, wash and clean one large potato. Rub it on a fine grater, then squeeze the juice with the help of gauze fabric. Drink a tablespoon of juice immediately after the start of heartburn. Especially good like tool helps in the later stages of pregnancy - 35 - 40 weeks. By the way, in any case not cook potato juice for the future - in just 20 minutes, he completely loses all of its healing properties. Moreover - it becomes dangerous for the body of any person.

  • Flaxseed

No less than drugs, effective infusion of flax seeds. To make it, fill it with five tablespoons of flax seed with one cup of boiling water. Insist hour, then strain and drink in small sips throughout the day. The disappearance of heartburn after the first two hours - a very good sign. Hence, the tool fits you perfectly.

This treatment can be carried out courses - this allows the expectant mother to forget about heartburn for at least several months. The essence of the treatment is very simple - like the infusion of flax seeds a woman must be taken three times a day - in the morning before breakfast, lunch and just before bedtime. The duration of treatment - only one week.

Try it, find a recipe, because that is effective for one person may not help another. And let your pregnancy is not overshadowed by anything! Especially now, if you catch up with heartburn during pregnancy, what to do, you know very well!

 Heartburn during pregnancy. The methods of struggle

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