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  • Causes of cardiac asthma
  • Symptoms of cardiac asthma: diagnose the problem
  • Differences symptoms of cardiac asthma bronchial
  • First aid for cardiac asthma
  • Treatment of cardiac asthma: how to get rid of the problem
  • Prevention of cardiac asthma
  • Cardiac asthma and traditional medicine

Cardiac asthma is largely to the effects of a number of diseases, as the attack begins due to abnormality of the heart of the body. The process itself is characterized by breathlessness and dry cough, which causes pulmonary edema. This happens due to the weakening of the blood flow from the pulmonary vessels to left ventricle of the heart.

The attacks can be sudden and vary in duration. It is important to take timely action to restore the flow of oxygen, because the consequences can be quite severe, including death.
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Causes of cardiac asthma

Cardiac asthma is not a separate disease, but refers to the consequences of various types of dysfunction in the body, which are mainly related to the violation of the cardiovascular system. The most common reasons include the development of the following diseases:

  1. Arrhythmias or ventricular tachycardia;
  2. Cardiomyopathy in various forms:
  3. Coronary heart disease and other disorders of blood flow myocardium;
  4. Endocarditis;
  5. Infarction and preinfarction state;
  6. Myocarditis;
  7. Hypertension, and particular risk occurs when a sudden change in pressure;
  8. Branch aneurysm.

Despite the fact that the main causes include cardiac dysfunction system, there are cases of cardiac asthma symptoms in such disorders in the body, such as:

  • Kidney disease, especially in inflammation glomkrul;
  • Infection with serious illnesses, such as pneumonia;
  • Advanced stages of bronchial asthma;
  • Abnormal blood supply to the brain.

There are cases when the causes of cardiac asthma are in unregulated loads on the body, the use of drugs and psychotropic drugs, mental state and emotional balance. In the fall risk area and the people are not watching the timely bowel movement, obese, and women who choose to become mothers after 45 years. Most of the daily attacks associated with excessive exercise or a stressful situation, which is particularly dangerous in case of serious heart disease.

To determine the exact cause of cardiac asthma can only specialist, especially since it may be different manifestations of the nature and origin. Identify the source of cardiac asthma and timely treatment will not only successfully treat certain disorders in the body, but also to save lives. To see a doctor in a timely manner, you should know the main symptoms that characterize this asthma.

 cardiac asthma causes
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Symptoms of cardiac asthma: diagnose the problem

If you are already diagnosed with cardiac abnormalities, or there are other serious diseases, the need is particularly attentive to sudden bouts of dry cough. There may also be cases where some of the diseases are asymptomatic, it is indicative of cardiac asthma Abuse biochemical processes in the body.

Most often, the attack begins at night, but in some patients the crisis and in the afternoon. Sometimes this may be preceded by palpitation or chest discomfort. Breathing becomes deep and hoarse, and the cough is dry. Of the process is compounded by the psychological state of a person who by a sudden feeling of suffocation may fall into panic, which further complicates breathing.

Since in a sitting position or when fresh air condition little stabilized, the patient sits or stands up reflexively. At this point, there is special pallor of the face and limbs, can be a sweat. Also it may cause nausea, dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness.

The duration of cardiac asthma attack can be different, it all depends on the reasons for its occurrence and degree of development. Since asthma may first be short-lived, and the cough is not so intense, some fall asleep after a few minutes and will not take steps to treat. Such actions can significantly worsen the condition of the patient, and the next attack lead to more serious consequences, including death.

To eliminate the serious health consequences and even tragedies, should clearly know the basic symptoms, especially if you are already diagnosed with heart failure:

  1. Increasing the frequency rate, heart palpitations, accompanied by a feeling of chest compression;
  2. Shortness of breath, feeling of choking;
  3. Special psychological arousal associated with the fear of death;
  4. Shortness of breath;
  5. Dry cough;
  6. Rapid breathing (about 30 times per minute);
  7. Reflex breathing through the mouth;
  8. Light relief state in the sitting position or standing;
  9. Exacerbation of pre-existing cardiac disease, such as arrhythmias, valvular, mitral stenosis, as evidenced by wheezing.

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Differences symptoms of cardiac asthma bronchial

There are certain signs by which we can determine exactly attack of cardiac asthma, bronchial instead. One of them - this is the type of breathing. If asthma is difficult breath, accompanied by whistles and hoarse, then the heart - the patient can not breathe freely, and feels in this case a kind of rattling in the sternum.

In addition, if there are, or were transferred to serious lung disease, then the risk of diagnosing bronchial attack is more likely than a heart.
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First aid for cardiac asthma

First of all you need to call an ambulance and report all symptoms!

  • In order to facilitate the patient's condition, it is necessary to plant and to organize good ventilation of the room.
  • In such cases, often the pressure is increased, and cramping occurring voltage increases blood vessels. To minimize these conditions, it is possible to apply vasodilators that may be in the form of tablets or sprays. At this time, it is important to balance the psychological state of the patient, to avoid panic, as this will only aggravate the situation.
  • After 5-10 minutes, if the medical team had not yet arrived, you can apply a tourniquet or elastic bandage on a limb. This reduces the circulation of blood, and therefore its flow and stagnation in the lungs. For this to be cooked 3 harness and apply them to their feet (the distance from the pelvis about 15 cm), and on one hand (about 10 cm away from the shoulder joint). If done correctly, the following tow will feel pulsation. Fifteen minutes later harnesses change, but one of the legs should not be engaged.
  • Reduce the intensity of the attack of cardiac asthma is possible if the patient's legs neatly placed in a container with hot water.
  • It is necessary to ensure the person calm, eliminate sharp movements, not to leave it unattended, and to normalize the emotional condition and soothe.
  • Take medications and injections in the absence of reliable information on drugs and the principles of their action is extremely undesirable. Such experiments can lead to serious health consequences for the patient.
  • Even if the arrival of the emergency condition has improved, we should not abandon the hospital, since without special treatment episodes will be repeated.

 cardiac asthma symptoms
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Treatment of cardiac asthma: how to get rid of the problem

It is believed that cardiac asthma is cured using traditional methods concoctions of various herbs. Experience shows that patients who previously used such methods, sooner or later come to the clinic. In addition, for existing diseases receives an advanced stage when you need to have major surgery or prolonged therapy.

Treatment of cardiac asthma, and it is the source of its origin, must take place exclusively in hospitals. This can be a specialized cardiac center or other clinic, having the opportunity to provide expert assistance and conduct a qualitative diagnosis.

After entering the patient specialists carry out a number of activities aimed at the normalization of the patient's breathing, and only then proceed to identify the causes of the disease. To do this, sometimes practiced bloodletting, recommended inhaled necessary for blood oxygen saturation, and other activities.

Depending on the technical possibilities of the institution, may be: coronary angiography, Doppler study of the heart, cardiac catheterization, ECG and echocardiogram. The complex research allows to determine precisely the root cause of cardiac asthma, as well as to conduct a thorough inspection of all cardiovascular center.

In special cases, the diagnosis of cardiac asthma is complicated by the presence of signs of bronchitis or emphysema, but most of it is typical for the elderly. Then the specialist may prescribe additional measures for a more detailed study.

Once identified the true causes of asthma attacks, prescribers for therapeutic interventions, or are being prepared for surgical surgery.

Treatment of cardiac asthma involves adherence to a particular diet, can be assigned to special physical exercises and recommendations for lifestyle changes, the mode of the day and so on.
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Prevention of cardiac asthma

Measures to prevent cardiac asthma is to prevent disease, the result of which it is. Since mainly cardiac dysfunction, the recommendations are as follows:

  • If you are already diagnosed with any disorders associated with heart failure, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, take drugs regularly. You must also regularly conduct surveys to obtain information on the course of the disease;
  • Maximum proper diet to control the amount of fatty foods, foods with the formation of the optimal calorie. If you want to include in the diet of vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • Controlling body mass. We need to watch weight, as a significant deviation from the norm not only leads to the appearance of heart disease, but also to other no less serious disorders in the body;
  • Exercise and an active lifestyle. You should try to spend more time in the fresh rest, engage in moderate loads, light sports, swimming and so on. In the case of existing heart failure, the best option is chosen physical activities together with the cardiologist;
  • Quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs;
  • Adjusting your emotional state. Constant stress, as well as other psychological disorders, may have a negative effect on the entire body, including the heart;
  • Periodic visits to the cardiologist, even if there are no serious complaints.

 cardiac asthma treatment

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Cardiac asthma and traditional medicine

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of popular recipes to eliminate cardiac asthma, but experienced cardiologists say unequivocally that this self can lead to quite serious consequences.

In practice there are cases when together with the medication the doctor prescribes the use of funds, with the nature of the origin of life. In this case, the expert determines the rate and provides valuable recommendations on the method of administration. There may also be assigned to treatments with leeches to help improve circulation and cleanse the blood, as well as other options for the normalization of the state.

Use information from unreliable sources or use any tools to do the procedure on their own, without first consulting a specialist, it is extremely dangerous. "And my husband (son, uncle, grandfather) cured-so" - so it is better not to believe the assurances. This may exacerbate existing disease and lead to new.

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