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Spring brought us warm days, and immediately there was a desire to escape from the stuffy office to the beach to dip in the cool sea. However, not all pleased with the spring sun and tan "a la Hollywood." Some people with the approach of summer, there is a problem, how strong or excessive sweating of the head. Frankly, it is - the feeling is not the most pleasant. Plus, in this case the representative of the fairer sex feels like, to put it mildly, not very.

Why is the head sweats

Sweating of the scalp has a scientific name - hyperhidrosis. In most cases, this is not a cause of serious disease, rather it is considered a cosmetic defect. Everything depends on the particular constitutional rights. However, those who faced a similar problem, know the feeling of unease and discomfort in dealing with people. Some dermatologists believe that hyperhidrosis head may cause the professional, social and psychological maladjustment of patients.

Begins to emerge head sweating, usually in adolescence (puberty). The reasons can be any. For example, the increased excitability of the autonomic nervous system, hormonal changes the body. And both men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis same.

 head sweating

Types and causes of sweating

Depending on the cause, hyperhidrosis head can be divided into primary and secondary. By "primary" it is meant that the rash is not associated with any disease. Sweating of the head in this case may develop due to mental overdrive, excitement, emotional stress. If the head sweats in response to changes in the emotional state, such hyperhidrosis call facies. In other words, as manifested reaction to a stressful situation.

Other factors that cause excessive sweating, is a welcome spicy food, drinking strong coffee, tea. So try not to drink hot drinks in hot weather. Increased ambient temperature and some odors can also be catalysts manifestations of excessive sweating. In the summer and fall try to wash as often as possible, wipe the face with a napkin, do not use perfume. Increased muscle activity in sports is another reason that provokes sweating head.

Another cause of excessive sweating of the scalp can be a sweat gland dysfunction, or cranial hyperhidrosis. In this case, excessive sweating and unpleasant smell that it entails, causing waste products of bacteria feeding on body liquids. There will only cure. It should be a complete examination to identify and solve the problem.

Often cranial hyperhidrosis manifests itself as a result of violations of metabolic processes in the body. For example, almost always there is excessive sweating in obese humans. People with this problem are advised to wear light clothes made of natural fabrics and observe good personal hygiene.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is usually a concomitant symptom of any disease. Perspiration of the head, wearing a local character should alert you. So, for example, sweating skin ushno-temporal area (sometimes combined with redness) may be concerned after suffering a previous mumps, failed back surgery salivary gland. And as a consequence, its damage.

So-called "syndrome tympani" occurs as sweating in the chin area (due to taste stimuli). In Parkinson's disease can disturb facial hyperhidrosis, due to the defeat of the autonomic nervous system. The chronic dermatosis characterized by profuse sweating and nose and other parts of the face, and reddening of the skin and the presence of pink papules.

 excessive sweating head

What if the head sweats

If you have a strong sweating, review your lifestyle, move cosmetics throw substandard stuff. Synthetic hats or scarves too tight do not allow your skin to breathe. Because of this, they formed a kind of greenhouse effect and the head overheats. As a result - increased sweating.

Treat primary hyperhidrosis or deal with it on their own - a man chooses that it is better to do in this case. If this is not a problem and does not interfere with communication and comfortable, simply more likely to use personal hygiene. If you do not mind the sharp smell, you can try with the addition of special sprays tar.

A more global way to deal with sweating is considered subcutaneous particular drug - botulinum toxin. This procedure is to block the admission of the nerve impulse is transmitted from the nerve to the sweat glands. Because of what the other becomes unable to sweat. This method is considered less dangerous than, for example, with application of aluminum salts by iontophoresis. Side effects are usually at the administering botulinum toxin are absent. If we are talking about secondary hyperhidrosis, is to fix the problem, you must first treat opportunistic diseases.

Keep in mind that excessive sweating of the head can be a cosmetic defect, and a symptom of serious illness. Therefore, if you have found similar symptoms, seek medical attention. Do not self-medicate, as it is dangerous for your health.

 Head sweating: Causes and methods of struggle with it

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  • What is Cystitis: treat the disease properly
  • The main causes of cystitis
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of cystitis
  • Treatment of inflammatory processes of bladder
  • Traditional medicine against cystitis
  • Prevention of cystitis: how not to get sick again

Often, many of the fair sex are not able to recognize the signs and symptoms of cystitis in a timely manner. Trying to put a diagnosis on their own, the girls are mistaken. And as a result, begin to be treated completely inappropriate drugs and methods. Most often this occurs because of reluctance to seek a medical institution for consultation and subsequent treatment. There are cases where strictly prohibited from engaging in such games in the doctor, because lost time turns against you.

What is Cystitis: treat the disease properly

Peremerzla, we bathed in the cold sea, taken douches, and the next day stomach ache. Common situation? Almost all of the fair sex at least once in his life faced with an unpleasant disease, as cystitis. This inflammation often affects the mucous membrane of the bladder is much less affected his muscle tissue.

And if time does not pay attention to the symptoms, the disease can become chronic. And this, in turn, will bring a lot of inconvenience. The most difficult in the treatment of cystitis is cervical. If it is diagnosed, it means that there was inflammation in the bladder neck (at this point, it goes into the urethra).

Classification cystitis: defined disease

Based on the reasons of appearance, character occurrence and localization of the disease, cystitis is divided into several major types. Treatment usually assigned physician only after final diagnosis. On the research and analysis it will take 2-3 days. Therefore yourself determine what you do not succeed. So that you know, cystitis is the primary and secondary.

In the first case, the fair sex is faced with a similar disease for the first time, while the second - it was already history. Depending on the causes of disease, distinguished infectious and noninfectious cystitis. The first develops due to contact with the bladder infection (ascending and descending path). It is also possible by infection lymphogenous when bacteria enter from inflamed pelvic and hematogenous.

Features cervical cystitis

Cystauchenitis - quite a serious disease in which inflamed not only the bladder but urocystic triangle. As a result, the muscle involved in the opening and closing of the bladder, ceases to fully carry out its functions. After some time, the process is broken urination and incontinence may occur. Unfortunately, women only then turn to the clinic. Less serious symptoms are ignored.

Types of cervical cystitis

Cystitis is of two types: acute and chronic. If not properly be treated for the first time, it could happen very soon, a relapse of the disease. In fact, chronic cystauchenitis difficult to identify. Due to the lack of pronounced symptoms of the disease are often left untreated. Many do not believe the reason for visiting the doctor a little discomfort, and discomfort when urinating.

  • The acute form of cervical cystitis

After the infection got into the urethra, it began a serious inflammation. Temperature, lethargy, drowsiness, malaise - the first symptoms of the disease. A characteristic feature of cervical cystitis is a problem with urination. By the way, sometimes the ladies do not even worrying frequent incontinence (can be allocated only 2-3 drops). But this is only just the beginning. If you have time to contact the clinic and you are diagnosed with this disease, you have to be treated in the hospital for about a week. Otherwise, you expect a chronic form of cystitis.

  • Chronic cystitis

Most often, this problem is faced by the fair sex. The reason - poor circulation, infection. Given that chronic cystitis occurs virtually asymptomatic, women rarely go to the clinic. Resi and discomfort during urination many blamed, for example, on premenstrual syndrome. And only when there is a deterioration, the girls decide to visit a doctor. There they have to undergo a painful and unpleasant procedure - cystoscopy. However, only using a special device can diagnose the disease.

 cystauchenitis treatment

The main causes of cystitis

The most frequent cause of cystitis - an infection into the bladder. As mentioned above, women circulated upward path ingress of bacteria inside. This is due to the anatomy of the urethra and the location closest to him of possible foci of infection. To eliminate this route of infection, you need to bathe, wash the genitals after a bowel movement, use only clean clothes, do not wear pads (regular and daily) for longer than directed on the package.

Neglecting personal hygiene and hygiene of sex, it can endanger the health of the whole organism. By the way, do not forget to wash before and after intercourse. Condoms protect yourself, especially if the partner is a non-permanent. Cystitis can also occur due to prolonged use of antibiotics, which are depressing effect on the body's natural defense mechanisms. Therefore, do not abuse drugs and engage in self, choosing drugs at random. The fact that each person may have their response to them. Plus, sometimes antibiotics are combined with each other.

And if the doctor knows about it, then forget the ordinary people even read the summary and read the instructions. Sometimes the cause of the disease known as diabetes or any chronic inflammatory processes in the body. The risk of cystitis is available to buy in when not fully cured any genital infection. It can serve as an impetus for the inflammation of the pelvis, as a weakened immune system after various diseases can not always cope with the task. Concomitant adverse factor in the development of the disease can be an unbalanced diet, or hypothermia.

Therefore, going to work or walk with friends, dress for the weather. Believe me, beauty is not worth the victims. Try to eliminate from the diet of spicy, salty, smoked food. Perhaps the development of cystitis because of sedentary work, prolonged constipation. Sometimes this disease suffer from too tight clothing lovers. It's not the main reason, but there are several unfavorable factors increase the likelihood of cystitis.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of cystitis

All forms of cystitis are manifested in different ways. Aggravation usually comes on suddenly. It is enough to give a push (to catch a cold, not to eat, etc). The characteristic features of this form are very severe symptoms. A sick feeling a sharp pain when urinating. Sometimes there is an increase in temperature. Urge to void can be felt all too often, even if accumulated quite a small amount of urine.

Urination becomes difficult. Because the inflammatory process can change the color of urine. It becomes muddy and gets an unpleasant pungent smell. In some cases, there is blood and pus. Because of the discomfort and disease state against the background of the disease appears nervousness, apathy. To identify the chronic form of cystitis better diagnose. The fact that its symptoms are similar to the acute form, but they are less pronounced.

This often complicates diagnosis. For the diagnosis of cystitis have to pass the material for urine culture. This will help to identify the causative agent of the inflammation and the appropriate treatment. Also shall be tested for detection of infections transmitted sexually. The blood test is required to determine the general state of the organism and detecting the inflammatory process. In some cases, prescribe ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys, and may require a biopsy.

Treatment of inflammatory processes of bladder

After establishing an accurate diagnosis certainly made based on the results of tests and examinations, appointed a full treatment of cystitis. If there is aggravation, all activities will be used to relieve pain and to prevent further spread of infection. Used drugs to help eliminate the spasms of the bladder muscles, as well as drugs that oppose the inflammatory process.

Appointed by drinking plenty of fluids and bed rest. Contraindicated in any physical activity, solarium, swimming pools, spas, saunas, etc. Effective treatment is assigned a light diet. Excluded are sharp, salty, smoked dishes and, of course, alcohol. Moderate food and drink does not irritate the mucous membranes, and it has beneficial effects on the final outcome. If the fair sex appeared constipation, then get rid of it, you can use a mild laxative or enema.

A balanced diet and liquid food (soup, borscht, milk porridge) will help eliminate this undesirable phenomenon. In the treatment of chronic forms of cystitis in the first full restore the flow of urine. To do this, all the centers of inflammation detected and immediately eliminated with antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal therapy. For the body is easier to tolerate the reception of various drugs, appointed immunotherapy and special auxiliary products for normal liver function.

Traditional medicine against cystitis

Traditional medicine can perfectly help you in the treatment of cystitis, but only as a concomitant therapy. Herbal infusions of special fitosborov taken to improve urine flow. The diuretic effect of some herbs have long been known to us and has been used successfully for the prevention of many diseases. When full of herbal medicine is necessary to take time off from antibiotics, so be sure to consult on this matter with your doctor.

In some cases, receiving antibacterial drugs is not recommended to cancel. Also, do not self-medicate, because most of the diagnosis made solely on conjecture turns out to be wrong. The disadvantage is the need of herbal medicine in long-term treatment. The positive effect of herbal infusions can be felt only in the second or third week.

A medicines - on the fourth day. Sometimes folk medicine used to treat cystitis warming. An effective method is considered to be steaming feet in hot water or milk. Often used in the treatment of cystitis hot red brick. Can be used as heaters almost all the means at hand, however, if there is blood in the urine of impurities, the heat treatment will only increase the bleeding.

 cystauchenitis symptoms

Prevention of cystitis: how not to get sick again

As a precaution it is recommended to avoid the constant sedentary work closely things to pelvic blood does not stagnate. To improve peristalsis enough to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. When sedentary work often try to warm up. Every day you need to drink at least two liters of fluid. The best drink for the prevention of cystitis is cranberry juice or juice. Do not neglect the planned examination and be tested regularly for the presence of sexually transmitted infections.

There is a high probability of damage to the bladder mucosa during instrumental examination, so it's best to avoid them, unless it is absolutely necessary. To exclude relapses need to regularly strengthen the immune system and does not supercool. The main preventive measures are hygienic procedures. These simple daily manipulations exclude the unpleasant disease. Do not put off until later a full examination and treatment in the clinic.

In fact, many diseases can occur almost asymptomatic, thus causing great harm to the body. Some seek professional treatment too late. In most cases, when struck by a large plot has bladder. And while the fair sex fears or hopes for a miracle, in the body begin to occur irreversible changes.

As a rule, the effects of such processes is necessary to correct a lifetime. To maintain the normal state of health required constant medical check-ups, treatment of exacerbations of chronic diseases. To avoid all these hassles, just enough to look after their health, and not to delay diagnosis until later. From many of the problems will prevent a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases for which there is a tendency.

 Cystauchenitis why it appeared and how to cure it

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