• Features hardware pedicure
  • History of
  • Equipment for hardware pedicure
  • Stages of procedure
  • The benefits of hardware pedicure

Legs - the most important part of the body, because they are daily exposed to high load. This is especially true stop, as it was our feet bear the weight of the entire body. Cramped and uncomfortable shoes, as well as poor ventilation, fungal infections, and many other factors can cause calluses and corns, damaged skin of feet. It can prevent appropriate care and regular pedicure. So, what is a pedicure and how is it different from the traditional?

Features hardware pedicure

Traditional treatments for feet, or classic pedicure involves steaming the skin of the feet in the bath with water. The hardware also eliminates the softening pedicure feet of water, and it has many advantages. To soften the skin using a special oil or spray that is applied to your feet for a while. This "smart" means acting solely on the dead and the dead cells of the skin, without hurting the living layers of the skin. And the water, on the contrary, completely softens all skin layers. This increases the risk of injury, cutting the living skin. Additionally, the softener has also disinfecting and healing properties.

The processing of the leg skin produced a special device with nozzles and grinding mills. The skin is not cut off the blade, as in the classic pedicure, so this kind of treatments received another name edging pedicure. In addition, not cut off the cuticle, and thin skin around the nails, which increased the risk of injury. Grinding heads have different diameters, from the broad to handle the foot and the heel, to small semi-circular nozzles, allowing to make "jewelry" work between the toes and around the nail, where it gets razor-edged classic technology.

 Pedicure hardware

History of

Hardware pedicure first appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. The German company "Gerlach" proposed the idea of ​​using technology used in dentistry, for foot care. Thus, the first cutter grinding tools and products for foot care. Initially pedicure could only do doctors to treat problems such legs as corns, calluses, hardening of the foot, ingrown nail.

In the future, a special device for a pedicure used to care for the feet of people with diabetes. These people decreased pain and temperature threshold, the skin becomes thinner, deteriorating blood clotting. Therefore, any injury can result in undesirable consequences. A hard edging pedicure risk of injury is minimized.

In Russia, the emergence of a hardware pedicure happened about 10 years ago, as originally as a therapeutic medical procedure. However, considering all the advantages of a hardware pedicure, this procedure began to make many beauty salons. Today, not only distributed as pedicures, manicures and hardware.

Equipment for hardware pedicure

Apparatus pedicure is the right unit and a long handle by which the procedure is conducted. On the handle attached special nozzles, which can be set in the set. First stop is processed coarser grinding nozzle, and as the removal of dead skin nozzles are changed to more forgiving. There are special tips for nail treatment, cuticle okolonogtevoy skin. There are also special tips for removing calluses, cracked heels polishing.

Apparatus for pedicure works by dental drill, and even with the same power. Work with the machine must master who received specialized education and training, as well as having a medical education. The complete unit has a special vacuum cleaners for cleaning nozzles and dust removal, special built for drying varnish. In addition to the manual operation of the apparatus, the kit may also include a training video.

 how to do pedicure

Stages of procedure

So, how do pedicure? The technology of this process includes the following steps:

  1. Disinfection of all used tools and grinding attachments.
  2. Disinfection feet and hands of the master client with a special disinfectant.
  3. Drawing particular gel softener skin about the leg and the nail at a time from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the skin condition.
  4. Removing dead skin and dead skin cells using a variety of tools and grinding mills.
  5. Removal of corns and calluses with special cutters.
  6. Nail Care: sanding cuticles and skin around the nail, nails filing and giving the desired shape, polishing.
  7. Final grinding and smoothing of the skin.
  8. Application of emollient cream.
  9. Foot massage.
  10. Applying nail polish.

The benefits of hardware pedicure

Hardware technology of pedicure has multiple advantages over classic.

  • Using a special softening agents

The main advantage, as mentioned above, is the lack of water to soften the skin, whereby the softened only dead layers of the skin of the feet, eliminating the risk of injury and clipping living layers. Disinfectants skin and heals cracks, reduces the risk of fungal infection.

  • A more thorough treatment of the skin

With the help of special nozzles can handle even the most remote places where it gets a blade or razor. It is possible to handle even the places on the skin, which is dangerous to apply the blade. Special grinding heads can remove the maximum amount of dead skin.

  • Treatment of corns

With hardware pedicure, you can remove any corn. For this purpose there is a special tool, which, as it cuts out the corn, without damaging the skin at the same time, a hole is formed is covered with a cream to eliminate the root of corn. Acts directly in the hole callus cream is able to quickly and effectively remove callus.

  • It improves blood circulation

When operating the machine with nozzles is a constant massage of the feet, throughout the procedure. It is perfectly improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on the skin of the feet.

  • Lasting effect

After the procedure, a hardware pedicure skin, distant and polished machine, is growing more slowly than in edging pedicure and longer retains the subtlety and flexibility, less coarsens.

  • Minimal risk

In conducting the hardware pedicure risk of injury, and, respectively, and produce any kind of infection, reduced to almost zero.

  • The absence of contraindications

Hardware pedicure for foot care, both women and men. This medical procedure is very gentle, why has no contraindications.

  • Wide range of activities

Hardware pedicure - virtually the only way to cure chronic calluses and corns, cracked heels, ingrown nail, or thickening of the nail plate irregularities. Moreover, this is the only way to care for the feet of people with diabetes.

 Hardware pedicure - benefits differences

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 How to remove fat from the sides

  • Dietary
  • Exercises
  • Wraps and massages

Fine wasp waist - the subject of dreams for all slimming women. But in the waist area, in spite of the adoption of the "diet" measures continue to be hated fat or as we affectionately call them - "ears". These "ears" on the sides of our nature bestowed. It was at the sides is collected and stored strategic reserve of fat, which in adverse conditions will bear and bring up children. During pregnancy fat "ears" is definitely needed. However, the rest of the fat on the sides are not willing to put up with no lady. And rightly asks the question: "How to get rid of fat on the sides? "

Experts say that the fat on the sides to remove the problematic enough (so ordered nature), but still possible. This problem must be approached comprehensively. Effective diet, exercise affecting the necessary muscle groups, as well as a regular body care - will have a positive and lasting results.

 how to get rid of fat on the sides


Today, there are many methods of dealing with how to remove fat from the sides, among which you will surely find a suitable one. However, in general, no matter what kind of diet you choose, should adhere to certain rules:

  1. Avoid fast food and fast fat in the form of snacks, chips and other "dirty tricks." Salt and fat in them a lot, and nutritional value - none. In addition, fast food contains saturated fats and light carbohydrates, which are very quickly absorbed and processed by the body. That is why, after the hamburger you will very quickly begin to experience hunger.
  2. Do not load up at night. The last meal should be at least three hours before bedtime.
  3. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep and appetite are closely linked to each other. If we for some reason do not get enough sleep, you're trying to make up for the lack of energy by means of food. Less sleep - more than eat. And, accordingly, to accumulate fat on the sides.
  4. Eat small meals 4-5 times a day. A small portion of the food will not stretch your stomach, and you will be filled.
  5. Eat breakfast cereal or granola. The grains and cereals contain complex carbohydrates. They "wake up" and make our body to work harder all the internal organs, and therefore burn fat faster.
  6. Once a week, spend fasting days. For example, apples or yogurt. But if you have gastritis, then on fasting days is better to refuse.


The famous fitness trainers know how to remove fat from the sides. The need for regular exercise.


The most popular and effective way to remove fat deposits on the flanks. To exercise hoop gave a positive result, you need to follow a few rules:

  • - Choose a heavy enough hoop or one that is equipped with all kinds of nozzles (studs, balls, etc.);
  • - Doing exercises with hula-hoop on a daily basis;
  • - Twist the hoop at least 40 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to one hour.
  1. SP (starting position) - lying on the floor on the left side, left arm extended upward.

    Simultaneously lift up the body and right leg. Make two sets of 15 repetitions on each side.

  2. IP - lying on the floor, right leg bent at the knee, left foot right angle is located on the right knee.

    The left hand lies along the trunk, right behind his head wound.

    Performing twisting, touch the elbow of the right hand to the knee of the left leg. Make two sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

  3. IP - lying on the floor with his hands over his head, legs bent at the knees.

    Performing twisting his left knee try to get the right elbow and vice versa.

    Do 30 repetitions daily.

  • Exercises on fitball (big ball sport) is very effective in the fight against fatty deposits on the flanks.
  1. IP - lying on the ball on the right side; legs straight and together with the right hand up support.

    Slowly lift your left leg straight so as to form a right angle.

    Make two sets of 5 repetitions for each leg.

  2. IP - sitting on a fitball, arms down, feet flat on the floor, back straight.

    Keeping his feet on the floor and did not help himself with his hands, roll the ball left and right. Make sure that the back was absolutely flat.

Perform 2 sets of 10 times (first from left to right, then - on the contrary).

 How to remove fat from the sides right

Wraps and massages

Wraps and massages - a great tool to activate the metabolic processes in problem areas and accelerate the breakdown of fats.

For home wraps you need a food film and elastic tights that keep warm.

The most effective are body wraps with algae, essential oils (especially citrus fruits), as well as ready-made formulations warming up.

Normally, during the wrap it is recommended to rest for about an hour. We recommend it to spend time actively. Apply to the skin, for example, oil of sweet orange, waist wrap cling film, put an elastic leotard and start to act. You can dance, do wet cleaning the apartment or do fitness - in any case, the result will be stunning.

As for the massage, you need to make it active and strong.

For starters, you can try to tough terry mitten. She had to rub the sides to light redness before a shower or bath.

Before wrapping can be done plucking massage problem areas. He is tingling of the skin laterally to light redness. Before the massage, apply to the skin oil or anti-cellulite cream.

 How to remove fat from the sides - effective methods

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