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  • Adaptations for hardware manicure
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Technology of nail service at the same time improving their requirements. Today, highly qualified nail technician must have in their arsenal not only traditional nail file and tweezers, but also be skilled processing hardware nails. The first to have tested this method the French and Italian beauty salons. Gradually best experience was echoed by other European and American colleagues over the years spread throughout the world.

Hardware manicure over the past ten years has acquired its target audience, which is actively in demand. Compared with the manicure, it is able to provide greater efficiency and improved safety. This type of manicure is ideal for girls with problem, the layer of nails, because the risk of cuts or cracks, and, consequently, the infection is almost reduced to zero. However, this rule applies only if the master is really high-class professional, as otherwise the chance of damage to the skin increases many times.

Hardware manicure - one of the most benign methods of nail care. Rate also those who have observed increased growth of the cuticle. After a hard nail, he slowed down, and at constant carrying out the procedure may be suspended completely. The entire process of performing a manicure with the machine takes about an hour.

The procedure should be done no more than twice a month, recourse to experts in the beauty salon. They tell us how to properly care for your nails after a manicure hardware, as well as help in solving the problems described below.

  • Eliminate rough skin, including corn;
  • Get rid of unsightly burrs on the fingers;
  • Carefully release the nail plate from the delaminated or damaged surfaces;
  • Give perfect smoothness and shine marigolds - own or artificial.

 how to make hardware manicure

Adaptations for hardware manicure

Professional manicure multifunctional device consists of a special device with a rotating mechanism and nozzles of different shape, size, and degree of abrasiveness. Its operation is similar to that used in the dental drill. It must necessarily be possible to select a particular speed limits, since each stage of processing of nails and skin of the hands is inherent in its speed of rotation. Usually it does not exceed the upper threshold of 30 000 rpm.

Another important factor in the configuration of the device, such as a built-piece mini-vacuum cleaner. It protects the master and client from inhaling harmful dust that is inevitable when dealing with the modeling of natural and artificial nails even more. Fan, placed in the handle of the device, preventing overheating.

The mechanization of manual labor is very appropriate for the correction of artificial nails, nail after using the device, and a maximum speed of coarse nozzles can be very easy to achieve the desired effect when stripping chips and cracks of nails, to give them the desired shape, thickness, or smile lines.

Gathered hardware to do manicures, consider another feature: the handle should be kept properly - like a pencil. It is necessary to correctly calculate the ratio of pressing force and rotational speed of nozzles, as too much pressure can result in damage to the nail plate. All the mills during operation must be strictly parallel to the nail, and motion - correction, and cautious, from right to left. When performing a manicure should strictly observe safety rules.

Hardware manicure allows not only the standard procedure of registration of nails: cuticle, correct shape and length. Very nice, he has proven to be such a difficult task as carefully polishing the nail plate, processing problem (ingrown) nails, corns and skin resurfacing side bolsters.

 how to make hardware manicure

How do hardware manicure

  • Before you make the hardware manicure, should take pre-treatment arms. They were thoroughly washed with soap and water and treated with any antiseptic substance;
  • After removal of the remnants of the old varnish should be pushed to the cuticle, it gradually stachivaya using alumina fine nozzles in the form of a truncated cone. It is very important not to touch the surface of the nail, so it does not have any longitudinal grooves;
  • One advantage of hardware manicure is the fact that the entire nail treatment without softening occurs by "soaking" hands. This prevents leaching of trace elements and does not cause separation of the nail plate;
  • Keratinized skin on the side rollers fingers scraped by cylindrical grinding of the cap at a rotation speed of about 15 000 rpm;
  • After this point, be cleaned, it should be rounded polished alumina nozzle at a rate of no more than 12 000 rpm;
  • Thus, each finger being processed. Upon completion of the procedures applied to nails and cuticles special nutritious oil or cream that strengthen and improve the nails;
  • The final chord is a nail polish suede or felt tips. This will give your marigolds manicured and immaculate appearance.

The procedure for using hardware technologies may be required, and as an auxiliary operation, helps get rid of any inconvenience or discomfort in each case. For example, it can help to remove the skin is too rough or smooth the surface of the nail.

In order to make a hardware manicure properly, it is necessary to take into account the individual features of the structure of the nail and skin condition, so without prior consultation with a specialist you can not do. Not knowing the intricacies of the work, can injure the hands, leading to tragic consequences. Go to a beauty salon, watch how the master, ask him your questions. And only after that you can try on their own to carry out the procedure.

 Hardware manicure - beautiful nails quickly and safely

 How to whiten your teeth at home folk remedies


  • Cooking teeth whitening procedure to
  • Traditional recipes for teeth whitening
  • Side effects and contraindications

A visit to the dentist - not a cheap pleasure. Moreover, this applies not only to the treatment of caries and prosthetic work. Teeth whitening is also included in the services offered by the modern dental clinics. Get a white smile can each - the main desire, time, and of course, money.

The last point is the most common reason for failure of the costly professional services. And that is why many women are thinking about how to whiten teeth at home folk remedies? Surely there are some secrets used by our ancestors? After all, they certainly did not have the opportunity to give into the hands of a specialist, because at that time, and experts such was not there.

Self-whitening is possible. And most importantly - the procedure is not expensive and virtually eliminates the occurrence of adverse effects, such as damage to tooth enamel. The main thing to know all the details of the procedure and to prepare for her his teeth. Dentists believe that home whitening does not bring the most effective results. However, the correct use of folk remedies can not only make your smile snow-white, but also to prevent the emergence of some caries, stomatitis and other oral diseases.

 teeth whitening at home folk remedies

Cooking teeth whitening procedure to

Risk of damage to the tooth enamel is always there. In order to avoid the consequences, try to strengthen their teeth. By the way, it can be done, too, folk remedies.

  • Eat more dairy products. They contain natural calcium, which strengthens enamel. Fresh vegetables and fruits should also be part of the "guests" at your desk;
  • If you are unable to use daily milk, cheese and yogurt, buy at the pharmacy calcium tablets. It costs a penny, and copes with its task perfectly;
  • Well strengthens teeth tea tree oil. Bedtime rinse your mouth with water and a few drops of this remedy. It is inflammation of the gums and remove (if available), and kill bacteria better than any toothpaste.

Making use of the above tips for 3-4 weeks you will prepare your teeth whitening to your home and you can safely begin the procedure itself.

Traditional recipes for teeth whitening

  • Soda. Add the pasta a little baking soda and brush your teeth for three minutes. This method can be used only once per week since frequent use of soda leads to thinning of the enamel and damage the gums;
  • Wood ash. Containing potassium hydroxide, which is an agent for bleaching. Pour a little ash on the toothbrush and gently brush your teeth. Use as no more than once a week;
  • Activated carbon. It operates on the principle of wood ash. Crumble the tablet and use it instead of toothpaste;
  • Berries. Strawberries and strawberries have a bleaching effect. We need to stretch berry to mushy state, and brush your teeth. Here is a natural toothpaste, are also very tasty;
  • Lemon juice. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and apply with a brush on the teeth, leave for five minutes. Then rinse your mouth;
  • Essential oils. You will need 2-3 drops of oil of lemon or grapefruit and half a cup of warm water. Pour the water into the bottle, and add to the butter, stir well. It turned rinse. Use can be 1-2 times a week, the frequency of application depends on the sensitivity of your teeth;
  • Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. This method can not be called popular, but it works well. Let's start with the fact that many modern bleaching agents are made using peroxide. She can simply wipe the teeth (you soak a cotton swab in the solution). Or add a few drops of warm water in which the use to rinse.

For the results please you for a long time, try not to abuse the coffee is too strong tea, carbonated sugary drinks (especially Coke). Nicotine is also detrimental to the whiteness of the teeth. Therefore, if you want to shine with Hollywood smile without dental intervention - stop smoking!

Bleaching may be delayed, the timing is dependent on many factors. For example, if your teeth are darkened from the frequent use of coffee, you will cope with the task in a couple of weeks. But if you smoke, and for a long time and a lot, whitening can last several months. And not the fact that you will achieve a positive result. You may have to seek the help of a dentist, who will pick up you need to make funds or laser teeth whitening.

 quality teeth whitening at home folk remedies

Side effects and contraindications

Quite often at home bleaching there are problems with the gums. Hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, can cause irritation. A frequent use of coal ash, or lead to small cracks. When cleaning, try less to affect the gums, and then be sure to rinse your mouth with chamomile broth. To rinse, you can use the "Forest Balsam", which is sold in pharmacies. It contains herbs that have healing effect.

Like any medical procedure, at home bleaching there are contraindications. These include pregnancy, lactation, allergy to hydrogen peroxide, taking certain medicines. In addition, if you launched the form of caries or periodontal disease, you should still visit a dentist at least to restore the health of the teeth. And only then deal with bleach. At the age of 13 any whitening is contraindicated, since at this age structure is formed teeth.

In any case, try to monitor the condition of the oral cavity. See your dentist regularly, do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day and after a cup of coffee be sure to caress the mouth. After delayed treatment can lead to a far more dire consequences than the spoiled color.

 How to whiten your teeth at home folk remedies: recipes for the Hollywood smile

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