Hardware facial cleansing

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the face
  • Vacuum cleaning person
  • Cleaning by brushing (Brossazh)

In order to clean the face of the upper dead epidermal cells and various types of rashes, applied and hardware manual cleansing. As with other cosmetic procedures, with facial cleansing has its contraindications: herpes, eczema, vascular changes, neuralgia, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Currently, beauty salons offer several methods for cleansing the face using different devices: ultrasound and vacuum cleaning and brushing cleaning the type (Brossazh).

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

When ultrasonic cleaning procedure improves cell metabolism, increases the production of collagen and elastin, stimulates the regeneration of tissues and activates the lymphatic system. Microvibrations that are created with the help of ultrasound, easily and gently massage the skin, deeply cleansing it of sebum, dead skin cells, freeing clogged sebaceous glands. The whole procedure is painless and quick.

In contrast to the mechanical cleaning, ultrasound does not leave visible traces - redness and swelling, can be used not only for individuals but also for the back, shoulders. The procedure is shown to women with a person who has enlarged pores, suffering from oily seborrhea, hyperpigmentation.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are clearly part of the restoration and rejuvenation of the skin - a procedure eliminates the stretching or squeezing the skin. General view of the face after such cleaning is improved, increasing its permeability for cosmetic creams and masks. As a result of purification increases the skin's hydration.

For the procedure no preparatory stages, facial skin simply purified by a conventional lotion is applied and then a special solution, which consists of a peeling agent, and mineral water. Then the person is exposed to light of the ultrasonic waves emanating from the metal plates.

 Useful hardware cleansing

Vacuum cleaning person

Vacuum cleaning person is performed using the so-called vacuum tube, wherein the artificially created negative pressure, whereby the pores are stretched dirt sebaceous plug. During the procedure, a tube gradually moves through the skin areas while working in places where sebaceous long corked.

Unlike manual cleaning, this action is less painful and more hygienic. One of the downsides of vacuum cleaning is its relative shallowness. Also, it can not be applied to people who have sensitive skin or tender vessels, prone to damage and the formation of vascular net.

Before the procedure, the skin is completely cleaned of makeup, then wipe degreasing tonic. Next problem areas treated with a special cosmetic solution. Once they are currents with low voltage, dissolving sebum and cleans, so contamination from the surface of the skin and pores. Then the skin is processed by vacuum suction cup, which is periodically washed with hydrogen peroxide.

This procedure is not suitable for dry skin, chronic dermatoses, pink, deep-seated blackheads, acne.

Cleaning by brushing (Brossazh)

When cleaning by brushing using a special apparatus having a variety of interchangeable brush heads which rotate in different directions while gently remove dead skin cells. The method is perfectly affects the blood circulation of the skin, refreshes it, has the effect of light peeling. Used as a standalone treatment or as a preparation for other procedures, such as cleaning or massage. But we should remember that this method is only good for cleaning the surface layers of the skin, and deep penetration it is not enough. After brushing the skin soothing mask is applied.

Due to the fact that each of these methods has an intensive effect on the skin, such procedures can not be carried away. It will be quite a clean two-three months.

 Hardware facial cleansing. Types and Features

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 honey facial massage

  • Useful than honey for skin?
  • Preparation for the procedure
  • Facial massage: instructions for use

Honey massage today included in the list of services of any beauty salon. In just a few sessions, you get rid of dead cells of the skin, will return to her youth and beauty. Body massage with the "liquid gold" is an effective means of cellulite - of "orange peel" you get rid of just a couple of weeks. With the technique of its performance is best handle a beautician or a professional masseuse. In contrast, honey facial massage is easy to perform at home.

Useful than honey for skin?

Hippocrates recommended to all people (and the sick and healthy) to eat a few spoonfuls of honey every day. Honey improves the metabolism, accelerates toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system. After contact with skin, honey by sugar crystals acts as a scrub. It opens your pores, elimination of sebaceous plugs. Honey beats for moisturizing, nourishing and lifting properties of any of luxury face cream. It is universal - cosmetics based on it suitable for all skin types. It eliminates excessive oiliness in T-zone, speed up the process of restoring damaged skin acne, burns, redness and pimples.

No less interesting effect of this massage the internal organs. You may ask - as honey, applied to the face, is able to "reach out" to the stomach or kidneys? On the face acupuncture points are located are responsible for their normal functioning. Rubbing honey massage movements, you enable them to work. The deep layers of the skin, filled with nerve endings, have a powerful warming. Repeatedly increases blood circulation, which again feeds all the organs of the human body.

 honey massage for face

Preparation for the procedure

Honey facial massage will not only enjoyable, but also useful if you use it for the natural honey. That you can buy directly from the beekeepers themselves or in the farm shop. Molasses for these purposes is not amiss: it is too liquid. Ideal - honey comb, absorbed the beneficial properties of beeswax.

Honey will not be able to penetrate the layers of the epidermis, if they are "crammed" with dirt, sebum and make-up residues. The key to the effectiveness of the beauty treatments - a thorough pre-cleaned. First, wash using a gel or cream for deep cleansing. Strengthen its effect, rubbing cleanser sponge or sponge for washing. Soaked face with a towel, apply a little tonic on a cotton pad and wipe his face.

If you annoy the "black spots", honey facial massage - the best way to say goodbye to them. Problem skin have to steam before applying honey. Steam bath will open the pores, massage the solution and will push out the contents and massage completes the cleansing process. Sprinkle in hot water a few drops of tea tree oil or lemon juice. Hold face over the steam for 10-15 minutes. Wipe the person does not have to!

 facial massage with honey

Facial massage: instructions for use

Regular facial massage includes patting, pinching, "rolling" of the skin under your fingers. Such movements in the relevant anti-cellulite massage with honey, and it leaves bruises and bruising after the procedure. For skin fit more gentle touch.

For one procedure will require about 2 tablespoons of thick honey. Use your fingers to apply it on the face, spreading the massage lines. Move from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the nose wings - the ears, the chin - to the cheeks. Once done, wait 10 minutes. Go to the mirror and you will see that some areas of the face shine from the remnants of honey, while the rest have absorbed almost all of the applied "mask." The skin needs nourishment and moisture greedily absorb nutrients - remember, some parts of the face it is necessary to pay more attention when applied day and night cream.

For home use classical technique suitable honey massage. Remember the direction of massage lines on which you put the honey? Adhering to the same order, lightly tapping the skin with fingertips. A gradual transition to a circular massaging motion. If you have heart problems, vigorously rub honey in the wings and the nose tip. To prevent colds massage the forehead, and for the treatment of chronic inflammation of the ovaries - the cheeks. As soon as notice that the honey begins to turn under your fingers into a gray mass, start it "rolled up" into a ball. Completely removing a mixture of mud, "length" of the pores and balances honey wash. Wipe face with ice and apply the cream suitable for your skin type. Repeat every two days for 2 weeks. The frequency of application - 3-4 months. But of course it will be enough to make your skin was smooth and well-groomed.

Honey facial massage - a very simple and affordable for use in the home cosmetic procedure. Without the help of a specialist and not wasting astronomical sums, you can improve not only the skin, but also the entire body. However, if you are allergic to bee products, it is better to give it up. Glucose is contained in its composition, is also a strong allergen. Pick alternative honeys peeling - sacrifice to nothing when it comes to health.

 Honey facial massage guard your beauty

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