hairstyles for long curly hair


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In fact, the happy owner of climbing on the nature or because of the chemistry of hair originally lucky as they dissolve enough spit to look chic. But unfortunately, not all of the fair sex fails to curb unruly curls. Sometimes it does not even help the mousses, gels, mousse. And to somehow make it more or less suitable hairstyle, girls or knotted tight tail or strands generally aligned.

By the way, often ladies who made chemicals, are surprised that the result is far from what they had imagined. For some reason, instead of lovely curls absurd they formed an ugly and sticking out in all directions, a dry mop of hair. The fundamental error of beauties - inability or unwillingness to take care of yourself. It is sufficient to show a little patience, buy special tools for maintenance and installation, and at least a couple of hours practice before a mirror. A little experimenting with style, you get a completely different positive.

We provide the right care

Despite all efforts, the hair and then continues pushitsya? So you're using the wrong cosmetics, bad comb, wash and dry the head. Get rid of the tangles, breakage, dryness can be used only if you start to treat hair. Otherwise, you have to walk further with matted locks, with which none of the comb can not cope.

  • Washing

Curls the fair sex should be washed one or at most twice a week, but no more. This shampoo should be suited for your hair type. Unfortunately, almost all the girls they are dry, brittle and lifeless. In professional cosmetics, which is recommended to buy, usually contain moisturizers and nutrients.

Do not forget to use air conditioners and balms (simple or indelible). Care must be taken to use such means, if the tips have a high dry quickly and are cut, and the roots are constantly greasy. The content in this case is not distributed over the entire length, but only the damaged areas.

  • Drying

Dryer should be used only when you are really in a hurry, and you can not even wait twenty minutes. If you have time, use a normal towel. Drying should be gently, gently touching the ends. Rub, pull or twist the more they should not be.

  • Scratching

Despite bans hairdressers, curly hair comb better when they are a bit dried up. If you do this on a completely dry head, the hair will become a magnificent mass of curls and will be over. Note that in this case the comb to be circular, with occasional long teeth. Very rarely, you can use a wooden comb.

 hairstyles for long curly hair

Simple styling long hair

Remember once and for all, to the curly hair should be done with foam or styling mousse. It does not matter whether the strands are twisted by nature or curls are created by means of special funds.

  • Homemade curls

If your hair is slightly wavy, and would you like to look like Sarah Jessica Parker, use tape. You should first wash your hair and apply a lock. Then wrap the fabric on the thin strands, screw them to the roots and secure with pins. When the hair is completely dry, unscrew the locks.

  • Natural curls

At the just-washed hair, apply a small amount of mousse and spread it over the entire length. Then, without combing, start to dry hair dryer, holding all the time in the palm of curls. To better locks curled, use a diffuser. If necessary, sprinkle hair lacquer. This styling looks very impressive as a young girl, and the ladies over fifty.

  • Wet effect

When the girl looks like she just stepped out of the shower, men begin to go scrip. Can achieve the effect of wet using a conventional hair gel, which is applied over the entire length. But be careful not to overdo it with the amount of funds. Otherwise, you'll look like a sloppy mistress that second week does not wash his head. Or, if the lock is strong, the impression that on his head - a piece of plastic.

Hairstyles for each day

To look stunning, not necessarily to spend two to three hours to create a masterpiece. Beautiful hairstyles for long curly hair can be done in ten minutes, and they will be no worse than the cabin. Suffice it to acquire all the necessary (pins, foams, etc.) and a little practice before a mirror.

  • Kos

Slightly lift the hair at the forehead and begin to weave a normal spike. Note strands need to go easy and free. Pull and push the nothing. By the way, she looks very impressive when there is in the queue decorative elements. This may be tape, flower, elegant barrette.

  • Malvinka

Another hairstyle that looks great on the wavy or curly hair, is named after the charming beauty of a fairy tale about Pinocchio. It is necessary to stop the fair sex, who want to open up the face, but at the same time hide the neck and shoulders.

So, first prepare the foundation - wash your head and blow dry. Gather the hair in front (from one temple to the second) and secure them to the top of invisible or hairpins. Lightly sprinkle hair fixative, so it does not split up during the day.

  • Ponytail

Gather hair into a tight ponytail high on the top and secure it. Make sure that the so-called "roosters" in the head was not. By the way, it is not necessary for it to straighten hair ironing, is sufficient to use a small amount of smoothing means. Divide hair into strands and sprinkle them with water, so they began to curl. Then apply the foam and secure the locks. To the waves were homogeneous, it is possible to use heated rollers or curling irons.

  • The tail side

As in the previous case, this is done after installation hair. The strands are collected neatly side into a low ponytail and tightly secured. The result is sprayed with lacquer. If you wish, you can braid a couple of thin braids and entwine them around the gum.

 curly hairstyles for long hair

What not to do with curls

  • Hot drying

Remember once and for all, very hot air spoils the hair, especially if you have curly. If you need to quickly dry hair, do it at low temperatures. The speed of the apparatus must also be small.

  • Alignment

In no case do not use the ironing without first having put locks on thermal protection spray. To resort to the procedure of leveling can be no more than once a month. Girls who wish to purchase a perfectly straight hair, should contact the beauty salon or barber shop. Master with special funds will hair in order not to injure or damage it.

  • Haircut cascade

This hairstyle has been designed for the fair sex, which did not have its volume locks. Doing short haircut cascade on curly hair, you run a high risk to be on top like a poodle Artemon. In extreme cases, the transition should be gradual, barely noticeable.

As you can see, take care of wavy hair is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The only thing not to be taken curls like a punishment or if that beauty - for granted. Please follow the above rules, to always look your best.

 Hairstyles long curly hair: learn to care for themselves

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 Wedding hairstyles with bangs


  • Oblique or straight?
  • Little Secrets
  • Options hairstyles

Look perfect at his own wedding every girl wants. And it needs a lot of work. It plays a role every detail: shoes and gloves, gown and veil, tiara and makeup. And of course we can not ignore hairstyle, because it depends on it completeness and concise manner, tenderness and softness of the bride.

And even if you plan to do your own hair, consult a professional stylist. It will offer several different options, suitable for you, so it will be easier to choose. It should be noted that an important element in the hair is bangs. With its help, you can hide high or low forehead and even reverse the image. Wedding hairstyles with bangs are different, it all depends on its shape.

Oblique or straight?

Recently, there was a tendency to popularize haircuts with bangs oblique. Very stylish, very fashionable, and even in some sense extravagant. There are three options oblique bangs: short, long, ragged.

The most important rule - any fringe at the initial stage should be smooth. But then you can vary and length, and thickness. For oblique bangs, you can choose any length - a definite advantage. After all, if you wish, you can make a smooth transition from the fringe to the total weight of the hair. But with straight bangs it is not out.

Be sure to look at yourself in the mirror. It also happens that a thick fringe does not fit a certain type of person. In this case, you should use the method of tapering. For full girls with a round face such an option would be best. If the bride's forehead and low blizkoposazhennye eye, then it is better to choose a short oblique bangs. Otherwise, this hair will look too hard, and his face with a festive make-up simply get lost in the strands.

A separate topic is torn oblique fringe. It's quite a creative option that not every woman would dare to apply. Note that a torn oblique bangs will look great and short hair, and long. If you want to have prevailed in the hair curls and graceful curls, you can make a soft jagged bangs - she lies snug wave on the forehead and accentuate the soft image.

With straight bangs hairstyle will be easier to do than with a scythe. For the wedding is appropriate to wind a little bangs curling - let it lie a beautiful elevated wave. You can try to make her hair with a thick straight bangs - it looks particularly good with quads.

 Wedding hairstyles with straight bangs

Little Secrets

Wedding hairstyles with bangs have to be perfect, when you create them to consider a variety of factors.

  • If the bride's low forehead, it is better to do with sparse hair, bangs milling. Ideal - oblique fringe with a smooth transition to the common locks. Or make a direct bang and sides Suffer little curlicues;
  • If the forehead, on the contrary, is too high, then give preference to a thick straight bangs - it will hide the clear lack of face. Opens the forehead is not necessary, it does not even fit a simple oblique bangs or torn;
  • If the bride circular or square face, the hairstyle with bangs oblique - what you need. It helps to visually narrow oval face. By the way, if the bride has a rather magnificent forms, then it will create the effect of oblique fringe fit. But with straight bangs a plump girl will appear "square";
  • If your hair is curly, the stylists are advised to completely leave hair without bangs - and so will a lot of trouble with the laying of unruly curls. But you can make a straight bangs and a little to bring it to the side. Then fix the invisible, or simply use the locking means. By the way, for curly hair oblique fringe unacceptable.

 Wedding hairstyles with bangs oblique

Options hairstyles

If you already have bangs, and it thick and straight, you can just put it straight, and her hair in a high form node. For this hairstyle appropriate and tiara and veil. Very nice look these hairstyles with light curls on the sides.

When oblique bangs, try the following:

  • Carefully comb the bangs;
  • Few nacheshite ordinary comb the hair at the roots;
  • Now a little curl the ends inward bangs;
  • Comb your hair from the bottom up movement of the inner side bangs;
  • Secure a lot of varnish - a beautiful and gentle waves ready. To her suit any hairstyle until loose curly hair.

If you plan to use as an accessory tiara, make sure you work out doing hairstyle with bangs in advance. Often, at the last moment it turns out that there is no place to fix the diadem. And it is better not to give preference to a high crown and a thin rib and the rim. For example, if you have fine hair of medium length, will look good oblique fringe, laid a light wave and decorated with a rim-tiara. Here and veil will not be superfluous.

You can experiment a bit with coloring shampoo and make a bang with multicolored strands. To do this:

  • Buy several shades of coloring shampoo;
  • Wear protective cap on his head, so that in freedom there is only a fringe;
  • Gently apply shampoo on the different strands and fix them to hat pins, so that the colors do not mix;
  • Sustain the time specified in the instructions, and rinse with a bang.

This method can achieve a unique image, a unique and very stylish.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs to create easy - it is recognized even professional stylists. And if you do not see your images without the bangs, you should put it in order in advance. Do not rely on their own resources - in this case you only need a professional. One wrong move with scissors, and can refuse to choose a hairstyle and re-start looking for the right option.

When choosing bangs to consider your face shape, hair condition, even the future make-up plays a significant role. When meeting with a stylist sure to tell him what jewelry you intend to use: artificial flowers or a tiara, veil and whether any length. In the last days before the wedding, and so too much trouble, so try to discuss all these details in advance. After all, your peace of mind depends not only on your mood, but also the success of the festivities.

 Wedding hairstyles with bangs: choose the appropriate image

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