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Graduation party for all, without exception, is a symbol of youth, charm and gentle at the same time a violent temperament. As usual, the girls are always keen on him to outdo each other in beauty and originality and, of course, in a very bold ideas. Although there are those who, on the contrary, like timeless classics in the form of delicate beauty.

Therefore, its image at the prom, each girl thinks detail. It is also important makeup and dress, and of course, hair style, which, of course, is the main component of the image. After all, it should emphasize the good character and skillfully combined with the other elements of your appearance. There is no doubt that the choice of hairstyles for prom is just as important point, as the selection of prom dresses.

Hair on the final evening - this is a very important topic in the context of any girl's image. Of all, even the most beautiful hair styles for prom is necessary to choose the most ideal, which will be in harmony with the makeup and dress. And do not forget that prom usually lasts until the next morning, so the hair on prom must survive not only the official part, but also the subsequent active holiday: the more likely you'll be dancing and walking, and perhaps even go to ride boat. It's a shame, but it happens that just at the date of the prom happens to rain.

How to choose a hairstyle for the prom?

 hairstyles for prom photos

The main rule in the choice of hairstyles for prom is that it can not be put off by the last few days. If you suddenly decide to change the color of the hair, then let you have time to change it, if the new color does not fit you.

Better long to experiment with a variety of options for hairstyles for prom: the photos of them can be found on the Internet, and a hairdressing salon. And, of course, is to show the results of independent experts hairstyles for prom night - the photo is not always possible to repeat the instructions on yourself, so consult with a specialist.

Many hairstyles look great in a beauty salon and on the screen in the mirror and in the journal, but do not forget that you will dance and move. Therefore, the massive complex and hairstyles for prom will be quite inconvenient. Another important point is excessive adulthood, which give these hairstyles for prom: a photo in a magazine, of course, it will not show, but now the young person will be a reality in a hairstyle look much older.

That depends on the person?

To start a guide when choosing a hairstyle is not so much that she liked you in the magazine, but also on the type of your face, because even the most beautiful hairstyles for prom will look bad with the wrong type of person they.

 hairstyles for prom photos

Thus, selecting recommendation hairstyles, depending on the type of entity:

  • If you happen to be the owner of the oval face, you can make yourself absolutely any style.
  • If you have a "square" face and a massive chin, then you best go hairstyles asymmetrical shapes with side parting. In this case, the bangs should not be a straight line, because then it will emphasize all your facial imperfections. Your bangs should be combed to the side, or make it asymmetrical. With gentle wavy strands can also soften the image.
  • If the shape of the face a little bit "stretched", and such a person can be mitigated pretty curls. In this case, the widest part of hairstyles shall have the eyebrows and descends to the chin and cheeks. And remember, you will in any case will not go elongated straight hair!
  • If you are the owner cheekbones stand out - in this case, it is the widest part of the hairstyle must go down below the cheekbones. Also, thick bangs will hide some flaws. You will ideally straightened hair. You can even try a hairstyle that often makes Victoria Beckham - a penalty that elevated back to the back, and the person elongated strands. It is ideal for hairstyles for prom: Photo famous secular fashionista can find now in any magazine about beauty and style.
  • If you have a presence in the chubby cheeks, then do not do elaborate hairstyles. Such deficiencies can be hidden by long or to the level of the chin haircut - "Cascade".

Pick up hair along a

 hairstyles for prom photos

Having defined the type face and hairstyle, which he will do, we know what hairstyles for prom 2011 relevant than ever. And we are talking about flirtatious tender on prom hairstyles 2011: photos of hair styles you'll find in the magazines all the salons-hairdresser.

But the haircut itself, no matter how incredible it is, should be more in harmony with the chosen dress on prom night.

So, if you have a dress with open neckline, then it is suitable to many fashionable hairstyles for prom 2011. For example, you can choose a high or experiment with hair does not lose relevance retro style, or you arrange curls along the face. Look, first of all, that this hairstyle was comfortable for you and, most importantly, whether you like.

If your outfit is in a futuristic or in an oriental style, then you will approach hairstyles as a high tail and are very popular today, "seashells". And to make this hairstyle does not make no trouble. Hair just need to gather behind and counterclockwise wrap around the neck. Next hair tied in a knot, and the tips need to hide under a "joint". The final touch - your "shell" firmly reinforced pins. That's all you need for prom hairstyles for 2011: The photo it can look very impressive, but in its creation this hairstyle, as you see, is simple.

Although it is not surprising that some young girls will taste quite extreme hairstyles. In this case, pay attention to the fashion underground, where you can gather a lot of fresh ideas, it is too bold, to become the property of the majority.

Hair length is set

 hairstyles for prom 2011

If you have medium length hair, then you have to find the appropriate hairstyles for prom hair of medium length. Construct, for example, laying in retro style with an emphasis on the middle or side parting.

If you have short hair, then on prom hairstyles for short hair is perfect "wet" styling. To do it, it is necessary to apply modeling gel to damp hair and make a side parting. Combed her hair behind her ear with one hand and on the other - it is necessary to arrange the hair along the cheekbones. But to achieve the desired effect well contribute to easy negligence. Notice how fascinating look curls at the temples in the style of Lily Brik.

Among hairstyles for prom to have short hair and very elegant when short curly hair is laid parallel to the back waves. This hairstyle is necessary to complement the scallops and other beautiful accessories. And do not forget that these accessories can not only firmly secure the shape of your hair, but also give it an extra kick. For beautiful hair clips and headbands, and serve to complement the hairstyle, as well as to attract attention.

If you're not confident in their abilities, then it is best to go to the professionals. Because prom is not the holiday, when it is possible to risk a bad packing. If you are confident enough in themselves, then here's a choice of the most relevant and trendy hairstyles for prom.

  We do yourself a hairstyle on prom night!

 beautiful hairstyles for prom

"Romance." As part of the hair should be staple, and the other part leave loose. Then the work - "Romance". To complete the image of a romantic young person, it is necessary to twist a few strands around the face. A stage and shine this hair will add sparkling barrettes or a small tiara.

"Comet" (ponytail) - hair style, which is always in fashion and always looks stylish. If you really can not understand what you want to opt for this hairstyle - can not go wrong. As it is for any girl's perfect! And do not think that it's boring and banal. In fact, it is a space for experiments. For example, if you want to add a little spice, you have to let go of a few strands of hair styles and a bit of curl. You can also curl your hair in the tail or, if there is such a desire, they pull and straighten the hair iron. Or another option: to curl only a few single strands - it would look very unusual.
Next "comet" must engage in Kichko, and you can decorate it with pins and flowers.

"Hollywood". Classics "in Hollywood" is slightly curled on large rollers and after the fixed hair, which will give you the Hollywood glamor and that is not unimportant, this hair will retain its freshness until the morning.

"Brilliant chic". It looks great and "sparkling glamor." When loose - Curly or straight hair woven lenses, strung on transparent fishing line. This unmatched sparkle effect in the hair can not be repeated by any varnish with sparkles.

"Curls." How not cool, they are always in fashion. And now - especially sloppy, purposely disheveled. To create these locks, it is necessary to apply mousse to the hair, then dry them with a diffuser - special attachment for a hair dryer at the same time twisting the ends of the hair with your fingers. The main thing here - this is not to overdo the use of styling. They should be moderately.

"Smooth beam." Smooth, but not quite, because it has a zest that is not many times in the passage of time will be remembered. Thus, relevant and very unusual decision smooth beam will blend with lush curls in a hairstyle. Thus, they adhere to the head at the roots, but remain voluminous throughout. Thus, the effect is obtained and rigor and at the same time natural. This hairstyle can be crimped locks, and just casually curls. Make the hair very smooth from the person, you can use hair gel. It is not difficult to perform, if the gel is applied at the roots of hair, and then give them a bit of accuracy comb. Then you have to fix them invisible higher neck. And so you will be simply irresistible.

"Fleece". Very nice look rollers smooth forehead. To create such a roller is not necessary to lay fleece back, as is usually done, but forward. For the "fleece" you need, firstly, nail very strong hold and a comb, and a lot of patience. While it is difficult something is nothing in the performance fleece. For him a lock for a lock need to tease and immediately pour paint, just wait until the paint dries and then the next strand, another the next, and so on. Then it all just depends on your imagination, it is possible to create a masterpiece. It is with this hair you will look like the cover of the fashion magazine.

"Bundle". More about five years ago it was called boring and old-fashioned. But since fashion does not stand still and now, thanks to these beams professionals create masterpieces. Of course, you can work out in advance of this haircut, get the hand. After all, you can always create a new hairstyle, it is only necessary to adjust the above - below topknot. "Bundle", in turn, will be good to decorate crab, ribbons, hairpins, invisible with rhinestones, all those, what can your imagination. Sami beams can be braided and stacked gel and disheveled, with false hair - it's merely your imagination. And with such a hairstyle you really will be irresistible.

As you can see, the prom hairstyles are presented in a very wide "range", can be found here and hairstyles for short and long hair and, of course, choose the hairstyle on prom hair of medium length.

Choose, experiment and find your perfect hairstyle for prom.

 Hairstyles for Prom

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