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Each girl with straight hair at least once in a lifetime dream to become frizzy curls her. It is no secret that the fair sex are inclined to consider the tender ringlets or curls naughty more attractive than straight strands. Indeed, to create many hairstyles curly hair fit perfectly. However, some beauties hardly thought about how much effort spent on owner curls care and styling as it is sometimes difficult to find the right hairstyle or make an unusual hairstyle in the curly hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair are astonishingly varied and airy. In this article we talk about the appropriate haircuts and hairstyles for long, short and medium-length curls. At the same time, consider options for fashionable hair styling for everyday use and special occasions. But first, let's talk about the proper care of the hair, it's - the basis of its strength, beauty and a nice appearance.

Basic rules of care for curly hair

Curls of this structure are known for their fragility and rebellious, so they require special attention. What were the basic rules to guide the care of curly locks?

Firstly, moisturize them. Without enough moisture curls become weak, so it is important to regularly use moisturizing hair conditioner. Today, cosmetic shops offer a wide range of air conditioners, which vary in quality and price. By selecting the appropriate for your type of hair, apply it after each wash. Apply this remedy should be for the entire length curls (departing approximately 5 centimeters from the roots) and leave on for 10-15 minutes and then comb.

Secondly, dry your hair properly. It is best suited to curl hair diffuser, since he does not have too aggressive stream of hot air. To keep the curls elasticity and shape them, dry the locks do not end up, and about 50 per cent that they dosyhali own. If you have time, let the hair is completely dry yourself and to give the hair shape and texture can be wet curls in the process of drying your hands to squeeze every 15 minutes. In order not to "crush" her hair and do not damage the shape of curls, do not do to your head, "turban" of towels, instead just gently squeeze the hair.

Third, properly brush your hair. In no case do not do it immediately after washing! Short strands can be combed from the roots, but with a better long day, gradually climbing up. With regard to the comb, the better to choose wood or brush with natural bristles.

 hairstyles for curly hair

What are the hairstyles for curly hair?

It is best to experiment with Boxes and hairstyles for long hair. It is recommended to mow a lot curls winding several layers (to make so-called "ladder"). These layers do not necessarily have to be clearly defined, their main function is to make the whole of the long hair curls more obedient and easier laying.

For medium-length curls fit a huge number of hairstyles. You can comb them up or leave fashion beautiful curls on the sides, can be curled sexy curls or a haircut "square" or "Bob." Embedded in her hair curly hair of medium length can effectively emphasize the attractive features of your appearance and hide the shortcomings.

Medium-length tresses are universal: in one day can change several styles styling, starting with business and ending the evening. When you create any hairstyle curly hair sleek give additional volume, is why so many girls and women seeking to make "chemistry" or constantly use curling irons and hair curlers.

No less attractive and stylish look to curly hair and trendy short haircuts, but such a choice - it is responsible, since it is necessary to find the option that perfectly accentuate the shape of the face and its features. Short hair can be asymmetrical, with a few strands stand out and can be performed in the style of rock or retro. But short haircuts there are also disadvantages: they are more demanding. This means that they need to pay more attention to style every day by using gel, mousse or lacquer. Therefore, in deciding on this option, remember this feature.

Today in vogue once again include a haircut in the style of the 60s: short strands at the back and long bangs, which laid waves. This hairstyle looks very elegant, stylish and does not require much time.

Simple and trendy hairstyles for curly hair

Let's now talk about ways of styling curls, which are suitable for every day. After all, we always want to look good, but not every day there is enough time in the morning, which can be spent on hair. That is why it is important to have in your "arsenal of trendy" several options here such simple and fast pilings.

Lush curls

Among all the options for hairstyles for curly hair, this looks incredibly impressive, and you can create in just a few minutes. Apply to damp locks means for volume (better to use a light mousse or foam) and then tilt your head down and "shake" the curls hands (it should be done from root to tip). Then, fold the strands back and dry them hairdryer (better to use a diffuser, which we discussed earlier), gives hair shape. The result is desirable to fix the paint.

Free Spit

This hairstyle is perfect for a more formal style or hot weather, when the "cap" of the curls just misplaced, and for the party, if you decorate it with a ribbon or a rim. For starters, apply to the hair means to enhance curls and let them dry. Zacheshite strands on one side (try it first on both sides to resolve the way you go) and the braid loose braid. You can dream up and braid braids instead of the usual "fish tail", French braid, the flagellum of the two strands. Dopletite to the end, fasten a rubber band, and then loosen the braid along the entire length, stretching the strands in different directions, so it will look more voluminous.

A little advice: learn how to weave several kinds of braids, then you will always be in store interesting hairstyles for different occasions, and if you use fashion accessories for curls, the number of hairstyles for curly hair increases several times.

Delicate curls

This is one of the most romantic and gentle hairstyles for curly hair, which is perfect for everyday use. So, apply to damp strands of Styling, then make the parting (better not do it in the middle of the head, and slightly to one side), then proceed to drying curls diffuser on low power (this is necessary in order to get a soft curls). To make the volume of the strand of a person can be lifted and folded back. Very good styling looks so if there is a bang and the "ladder."

To make this hairstyle from curly hair even more elegance, you can remove the locks from the person. To do this, separate the curls on each side and wrap them back (to make a free flagellum) fixing or invisible hairpin.

Assembly at the back

This hairstyle on curly hair many consider one of the most popular. Its creation is sufficient to smooth the strands (even combing) and put them on his head. You can leave a frizzy curls, and can wrap the hair around the gum a few times to fix the pin - and you have a wonderful free node from which you can pull out a few strands to make it look a little careless.

 hairstyles for curly hair of medium length

Evening hairstyles for curly hair

So we looked at the options daily hairstyles for curly hair, and now let's talk about the evening variants. One of the most popular hair styling - it's soft hair, curled behalf. To create it you need curlers medium or large diameter (the size depends on what kind of locks you want to). Ready to fix the curls paint and decorate with tape or any other bright accessory.

Non-standard solutions for the solemn occasion or party can be a hair straightening. If you want to experiment with hair or surprise their appearance, such a radical solution would be just right. Remember that when straightening strands utjuzhkom it is necessary to use thermal protector means. On straightened hair spray can be applied to give a radiant shine effect.

Creating hairstyles with curly hair often use bouffant. So you give her shock of hair more volume and make the hair more luxuriant. In this series of bangs or curls along the forehead, you can stab upward, as previously comb.

Fashion weave for curly hair

We should talk about Wicker, who recently returned to the active mode. Weaving - it is incredibly beautiful, original and creative solution for creating hairstyles, they are ideal for everyday and business style, for holidays and parties. By learning to weave a few kinds of braids, you will discover many beautiful hairstyles. For example, you can fully all strands to braid (this option is ideal for work or study), but you can only use fragments of braid to decorate curls. In any case, hairstyles for curly hair will benefit the beauty and originality, to use them in addition to a variety of weaving.

Secrets for unruly hair styling

And finally, a few secrets for styling curly unruly curls.

  1. Do not attempt to "tame" their tresses in rainy and wet weather.
  2. Defeat split ends. Curly hair more than others tend to their appearance. But this can be prevented by use of air conditioning Irons (including the indelible) and styling products that contain silicone.
  3. Correct Use a hairdryer: dry hair at a minimum temperature by directing a jet of air from the roots along the hairline.
  4. If there is no time for packing, use the wrap or tape. These simple details can help tame curls and at the same time beautify hair.
  5. Buy scallops. This easy and simple thing would be the best friend of your curls, as it can be carefully combed curls, thus dividing them into a neat strand.

To create a hairstyle from curly hair need a little time and imagination. They - the perfect basis for virtually any installation options. In forming the spectacular hair curly hair is best little comb. Using a variety of accessories (single and double hoops, crab, combs, flowers, bows) you will attach your curls originality and charm. After tasting we have described how to create a hairstyle of curly hair, you will certainly be open to look at any situation. Successful experiments you!

 Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Secrets of care and fashion trends

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