Ultrasonic hair extension


  • The essence of this method and its security
  • Hair Care after ultrasonic capacity

Hair ultrasound - this is a new technology, which appeared in 2006. It is known that the average human hair grows one centimeter per month. And in order to reach the hair of medium length, it takes five years or more. At the same time there is absolutely no guarantee that your hair will not be long. Because their growth is affected by a fairly large number of reasons: care, nutrition, the environment and so on. Ultrasonic hair extensions will bring you closer to your dream. In addition, it is able to correct the not too successful haircut, make highlights or coloring, without causing any harm to your hair. Who is the hair extensions of this type?

The essence of this method and its security

There is a special unit working on an ultrasound, which allows you to make the capsule more small, thin and totally unobtrusive. It has a microprocessor which transforms the acoustic vibrations into mechanical energy. That is, through the applicator pliers are ultrasonic waves with a definite period of time, which is put in the memory. The time depends on the thickness of the capsule and hair structure.

Waves sent using forceps only to the area where it joins with the client's hair donor hair, which makes it possible to do a perfect bracket (capsule), which meets the highest requirements. This machine has an electronic processor having an automatic system that monitors time and power. All this leads to the very procedure of hair extensions better and much faster.

Ultrasound keratin hair extensions to increase hair under the influence of the ultrasonic device is softened, and the attachment point is the formation of the capsule. This method is now the most gentle and safe method of hair extensions, because their own hair is not necessary to expose the harmful heat. Effects of ultrasonic waves directed only to the keratin capsules and very small patches of hair, where a fixation locks.

Hair that is built up in this manner, always thick and lush. A seat fastening the hair is absolutely impossible to notice. For this method, hair extensions are used, as a rule, only natural hair. They can make and hair coloring, and perming, and after a certain time used for hair extensions again. But to use artificial strands is not recommended by almost all specialists.

Number of stackable Hair is usually determined individually. It depends on the density of the client's own hair. But on average use of one hundred to one hundred and twenty strands. The procedure itself lasts for hair extension with ultrasound in an average of two to four hours. The average term of socks hair - up to six months and sometimes longer. So say many who have tried this buildup.

 hair extension

Hair Care after ultrasonic capacity

Several of the recommendations for care:

  • Wash your hair and head upright. That is not when washing hair tilt your head forward.
  • It is not recommended to go to bed with her head unseasoned, wet hair.
  • You must use a nourishing balms, conditioners, masks, etc. over the entire length of the hair except the root area.
  • Rub hair masks and balms hair roots and capsules - contraindicated.
  • At bedtime necessarily need to braid hair in a braid or gather in a ponytail.
  • Comb hair comb massage follows, in which the teeth are wide enough and no balls on their tips.
  • It is necessary to thin out the hair with your fingers from root to tip every morning and evening to avoid the formation of matted hair.
  • It is best to use special shampoos, conditioners for hair extensions and special brushes.
  • Also, facial hair extensions ultrasound does not exclude the possibility to use all the usual styling
  • Wash your head should be at least 3 times a week.

If you decide to increase your hair, it is the ultrasonic hair extensions will be for you the most effective and reliable means. Be aware that only the ultrasound method guarantees a result that can surpass all your expectations.

 Hair ultrasound

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 shampoo at home

Of course, that all women want their hair healthy and beautiful. For your hair, we constantly buy a variety of shampoos, conditioners, balms and masks. And never at the same time we do not think much in their composition chemistry. As a rule, only the text is read about the effect that sound is always the same: to be thick, smooth, silky, soft, etc. And what is written in small print we most usually too lazy to read. After all, there are listed the names of the different chemicals with unpronounceable name. Conversely only natural, and all the familiar ingredients include shampoo with his hands: his recipes are full of the names of herbs and mineral products.

What harm ordinary shampoos?

Also, everybody knows that in shampoos used by almost all people in the world, include in its composition more than 50% of extremely harmful substances - louret / sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS - is one of the most harmful components in most cosmetic products, as well as shower gels and shampoos. Because sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant, destroying the structure of the proteins that make up hair and skin. But SLS is considered very cheap component and its function is to spread and penetration of shampoo in your hair. And, apparently, the producers are not going to abandon the use of the component.

The benefits of domestic natural shampoo

Everything else, in order to make it all "good" cosmetic companies are wasting the natural resources and also pollute the environment. We must remember that the human body is not designed for continuous interaction with chemistry. So why do not we adopt for health and beauty of hair and grandmothers recipes to cook with their hands shampoo at home? After all, home is the most natural cosmetics, which means - environmentally friendly. There are many popular ways to cook these shampoos for hair with his hands using only natural ingredients and absolutely no chemistry, but after such a shampoo at home hair will look beautiful and healthy.

Natural Shampoo with their hands can not be stored for a long time, but there is no problem, because the shampoo cook at home is not difficult, it does not take long, once a week to make another batch of shampoo with their hands.

All variety of recipes home shampoos

 shampoo at home recipes

Once upon a time in Russia, women washed their hair gruel of rye bread. This shampoo is easy to cook their own hands. One need only sliced ​​bread soak for two hours. In this meal you can put and bran. Keep this mixture on the hair should be from 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes - 30 minutes. Due to this natural shampoo your hair with your hands will grow faster. The only problem could be the remaining crumbs, despite thorough flushing.

Actually it should be experimenting with shampoos with their own hands - a lot of the recipes, something will suit you and what does not.

Well cleanses the hair and shampoo for hair with his hands from dairy products. Here are a couple examples of this shampoo at home: recipes they are very easy to prepare. To do this, just take a yogurt, kefir, soured milk. These products create fatty film around the hair, which does not allow the negative effects of environmental harm to the hair. To wash your hair in such a natural shampoo at home, take, for example, yogurt, with a surplus we put it on the hair, then put on a plastic bag on his head, and we tie a towel on top. So keep 30 minutes, and then wash off with warm water and then another addition to rinse hair with water and vinegar or lemon juice.

Or is there another way - it is necessary to dilute the yogurt with hot water and just wash your hair with shampoo that house.

Also, various herbs may be included in the shampoo prepared at home: recipes and in this case is not so difficult as some times seems.

  • Herbal Shampoo

For the preparation of shampoo at home based on herbs need to mix equal parts burdock root, hop cones, marigold flowers, birch leaves. Pour this mixture 50g a glass of hot light beer and give the mixture brew for some time. Strain, slightly warmed and use a natural shampoo at home.

  • Oak shampoo

This shampoo is made from the infusion of 3 tablespoons of oak bark. It is necessary to fill in one liter of water and bring to a boil. This decoction to wash the hair after each wash head.

Another production of shampoo at home on a grassy basis - special flooring for oily hair. Prepared infusion of birch buds and leaves of birch in the proportion of one to ten. This mixture is necessary to wash the hair 2-3 times a week. Best of all, when the course will be 12-15 sessions. And it may be repeated after 2-3 weeks, if necessary.

  • Pomegranate Shampoo

Also for oily hair shampoo can be made at home from a decoction of pomegranate peel. Just three tablespoons of this rind in one liter of boiled water for 15 minutes. Wash your hair this broth is necessary once every three days for two months. And further, for preventing a repeat wash 1-2 times a week.

  • Shampoo for shine and volume

Many wonder how to make shampoo with their hands, which would give your hair extra volume and shine?

For the manufacture of shampoo at home with the action on the hair is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of ordinary shampoo, odorless, with a teaspoon of lemon juice, egg and two drops of essential oil of your choice. All the mix, and voila - you are prepared shampoo at home, spending a minimal amount of time.

  • Chinese shampoo

And this can sometimes make shampoo at home. To do this, peas grind in a blender until the flour. After we fill with warm water and leave it overnight. Apply it on your hair it is necessary to minute 30. This mixture absorbs all the dirt from the hair. Wash it with warm water.

  • Universal recipe

For all types of hair shampoo can be cooked at home for a universal recipe. The basis for this shampoo that does not contain perfumes, you can buy perfume stores or pharmacies. In the shampoo includes: 50 ml glycerol, olive soap or a basis for shampoo, one teaspoon of base oil (if you have oily hair, the amount of oil or reduce, or not used at all, and if you have dry hair, on the contrary the amount of oil should increase), 1-2 tablespoons of herbs 25-40 drops of essential oil and 180 ml of water.

We prepared a decoction of herbs, cool it, mix with the remaining ingredients and mix. Shelf life of the shampoo - one week. Although, if you add the one teaspoon of vodka, the shelf-life becomes longer - up to 3-4 weeks. In such a shampoo if you want you can add 1-2 tablespoons of various additives: aloe juice, apple juice, lecithin, glycerin, honey and egg yolk.

Glycerin, olive soap or shampoo base is quite possible to replace the root of the herb soap. Then cook as shampoo at home: '15 crushed root pour soap grass 180 ml of water, bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes over low heat. After Let cool the liquid, filter it and pour into a plastic bottle and tightly screw cap. Next, the contents in the bottle need to add oil and shake it thoroughly.

The base oil, essential oils, herb decoction is best to choose depends on your hair type:

  • If you have normal hair, the suit versatile almond oil and grape seed oil; essential oils of tea tree, pine needles, rose, neroli, lemon, ylang-ylang, geranium, bergamot and orange; Grass - sage.
  • If you have dry hair, then we must take jojoba oil or again, grape seed oil; essential oils rose, rosemary, neroli, myrrh, lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, geranium and orange; grass - mother and stepmother or lavender.
  • If you have oily hair, you come up again, almond oil and grape seed oil; essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, mint, lemon, cypress, cedar, kayaputa, grapefruit, bergamot and basil; herbs - thyme, mint and burdock.
  • For dandruff shampoo with their hands will have to take castor oil, grape seed oil or jojoba oil; essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, cypress, lavender, chamomile, cedar (when dry hair) and rosemary (when the greasy hair); Grass - calendula, chamomile, nettle, burdock.
  • For shampoo strengthens the hair, taken from herbs burdock, nettle, sage and basil; of essential oils: eucalyptus, sage, thyme, rosemary, Petitgrain, lemon, lavender, cedar and ylang-ylang.

A few simple recipes, how to make shampoo with their hands. Many recipes include egg yolks, therefore, such mixtures are often called egg shampoo at home.

  • Shampoo with vodka

Components: one tablespoon of baking soda, one egg, two tablespoons vodka, 150 g of water, acid rinse (lemon juice or vinegar). Also, any shampoo, you can add the crushed tablet (soluble) aspirin. Hair of it is shiny like silk, they are easy to comb.

Shampoo for normal hair

  1. For normal hair is well prepared egg shampoo at home with gelatine. Components: one tablespoon of gelatin, one egg yolk. It is necessary to pour the gelatin water at room temperature and leave it to swell. When it swells (about 40 minutes), it is necessary to heat in a water bath to dissolve and drain. Further, gelatin cool and add egg yolk. Such shampoo for 10 minutes and applied to the hair after washed with warm water.

Shampoo for dry hair

Here are some recipes home and shampoo for dry hair:

  1. Components: one tablespoon of gelatin, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two drops of jasmine oils (rosemary) and sage, 70 ml of water. Fill gelatin water at room temperature and allowed to swell for 40 minutes. Filter and add the vinegar and essential oils. All the mix. Rubbed into the hair and after 10 minutes a well-rinsed them.
  2. Components: one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of shampoo and three drops of lavender oil. Mix. Rub the mixture for 2 hours in the scalp. Wash off the mask shampoo such as warm water.
  3. Components: two tablespoons of castor oil, one egg yolk. Mix well yolk with castor oil and this mixture my hair. Do not forget to massage the scalp.
  4. Components: two egg yolks, 5 ml of ammonia, 100 ml of vodka, 50 ml of water. All carefully mix and distribute the hair and scalp while massaging his head. Wash with hot water.
  5. Ingredients: one egg yolk, ten drops of camphor oil, two tablespoons of water. It is this mixture to wash your hair, like a regular shampoo while massaging the scalp.

Shampoo for oily hair

Do not leave cooking unattended and shampoo at home for oily hair:

  1. Ingredients: one egg yolk, 50 grams of cognac, two tablespoons of water. Mix, wash hair, carefully massaging the scalp.
  2. Components: two teaspoons of shampoo, a pinch of green clay, two drops of lemon oil and two - lavender. Good mix and distribute on hair for 2-5 minutes. After thoroughly rinsing.

Dandruff shampoo

Now, how to make the recipes dandruff shampoo with their hands:

  1. Components: one or two egg yolk, one teaspoon of alcohol, five drops of sage oil, one drop of oil rose. Essential oils are soluble in alcohol, add to the beaten egg yolks and mix well. Now applied to wet hair.
  2. Components: raw beet and 1, 5 liters of water. Cold water is poured into 3 l jar. Beets peeled, cut and omit the water. When she will insist that infusion can be slightly warmed and wash their hair, thus replacing plain water.
  3. Components: an equal amount of nettle leaves mother and stepmother. Strong decoction prepared from this raw material. If dandruff is severe itching of the scalp or hair loss occurs, it is best to wash this broth head at least three times a week.

Shampoo for all hair types

And, of course, a few recipes shampoo for all hair types. Without them there is no place!

  1. Ingredients: one egg yolk, 50 ml of yogurt and a pinch of salt. All the mix, applied to the hair for three minutes, a little massaging his head and wash off. If your hair is oily, then take a low-fat yogurt if dry, then take yogurt fatter.
  2. Ingredients: rye bread and yogurt. Cut the bread into thin slices, pour yogurt, put in a warm place for three hours. After the mixture was stirred and its my head. If your hair is greasy use low-fat yogurt, and take a little more than bread. If your hair is dry, take the yogurt with a high fat content, and add less than bread. After washing your hair, you can rinse with water and vinegar or lemon juice - one liter of water one tablespoon.
  3. Components: one tablespoon of gelatin, three tablespoons of water, two egg yolks. Gelatin fill with water for 40 minutes, then put in a water bath. When it is dissolved, add the yolks and put on his head for 8-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Then wash the hair is beautiful and bushy, because this part contains a lot of useful things for their protein.
  4. Ingredients: half a banana, egg yolk, lemon juice - it's only for one washing short hair. Half a banana peeled and remove the top layer of pulp to it when washing is not rolled into lumps. Then a middle to a state of mashed flesh wipe through a fine sieve and add the lemon juice followed, and then the yolk. Wash your hair with shampoo so you can at least every day. After all the hair after using it very well washed, become soft and shiny. Thereafter, even shampoo conditioner is not required, because it has a composition lemon juice.
  5. Components: Only one glass of dark beer. This recipe is good for hair loss. First, rinse hair with warm water, half a glass of beer damp roots, massaging the scalp and leave on the hair for 15 minutes beer. Next you need to rinse your hair with warm water and then moisten them with beer. Then you comb your hair and let it dry. Do not worry, the smell of beer does not remain, because the beer is well absorbed.

Dry hair washing

 shampoo your hands

Now it will be a dry shampoo on your hands. There is an alternative to washing hair - "dry cleaning". It is not always and in all circumstances it is possible to wash the hair with water - for example, on the road. For such cases, manufacturers have come up dry shampoos Swiss-o-Par Frotee, Rene Furterer, Charles Worthington, Klorane.

But you can certainly make the dry shampoo at home. And remember that dry shampoo your hands it is perfect for oily hair .

For dry or in another solid shampoo at home, you will need orris root, which has a remarkable ability to absorb fat. This root is ground to a powder state, the hair is divided into strands and rub into the roots of the hair, this powder. You will then need to comb hair to comb it out of them. That's how easy it is to get a solid shampoo with their hands.

Other dry shampoos at home is not as effective, but, however, they, too, can use if necessary.

For example, using, instead of orris, oatmeal, almond powder, potato starch or white fuller's clay for the solid shampoo with their hands.
Of all these components can be prepared in a solid shampoo at home, if not orris. They absorb almost as much fat and will be an alternative in any situation.

 Make a shampoo with their hands

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