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Studying the trends of the season, many fashionable women would not seriously upset: in vogue once again back long hair. If fashionable skirt or blouse you can buy in any store, you become the owner of long hair in a short time is almost impossible, because it would require at least two to three years. Stylists do not get tired of repeating that this summer in fashion will be high "ponytails" and carelessly loose on her shoulders wavy tresses. What do those who have short hair, and so want to meet the fashion trends?

First of all, do not worry and panic about it. Hair extension technology, which was invented back in the eighties of the twentieth century, today more relevant than ever. This procedure of hair extensions can help you realize the dream of luxury, long hair. Today is the most popular hair extensions using Italian technology. We will tell you about the technology; but in order for you to better understand its benefits, we will tell you about how the procedure is going on hair extensions.

 Italian technology of hair extensions

How does hair extensions

The essence of the procedure of hair extensions is as follows: at a distance of a few (typically 5-6) millimeters from the roots of the natural hair is attached right length "alien" hair strands. Typically, this is used to heat spike, inconspicuous rings or special glue. Typically, these strands are individually selected and are ideally suited to their own hair as the color and structure of the hair, and these strands require about three dozen.

By the way, this procedure is not only lengthens hair but also increases the amount of hair. However, this does not mean that everyone can in no time become the owner of the long braids down to the waist. To do this, your own hair should be no shorter than twenty centimeters.

Today, there are hot and cold methods of hair extensions. Hair - enough time-consuming procedure, which is performed using either heat or chemicals; in any case, your hair will undergo stress.

For hair extensions are used ready-made hair, for which production method is applied special glue or resin. Clay preheated to the right temperature by means of a special device, then the strands are applied to your own hair and clamped electric tongs.

Today ramp locks possible and without thermal effects on the hair - using a special glue, which, unlike the previous methods does not require heating. This way of building is much simpler and more gentle.

Although experts are professionally engaged in hair extensions, argue that the procedure is completely safe and harmless, however, there are still pitfalls, which you should know.

  • Thermal effects of a negative impact on the hair;
  • During the procedure, particularly sensitive skin of the head may get burned by the molten wax;
  • Hair and scalp exposed to chemical attack (because the glue or resin melt and fall on the skin);
  • Hair extensions are kept no more than 3-4 months, during this time will be a process of continuous renewal, that is, will fall own hair. And since they are glued with artificial strands, it is impossible to comb, and as a result - there is an additional load on the hair.

However, admiring the views of members of the opposite sex and the pleasure of its beauty curl overshadow such, it would seem, at first glance minor flaws.

The Italian method of hair extensions

One of the most popular today is the hair extension according to the Italian method. Invented in 1991 by his Italian stylist David Gold, and this technology is now the most advanced and harmless hair. It was first presented at the Moscow exhibition in 2005, and then began to enjoy great demand worldwide. The most important difference from the Italian technology all other is that the hair is not attached by resin or glue, while using keratin.

Keratin is part of the natural hair, which means that the material used to build as much as possible follows the structure of the natural hair, which is particularly highly valued by customers. This method uses a ready-made strands of hair with keratin capsule. The castle is located near the roots of the hair and keratin capsules softened by a few seconds with a special heat-generating devices. When keratin is almost liquid, "donated" a strand of natural hair is clamped special tweezers for capsules.

Once keratin cools, it takes the form of small platelets; they are transparent and practically invisible. At the junction of natural hair extensions and remains almost invisible scales. The flat platelets do not interfere with natural hair continue to grow. Hair look completely natural. And most importantly, this technology is considered to be universal for another reason: it allows to increase the length of the hair in the natural hair from ten centimeters!

Italian technology of hair extensions do not harm the "native" strands clients. Keratin capsules are heated to one hundred and eighty degrees, which is completely harmless for the hair (such as curling, which is used for curling hair is heated to two hundred degrees). For each type of hair keratin heating temperature of the capsule and its clamping tongs is determined individually.

For maximum effect, experts use from one hundred to one hundred and fifty pryadok, which makes hair as natural. The number, color and length of the stackable Hair is selected at the discretion of the client. Hair pryadok come from the highest quality, and they can be as artificial, painted in various colors and natural, natural. Such hair can be dyed, subjected chemical wave; You can swim in the sea, swim in the pool. Even after going to the sauna hair does not lose its appeal and original appearance.

Hair extensions will bring you pleasure for up to six months after the procedure (their life depends on their length). After six months, they will be easy to remove if the client does not want to make an adjustment. Alas, the beauty demands victims. So you have to accept in advance, that the beautiful long tresses require you to careful treatment: the use of special shampoos, restful sleep and careful use of a hair dryer.

 Hair Italian technology

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 New technologies used in the coloring of hair

Many people today continue to paint their tresses in the old bent over the sink with a tube of paint. Staining in the home compared to the salon painting, different quality hair dye and also does not deliver the satisfaction that you experience when visiting a beauty salon, because now new technologies have reached such a high level that almost became impossible to perform the procedure yourself hair coloring. We offer you two of the most popular types of staining.

Elyuminirovanie hair

Elyuminirovanie hair is a procedure for dyeing hair dye Elumen, manufactured by the German company Goldwell.

This type of staining gives a lasting effect for a long time makes hair color fastness and glossy shine. This did not injure the hair, it does not contain ammonia and peroxide. Dye Elumen unlike many other paint acts directly on the hair itself, penetrating into its depth.

In addition to its direct purpose paint Elumen not only spoil the hair, but also treat them. Due to the fact that the staining dye have an astringent effect, they glue the pores, thereby restores the hair's natural beauty and shine. In addition, this paint is able to cure hair, perm damaged.

Biolaminirovanie hair

Biolaminirovanie as well as elyuminirovanie has "ionic" principle of paints and dyes performed without ammonia. However, this type of dye is characterized by a strong therapeutic effect: improves the structure of the disobedient, thin and dried hair.

Biolaminirovanie at least 10% thickens the hair thus becomes considerably voluminous hairstyle. And all this thanks to cellulosic which envelops an unseen film every hair and prevents color washed out. Thus, biolaminat not only facilitates hair styling, but also captures the long hair, besides it has a water-repellent properties, respectively, fine hair is held in all weather conditions.

Biolaminat is of two types - clear and colored. In contrast to conventional paint, the color is bright, glossy and multidimensional.

 New technologies used in the coloring of hair

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