can you dye your hair during pregnancy

Every woman dreams that she will become a mother .  However, it is known that it would be desirable to be especially appealing .  Every woman wants to continue to please others, he wants to draw attention to itself not only pregnancy but also the beauty .  Moreover, as shown in a number of studies, scientists of Great Britain, during this period of life of woman most earnestly applies to all criticism of her appearance .  One of the exciting things it becomes a question: is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy? If you read the many online forums, the mysteries and wonder becomes much more than before, as a woman of the matter is set .  It becomes clear that there is no unequivocal answer - is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy .  Some visitors, allegedly referring to obscure doctors say a huge impact in the paint contained the chemical elements on the child .  Others - that no paint can not harm a child or pregnant woman enough to affect seriously enough .  It should be borne in mind that the allergic reaction does not apply to what is usually called the colossal harm .  In this case, every woman should keep in mind a simple test to allergens in the paint .  Before painting, you should apply a small amount of paint on the inner bend of the elbow and leave for five to ten minutes and assess skin condition .  If the paint does not cause any allergic reaction, at the site of its application will have no traces, except slight redness .

We will try to give the most complete answer to the question - is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy. Some experts claim that the chemicals that are part of the dye or coloring shampoo, do not harm either the mother or the child completely. The second saying quite the opposite - all substances, which only have to paint a negative impact on the mother and child.

The first group gives the following arguments: if all women who use during pregnancy paints, give birth to sick children, and ninety percent of the children we would be sick. There are no studies to date which clearly reflected the effect of hair dye on fetal development and the occurrence of abnormalities and abnormalities in the process of its formation and development.

The second group of research scientists says almost carcinogenic effects on the woman and the fetus. They are guided by research on the impact of large amounts accumulated in the blood of heavy metals. But none of them does not consider that all of the examples are based on a large amount of salt.

Both when the question arises whether it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy do not give a clear answer. This is due to numerous factors, including the possible hormonal disruptions, failures and changes in the sebaceous, sweat and other secretory glands. Moreover, the entire structure of the blood is changed, it appears that an excess amount of the element, then reduced to near zero. It should be a clear distinction between what a woman wants to do with the hair - paint them in color, which is similar to the natural color of hair, color of the tint, which she had for a long period of time or to radically change the color.

Coloring of hair (or a change in color)

 You can dye your hair during pregnancy
 Researchers who study the problem, you can dye your hair during pregnancy or not, it is not advised to buy indiscriminately paint .  It should be borne in mind that before you buy you should carefully study its structure, read all the contraindications, etc. . d .  Do not look for the words "Do not apply during pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding", as the question can be colored hair during pregnancy, or better to abstain, individual .  If you take into account the fact that the chemicals can not be used, it should be remembered - the most "natural" and safe way is the type of paint henna, Basma, as well as a mixture of .  But here there is one thing: such components being in a natural state can absorb heavy metals and radioactive components .  However, there is an aesthetic issue - after dyeing with henna on the hair does not take none of the chemical composition of the paint .  Coloring of hair dyes containing ammonia is harmful not only to the health of mother and child, but for the condition of the hair .  It should also be taken into account and the fact that during pregnancy women acute sense of smell, so the paint can cause choking .  To the choice of paint is quite serious and responsible .

If you think that through the scalp into the blood by staining can get a lot of harmful substances, it is necessary to reduce the time of contact with the paint, staining intensity. The best option during pregnancy - is highlighting or coloring. Such staining procedures minimally affect the hair at the time of contact with the scalp and hair roots. Such methods are gentle and affordable option for many mothers. The only thing that should be borne in mind in this case - an appeal to the master of hairdressing. That is what will allow you to avoid errors and unexpected result after hair coloring.

Cardinal change hair color

Hair coloring during pregnancy in order to radically change the color (for example, you choose from the burning brunette become as burning blonde) - not the best option. Today, there are several options for coloring the hair during pregnancy, although they, too, can not be called gentle. In every woman's life there are moments when a vital change something. Such moments often occur just during pregnancy. If absolutely no strength to hold on, that is the option of using colors from the power saving mode staining. If the color decision can not be executed in the application of this embodiment, it is possible to use coloring in stages using several kinds of paint.

This solution usually used in a color change from light to dark. It should be remembered that such a transition is the most safe in terms of maintaining their structure and hair during pregnancy. If it is not possible to apply multiple colors and go for uniform staining of hair in the barber shop, you can independently perform the procedure. To do this you need to buy two or three shades of one color paint sparing the same cosmetic company. They should be divided into three or four servings of each. Mix one part of all inks and uniformly applied to the hair (as per instructions). Exposure time on the hair is cut by about five to seven minutes. It is advisable not to wrap up head with a towel. Two days later, the procedure is repeated. You get a good color, and the hair will be saved.

Still worth? .. (Or what colors to use)

 hair coloring during pregnancy
 Opinions on the bill, which paint is used as the most secure, can not match. The fact is that each person has a certain threshold amount of the transfer of chemical components. We do not just make reservations on the bill, which the paint should be used, because during pregnancy the body produces a large number of white blood cells and hormones. Do not think that the body is able to cope with all substances (it receives) as fast as before. The immune system does not just work for two, but is constantly in operation, so do not give her a permanent additional load.

Many still wonder - is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy paint without ammonia . The answer is quite simple. It all depends on what you expect the duration of the contact and decided to change colors as their natural color. No matter what kind of paint to help you decide to change the color, because only you will be able to determine its suitability (eg acceptability of the smell and the results of tests for allergenicity). Can I color my hair during pregnancy paint without ammonia - for you will not be insoluble matter, because now you can accurately choose the paint and defined with the correct hair dye.

To summarize all that we can take note during pregnancy

You should not give up the opportunity to look attractive. If you feel attractive, then finds inner harmony, gain self-confidence and psychological balance. Such a condition can not but affect positively on you and your child. You should not flatly refuse from the usual for you hair color and not be painted at all. This may not be the only solution. It is necessary to consult with the hairdresser in order to set off the hair and unkempt look, and unaesthetic. Just imagine the blonde, whose hair roots for ten to fifteen centimeters dark.

When using paint or paint mixture it is necessary to pay attention to their composition and content of a particular chemical or reagent.

Today representatives of cosmetic companies offer a fairly wide range of products from which you can always choose something that will suit you in all respects. Remember that only what you yourself feel will be helpful for you and your baby. You should always remember that you now live for two for two. Therefore, before you dye your hair, it is worth a hundred times to think.

 Hair coloring during pregnancy: "For" and "Against"

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