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What is the Tibetan rejuvenation exercises: the secret of longevity or a scam? Eastern medicine has always been the object of irrepressible interest, especially the Europeans, of which the Asian way of life attracted everything. But first of all - longevity, disease, and at least an active old age.

Breathing exercises Tibetan monks, according to legend, the giver of eternal youth and health, includes a range of mental and physical exercises .  However, to avoid undue hopes and disappointments, everyone who chooses to extend its life by means of this complex exercise, it should be understood that as such, eternal youth, as well as immortality does not exist .  Because each person is different, the body of each of us has its own resource life .  Scientists have long known that the human way of life srednestaticheskogo 75-85 years - this is not the limit .  According to the results of recent research in the field of gerontology, the scientists concluded that the resource of the human body by an average of 50-60 years longer than the average duration of human life .  Tibetan breathing exercises, and different exercises definitely help to prolong life and even in old age allowed to remain cheerful and full of energy .

Tibetan rejuvenating gymnastics eye revival

Gymnastics Tibetan monks tat revival became very popular after the publication of books by Peter Kelder "Eye revival" in 1938 .  The technique, based on Buddhist philosophy, found while a huge number of followers and supporters, it is quite well known in our days .  Therefore requires some explanation .  Miraculous complex consists of five special exercises, or rather the ritual, each of whom is responsible for any energy state .  The essence of Tibetan breathing exercises is as follows .  According to Buddhism, the human body has nineteen energy centers, called "vortex", which in a healthy body rotates at high speed .  They are responsible for ensuring that all systems of the human body etheric force .  As a result of dysfunction of one of these vortices, the flow is reduced or completely blocked, and as a result - that is what we are all used to call the disease and old age .  To push this point, there are five simple exercises that help maintain the vortices in working condition .  This set up a system of exercises and gymnastics Tibetan rejuvenating eye revival .

Gymnastics Tibetan monks: ritual actions

Tibetan gymnastics eye regeneration, like any system of training of Tibetan monks, is a set of exercises designed primarily to education is not so much the body as the spirit.

  1. The first ritual action  gymnastics Tibetan monks
 This exercise Tibetan rejuvenation exercises performed to "unwinding" of the vortices, and give them the speed and stability .  To perform the ritual of the first steps you need to get up in the middle of quite a spacious room with his hands in the direction of the allotted 90 degrees: left palm up, right - down .  Taking the initial position, start to move around its longitudinal axis in the direction from left to right .  We should not develop too fast, is enough 5-6 speed or until there is a feeling of slight dizziness .  Beginners recommended to limit to two or three turns .  If, after this exercise, you have a desire to sit down or lie down, do not resist the natural requirement of the organism .  Also, do not bring themselves to exhaustion grueling workouts .  To stimulate vortex only need 10-12 times .  So always follow the exercise as much as required by each individual case .
  2. The second ritual act  Tibetan gymnastics eye revival
 The second exercise, which includes a set of gymnastics Tibetan monks tat revival, much more difficult the previous one, because it requires not only flexibility, but the endurance of the vestibular apparatus. You'll need a soft warm bedding. Lying on such a surface, you need to straighten up and pressed his hands to the sides along the lines of the body. Followed by press down firmly to his chest and chin lift up perfectly straight legs. Raising be as long as they do not form a right angle with the body. In this limb must be connected together. At first glance, this exercise is very similar to a normal activity for the development of the abdominal, the only difference is in the complex repeat it recommended no more than two or three times.
  3. The third ritual act  Tibetan exercises for weight loss
 This exercise is much more complicated the previous two. Like the second ritual action it requires the strict coordination of the respiratory rhythm and movements. Perform each exercise, kneeling. Take original position, place your knees from one another at a distance of the width of the pelvis, making sure that the hips are in the upright position. Palms of the hands should be placed on the back of the thighs, that is under the buttocks. Head bowed, chin firmly onto the upper chest. Then this exercise breathing exercises of Tibetan monks as follows: your body must move like a snake crawling - curvature of the spine and alternately moving the chest and head. Repeat the exercise to a few times in a row.
  4. Fourth ritual act  gymnastics Tibetan monks eye revival
 The next exercise is visually very similar to the original bridge. For his performance you will need to take the following initial position: Sit on the floor, straighten your legs and lean on your hands, parallel to the body. Then, pressing his chin to his chest, arches and at the same time lift the torso up, as long as it does not take a parallel position with respect to the floor surface. On the side, this situation should look like a table, in which the leg and the hand will play the role of the legs, hips and torso - countertops.
  5. The fifth ritual act  Tibetan rejuvenation exercises
 The last exercise of the complex Tibetan gymnastics eye revival is as follows: take the starting position "lying emphasis caved in" with his head thrown back, with your knees and hips should not touch the surface. Fixing the situation, begin to bend as follows: lift the pelvis up, and his head pressed against the chest. Starting with a full exhalation in a starting position, to make the most deep breath when "folding" of the body in half. After this exercise, it is important to go back to its original position, thus making a full exhalation. Although breathing circuit when performing this exercise is not quite normal, after a few days, when you learn it well, it will become a ritual act for you in the simplest of the five.

Tibetan exercises for the spine

Osteochondrosis is rapidly getting younger. Is it any wonder that today suffer from this disease, even schoolchildren. This stems from the sedentary lifestyle of modern people. Indeed, in our time, most people have several hours to spend in the office, sitting at a computer. Pupils and students - is no exception. They have not lighter otsizhivaya 6 lessons, and even more for a school desk. Cartilage and muscles of the spine without moving like a "rust." To this did not happen, take it a 2 times a day: morning and evening to do the Tibetan exercises for the spine. After all, no wonder the wise Tibetans believe the flexibility of the joints of the body and one of the major signs of youth. That is why all the Eastern techniques, without exception, aimed at the development of the flexibility of the body.

Tibetan rejuvenating gymnastics eye revival today enjoys great popularity around the world, and it's all because of its effectiveness and advantages: it is very simple and takes no more than 15 minutes a day. It includes a set of exercises that improve lubrication of cartilage discs of the spine and back muscles blood supply. If muscle tension, as well as terminal nerve endings, is only a few days do exercises like pain and discomfort in the back disappear without a trace. And all this is due to the fact that the Tibetan exercises for the spine is made up in a way that allows you to stretch spinal membranes.

Tibetan exercises for weight loss

According to experts in gymnastics and fitness, gymnastics Tibetan monks - it is a very safe and effective exercise program that strengthens ligaments, joints and the whole body. Moreover, it also contributes to weight loss. Therefore, Tibetan exercises for weight loss is the best place to lose a few kilograms overweight to lose weight and at least one size . This will require only every day for 15-20 minutes to perform all of these exercises, which includes the system. But if this method extends the life, the question is still open. But in any case, such exercises still nobody harmed. So, Tibetan gymnastics slimming everything is clear, the results did not wait long, the main thing - to carry out a systematic set of exercises. Better to start with 3-5 repetitions of each exercise, bringing them gradually to 21: the addition of 2 reps each week.

Perhaps the first gymnastics Tibetan monks will seem funny and filled with mystical meaning. However, Tibetan yogis believe that in this way the person receives the healing energy of the earth and the sky.

 Gymnastics Tibetan monks

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