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That's the long-awaited season of 2011-2012 - the time has come increased attention to new trends. And all the girls who are in search of stylish trends, we advise to choose the elegant guipure dress - is it going to be the wave of success and popularity among women. Make sure it is easy - just look that put celebrities, movie stars and show business. Today stylish variations of guipure dress decorated with the famous fashionistas - Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears, Rihanna and Uma Thurman.

We, Russian girls, is to adopt the experience of Western trendsetter. So let's quickly define some popular color, style, model, a look at the actual decisions and choose yourself a beautiful, elegant and moderately sexy outfits.

Black lace: must have of the season

Of course, beige or milk model will also be a success, but their popularity does not compare with the classical rigor of black. If you and I want to select the 100% fashionable guipure dress photo collection Steffen Schraut, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alberta Ferreti, Dolce & Gabbana are able to convince each of us that it is necessary to buy the elegant black model.

 guipure dress photo

But let's move on to solutions design houses:

  1. Many models of black sheer sleeves and top - European couturiers play on the contrast of rigor and spice. Looking daring neckline guipure dress, you know what they are doing is absolutely right - it looks very impressive.
  2. Another interesting solution models are generally sleeveless - they help to emphasize the elegance of the fragile female figure. Openness guipure dress looks positive and easy - it is perfect for young girls, his redeeming activity and cheerfulness.
  3. But the most daring option - it is a model with a contrast lining, usually made in the skin tone. Such guipure dress creates the visual effect of a naked body - they are spicy and sexy, sure they fit in their stunning beauty girl.

As you can see, you can enrich your wardrobe with the stylish trend, and do it quite easily. The important thing to remember is that the ease of guipure dress is perfect for visiting the world and at parties, but on the street wear it is chilly.

 Guipure dress allows you to look stern, but piquant

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 Office Fashion Fall 2011

Any independent woman holds a very important part of their day at work, that is in the team. That's why every real fashionistas should not just respect the office dress code, but also to demonstrate to employees and co-workers your sense of good taste.

Of course, this woman needs to be aware of the latest trends and know exactly what kind of things and clothes are popular this season. To understand all the intricacies of today's trends will this review - we will tell it as updates from the designers and the "win-win", which have become a classic part of the business look'a.

And really there to talk about, because the Office fashion autumn 2011 presents a variety of solutions for business woman, life heads of large companies, and for clerks, dispatchers and other ordinary workers. So let's look at those fashion trends that bring together women of all professions.

Office Fashion 2011-2012: features trends

So, about the trends relevant to the work in the coming season - what will they be?

  1. The first option worthy of attention by all women, regardless of their positions or flavors, is a classic combination of white top and dark bottom. Yes, the same light blouse in combination with a gray skirt or, for example, black pants will never go out of fashion. Classic is above the popular, and this outfit will only accentuate the impeccable taste of its owner, and in the business environment it is particularly important to create, confirm and strengthen their positive image.
  2. Another current trend is becoming a major binding - in the coming season will not lose women preferring executed in a style sweaters, cardigans, dresses. For tall girls with slim figure it all must have - in your stylish wardrobe beauty business should definitely include some knitted things.
  3. Of course, the dress deserve our attention - model classic cut calm and strict colors will decorate the office fashion 2011-2012. Matured knee-length, elegant sleeves, black, brown, beige or gray - that's what will have the characteristic features of the dress that you can wear with pride to work.
  4. Now, let's pay attention pantsuits - we believe that they should be in every woman's wardrobe, in which we are told how the latest shows and collections, as well as trends that are already well-established. And in the coming season will focus on stressed male models: long pants will be complemented fitted jacket and tie - a combination of rigorous looks strictly business-like and this is doubly impressive.
  5. We also, fashionistas, is to pay attention topam of transparent and translucent fabrics that have become not only the current trends on the European catwalks, but in real life operating conditions. Openly and boldly, they give the image of a confident female sexuality, but remember, the main thing is not to overdo and still keep an office dress code. Therefore, choose the model stamp must be not only reasonably piquant, but also impeccably stylish and quite strict.

We briefly walked all the current trends, but now let's look at the most significant of them in detail. If we are talking about pantsuits or dresses should look at what specific models emphasize the world-famous fashion designer, at what options we offer popular design houses.

 Office Fashion 2011 2012

Dresses like fashion jewelry office 2011-2012

They help serious, respectable, busy business women do not indulge in risky experiments, but simply to give preference to "iron" the classics, what version of the dress code, which is sure to be popular. So what are the solutions to us in connection with this offer European designers that for a fee they recommend Russian girls?

In rigor and elegance emphasize Emilio Pucci and Valentino - in their favor black, sand, pastel, beige, brown knitted pattern. The style of dress is a classic: knee-length sleeves and elegant non-positive. But there are those who make the office a strict classic original, for example, the brand Celine. Their cream-colored dress is ideally decorated with elegant leather inserts, they release a full fur pattern, and most importantly, that all of their decisions are looked elegant - thanks to this designer's home girl can wear to work quite bold and interesting, but at the same time comply with the dress code and highlight your taste .

Brand Jason Wu tells us that the coming autumn and winter approaching, you can choose not only the plain and minimalist dresses. This designer home offers to our attention the same strict black, gray, beige options, but decorated with embroidered floral motifs - his collection look very interesting. Blumarine comes even bolder - they luminance look'ov office. The collections of home design emphasis is on simple style dresses, but the saturated color, purple, turquoise, orange, yellow models - and positive reviews from critics tell us that such solutions have their right to life.

Hit Office fashion autumn 2011: pantsuits

As we have said, they will be represented in the collections of most design houses, so let's pay attention to those brands that have made emphasis on trouser suits.

The very masculine style emphasizes Tommy Hilfiger: it focuses on broad and long trousers, fitted jacket, stylish ties. The reaction of critics and buyers said that the design house is absolutely right - such pantsuits, strict and elegant at the same time, have become must have of the season. But fashion designers Stella McCartney arrive safely - they offer the women of fashion "school" model jackets, deliberately baggy-looking and very unusual in the narrow girlish shoulders. Office Fashion 2011-2012 must not only be strong - these costumes are also popular. Combined with narrow trousers, jackets allow them to comply with the dress code, and to stress the fragility, grace and tenderness of female figurines.

There are design houses, making emphasis on pants, for example, Yves Saint Laurent and Emilio Pucci. The collections of the first models are shortened, the second - narrowed, and both options are quite interesting for Russian business lady incorporate them into your wardrobe.

 Office fashion autumn 2011 2012

Stylish office solutions Fashion 2011-2012: skirt suits

This is the business look can be as feminine, so he must be in the arsenal of every one of us girls. Therefore, we are so attentive to skirt suits, and present to you the decision of different design houses.

Let's start with the classics, all the elegance which reveal great collection of Ralph Lauren. Pencil skirt and an open neck of his jacket - these are the characteristic features of such suits, looking interested, moderately spicy, but always stressed businesslike. The more daring, original and unusual options offers us Donna Karan: models of this design house away from austerity verified. But it is even their incredibly feminine skirt suits keep V-shaped neckline - it seems that a new popular trend of autumn.

For school style in their collections back many design houses - as an example, the same Valentino and Chanel. They offer the attention of Russian women model with long jackets and skirts above the knee - a bold and pretentious mix that promises to dilute the grayness of everyday life.

In fashion there will be bright skirt suits - this we said Jonathan Saunders, in that it is supported by many design houses. Couturier Europe offer us free jackets and skirts decorated with vivid, psychedelic, abstract drawings - bold and confident women will appreciate their worth. But, choosing a bright suit, remember that all is well in the measure - in any case have to comply with the dress code, and do not overdo it with outrageous.

Office fashion autumn 2011: the best "chips" Designers

Let's pay attention trends of discharge must have, things that are worth to buy any and all fashionistas.

In your wardrobe, we recommend to include pencil skirt gray or black, features a collection of Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and many, many other design houses. It can be elegantly and gracefully combined with any blouses and more or less strict jacket - it is not only stylish and popular today, but also a very practical model. You can also feel free to give preference to the tandem of snow-white blouse with a neckline and skirt black skirt with a slit. Their combination will 100% feminine, elegant and moderately sexy - a cool look will complement the image of a modern girl.

Business Women in Europe often prefer not only suits and dresses, and overalls. And one of the most stylish and spectacular shows us their models Stella McCartney - her collection is worth paying attention. Overalls look stylish and modest, but at the same time emphasize the harmony of the whole girlish figure and always attracts attention - incorporating them into your wardrobe is worth serious thought.

I think that in this review, we have shown how interesting and varied may be office fashion: Fall 2011 presents a modern woman hundreds of stylish options - so let's use them and observing the dress code, we will look at the work he loves just stunning.

 Office Fashion 2011-2012: will be fashionable and at work

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