Grilled chicken in the oven


  • Grilled chicken on the can
  • Grilled chicken marinated in yogurt and milk
  • Grilled chicken seasoned with peppers 4
  • Grilled chicken on a spit in the oven
  • Grilled chicken with ginger, apples and plums on a skewer

Admit it, well, which one of you passed by the counter with fragrant grilled chickens, do not be tempted to buy one for dinner? It's so convenient, fast and delicious! But often we do not think about what we really sell in supermarkets under the guise of ready meals. And if you think about the hidden dangers of a delicious crust? Believe me, sometimes it happens sometimes, especially if you buy foods in questionable places.

Firstly, we can not be sure that the chicken cooked on the grill, do not lay up on supermarket shelves for a long time. It may simply be overdue. Secondly, we all heard about the absence of any sterility obschepitovskih cooking. So does it make sense to risk their health by buying ready-made grilled chicken? After all, this is a dish you can easily cook in a conventional electric or gas oven. But how to do it, read this article.
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Grilled chicken on the can

This recipe can be called a classic, because at least once in a similar way to cook chicken probably tried every woman. However, the bank is sometimes replaced by, for example, a glass bottle of beer. On the result of this, however, it has no effect - it turns a very appetizing and flavorful. If you want to pamper close delicious poultry, be sure to try out this classic recipe and vegan grilled chicken in the oven would be a much better purchase.


  • large chicken carcass (2 kilograms) - 1 piece
  • sour cream - 100-150 milliliters
  • garlic - 4 cloves
  • mustard - 2 teaspoons
  • bay leaf - 4 pieces
  • Black pepper peas - 10 stuff
  • a mixture of Provencal herbs - to taste

Cooking method:

Chicken carcass wash and pat dry. Cut the tail of the inedible. Take a quart, it is advisable to choose the one, which there is not a wide neck. Perfect glass bottle of fruit juice for a shop. This capacity is 2/3 filled with water, throw in bay leaves and peas allspice. Chicken rub minced garlic, obmazhte mustard and sprinkle thoroughly Provencal herbs. Note whether there is salt in their composition. If not, then do not forget to salt the carcass.

Basically, start cooking the bird can be at once. But the more intense taste you get when you give your hen the time for marinating. To do this, wrap it with cling film and send it in the refrigerator overnight. All you need to do next, so it is to impose on the carcass jar or bottle and send it in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 140-150 ° C. Bake the chicken is about an hour and a half.

When before the end of cooking will be no more than 10 minutes, remove it carefully obmazhte cream and re-send it in the oven. During this time formed a crust ruddy appetizing, and meat fed with aromas of bay leaf and allspice. Cooked chicken, remove from the oven, remove the jars and carefully divided into parts. As a side dish to it can submit mashed potatoes or even do a salad of fresh vegetables.

 recipe for grilled chicken in the oven

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Grilled chicken marinated in yogurt and milk

This recipe has a feature that is unusual taste of chicken, if it is prepared as described below. The result is a pleasant shade of smoked meat. And the thing is quite simple marinade and spices, which are typically used for barbecue. The dish becomes quite sharp, with a characteristic taste Caucasus. The fragrance will bring to mind any, so the table is set in advance, or grilled chicken disappears from the plate before you submit it to garnish.


  • chicken carcass weighing about 2, 5 kg - 1 piece
  • fresh milk - 1 cup
  • Yogurt - 1 cup
  • spice mix for barbecue - to taste
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste

Cooking method:

Wash the chicken, remove any excess moisture with a paper towel. Do not forget to cut the tail of the inedible. Then divide the carcass into portions, season with salt and pepper and roll in a large number of spices for barbecue. The deep and large container, pour the milk and yogurt, and stir well to dip the chicken pieces. It is in that sauce she had to stand up in the morning, as the pickling.

Preheat oven to 150 ° C, under a lattice grill pan substitute, which will drain the fat. Make sure it is, because the consequences would have to wash long and hard. Put the chicken directly on the grill and cook until it does not form a beautiful golden brown. Inverting the pieces are not worth it, otherwise the skin will stick and appetizing dishes will suffer. Serve better with finely chopped herbs, fresh vegetables and spicy ketchup.
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Grilled chicken seasoned with peppers 4

And this recipe is sure to impress fans of sharp little, as the name itself says that the chicken turns downright fiery. But what a delicious and fragrant! The crust becomes very appetizing appearance, rich color it imparts a mixture of peppers. This meat dish if prepared correctly, is very tender and juicy. This combination will bring to mind any gourmet!


  • chicken carcass - 1 piece
  • onions - 1 pc
  • garlic seasoning - 0, 5 tsp
  • bell pepper - 1 tsp
  • dried thyme - 1 tsp
  • ground white pepper - 0, 5 tsp
  • cayenne pepper - 0, 25 teaspoons
  • ground black pepper - 0, 25 teaspoons
  • salt - 2 tsp

Cooking method:

First we need to prepare a kind of tabasco sauce. To do this, take a small bowl and mix all the spices in it. Now for the preparation of chicken. It is necessary to wash, dry and remove the tail. Then rub the whole carcass - inside and out - to make you relish. Onion peel and cut into 4 pieces. Place the chicken pieces in, wrap it in cling film several layers and send in the refrigerator. It should marinate for at least 6 hours, so better prepare the evening.

Preheat oven to 120 ° C, remove chicken and place in a special form. You can also use the conventional baking. Put everything in the oven and bake for 5 hours. It does not need to be covered. Cooked chicken, remove and allow to cool for 10 minutes at room temperature. Then cut into pieces and serve. It turned out pretty badly, but to taste the dish will exceed all your expectations.

 cook chicken grilled in the oven

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Grilled chicken on a spit in the oven

Modern appliances equipped with a host of ingenious technical innovations. Most boards now boast a gas hob and electric oven. If your "kitchen assistant" is a function of "grill" and spit, this recipe is sure to please you with its simplicity. Try to cook chicken exactly as described below, and you will realize that domestic meat dishes are not only useful shops, and much tastier.


  • chicken carcass medium size - 1 piece
  • seasoning spices for chicken dishes - 1 package
  • salt - to taste

As you can see, the list of ingredients is very short. Mix did not have to, but if you want to make your own seasoning. In this case, you can use almost any dried spices. But without marinating, and this recipe can not be repeated. So to start a chicken carcass wash and dry it, then with a knife, remove the inedible part of the tail. When all the preparations are behind the manipulation, the carcass rub seasoning and salt, both inside and outside.

Take an ordinary plastic bag and place it in your chicken tightly tie the ends and crimp on all sides to seasoning the chicken was on, rather than on the package. Put the carcass for 6-8 hours in a cool place. Remember, the more it will be in the spices, the better it will taste and aroma afterwards. Therefore, the easiest way to engage in a process of preliminary preparation and marinating evening.

After this time, remove the chicken from the bag. Take a fairly thick thread or twine and cut a piece of about one meter long. Now tie the chicken legs, several times tie the carcass completely, tightly clutching her wings to the body and the fixing unit. The extra thread cut. Be careful to communicate the chicken so that it is not opened at the wrong time, when it is rotated on a spit.

Preheat the oven to 160 ° C. If the temperature is too high, a crust will turn out quite dark and not so appetizing, as it provides the recipe. Take a skewer from the oven and spread on a chicken. To prepare it, it takes at least one and a half hours. When the time is up, remove the dish from the oven, cut into pieces and serve with finely chopped greens, potato garnish and fresh vegetables. If you will try this recipe, the taste of the resulting kuritsy- grill will give you an indescribable pleasure. By the way, the older generation, it casts nostalgic about a time when a dish just started selling in stores.
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Grilled chicken with ginger, apples and plums on a skewer

This recipe is sure to impress even the most selective palates. The taste is quite spicy chicken turns, with pleasant oriental notes. The aroma that fills the house, make your home look endlessly into the kitchen with eager questions: "Well, when, finally ?! ". Despite this effect, the recipe is striking in its simplicity and accessibility. If you like a bit of a sweet taste in the meat, this dish invented just for you.


  • Chicken trunks small - 1 piece
  • acidic apple varieties - 2 pieces
  • Prunes - a handful
  • mayonnaise or sour cream - 3 tablespoons
  • sunflower oil - 2 tablespoons
  • Garlic - 5 cloves
  • grated ginger - 1 tsp
  • mustard - 2 teaspoons
  • a mixture of dried herbs (rosemary, mint, basil, sage, marjoram, thyme) - 1 tablespoon
  • salt - 2 tsp
  • a mixture of peppers - 1 tsp

Cooking method:

Chicken carcasses thoroughly wash, dry and remove the inedible parts (tail, wing tips). In a separate vessel, prepare the marinade by combining together the mayonnaise (cream), grated ginger, sunflower oil, finely chopped garlic, mustard, salt and all the spices. Get composition carefully obmazhte whole chicken inside and outside, then wrap it with cling film and send it to marinate for 10 hours in the refrigerator.

When the specified time has elapsed, remove the carcass and expand. Wash apples, cut into large slices, remove the core and put inside the carcass. Prunes pour over boiling water and send it after the apples. Thick thread tie the chicken drumsticks from the ends of the wings and finishing. Do this as much as possible close to the carcass is not opened during the cooking process.

Preheat the oven to 150-160 ° C and send it impaled on a skewer chicken and a half hours. By the way, the fat dripping from it, not lost in vain, in the pallet can put the form with sliced ​​potatoes. It is an excellent side dish for your grilled chicken. As you can see, to cook two dishes at the same time it is quite simple, if you include fantasy. Do not forget to make a fresh vegetable salad. It perfectly complements the magical flavor symphony.

In conclusion, I would like to give you a few tips that will facilitate the work of each family and make your dishes really tasty. First of all it is important not to overdo the meat in the oven. Check his willingness pretty simple. When the time that the recipe provides for its preparation, is nearing the end, it is necessary to pierce the chicken in the thickest part of the knife. If the juice is released white, then it's time to get. If pink juice, then leave the dish for some more time in the oven.

Second, try to buy only fresh poultry meat or the carcass itself and do so only in retail outlets with a good reputation, otherwise you may be faced with substandard or expired goods. Frozen Chicken and its parts will be rather dry during cooking, no matter what recipe you may have used. Skillfully use the tips and cook tasty and healthy homemade food!

 Grilled chicken: how to get the proverbial appetizing crust in a conventional oven