green concealer

  • Green assistant: why there is a color corrector mint?
  • How to choose a green concealer?
  • Application Technique
  • Quality means of well-known brands

Surely, in the store, you've seen concealer color that has nothing to do with shades of human skin. That's right - professional correction tools palette offer you hide the imperfections of the skin with lavender, green or orange tones. You should not pass that, when used properly, you will see in the mirror is not colored spots, and perfect skin.

Green assistant: why there is a color corrector mint?

Most of the girls in green concealer are biased: scares bright color means that it seems impossible to "cover up" tone or powder. But, once having decided to purchase it, you'll love it forever. Why concealer is so intense shade?

Saturation green pigment due to "magical" properties of this color .  If you have ever seen a color wheel, you know that those colors, which are located in its directly opposite each other, are able to visually "neutralize" each other .  Green is in a "pair" with red .  So it turns out that this color corrector conceals redness that usually typical for allergic rashes, acne and small burst capillaries .  Using it, you hide unnecessary red, and not just reduce it slightly, as in the case of skin tones .  This concealer should be a real must-hevom for women who suffer from dermatological problems .  It has a dense structure of colors - from light green to swamp shades .  Available concealers such pencil-shaped stick or packed in glass jars .  Much less on the market meet powder or gel options .

How to choose a green concealer?

As mentioned above, the ideal agent should have a thick consistency to securely hide imperfections of the skin. If the seller will extol liquid concealer for ease of texture and ease of application, do not succumb to advertising gimmicks. The higher the density of the composition, the more pigmented his tone. Such green concealer spent very economically - in order to mask the vascular "mesh" under the eyes, rather be two drops. A particularly convenient means to do it in the form of a pencil. Proofreaders differ in the level of resistance (resistant and ultrastoykie) and skin type (there is a "camouflage", provided for fatty, mixed, dry or normal form). Stick or cream for oily skin has a matte effect for dry - is a part of moisturizing ingredients. For dark skin dark suit concealer for light - pale green or herbal hue.

 right green concealer

Application Technique

Use green concealer - the first stage of applying makeup. On cleansed face, apply a small amount of day cream. Distribute concealer on the skin moisturized is much easier and faster. If you have oily skin and you are afraid that makeup "float" and redness will again be visible - use the matting fluid. Concealer can accentuate wrinkles, this unwanted "bonus" will be especially noticeable on dry skin. To avoid this, replace the usual face cream on a foundation with a tonic effect. Such means typically comprise caffeine in the composition, glycolic acid or menthol - these components have instantaneous firming properties. Do not try to put concealer on top of foundation or powder - green pigments are not absorbed into the skin, so your face will "decorate" colored stains.

Means in stick or pencil is too hard to use a sponge to apply. It is applied shtrihoobraznymi movements - for example, to the eye rather be two or three "smears." To hide individual lesions and ruptured blood vessels put in place redness fat "inkblot" -points. Thoroughly blend her fingers barely touching, in any case not rubbing green concealer into the skin. Compact version requires mixing the dry powder with a small amount of a transparent base for make-up - it multiplies the toning effect. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas using a wide flat brush or applicator with a beveled edge. If the redness is too "massive", add a little yellow or light orange concealer.

Some proofreaders have a drying and anti-bacterial effect. In order to take effect and healing components penetrated the skin, replace the gel cleanser to scrub - it will open the pores and cleanse them from Eat lest and excess sebum. Before applying makeup, wait a few minutes for better absorption.

After completion of the correction, take your usual foundation. If you are concerned about the dark circles under your eyes, use a cream to remove them by a semitone lighter than usual - it will refresh your face and hide the bruises. For use in the "duet" with good color tone corrector in the form of a cream or gel. By choosing them, you can vary the density of the masking and coating thickness on certain parts of the face, while the cream powder or powdered tone focus on age-related changes of the skin. Set aside and have highlighter, and any other cream with reflective particles: lights accentuate unnatural bulge remaining after masking acne.

You want to see how the concealer in advance to assess the importance of such a purchase, or you're low on funds? Practical and economical option - Matt green shade without Shimmer and mother of pearl. Use them on the principle of conventional dry corrector.

 how to choose a green concealer

Quality means of well-known brands

Specialists in their field - Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer from Clinique in a tube. It is designed specifically for problem skin, ideal for teenagers, and for adult women. His resistance is beyond praise - the masking effect persists for 10-15 hours. "Catches" means almost instantly, so as soon as possible to mix it with the tone, if necessary. Texture rich concealer, whereby it is very economical. Antibacterial components within promote rapid drying and a reduction in the pimple size. All kinds of useful substances to the skin is not Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer: it has a salicylic acid, fruit acids to ensure that the effect of acceleration of chemical peels and skin rejuvenation, as well as caffeine. In addition to the green tones in the line represented skin tones equalizer - they can be easily used in tandem.

Wake-up Skin Make-up Base ACTIMINE by Givenchy contains in its composition of silicon, which contributes to the ideal shading corrector on the skin. Lack of fatty oils causes ease of concealer and makes it suitable even for very oily skin. At the same time no effect of tightness you feel. A sun protection factor of 15 units is sufficient for daily use. Green base Givenchy has a bleaching effect and a little matte.

Touch Up Concealer brand Gosh is presented in a variety of colors, tint, number 5 is just green. The tool is equipped with a professional brush for the most accurate application. Bright color concealer requires heavy masking using a foundation, not a light powder or gel.

Sephora Concealer Palette is designed for sophisticated women, oriented to the proofreader, like a fish in water. Four shades designed to hide flaws such as bruises under his eyes, redness, flabby eyelids. Light beige and dark beige colors can be mixed to obtain a perfectly matching color.

It is possible, you do not change one type of equalizer is not fit to use. Once mastered the science of Use green concealer, you will never be parted from him.

 Green concealer - assistant in the fight against skin imperfections

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 day make-up for blue eyes

  • Cosmetics and its shades
  • Daytime makeup for blue eyes applying rules
  • Quick day make-up for blue-eyed beauties
  • Pink tint

Daytime makeup for blue eyes can be adjusted and changed using the selection of shades of different colors. Blue color - the "cold" palette, so you need to choose the shade on this basis criterion. It goes well with blue eyes are colors such as pale green, turquoise, blue, silver, blue.

Daytime makeup eye performs two important functions - hides imperfections on the skin, and should stress soft blue eyes. To do this, you need to apply makeup colors pastel colors, if you want to use contrasts. Saturation day makeup should depend on age.

The woman wishes to emphasize its beauty with the help of make-up. Thanks to high-quality make-up can be smoothed shortcomings highlight the dignity of the person. The right make-up is a suitable choice of shades and shadows quality carcasses.

Cosmetics and its shades

According to statistics, only ten per cent of the female population has a wonderful blue eyes. It is not surprising that there has been this color since attracted worldwide attention for its depth and beauty. In order to be able to reinforce the impression, it is important to remember that only certain makeup will emphasize the beauty and irresistible look. And makeup artists say it is women who have blue eyes are much easier to make a competent and impressive makeup.

It is important to remember that you must take into account the color of the skin before how to choose cosmetics. The skin around the eyes can be different colors. It is important to know that the overall tone of the skin can affect the color tone and the fact tanned skin or not. One should not forget about the color of hair. Suitable shades such as silver, light gray, dark gray, green, brown, sand and pale lilac.

Brown shadows and bright colors are not bad combined with tanned skin. Light skin will have a wonderful view, if there is a combination of the same colors, but without the brown shadows. Precautions must use the shadows with brown and blue. This is due to the fact that blue-eyed women who have fair skin, hair, and excessive abuse of brown can give her a sickly hue. It is also important to know that the use of shadows, the same color with the color of the eyes, can lubricate the entire expressive look.

It should be noted that for daily use blue-eyed women fit liner chocolate and gray.

In the current year as a fashion make-up appears natural, ie complete imitation of his absence. This makeup is simply superb for every day. For this purpose, perfect shade with cool colors: purple or blue.

 beautiful day make-up for blue eyes

Daytime makeup for blue eyes applying rules

During the day you should employ the similar shades of foundation to your complexion. To make the whole day was perfect powder should be applied. It is applied to the entire face without leaving unattended and ever.

Before you apply makeup on the eyes, it is necessary to clarify exactly which colors suit you specifically. Choosing a color din is necessary to remember that blue eyes have different shades ranging from gray-blue, light blue to saturated blue. For daily make-up is recommended to apply the shadow of two or one shade.

For blue eyes fit shades such as pale pink, pearl, lavender, taupe, camel, peach, and the list goes on and on. Especially refined looks daytime make-up that made the gray-blue shades.

You can also use a different liner from all the usual and classical - and ending with black brown and dark gray. For eyelashes choose quality black or brown mascara.

Quick day make-up for blue-eyed beauties

Early in the morning is just not enough time to make a qualitative and beautiful makeup. Below is an example of a make-up that will suit blue-eyed women with lighter shade of hair.

  1. It is necessary to align with a foundation that has a moisturizing skin tone. Means should be thin, as in the daylight its surplus would be too noticeable.
  2. In that case, when you have very light eyebrows, they need to make a darker, while using a pencil or shadow.
  3. On the movable part of the century is necessary to impose a beige tone shades that are light golden shine.
  4. Using these same shadows need to cut around the lower eyelid.
  5. The top crease applied terracotta shade.
  6. Eyelashes have to cover a dark shade of brown mascara.
  7. Using coral blush, apply them on the cheeks and at the base of the hair.
  8. Before you use lipstick or lip must be lubricated cream or balm. Following this draw the outline of the lips, using a pencil pink. The finger should be put shine. This will give them a smooth and well-groomed appearance.

 regular daily makeup for blue eyes

Pink tint

With this simple and discreet make-up you will burn to save a lot of time and be well-groomed and pretty. This make-up is suitable for women with blue eyes and dark hair.

  1. Skin foundation necessary to impose a light beige color.
  2. Little designated brow line. Choosing a shade pen, must be considered to coincide with the color of the hair. Using hair gel to fix the shape of the eyebrows.
  3. With beige shades need to cover the full area of ​​the entire eyelid to brow. On the eyelid moving plotted shade of pink.
  4. With brown pencil need to draw the thin line from the middle of the upper eyelid and ending with the corner of his eye. Using this as a pencil at the lower eyelid is necessary to designate an easy path;
  5. If the eyelashes are poorly expressed, while make-up will look unfinished. It is necessary with the help of easy movements to make up the eyelashes.
  6. Few outline the shape of the face with coral pink blush, they should not be too noticeable.
  7. On the need to apply lip lipstick delicate pink hue. Back to impose a colorless shine lipstick to her lips glistened.

When applying make-up day, it is important not to forget one important rule - minimalism welcome. Daily makeup should not be catchy, but rather to hide all the flaws of the face and emphasize its advantages because a woman thing - restraint and refinement.

It is important to remember that the same people there, it is worth experimenting to stand out among the crowd.

 How to apply day make-up for blue eyes?

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