• The use goose fat: how it was used in the past
  • Geese in foreign medicine
  • Goose fat and folk remedies: how it is used in Russia
  • Where to buy a quality fat
  • Make your own fat

Unfortunately, in the age of antibiotics and antiseptics humanity has lost a lot of knowledge that helped our ancestors survive. In particular, traditional medicines that have proven their effectiveness for several millennia in a row. Now they appear to us somewhat frivolous and useless. But not so long ago, some one hundred years ago, they fled from the many serious problems. This applies not only herbs and roots, but also the popular once goose fat.

What is most interesting, these birds bred people in ancient times. Somewhere they almost deified. Remember even Rome, that saved the geese, who lived in the temple of the goddess Juno. Even in the siege starving Romans dared not kill them! And geese repaid people made noise when approaching enemies. They did it before the guard dogs. But religious beliefs - is one thing, gastronomy and medicine - more. It is unlikely that you will use geese as alarm. But their fat you may need.

The use goose fat: how it was used in the past

Goose and duck fat - a great tool to help you cope with many known diseases. In some countries it is up to the 21 th century was used everywhere: for getting rid of the consumption and to fight skin lesions. Geese bred for meat, grilled, smoked. Down and feathers collected for bedding and melted fat and stored in special containers to be used later for cooking or medicine.

  • Fat and Sex

Judging by the information that came to our days, the fat was once considered the most important aphrodisiac. For honeymooners him prepared special buckwheat cakes, which then had to be eaten within a week. This ensured the rapid onset of pregnancy. Men treated with prostatitis, applying compresses to the perineum with fat.

And in Russia, there was an amazing way to increase potency and the return of the lost male power. To start required steamed in a bath to maximize circulation. Then - to rub the groin and buttocks goose fat, roll up "sore spot" sheepskin, take a few laps in the steam room.

Of course, our great-grandparents were hardy people. After a total of such treatment consisted of a few dozen "approaches". But after just such manipulation, which decided not many, everything is back to normal. Healers and healers guaranteed peasants incredible zeal in matters of love.

  • Fat and hangovers

Before long feasts fans were sure that only one teaspoon of fat, drunk before going to sleep, can eliminate the headache and hangover in the morning. People with disorders of the digestive tract drink at night oil in small doses. Its use helps to forget about constipation and hemorrhoids.

Is it useful goose fat? In principle, you can check. After all, as we are assured the doctors, in moderation it does not harm the body. On the contrary, it is shown to those who want to have healthy skin, hair, less than freeze in the winter cold. Thanks to him, your body will successfully resist viral diseases during epidemics of ARI.

 goose fat use

Geese in foreign medicine

Some people think that only in Russia have been treated in this way. In fact it's not. The unique properties of goose fat was described by Hippocrates, and Avicenna, ointments and compresses based on it did in ancient Egypt. A goose in Asia so far - the main food for the sick and handicapped people. Intrigued by reason of such popularity, American scientists have conducted research and found that the fat has a positive effect on the immune system. Therefore, if used correctly, it can have the following effects:

  • during the spring and autumn melancholy asthenia natural antidepressant that is able to lift the mood, activate all of the body's defenses, beat chronic fatigue, improve sleep;
  • for the elderly goose fat can be a means of senility, weakness, loss of intelligence. Its use is beneficial to health. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes;
  • the special properties of goose fat contribute fairly rapid healing of wounds, burns and frostbite. It is no accident today it is part of many cosmetic products. Topical application helps to get rid of acne.

This unique tool has always enjoyed great popularity in Korea, Japan and China. Of course, Oriental medicine - a fine thing. But there were also some reason to believe that goose fat toxins and poisons, purifies and liquefies the bile, relieves the effects of stress, leads to normal hormonal and even successfully protects against cancer of problems! As you know, there is no smoke without fire.

Goose fat and folk remedies: how it is used in Russia

In principle, there is a placebo. This statement applies to traditional medicine. That is why any treatment should begin with a consultation with a doctor. Do not start taking fat without first telling the doctor about it. In some cases, may occur exacerbation. If you allow an expert to use this ingredient, you can try some of the recipes that are still used by our great-grandmothers.

  • Chilblain

If frostbite damaged skin especially generously smeared with goose fat and subsequently rubbed on the affected limb or cheek at night. Even Suvorov said that the transition of his army over the Alps would be impossible without this tool. Only the fat soldier rescued from the consequences of winter cold.

Therefore, if you are going hiking in the winter, be sure to grab a jar of this magical means. Also, the fair sex can add the goose fat in hand creams to protect delicate skin from wind and cold. In particular it is possible to grease cold even face.

  • Diaper rash and eczema

When bedsores, diaper rash, and even wet eczema ointment applied, which is 2 tablespoons goose fat add 1 teaspoon of pine oil. This mixture is usually done compresses or she rubbed the inflamed areas (with a cotton swab). But do not forget to pre-test a little, to avoid allergic reactions. In the elbow bend, apply a small amount of funds received, wait for about 15-20 minutes. If during this time no changes, ie the skin turns red, it is covered with spots and rash ointment can be applied. Otherwise it is necessary to seek a more secure means.

  • Burns

With burns goose fat is used to lubricate the skin - it helps to avoid the appearance of rough scars. It would seem, why not take advantage of this bacon? The fact is that the geese and some people do not get sick disease, so the fat of the bird does not cause inflammation. However, it is recommended to use the same pharmacy all the products to ensure its quality.

  • Pneumonia, tuberculosis

In diseases of the lungs into the receiving means of goose fat, aloe juice and honey. All of the ingredients are mixed in an enamel pot in equal proportions. Keep permitted only in glass containers. At night, one spoon of folk medicine can be washed down with a glass of hot milk. If you are squeamish or too emotional person, can be dissolved in the liquid mixture is directly and enjoy a "cocktail". And with a strong cough goose fat rubbed his back and chest, and then wrapping the patient well. According to experts, the disease goes in sweat.

 Valuable goose fat

Where to buy a quality fat

Such a tool can be purchased at the normal rural market, because in many parts of the breeding of this bird remains constant view of earnings. The main thing - to pay attention to the appearance and smell. Good fat can not "breathe" burnt bacon, and its color should be golden, light. Otherwise, fat or old and rancid or improperly cooked.

Make your own fat

Heated with goose fat and you can own - it is done in a water bath or in an oven, but only slowly, at a very low heat. Otherwise, it will burn and lose their properties. So, buy the whole carcass of a goose, remove the remnants of feathers, wash it in warm water. To cut all the rules. Be careful not to damage the spleen and intestine. Otherwise the meat, fat and entrails will taste bitter.

Cut the fat, rinse it again. Put everything in a colander, put it under some strong dishes (can be a small bowl). This design set in a large saucepan with water. Stoke will have a long time - up to 8 hours, so please be patient. Do not forget to periodically add water. The finished liquid to cool, pour into bottles. Keep or store room or refrigerated.

 Goose fat: everything about this magical tool

 facial flushing


  • What is congestion
  • Why there is congestion
  • How to get rid of the facial flushing
  • How to get rid of stains on their own

Some diseases can not be recognized at first sight. For their diagnosis is necessary to conduct a special examination, pass a bunch of tests. Or just only during the medical examination the doctor may notice signs or symptoms. Others are visible to the naked eye. Flushing of the face belong to the category of the latter. And with this disease, many women unfortunately know firsthand.

What is congestion

So, facial flushing - a reddening of certain areas of the epidermis, which is due to intensive blood flow to the add-on. Localized redness is most often on the cheeks, chin and nose, at least - on the forehead. The disease is not contagious, nor is it contagious. But the disease brings a lot of inconvenience. Stains caused on the skin, it is impossible to disguise. Maybe it's for the best. Otherwise, the girls did not apply to the hospital and tried to hide all the defects with the help of cosmetics.

Why there is congestion

Today, there are many factors why could appear redness on the face. Therefore, we should first identify the cause, and only after that - to treat the consequences. Otherwise, after a while, the redness will return. And next time it will be much more difficult to handle. It is with the reasons which cause the disease, it is necessary to select a specific treatment method. Among the main factors are the following experts:

  • Age-related changes

It is believed that after 35 years in women occurs a problem such as vascular disorder. And because of them, there is the very red in the face. It is linked with age, so it is important to constantly take place after 30 medical examination (every six months).

  • Diseases

Normally, our body is trying to tell us that something is wrong with his health. Often congestion - this is a sign of a disease. For example, it may be the disturbance in the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract, the presence of female gynecological disorders, diseases of the nasopharynx, parasites, skin diseases.

  • Allergic reaction

Often it appears red because of the sensitivity of the body to the girl some substance with which he had to communicate. The allergy usually begins in the second or third time, but not as soon as you used to the food allergen or make up cosmetics. So you need a blood test to detect the protein.

  • External factors

The redness may occur due to differences in air temperature, mechanical damage to the skin, chapping. Remember once and for all, before leaving the house on the face should be applied protective creams. And selects the products to a particular season. So, for example, tonal foundation, which is designed for the warmer months, can not be used in winter.

  • Emotions

Often congestion only appears when a person is experiencing severe psychological stress, excitement or experiencing a joyful event. This occurs because of the rush of blood. In this case, the redness usually passes quickly. If stains remain on the skin for a long time, consult a dermatologist.

 facial flushing treatment

How to get rid of the facial flushing

First we need to figure out when to treat the disease. It turns out that if the flushing time, you do not need to buy expensive drugs, go to doctors and to make special lotions. This category includes redness, the appearance of which is associated with an increase in body temperature, excessive mental stimulation and emotional outbursts, physical activity or mechanical action. In all these cases, flushing takes place on their own, sometimes even a few minutes after the onset of skin.

Quite otherwise should do when congestion is protracted. You will have to contact the clinic if the spots do not go during the day. If reddening of the face is associated with one of the current disease doctor first establishes the diagnosis, and then assigns a full and comprehensive treatment. As mentioned above, it is necessary to fight the cause (of the disease), but not with the investigation (hyperemia). If you follow the advice of the doctor, the redness, as well as other symptoms, quickly come to the party.

In the case where there was congestion due to allergies to some stimulus is required to eliminate what causes it. You will also need to take an antihistamine, which is prescribed by a doctor. If you are unsure what is contained allergen require further examination, for which should follow the recommendations of the attending physician. You will need to eliminate from the diet of junk food, stop using cosmetics.

If congestion is a separate disease, age-related changes in the grid or branched vessels, while for the treatment requires monitoring by a dermatologist. The truth, unfortunately, not always even possible to use it to get rid of spots. In this case, it can help an experienced beautician.

 unpleasant facial flushing

How to get rid of stains on their own

  • Cosmetic clinics

Today effectively fight hyperemia using electrocoagulation. The method consists in the fact that the damaged blood vessels affect slight electric shock. For this purpose, either a fine needle, or a collimated light beam. With this procedure, the vessels (and with them, and the skin) are much lighter. But for long-term results, we recommend a full course of treatment, and not to make a single visit, and then hope for a miracle.

  • People's Councils

In the fight against the disease, traditional medicine also offers some tips, which need to know the girls, faced with this problem. The first - always use a lotion. You can either buy in pharmacies, and make it your own. For the preparation of liquid needed Hoffmann and boric acid. These ingredients were mixed in equal proportions and regularly wipe lotion obtained face. It is particularly suitable for oily skin. Girls with dry type (one hour before and immediately after application) must be applied to the treated areas moisturizers.

Be sure to make a special ointment. Despite the simple structure, it is quite effective. Thus, it can help to protect yourself from congestion, especially during the winter frosts. To prepare the need to use petroleum jelly and benzocaine (10: 1). Thoroughly mix the ingredients then pour the liquid into opaque vial. Ointment should be stored in closed containers. Use as needed.

Review diet. It is necessary to abandon that increases blood circulation: caffeine, alcohol and spicy food. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your area. With overseas production to be careful, because it may contain substances that our bodies are not used to. As a result - an allergy.

To treat skin. Wash only with lukewarm water and never rub your face with a towel, but only blotted. Try smaller injure the epidermis, as it is fraught with the appearance of spots, pimples, blackheads. If you scratched, do not use alcohol and other similar aggressive substances. Avoid irritants. In winter - the wind, and in summer - the sun.

As you can see, flushing can be defeated if the effort! Do not self, do not put the diagnosis, do not act on the principle of guessing on daisy. Otherwise you will only aggravate the situation. A doctor for your experiments will be more difficult to diagnose. If you choose to use traditional recipes, be sure to consult with a specialist.

 Facial flushing: what it is and how to fight it?