Corset belt

One of the main weapons the girls - thin waist, which has always been admired by men. The ladies wanted to not only improve your figure, trying to make it slim and elegant, but also strongly emphasize the waist with various accessories and clothing. Girdle - it is one of the oldest women's beauty attributes. He always gave slender, pointed shape and decorated. Accentuate the clarity of forms, wasp waist, or, conversely, to visually hide some figure flaws - Corset well cope with the task. This belt will always be an indispensable accessory and popular. Recently, he deserves the title of the most fashionable and stylish of accessories. After all, the girdle could easily hide a couple of kilos in the waist and make the figure more refined.

  Belts for each figure

  • If you have large breasts - this accessory is right for you. He will be able to clearly separate line of the chest and waist, as well as to emphasize it.
  • With short stature and stocky figure should not wear a girdle, as your body will be visually more shortened.
  • Tall girls can safely use them, because such a thing in your wardrobe does not spoil your figure.
  • When non-ideal figure should be selected such accessory contrasting dark shades.
  • But the owners of wide hips should not use belts, corsets, as they only accentuate the volume.
  • Girls who have little tummy, you should choose a wide belt that slimming figure. If, in this situation, this option does not help, it is better to completely abandon the corset, because it will attract more attention to the problem areas.

Combine these essential girdle may virtually any clothing. For example, jeans and shirts, office suits, knitted or evening dress or coat. The big advantage of it becomes that it combines easily with things of different colors.

 girdle corsets

  What combination of wide belts of different species

Bright leather belt is perfect for a variety of things to your wardrobe. It will go well with informal jeans and a business suit will add some zest. Wear it can be any girl, but not to disturb the proportions necessary to wear a belt on the waist line strictly. Girdle looks great with a white shirt, jacket and close-fitting cardigan. This accessory is combined with a dress form Case of dense fabric.

Equally popular are the belt of cloth tied around the waist. They can replace and satin ribbon, and a scarf that will please many fashionistas. Girls with plump figure should pick girdle of dark shades - they hide the extra volumes. A tie is better to free assembly. Lush bows only attract and emphasize a waist, not hide some flaws. These corsets are beautifully complemented the dress with a high waist, which focuses on the neck and legs will look even longer.

Corset always gives the ladies sexuality. We like and "buttoned up", but the men did not just drop out of platonic views. Such a thing will always help to correct figure. Waist is highlighted, and chest - visually enlarge the girls with the figure of "hourglass" with a fairly pronounced hips.

When imperfect figure with disabilities from the waist of the belt should be abandoned. But if you decide to wear, it is best with shirts, tops and shirts. Evening and cocktail dresses with bodice and skirt lush chic will be complemented by such an accessory.

Wide girdle complement a variety of coats and jackets and coats will immediately become more feminine. True fashionista Belt even jackets and coats! They can be put on jackets, dresses, sweaters, knit dresses. The most fashionable combination that looks feminine, seductive and attractive, yet is still a spring option - leather belt over chiffon dress. Surprisingly, before girdle worn under a tuxedo and suit only men. But in the new season, they - all the rage and indispensable part of the female wardrobe.

 Girdle - and indispensable fashion accessory

 spring caps 2012

Spring weather is unpredictable. Despite the fact that the sun is well warms, the wind and tries to "be kind" our head. Therefore, the cap in the early spring is an inherent part of the female wardrobe, which has some advantages over the winter headdresses: they give lightness, which can not be overestimated.

What spring caps 2012 offers the fair sex fashion world designers for the new season?

What are they, women's fashion hats Spring - 2012?

 Photos of spring caps 2012

Among the huge variety of hats, represented in the collections of the leading brands for spring 2012, woven and knitted hats spring women occupy a special place. Which of them will be able to attract the attention of today's fashionistas?

This spring, in the fashion catwalks can meet a lot of fascinating styles of women's hats - no trendy fashion accessories there will be no women. Please find the most relevant models that will appeal to many of our contemporaries:

  • Cap-stocking - this model is absolutely for women of any age. Stylish knitted cap made of knitted lace or thick viscous, patterned or without hems or visor. Any of these options will be able to protect against the spring chill, and to emphasize the individuality of its owner.
  • Turban - the most extravagant accessory of them all the ladies offered to the new season fashionable modern designers. Hood to the east or the retro style will add charm to your image, will help draw attention to the person and profitable stand out from the general crowd.
  • Caps, hats and reminding Budenovka - another fashion hit of the spring season, which will find its place in the wardrobe of any fashionista. This headgear will not only help to stand out from the general crowd, but warm in bad weather.

 Women's hats spring

This season, as relevant as ever bright colors. Therefore, among the fashionable hats to designer collections, the models muted colors are very common hair accessories bright rich colors, made with ethnic motifs or Norwegian patterns.

Judging by the photos of spring caps 2012 that you see on our site, it's safe to say that some of them put on a dare not every woman, but only completely self-confident person. But this is no reason to be upset: along with extravagant hats fashion maestros offer a myriad of spring accessories, among which every woman will certainly be able to pick up that option, which it is most to their liking.

When choosing a fashionable head accessory stylists are advised to consider not only the fashion trends and personal preferences, but first and foremost features of their faces and figures, as well as growth. Try on a few different models, you can pick up that option, in which you will look irresistible.

 Spring caps 2012: the most fashionable models of the season

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 What jewelry is in vogue in spring 2012

Nothing adorns a girl like fashion accessories, and even more so if they are made of various natural materials. At this time, all fashion designers have tried their best, considering the important question, what jewelry is all the rage in the spring of 2012. For every fashionista is great news, because the abundance of accessories and jewelry is able to turn the head of any of the fair sex.

It would be worth noting that the upcoming season draws its originality, brightness, originality and extravagance. Actually why most fashionable could be called the girl who is not afraid to attract all eyes. Of course, for this you need to replenish their shelves casket and relevant accessories for the entire spring season. Now let's understand the fashionable addition to your image.

Fashion Earrings

 jewelry and accessories Spring 2012

Fashion earrings 2012 spring all as one massive, large, attracting special attention. Designers have made them almost a piece of clothing, not in a nice addition. If you are a fan of earrings in the form of a chain, choose the longest. If you love accessories from stones, then pay their attention to the large and massive. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous and out of place, because today fashion offers to focus on the face and voluminous earrings - an excellent option for this.

Very relevant large and medium-sized earrings in the form of rings, drops, as well as delicate in oriental style. However, special attention should be paid to such an accessory in retro style, for example, large pendants with natural stones or in the form of bulk flowers. Do not forget the earrings in ethnic style, which perfectly complement the image of the safari.

Every year, the famous fashion houses are to our attention the latest collection of various jewelry. They demonstrate the wide variety of options as daily and evening. ChristianDior and NinaRicci in the coming season to put more emphasis on the delicate earrings, but OscardelaRenta made such an accessory in the most important way of presenting us the options of bright colors made of bead "fringe."

An unusual novelty of the upcoming season can be regarded as Kaffa. This earrings that do not need a puncture in the ear. They are assigned to them or in the middle of a special bow. This method of attachment allows you to wear heavy earrings even without tiring and without stretching your ears, and Kaffa decorate your whole ear entirely. With such a shape accessory immediately highlights the lip line and, in general, on all face completely. If desired, they can be even adjust the shape of the face.

For those who love clean lines, will appreciate the volume of Kaffa in the form of lightning, which are represented in the collection BetseyJohnson, and star-shaped earrings with pendants give your appearance audacity, that have focused on Dolce & Gabbana.

It is worth noting that the Kaffa - quite a bargain, since it is multifunctional. Already there is an accessory that combines decoration for the temple, hairpins, brooch and earrings. In addition, Kaffa will always be a wonderful surprise for those who like trendy original stuff!

The main rule is that you need to remember - fangled massive earrings require proper selection of hairstyles and makeup in moderation. Do not overload your way of other ornaments. 2012 Fashion earrings can be matched to the color of the eyes, in the tone of your lipstick, as well as to the pattern on the clothes. Everything will depend on the reasons for which they are put, as well as your preferred style.

Jewellery for the neck

 Spring 2012 fashion jewelry photo

In order to draw attention to the neck, used necklaces, beads, necklaces, chains and pendants. Layered necklaces, multi-row chains and beads, and all the accessories of this type of multi-layered and large - it's Spring 2012 fashion jewelry, pictures of which are shown below. Particular emphasis is placed on a favorite piece of jewelry by Coco Chanel - pearl beads in several rows.

The most fashionable trend of the coming spring season can be considered necklace-collars. Materials for such decorations - a metal, leather, fur, fabric, plastic. These additions will perform stones, crystals, artificial flowers, and this is not an exhaustive list of all possible options. Each designer at the expense of a separate opinion: someone adheres to the rigor and conciseness, using modest metal hoops, while others use a large arsenal of different decorations to create a romantic image.

Rings and bracelets

 What jewelry is in vogue in the spring and summer of 2012

These accessories are not as popular in the coming season. Rings and bracelets are able to enhance the beauty of your pen and complement any image.

Conventionally, the rings can be divided into groups:

  • With large stones;
  • Long vintage;
  • Rings on the theme of the sea;
  • Under the silver or gold.

The most fashionable are rings on plant and animal subjects. They are made in the form of dragons, snakes, butterflies, birds, as well as fruits and flowers. Designers will delight the most avid fashionistas accessories various extravagant solutions, futuristic, ethnic and vintage shapes. It is necessary to pay attention to the current model in the classical style, which is advised to wear gloves on top.

 jewelry and accessories spring summer 2012

Bracelets fashion trend continue this year - massiveness. Jewelry & Accessories Spring 2012 rich wooden and plastic ornaments in the style of Indian, African and ancient Slavic peoples. For example, the most ancient Rus characters bracelets, freely moving the arm in the form of a conventional hoop. Inspired by the designers to translate into reality the most feminine and light bracelets, complemented by various ornaments in the form of garlands, pendants, flowers, insects and leaves.

If you are a lover to combine several bracelets, the following are a few rules for you:

  • Different bracelets wear at the same time, but should dominate thread Baubles or ethnic trinkets.
  • It is considered to be relevant bracelets in dark colors, and you can put them in a large amount as soon as your heart desires.

Fashion brooches

 fashion jewelry spring summer 2012 photos

Quite unfair it considered the fact that the brooch was in oblivion for many years, because it is an incredibly feature-rich, stylish and attractive thing. Still, fashion designers have done everything possible to today every fashionista could appreciate this accessory.

First of all decided to surprise the fashion house Chanel, presenting his show on the skirt, complemented by sparkling brooches. This idea was quickly picked up the rest of fashion, and now you can contemplate a decoration on the clothes of political activist, showbiz stars and other representatives of the elite.

But it should be noted that now wear brooches made not as a few decades ago, when little was fixed on the shoulders, and more - on the collars. Today they can be seen in the most unusual places, such as on bags, belts, skirts, pants, scarves, hats, jackets, pins, wedding bouquets, underwear. But the traditional way of wearing this accessory has not been canceled.

Regarding the design it can be said that the actual subject is a flower, to which the animals are easily added motivation. If the traditional brooches appropriate only elegant business wardrobe lady, then for fashionistas, designers offer abstract, shocking forms of enhancement.

Despite the democratic character of this thing, it is worth remembering the existence of important rules of wearing brooches:

  • Owners massive, large forms is better to choose a brooch round, while the girl with a slender figure can afford different, even the most unusual model.
  • A remarkable combination is the original brooch, shaped the same as shoes or handbags.
  • This accessory textile better stick close to the part of your figure, you want to emphasize or highlight. For example, a pin attached to the shoulder immediately draw attention to the chest.
  • Remember - this decoration should blend with your clothes, in this case it is very difficult to see.
  • Do not combine with bright brooch or a great outfit, which has enough additions and decorations, in which case it will simply be unnecessary.
  • It is also worth remembering that there should be supplemented by way of large beads or other bright cervical ornaments, if you are going to wear a brooch. This combination will add you to vulgarity.
  • More winning such an accessory looks at the background of strict, simple and concise clothes, underlining your originality, individuality and making the outfit more stylish.

The most important advice, perhaps, can be considered as such: any rules always have exceptions, and in the presence of imagination and taste, you can get a great result, combining the most incompatible. Fashion jewelry 2012 encourages each girl to be bright and individual, attracting the attention of the male, and at the same time remaining a.

 Jewelry & Accessories Spring - 2012: new trends

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