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Latvia - a cozy little country on the Baltic Sea.

If you decide to get to know this country and see the main sights of Latvia, the first must visit in the capital - Riga. Find a glass booth in which there is a large wooden statue of a man holding a baby on her shoulder, and discover the legend of the mythical foundation of the beautiful city.
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Town Hall Square

This is one of the most beautiful areas of Riga. It was from here, many tours of the city. Before the construction of the town hall here in the Middle Ages was the city market, so its old name - the market. Currently, it is the political center of Riga, it is placed on the city council and the mayor's office. The most beautiful building in the area - this is the House of Blackheads, built in 1334, then destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 2001 to the 800th anniversary of Riga. In the halls of the house hosts various events, balls, concerts.

The important sights of the capital of Latvia - the Church of St. Peter, height 123, 5 meters, is the highest building in the city and its symbol. On the church steeple set figure of the golden cockerel, which is not only an ornament, but also a weather vane. On the tower is an observation deck, rising to which everyone will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Riga. Inside the cathedral is an unusual wooden altar and exposition of ceramics.

 Old Town
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Dome Square

Visit the Dome Square, marvel at its grandeur and admire the architectural ensemble. This area is called the heart of Riga, and standing on it the Dome Cathedral, founded in 1211 by Bishop Albrecht von Buxhoevden, is a landmark in Latvia. The cathedral was rebuilt several times, and, therefore, in its modern form, which has evolved to the XVIII century, there are a variety of architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and even the Romanesque style. It is the tallest building in the city, since the height of the tower with a dome and a cockerel on the spire is 96 meters. The concert hall of the Cathedral stands the magnificent 25-meter body, which played a prominent organists of the world, and famous composers such as Max Reger and Franz Liszt, wrote for him his works.

To this day, this body is considered unique in sound. Also in the Dome Cathedral is the Museum Riga History and Navigation, founded in 1773, the exhibition is more than 500 000 exhibits related to the history and culture of Riga and the Latvian seafaring.

Not less important point of interest in Latvia - Riga Castle on Castle Square, which has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again. It is a place with extraordinary architecture of the XIV century, and fascinating history. Currently, there is the Presidential Palace, which flies the flag of the Republic of Latvia.

Three Brothers - is an ancient architectural complex consisting of three stone houses on the street Maza Pils. In the XIV century it was built by the eldest of the three brothers, and the rest were built in the XVII and XVIII centuries. Through the gate you can get to their common courtyard, whose walls are decorated oldest coat of arms of Riga.

The Museum of the Baltic jewelry you will feel a touch of antiquity and learn what citizens adorn themselves 800 years ago. In one part of the museum's originals and copies of ancient ornaments, and in another - is a shop selling contemporary, stylized ancient.

 Aglona Basilica
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To Riga with children

Take a trip to the children and show them the interesting sights in Latvia. They are happy to admire the monuments and fun facilities, which alone Riga vast. This and "The Bremen Town Musicians", donated by the city of Bremen, and Roland - the knight symbolizes law and order, and the Big Christopher - defender of the city, and "Piper and mason" and watch "Lima", under which for almost 100 years, is dating from Riga and guests of the capital, and yellow building with the image at the end of the coats of arms of Latvian cities, and even house cats, too, has its own legend. Waterpark LIVU also attraction of Riga. The building height of 25 meters, with interior design in Caribbean style.

In a picturesque place Mezaparks, on the banks of Kishozera, a 20-minute drive from the city center, open all year round for visitors to Riga Zoo. It offer a look at the 475 species of animals and take part in sightseeing tours and thematic tours.

Not far from Riga, just half an hour, there is another unusual place. It Latvian Ethnographic Museum - the largest open-air museum in Europe. It is possible to get acquainted with the life and traditions of Latvian farmers and fishermen, learn a lot about ancient crafts, take part in the festivities, fairs and even make their own hands ornaments.

To become better acquainted with this Baltic country, you realize that not all of its attractions are concentrated in the capital alone. Travel outside Riga, and you still get a lot of vivid impressions.

Riga beach

At 20 km from Riga stretched resort town of Jurmala with many luxurious spas, mud baths, beaches. Visit the resort at any time of the year. Walk on well-groomed streets, look at the old wooden houses - the creation of the Latvian, German, Russian and Finnish architects will fly mineral some water and breathe the fresh sea air. Visit the beach in Maiori and find the local landmark - a triple turtle sculpture. Locals believe that if to touch her, all the hidden will surely come. By the way, on the beaches of Majori and Jaunkemeri posted by the blue flag - the symbol of quality and safety.

At 100 meters from the coast of the Gulf of Riga is a concert hall Dzintari, open hall with 2,000 seats and a closed hall for 460 seats. The complex also includes a park with landscaped walkways, a fountain and benches. The hall Dzintari concerts of classical music, musical competitions and festivals. For example, "New Wave" - ​​a contest of young singers beginners, known not only throughout Europe, but also beyond.

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Liepaja - a city of the sea breezes

On the shore of the Baltic Sea, 50 km from the border with Lithuania, Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia. The historic city center is full of churches, buildings of various architectural styles, parks and squares.

Area Rose is in the center of Liepaja and is a popular gathering place for young people. It is a garden of roses, which is pitched at the former site of the market place. Along the edges of flower beds located signs of twin cities of Liepaja. In the summer, for everybody here go sightseeing around the city.

Holy Trinity Church - the most monumental attraction in Liepaja. The church was consecrated in 1758, and in 1779 she was transferred to a body built by famous JA Kontsiussom. To this day, this tool is one of the biggest in Europe. The interior of the church is made in the Rococo style.

Liepaja Seaside Park - one of the biggest in Latvia and is a favorite walking place for city residents and visitors. The area of ​​70 hectares, and the length - 3 km. The park is home to more than 140 species of trees and shrubs. On the concert stage, various festivals, and big drums are installed landmark symbol of Latvia and Liepaja as the music capital of the country. Visitors have the opportunity to play tennis or mini-golf, ride skateboards, sit in cafes, admire the beautiful fountain and go through the park to the beach.

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Mysterious Ventspils

Ventspils - the oldest port city and a modern resort. The city center is Market Square, where you can buy interesting souvenirs, paintings and jewelery at attractive prices. The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas is neo-Byzantine architectural style of Ventspils, and Nicholas Lutheran Church - the style of late classicism.

The main historical attraction of the city is Ventspils Livonian Order Castle, built by German knights and well preserved to this day. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history and legends of the castle in a unique museum experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, to take part in archery and even shoot a gun.

Ventspils - children

On the outskirts of Ventspils opened Seaside Park, a favorite place for residents for walks and picnics, on which you can ride on a train, bearing the name of "Cuckoo". This trip will delight not only children but also adults. The park is an ethnographic open-air museum where you can get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of the sea coast.

Children's Town in Ventspils also be attributed to the attractions of Latvia and the subject of pride of local residents. For more than 40 rides playgrounds installed. Each site is devoted to any city in the world, and on a huge globe at the entrance to the park, you can find these cities. There is a rope park and popular attractions, designed for different age groups.

Latvia is waiting for you!   This small European country has an ancient history, interesting customs and traditions.   It attracts tourists not only for its amazing nature, forests, parks, white sand beaches, but also a large number of attractions that will leave no one indifferent.

 Getting acquainted with Latvia