kharcho delicious soup with beef


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Georgian dishes take pride of place in the ranking of culinary. They are widespread and well-deserved popularity due to the relative simplicity of the recipes and wonderful combination of hot and spicy flavors.

One of these dishes is the famous soup kharcho beef. Translated from the Georgian "grub" - a soup made from beef.

To make this soup, we do not need a lot of time and effort, and all the products are certainly there in most refrigerators.

There is no clear single recipe soup kharcho does not exist even in Georgia, but the basic components of soup kharcho usually unchanged. This rice, beef and walnuts. It is imperative sour basis (tomato paste, pomegranate juice, etc.). For the rest, every woman, as a rule, takes into account the preferences of members of his family.
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Ingredients for the soup kharcho

  • beef - 1 kg, can be on the bone,
  • walnuts - 150 g,
  • onions - 2 heads,
  • carrots - 2 medium-sized
  • tomato paste - 5-6 Art. l.,
  • oil - sunflower oil, 6 tablespoons. l.,
  • garlic - 1 head,
  • Rice - 0, 5 st.,
  • parsley or cilantro,
  • spices to taste (hops-suneli, tkemali, adjika, red pepper, black pepper, bay leaf).

This number of products designed for about 12 portions of soup fragrant kharcho beef.

 ingredients for soup kharcho
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The recipe kharcho

We need any dishes, except aluminum. Fill with 3 liters of cold water into an appropriate pan 3, 5-4 liters. Omit it beef, cut into large chunks, a purified onion and a carrot. Add the 2-3 leaf bay leaf and a few peas black pepper. Season with salt.

Blanking of the pan with a lid and cook over very low heat for about two hours, occasionally removing the foam from the surface. Then, take out the meat and vegetables, and the resulting broth is desirable to drain through a sieve.

A small amount of oil lightly fry the tomato paste with finely chopped garlic. Then, the resulting mixture was added a second chopped onion. As soon as the onion is soft, add grated carrots, stir.

When the vegetables a little toasted, you can add the resulting zazharku in a saucepan with the broth.

Boiled beef should be separated from the bones, cut into small pieces or break the fibers.

In a saucepan of boiling broth omit the meat and washed rice, if desired, you can add diced potatoes.

The classic recipe soup kharcho to impart astringency necessarily use walnuts.   They are added to the soup peeled and crushed after 10 minutes after rice.

Cook until cooked all the rice and potatoes. Turn off the stove and poured into the pan finely chopped herbs, squeezing for a fuller flavor large clove of garlic and give it brew for our soup with beef for 20 minutes poured into plates. You can also add chopped fresh herbs in the form of already directly in the bowl of soup.

 different soup recipes kharcho
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Additional recommendations

In order to taste the soup in this recipe was more saturated, sliced ​​beef after cooking further fried in a skillet with onions and sent back into the broth.

You can vary the taste kharcho if add the chopped plum.

You must use a lot of greens, but it is desirable to apply separately without mixing together. Some, for example, do not like basil or cilantro due to its specific taste.

In order to shorten the cooking time kharcho and do not bother with a selection of spices, can be used adjika, which contains in its structure almost all the spices for this recipe.

 Georgian soup recipe kharcho

 simple recipe for mushroom soup with pearl barley


  • A bit of a dish
  • Stages of cooking
  • Meatless meals option

Mushroom soup with pearl barley - a proven and traditional combination of pearl barley and mushrooms, many familiar from childhood.
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A bit of a dish

Nourishing soup turns out, thick, with a very delicate combination of components.

The recipe is a snap, but with the components necessary to tinker: barley need to pre-soak and clean the mushrooms, but the result is worth it, believe me. To prepare mushroom soup with pearl barley in a pot on 2, 5 liters, you will need:

  • 1, 5 liters of water
  • 500 grams of fresh mushrooms (any can be taken, but it is best to use a white fungus, birch, aspen, or mushrooms), dry - 50 g,
  • pearl barley (2 tbsp)
  • medium onion,
  • vapor medium potatoes,
  • 0, 5 kg of meat,
  • sour cream,
  • small carrots,
  • Bay leaf,
  • pepper,
  • vegetable oil,
  • 2-3 tooth of garlic (if you do not like, do not add)
  • parsley or dill,
  • salt.

The proportions of the ingredients in the recipe base. If you prefer more than potatoes or cereals, feel free to add. The recipe for this soup is somewhat complicated by the fact that barley should prepare: Rinse and allow to swell. The classic way suggests that barley is filled with cold water and leave overnight. When time is limited, you can pour boiling grits and leave for an hour in a warm place. Good show themselves and barley, bathed in yogurt and left overnight in a refrigerator.

In the morning it should be rinsed until the water is completely transparent. Cereal turns out crumbly and delicious. Use the recipe, which is longer trust or have time to try before. Each hostess their method. Pearl barley significantly increased in volume, so two tablespoons on an average pot is enough. If anyone loves thicker, you can increase the dose.

 delicious mushroom soup with pearl barley
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Stages of cooking

Mushrooms are best taken fresh, they need to go, wash and cut into medium size pieces. If using frozen mushrooms, then thaw them, wash and chop medium pieces.
What kind of soup without broth? Cook the meat until half. When a boil, add to it the swollen barley. Cook for 20-40 minutes is necessary, depending on the quality of cereals and soaking time. Peel the potatoes, cut into its random and add to the soup. Boil the potatoes and barley prescription should be for 20 minutes During this time, Peel the onions and carrots.

For the filling soup cubes chop onions, carrots, three on a coarse grater, passeruem them on medium heat for 3-8 minutes. Add the vegetables to the soup. Mushrooms prescription should fry in vegetable oil until the liquid has completely evaporated, but they are not flushed. Add the mushrooms to the soup. All together, cooked for about 5 minutes. Do not forget to add the salt, peppercorns and bay leaf to taste. At the very end add finely chopped or passed through a garlic press.

Soup recipe is to boil. Turn off the heat, cover and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Served hot soup with mushrooms. Harvested meat and expanded portions of soup plate, then poured the soup sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs and sour cream is added to taste and the mayonnaise. Your culinary masterpiece is ready.

The cooking time is an hour and a half, the average complexity. Calories - 247 kcal per 1 serving. This is a very good recipe, not worn-out and original, which you can feel free to please his family. All the ingredients are simple and affordable, the cooking time and complexity is also not difficult, you are strongly advised to try the recipe.

 meatless mushroom soup recipe
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Meatless meals option

Mushrooms and Pearl barley porridge - very nutritious ingredients, so the soup can be cooked without meat for vegetarians and fasting. The recipe is the same, but the soup will get the same rich and tasty and satisfying. Do not be afraid to experiment with spices and herbs, as they are able to present a new flavor of any dish, saturate and enriching it. The following recipes use dried mushrooms, but you can take and fresh, and frozen. Barley is steams in a water bath, but you can soak it as you wish. So, you will need:

  • 50 g of dried mushrooms,
  • medium onion,
  • medium carrot,
  • 2 small potatoes,
  • half a cup of pearl barley,
  • 2-3 tablespoons vegetable oil zazharki,
  • green onion,
  • Bay leaf,
  • pepper,
  • salt.

Pearl barley is washed, discarded in a colander. In a saucepan, boil the water you need about half the volume. On top put a colander with groats and covered with the cap. On a water bath over medium heat for about 30 minutes porridge steams Dried mushrooms should be well rinsed in running water, then pour boiling water and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Water is poured, washed again and again filled with mushrooms 4 cups of boiling water. We are waiting for another 10 minutes. Then mushrooms recline in a colander, cut into strips and set aside. They will come back later.

Mushroom infusion of strain, bring to a boil. Add a steamed barley, pepper and salt and cook for about 20 minutes. Potatoes are peeled, washed, cut into small cubes, add the broth and cook for another 10 minutes. Clean the onions and carrots, cut into small cubes. In a frying pan heat the oil, add the vegetables and stir fry for 3-5 minutes. Add to vegetables mushrooms, sauté another 5 minutes over medium heat. Add the dressing to the soup. All seasoned with bay leaf and cook for another 5 minutes until tender.

To insist the dish will need about 10 minutes During this time, my obsushivayut and green onions, finely cut. Pour the soup into bowls and add the greens. The combination of mushrooms and barley in the recipe is very tender and good. Kasha not limp and does not turn into a shapeless mass, like noodles or spaghetti. Soup fills well, it has an original flavor. Recipe nezaezzhennoy, so they can be safely diversify the family menu.

 Recipe soup with pearl barley and mushrooms