gender relations

There are many beautiful flowery expressions, the basic meaning of which is as important to always be yourself .  It is important, but it is almost impossible .  If we do start to show all the disadvantages of its nature, will have to condemn himself to solitude .  Because it is in this form it seems even your spouse - it may very well happen that it will begin to collect the suitcase .  And do not think that a wife too must take their halves as they have .  We are, without a doubt, it would very much suit .  But let us be careful and to him good! It is not necessary to bring a loved one to faint and dizzy, demonstrating his own disgrace .  Not without reason, the term "mess" has lost its original meaning of "to be no way" and acquired a very negative connotation .  Man - being reasonable, and understands that the relations between the sexes - is not an area in which you can do without the mask and pretense .  It was here that their influence is particularly important and necessary .

Underestimating the impact of this sometimes provokes the deviation between the sexes. "All the women - and a hypocrite hypocrite! "- Growls some inveterate bachelor, frightened female unpredictability. "All men - vile deceivers! "- Utters spinster disliked men for failing its stereotypes. There are, of course, all sorts - and a hypocrite, and deceivers, but most often is the relationship between the sexes is based on one-sided perception of the world. And representatives of both sexes are just suitable to the occasion masks, trying to make each other the most favorable impression. Why blame them? The birds are spreading feathers during courtship, in cats are cut operatic voices, and people - is no exception. He also refers to the animal world, and therefore respond to the opposite sex, as a living, endowed with thinking, being, and not as a plant.

What are the common masks we use in relationships with the opposite sex?

Men's mask to flirt

Some masks our men and women is quite apparent to the knowledgeable they sense human .  Few different great ingenuity in the presence of a person not indifferent to him .  Most immediately sets in motion time-tested methods of charm .  Here, for example, men .  Men are hard .  Their world - a set of continuous conventions .  The man did not really have to sing, to dance, to show their emotions, and so on .  Therefore, a set of masks for men flirting is not so great .  Many representatives of the stronger sex prefer to look strong, significant and highly intelligent .  That, so to speak, not to fall face in the dirt in the first minutes of the meeting and immediately conquer the lady of his noble masculinity .  This man certainly attentive and forgiving .  He submits coat care at the table, inquires about well-being, kisses goodbye handle .  In general, do everything that any woman would lead to a state of quivering shock and make sure that the front of her real prince .  And if he is not a white horse - so it temporarily .

A woman wise in such a state will not stay long. She knows something that the prince died out, and the white horse - the fruit of her imagination. Therefore, it is easy carefully treat that choice ever get tired of feeding not only coats, but in general will cease to be interested in her well-being. Because he has no time - he earns on a white horse. And in general, except for courtship at the table and kissing handles, he has plenty of other, no less pleasant qualities. Well, the woman who will take the mask for the true knight, we can only regret. Relations between the sexes - is a complicated thing, they can not take everything so straightforward!

Some men prefer to mask melancholic. It's a lot to go through, tired of suffering and mental anguish, lost faith in the possibility of their own happiness the martyrs who just need women's understanding and compassion. Smart woman will understand and regret - on it and a woman. And did not hesitate, if you find that all the misfortunes "sufferer" consisted of detached buttons and flour - to prepare yourself breakfast. Melancholy also has been called the night alone on a huge couch. In the end, the sofa is really great for one, and she on him quite well. A button sewing takes very little time.

In the men's everyday life often demand mask romance .  Romantic differs excellent memory - it except machinery brands, knows by heart the names of several constellations and a few dozen lines of poetry .  And so excitedly reciting these verses, and in between solemn recitation indicates hand in the night sky and asked: "Do you know, sweetheart, what the name of this star? "My favorite, stunned his deep knowledge in astronomy, and not only, of course, has no idea of ​​the name of the star .  He excitedly all evening and enthusiastically talks about the stars .  My favorite so interested in the topic, which is, listening to him in the morning ... If a young lady - a woman of experience, she knows - a month after the marriage of knowledge in astronomy and romantic poetry runs .  So what? Stars, stars, romantic and delicate and considerate .  And, sometimes, it brings hot coffee in bed .  And if you will not do - too personal .  The very rise and prepare .

Experienced women do not spend it, and sexual mask. Man-sexy a lot of silent, flexing its muscles and meaningful measures the roundness of all the ladies look. He prefers to look like a very experienced male manufacturer. And to no one doubted of his qualities, wears clothes that emphasizes all his physical advantages. God be with him, even underlines! In the end, except for the physical, there exists a mass of spiritual virtues, which he somehow greatly ashamed. And with the right approach - you look, and stop!

And finally, the most repulsive man's mask - a mask rude, ill-mannered lout. I must say, it is now little demand - cultural progress, after all. However, more common. Usually it outright rudeness, which is unusual and usually happens to someone who is rude. But in the presence of a pretty woman is taken out of nowhere, scaring her with his undisguised cynicism and aggression. Actually, the aim of this mask - to scare and make uncomplaining and affordable. A man plays the role of Tamerlane conquers concubine. The role of concubine not every woman will like. But if the lady will sagacity ...

The relationship between the weak and strong floors and sham - things are almost inseparable. Understands this insightful woman will be able to see the true essence of any man. Whatever mask he himself did not invent. The ability to see through the mask the fairer sex often is given by nature. But the absence of organic and it is quite possible to compensate for knowledge. But poor men a hard time comes when they find themselves face to face with a whole host of masks give. There is such a variety that are lost and adept in love affairs ladies' man!

 deviations between the sexes

Women's mask in relationships with men

Women - being more mysterious than men. Not so easy to recognize who is hiding under the guise prude or a magnificent beauty. We have quite a variety of techniques in the creation of masks, sculpted time-tested and plastic. Therefore the weaker sex in general a little amenable to some estimates. Why do poor men often get lost, at the same time expressing the suspicion that all women have a blood relationship with the evil spirit.

Try to Predict what will be the tender, fragile and defenseless girl in a few years after the wedding! It is only now she faints from the harsh word, and falls into bed at the slightest skvoznyachka. It may be that her horse's health, and in connection with this appetite, which as a result will devastate pockets spouse and fragile creature in turn lazy hulking creature ridden by a single purpose - to absorb everything. But it's not so bad. But when the princess turns tender evil witch, gnawing neighbors day and night - it is a real problem! Better to let the cakes eats and sleeps all day long.

It happens - a clumsy, looking like a cocky teen girl boyfriend did not like during the first meeting. Because all the time something drop, shrilly laughed out of place and was expressed in a conversation is not quite decent. The young man, of course, all this had very much to their liking, and he quickly said goodbye to such a vulgar. It turned out - for good reason. Because a friend took, and married this "cocky teenager," and it turned out that the girl (now a strange woman) is actually a very nice, sweet laughter, charming smile and wise warm look. I would love, but too late.

Masks have a lot of female and capricious life. That will turn one side, then the other. And to have to keep them ready to get it right at the right time. For example, Princess of today demand. The gentle, defenseless and fragile. And we are from childhood used to rely only on themselves. Consequently, neither humility nor obedience nor in the nature of insecurity almost not present. Well, nothing can be done, the relationship between the sexes require some! And we have to depict ethereal creature, like a butterfly, for which the slightest breeze - storm. A rush to a butterfly nets to all and sundry. Who knows whose net please everyone! So she hides when meeting with a man under the wings claws. And then - in the circumstances. Maybe they will, maybe not. But the claws are always with her.

Time passed, the princess is no longer in the price, needed a sex bomb. And for us sex - just not the purpose of life, but a way of reproduction. But you have to pretend that goal. Can not get away, we acquire a mini-skirt, bright makeup and learn to shake her hips defiantly. Surrounding perceive it differently. Someone, shaking his head disapprovingly, hisses angrily after him, but someone accompanies eyes longingly. And then some bachelor of the series of "lusting" is very persistent in his desire to own a sex bomb alone. And sighs disappointed to find a couple of months in his house an ordinary woman who dreams only of a quiet life.

It also happens that lovers of butterflies and sex-bombs too much. And the inconvenience created by this abundance, forced to wear a mask of inaccessibility. Maybe not quite comfortable, but otherwise - in any way! Otherwise - overt seduction and all sorts of evils associated with this temptation. Fans across different!

In general, almost every representative of the weaker sex in store has a whole arsenal of different masks. We need them, just like a chameleon to the survival needs of mimicry. And often changing mask reflex to defend themselves against attacks from the outside world. Oddly enough, but it contributed to the emergence of relations between the sexes in women such properties.

Why do women often pretend

Psychologists say that women in gender relations and pretend play much more often than men. Men prefer to play football cards in the war. And they aktёrstvuyut mainly at acquaintance with the girl during courtship. And that long. Women also play in human relations between the sexes. This game, of course, requires a myriad of masks. Need Mask Queen of Shemakha - please. Blok mask mysterious stranger - no problem! Mask your guy in the board - no trouble! It is unlikely that women in this guilty, and only evil spirits and does nothing to do with it! Evil - not much of a help in everyday matters. The relationship between a man and a woman but rather spoils than builds. Because he loves to put spokes in the wheel. And doing it very actively, when close to the fairer sex is not a strong man's shoulder. This happens quite often.

Throughout human history men were restless. They then arranged between a fight, sometimes can span decades, is possessed by curiosity, we went on a long journey and disappeared somewhere overseas. That, exhausted by hunger, rushed into the forest for a mammoth, and, again, disappeared. Or mammoth frisky caught or attracted to another cave. A woman - seven on the benches, and protection against adversity - nothing at all. Neither physical strength nor courage male or militancy. A seven pity.

Here, you want it or not, will become thoughtfull - how to survive? The forest animals sorts - mice, wolves, tigers. Evil spirit, again, sold out in their impunity - machinations builds and builds. So pretend that the cat, the dog, the fox and try to negotiate with evil. And the time comes, the men do not get tired to fight and unexplored land does not decrease. And the caves of others, and do more and more to become! And the woman came to improve, to invent new masks. If men were in abundance - and all worries she could be, so that the wash cook dinner. And their is not enough at all - dovoevalis!

No man is bad .  And sad, and do not quarrel with anyone, and click overcome .  Here it is to attract the attention of the stronger sex, and creates a set of currently more seductive mask .  Men are becoming more discriminating - more and more masks .  Only manage to change! And then there's evil whispers, "Yes you spit on it! Sami somehow shall understand! "You will go on her about - the new masks are needed .  Independence, inaccessibility, arrogance .  And the fate of you - one, and gave the right man .  She remembered the woman of his incarnation - fire in the hearth to maintain, and give him pleasure to inflate! Ambient only shakes his head .  Here, they say, and it is also tricky, and what kind of mercantile and hypocritical! Look what a wonderful wife, pretending! And in fact, pursuing their own interests! Oh, and hlebnet her grief more naive husband Fool! Well, if a man is wise will fall - will not believe .  And if gullible - down the drain .  Go look for more reliable companion .  And then the woman says about the peculiarities of relationships with men, and pulls back his mask from the wardrobe, shake off the dust and trying one by one .  To not an abyss .

 relations between the sexes

Intrigue and use of pretense in relationships

Women often wear masks and invent some way because the surrounding perceive them not as I would like. For example, the girl was lucky - the nature of it is very attractive. The young lady to look for her husband secured a broad back and tight purse and rest on our laurels solarium and beauty salons. But not here - it was! On the trouble (or luck?), It has a conservative morals and dreams of a big happy family, which is a reliable loving husband and many children. The girl wants to be the mistress of a cozy warm house. It happens sometimes.

However, growing up, young lady certainly understand one day that many men look at it primarily as a seductive sex object. Another would have taken advantage of this attention of the opposite sex, but our girl sex bomb role does not suit. She dreams of a serious deep relationship. So it brought up, and pretend at first she did not want. The poor girl did not yet know that it is inevitable. Because of its spectacular appearance at all attempts to establish such a deep relationship probably will fail miserably. It should be appropriate to the life of a man - immediately rejected appear before fans craved her favor. A candidate for a husband, is likely to be frightened of the influx of competitors and retreat.

In the end, the girl, tired of personal insecurity and an abundance of interest on the part of the stronger sex, will have to choose - either to accept the role of a sex bomb, and demand from the men as much as possible is good for himself, or to avoid dependence on them and earn those benefits itself. If the second option suits more necessary, even reluctantly, to put on a mask of arrogance and inaccessibility. The effect of this can be simply stunning. Our beauty suddenly will gain this freedom, which for a long time and did not dream. Now men will be afraid to show their aggressive intentions. And will keep an eye on it from the side, waiting for the favor of the newly-minted queen. However, as Queen has a significant disadvantage - go and see what's what, who is an observer to suit the role of the King!

Therein lies and use, and the deceit of female masks. Often the relationship between the strong and beautiful flooring focused on them. Men with his craving for rationality, tend to believe to the weak half of humanity. And try to choose the most suitable for you. They want affection, you want to protect - choose the mask-princess. Want inaccessibility, which must win - selected mask-queen.