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One of the most common diseases today - a gastritis. And equally common as chronic and acute gastritis - both forms of the disease. Alas, today gastritis occurs in about half of the world's population. And in order to deal with this scourge, it is necessary to know exactly what to expect. Is it possible to prevent the occurrence of gastritis? And what if the disease is still not escape it? What types of gastritis? This is what will be discussed below.

What is gastritis? Doctors call this term phenomenon in which inflammation is involved in the mucosa of the stomach cavity carpeted. It is, in fact, is gastritis. As discussed a little above, gastritis can have two forms of flow - acute and chronic:

  • Acute gastritis

In that case, if the sole cause of gastritis was a short-term impact on the gastric mucosa of various substances, the doctors say about acute gastritis. Most often it is due to receive large amounts of alcohol, food poisoning, certain medications, spicy foods, ingestion of household chemicals. As a rule, children may develop gastritis, if the baby decides to try the taste of chemicals. In the present case it affected only the mucosa of the stomach. This gastritis can also cause the development of chronic forms of the disease.

  • Chronic gastritis

In the same case, if there is a chronic form of gastritis develops gradually - a very long time, and gastritis can not make themselves known. A pathological changes that entails gastritis, in this case, much more serious, deeper. Gastric mucosa undergoes dystrophic changes, impaired secretion of gastric juice - reduced level of digestive enzymes, as well as the protective mucus. And as a result, gastritis becomes the last link of the real closed circuit. Gastritis - deterioration of the gastric secretions, mucus protection - again gastritis, already as a result of these violations.

Causes of gastritis

As with absolutely any other disease, gastritis will never occur just like that, out of nowhere. Be sure there is any good reason, provoked gastritis. And very sick person can not even guess about it, for that matter, and that he had gastritis. Doctors have identified two major groups of causes that provoke the development of chronic gastritis. And the first group - exogenous factors. These include:

  • Eating disorders

Tragically, in our time, the rhythm of life dictates its own terms. But it also provokes gastritis. The modern man does not always get stick to a normal diet. A rich dinner, "snack" during the day, fast food. Familiar, is not it? And as a result - sooner or later, the stomach begins to "rebel" against such injustice. And in the best case a person is faced with the infamous gastritis.

  • The systematic use of certain products

In that case, if you prefer healthy food is not very useful, albeit delicious, food - such as smoked sausage, hot and spicy foods, alcoholic and soft drinks, coffee, the risk of person to know what gastritis, has grown significantly. Therefore, all the same, try to reduce the use of these products to a minimum, if you can not completely abandon them. Believe me, your stomach is sure to tell you "thank you", and gastritis will pass you side.

  • Smoking

Strangely enough, but often the culprit that develops gastritis, becomes nothing but a cigarette. Smokers Rights in the stomach regularly does not just nicotine and tar, but also other products of combustion. And they are all very strongly irritate the stomach lining, causing gastritis. So that if you have this bad habit, remember this factor - gastritis can overtake you.

  • The use of pharmacological agents

There are a number of drugs, prolonged use which may lead to that develop gastritis. Such drugs include for example potassium chloride, some sedatives. As a rule, doctors warn of the sick person, appointing certain drugs. However perestrahuytes themselves carefully re-read the annotation to the drug. Warn doctors that you have chronic gastritis - the doctor will replace the drug. And in the event that acute gastritis has already started, the doctor must be made aware in the first place.

  • Working with harmful substances

In some cases, gastritis develops in people who work with hazardous substances - dust, vapors of acids and alkalis. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that this is extremely rare. Yet you can not overlook such a factor, talking about gastritis.

So, with the first group of risk factors we understand. It is time to talk about the second group, provoking gastritis - endogenous factors. These doctors include:

  • Nervous tension

Everyone knows the expression "All diseases of the nerves." And the truth in this truly is. And with considerable. And gastritis was no exception to this rule. Very often, gastritis develops precisely those people who are constantly in a state of nervous tension. And that is quite amazing, is not always this tension is caused by negative emotions. Positive emotions are also quite strong shock to the human body. So try to remain calm in all situations - gastritis you to anything. Especially as gastritis - not the most terrible price for spent nerve cells.

  • Chronic diseases

And in almost all cases, we are talking about chronic diseases namely the endocrine system. It is because they sometimes develop gastritis. In that case, if you or your loved one are suffering from such diseases, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, you should be particularly attentive to the state of his stomach - gastritis does not sleep.

  • Beriberi

Vitamin deficiency - a phenomenon very unpleasant for the whole organism. Including the stomach. Especially gastritis often develop in the event that the human body pronounced lack of vitamin B12 and iron. Gastritis is practically guaranteed.

As a rule, most often when examining patients with gastritis human doctors detect the presence of those and other factors. It is their combination and becomes a kind of trigger for the development of gastritis. Therefore, if at least one of the risk factors need to be especially attentive to their health.

 gastritis symptoms


The symptoms of gastritis in all cases are typical and easily recognizable. However, remember that in the case of chronic gastritis symptoms may appear not at once - asymptomatic period can last for a very considerable period of time, sometimes up to a year. And often chronic gastritis, doctors discover quite by chance during the examination about any other disease. And when gastritis absolutely nothing indicates. Incidentally, such a gastritis most insidious and dangerous to health.

But in most cases the symptoms of gastritis do occur. And in order to notice the problem and start treatment, know the symptoms of gastritis is still required. Thus, signs of gastritis:

  • Heartburn, belching, regurgitation in infants
  • Bad taste in the mouth, often sour.
  • Indigestion - bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

Of course, it is not necessary that all these symptoms are observed simultaneously. However, having had two or more of these symptoms - is cause for concern and, therefore, to call for a doctor. Only he can reliably diagnose gastritis.

And, of course, one of the major attributive gastritis is pain. As a rule, any pain is felt in the epigastric area or right upper quadrant in the, but much less frequently. Most often, pain during gastritis appears soon after a meal. Although the time frame can be quite different - from 10 minutes to an hour.

Sami pain dull, aching character. However, in the case of acute gastritis can be very intense pain similar to that which occurs when a peptic ulcer. This pain is literally knocks the man out of the rut. In addition to pain in the pit of sick people bursting point, gravity - in short, significant discomfort. In the event that you notice at symptoms of gastritis, be sure to consult a doctor.

 gastritis symptoms treatment

Treatment of gastritis

Very often people make the same mistake - believe that gastritis is not serious disease. So, to treat gastritis and not collected. However, this can not be done - otherwise very quickly symptoms of gastritis smoothly flow into the symptoms of peptic ulcer. That's really very unpleasant prospect, far worse than gastritis.

Today, there are enough ways to treat gastritis - both chronic and acute. Of course, the treatment of gastritis drugs should be prescribed only by the doctor. But you can treat the disease, and other methods. Of course, advance consultation with your doctor and get his consent. It is very much depends on what were the causes of gastritis.

  • Diet therapy

None of the most modern medicines will not be able to defeat this disease, if not met the required diet, shown in gastritis stomach. And it must comply not only when a patient man attack of gastritis, and is constantly making its way of his life. The only way you can win gastritis and prevent further recurrences. And the prevention of gastritis without it is simply impossible. Diet therapy consists of a few basic principles:

  • Chewing food

On such a trifle as the chewing of food, rarely paying at least some attention. And a very good reason - it is very common disease, and therefore there. To prevent illness and cure gastritis, you need to very carefully chew food, as large pieces have a very strong irritant effect on the gastric mucosa. Every morsel of food should be chewed at least 15 times.

  • Proper diet

In case you are suffering from gastritis, treatment is not possible without adjustments menu. First, you must remove all the fatty, spicy, salty and spicy dishes. Second - coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks. And, thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to how your meals are prepared - most preferably bake, braise or cook food.

  • Temperature range of food

Do not forget that extreme temperatures are also very negative impact on the state of the gastric mucosa. So do not eat too hot or too cold food - give preference to room temperature. By the way, this measure - a great prevention of gastritis.

  • Split meals

It is important to distribute meals so that the portions were small, but the interval between meals was not more than 3 hours. This measure will allow the stomach to work gently, with the lowest load. And speaking about effective treatment of gastritis, can not lose sight of that.

Treatment of gastritis with traditional medicine

There are also very effective popular treatments of the disease. And many of these methods are really effective treatment for gastritis. It does not matter what causes gastritis were pioneers. About the best and safest ways we tell you now:

  • Aloe

You gastritis? Aloe will be loyal allies, not only helps to eliminate the symptoms, but to cure this disease. The recipe is very simple - you only need aloe and honey. And the leaves of aloe is desirable to take a plant that is not less than five years. Otherwise aloe still does not have all its healing properties. Before applying Aloe necessary place for three days in the freezer. After that, pour over boiling water aloe, peel and leave in the freezer for another day. All Aloe is ready for use.

In water bath melt 200 grams of any of honey. While melted honey, aloe is necessary to 5 leaves of aloe is necessary to mince. And you need not only the pulp of aloe, but the juice. Honey Melt? Then it was the turn carefully to mix it with the juice and pulp of aloe. Got a lot of need to shift into a glass jar and take one teaspoon before meals.

By the way, aloe vera can help both in acute gastritis and chronic. Sometimes advised to replace aloe kalanchoe - but do not - the effect is much weaker. Another big advantage of this method - security. You may well take this vehicle and the drugs prescribed by a doctor that you - no harm.

  • Treatment of gastritis apples

Another answer to the question of how to cure gastritis, become the most ordinary ... apples. Usually, when people first hear about a similar phenomenon surprised and doubt whether it is possible to cure gastritis apples. And those who have tried this method on themselves, argue that it is possible, and quite successfully.

And we treat gastritis by means of apples is very simple - to win this insidious disease like gastritis, only need one kilo of apples. In order to not only eliminate the symptoms of the disease and gastritis and completely cured, it is necessary to eat at least kilograms of apples. Moreover, there can be just so, and you can make applesauce. However, in no case do not get rid of skin - in the apple do not have enough nutrients, as there are in the skin. And remember - the first two apples should be eaten on an empty stomach, and the last - just before bedtime. Be prepared. With the first two - three days of the disease will increase. But very quickly gastritis will disappear without a trace.

Of course, there are many other ways how to treat gastritis. However, most clinicians believe secure these two described above. All the others can lead to a deterioration of the disease. And about the individual intolerance of certain components of the various recipes of traditional medicine, should not be forgotten. How many people - so many reactions. Do not forget about caution - otherwise it can join any other disease.

Of course, gastritis - a phenomenon quite unpleasant. However, do not despair - gastritis is easily treatable if it started in a timely manner. And very soon from the discomfort and ill health will be over.

 Gastritis: Symptoms and treatment

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