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At the children's clinic in the queue to see a doctor the gastroenterologist, more and more can be seen very young children. It's amazing, right? Whence gastritis taken from these little crumbs? How to treat this disease? And, most importantly, how to prevent gastritis in children?

Even chronic gastritis in children - are no longer a rarity. In that case, if you have a child, these questions will certainly be relevant for you. This is what will be discussed in today's conversation.

So, what is gastritis? As is known, the inner surface of the stomach is lined with mucosal tissue. And occasionally the mucosa is involved in the inflammatory process. This process is called doctors and gastritis. There are two forms of the disease course - acute and chronic.

The acute form of the disease occurs very rapidly, with pronounced symptoms, the child's state of health is deteriorating very, very much. But the advantage is the acute form of gastritis is that the timely and proper treatment initiated he disappears without a trace.

The chronic form of the disease occurs more easily - symptoms are less pronounced, and general condition of the child hardly deteriorates. However, in fairness, it should be noted that chronic gastritis is often a companion of man for life. Therefore, you should try in any case to prevent the development of acute gastritis.

 gastritis symptoms in children

The causes of the disease

As is known, nothing happens simply so. And gastritis, as well as any other disease, will never have a reason. And it is very important for parents to know what it can lead to the development of gastritis. After all, having such information, parents can try to prevent the disease:

  • Infectious gastritis

Not long ago, the phrase "infected gastritis" would sound absurd. Today, however, doctors have found that there are a number of gastritis, which stimulates the development of pathogenic microflora. So that the child can get through the dining items, general toys - for example, in kindergarten. The share of such gastritis account for about 20% of all cases.

  • Malnutrition

It would seem that a small child a priori can not eat properly. But no - many babies from birth eat properly. According to the idea of ​​nature, all the young should be fed breast milk. Including human. But very often for one reason or another can not save my mother breastfeeding. And well, if immediately be able to pick up the milk mixture that is suitable for your child.

The first year of life in general most responsible - the frequent change of infant formula, untimely or incorrect introduction of complementary foods. Considering that the child's digestive system is still immature, load it turns serious. And that's not the worst thing.

The really scary, one-year old baby sitting in a wheelchair with gusto eats chips, and its bottle instead of juice or some water splashing carbonated beverage. You smiled in disbelief, thinking that it is commonplace exaggeration? Alas, no ... Yes you do look back on the sides! For example, a fast food restaurant - every day there's going to quite a number of parents with children. That's it in a way and creates a fertile ground for the development of gastritis.

  • Overeating

"Spoon for mom, spoon for the pope". Familiar words? Most mothers and grandmothers enthusiastically stuffed crumbs all that comes handy. They sincerely believe that they are acting for the good health of your baby. And what, really? And in fact, the only thing that can be achieved in this way - a constant overload stomach abnormalities, irritation of the gastric mucosa, its inflammation and, as a consequence, the infamous gastritis. Chronic gastritis in children often exactly what develops.

  • Cookies, candies and chocolates

Candy, cookies, chocolate - what kind of childhood without them? However, remember that, and cookies, and chocolate, and even ordinary caramel largely contribute to the development of gastritis. Therefore, in any case inadmissible year-old pop candy crumbs. Doctors - Pediatricians generally prohibit giving children any kind of candy was at least until the age of three. The same goes for the cookie - of course, except for special designed for the little ones.

  • Stressful situations

Surely you've heard that "all diseases - from nerves". And gastritis often develop because of stress. Anticipating your objection - say, some stress can be a child - we hasten to assure you of stress in a child's life, no less than in adults. And sometimes even more. After all the problems, which in your opinion, and does not exist, a child often seem intractable.

Among the most common stress in children include: moving to a new place of residence, a change of kindergarten, the emergence of a new family member, conflicts with peers in kindergarten. Particularly strong stress for those children whose parents are constantly quarrel with each other. And do not think that closed the bedroom door to help conceal the conflicts of the child. Children are very thin feel the psychological atmosphere in the family, so they lie to you is unlikely to succeed.

And do not forget about another important aspect. What looks on television your child? What games does he play? And how many times a day? Remember that even good cartoons and fairy tales in large quantities have a very serious strain on the nervous system of the child. And what can we say about the aggressive game, of which in our time in excess?

  • Food poisoning

About half of all cases of acute gastritis in children becoming banal culprit of food poisoning. And this is understandable - the toxins act on the gastric mucosa is very detrimental, causing its inflammation. Well, inflammation, as we remember, and is thus gastritis. Therefore, carefully watch the quality of the products that your child eats. And pay attention not only on the shelf life, but also on the conditions - particularly the temperature conditions.

  • Other diseases.

Less common, but nevertheless there are occasions when gastritis occurs as a result of existing child diseases, such as hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. And in that case, if the crumbs in the body there is any source of chronic infection - for example, sinusitis, dental caries, jade - the risk of gastritis also increased significantly. In addition, gastritis may be caused by the presence in the body of giardia and other intestinal worms - they pretty much injure the gastric mucosa, causing irritation and inflammation.

  • Medications.

With high probability gastritis can cause a variety of pharmacological agents. Medications often provoke severe irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Of course, a one-time medication is unlikely to lead to the development of gastritis. But systematically - within three days or more - the use of certain medications - could be.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this can not be avoided. For example, if a child is sick and needs a course of treatment by any aggressive medications. As a rule, doctors always remember about the threat of the development of gastritis and try to prevent it. But very often parents are the perpetrators of such gastritis.

How often adults begin to self-treat the child, giving him certain medications. And as a natural result - gastritis is forcing himself to wait long. That is why in any case impossible to make a decision about the need to treat the child medication. All drugs should be prescribed only pediatrician.

  • Genetic factors

It is known that many diseases have a tendency to be inherited. There was an exception to this rule, and gastritis. In that case, if the mother, father or someone from the close relatives of the child suffering from gastritis, we need only the slightest provoking factor - for example, a small error in the child's diet - as gastritis immediately declare itself.

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The symptoms of gastritis in children

So, what causes may provoke the development of gastritis in the child, we understand. It is equally important to know and what signs may indicate gastritis. After all, the earlier parents notice the problem and show the child to the doctor, the sooner treatment is started. And the sooner treatment is started, the less damage to the health and unpleasant moments for the child and for his parents. Gastritis symptoms may vary depending on the age of the child.

  • Pain

So, in very young children the main symptoms of gastritis - is anxiety and crying. If a pipsqueak still can not speak, it will just twist legs, pull them to the belly, to hold his stomach. If the baby is old enough, he will certainly complain adults are pain in the stomach.

  • Lethargy and apathy

Listing the symptoms further, not to mention the lethargy and apathy. The child begins to act up, to refuse from the usual entertainment - watching cartoons, games, rides. It will increasingly seek to lie down. Noticing like for your child, do not ignore this condition. Because the symptoms of many diseases, not just gastritis also include apathy and lethargy.

  • Change the color of the skin

Pale skin of the child, dark circles under the eyes - is also very distinctive symptoms of gastritis.

Nausea, vomiting, tongue coating.
If all of the above symptoms often indicate the chronic course of gastritis, the nausea, vomiting, and white patches on the tongue - often acute symptoms of the disease. As already mentioned, acute gastritis always occurs in a distinct manner.

Remember that the symptoms of gastritis vary in each case. Therefore, whenever you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. Only a doctor can properly assess the child's condition, diagnose disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The treatment of gastritis in children

The treatment of gastritis in children depends on what exactly caused the causes of the disease. Successful treatment is only possible if the causes are eliminated. Otherwise, the disease will come back again and again. As a rule, in most cases, doctors can not install these causes.

But there are general principles which are relevant in all cases. Without treatment compliance is unlikely to be successful. So:

  • Psychological atmosphere

Remember that all sorts of stress - the most fertile soil for gastritis? So, for the treatment of gastritis is necessary to eliminate these stresses. We need to create the most comfortable child psychological situation.

  • The diet of the child

Treatment of gastritis is simply impossible without revising the child's diet. Talk to your doctor - it will help you choose a menu that is perfect for your child. In addition, follow the schedule and supply - the child must have at one and the same time. And this is true not only in that period, while being treated.

In no case do not give your child any medicine. Drug treatment should be carried out only under strict medical supervision. And, of course, only on prescription. That is why doctors prefer to treat gastritis in children in the hospital.

 Gastritis in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

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