Fur vests

Fur vests, which appeared recently, quickly and confidently master the space, and if since their introduction market behaved very carefully, but recently noticeably intensified as the modern women of fashion and fur vests have become particularly relevant. With the onset of cold weather first appeared can already be seen on the streets of fashionable women, clad in furs so popular.

Vests Fur enrich the latest collections of contemporary designers and can be freely purchased in fur salons, and even better to order exclusive item in the fur atelier. Acquiring such a beautiful thing, you finally an opportunity to flaunt on the streets of the big city in a luxury vest. They are so nice and comfortable that leave no doubt to buy or not to buy them. Such a thing today has become indispensable outerwear and wearing it once, you will not want to part with it ever, and skillfully defeating accessories, you can transform the jacket and artfully chosen supplements you become a refined accent.

The most avant-garde fashion designers dare to go on a serious experiment, and created fur vests chinchilla, which was not in vain, because almost all the master like this fur, and now reasonable copyrights thoughts will please you with elegant warm vests for a long time, creating a cozy mood. In such a vest, you can confidently go on any journey, because now next to you is, is always, nice and warm fur coat.

Jackets from mink like every woman, because this fur is the most noble and wonderful and so it is especially suitable for the most active women who prefer to dress elegantly and tastefully. Excellent fox fur looks combined with leather and fur vest from this will allow fashionistas to keep up with fur fashion. Therefore, the designers have prepared a large assortment of vests for all occasions, and now they will be carefully warm you with its warm several winter seasons.

Trendy vests perfectly complement any clothes in the wardrobe of a woman, and she is able to transform any elegant figure, and if you have rounded hips, the vest perfectly hide flaws and therefore lengthened vest is what you need. The most important advantage of the vests is that they are presented in a very simple performance and most importantly there is nothing superfluous and useless.

Fur vests made from fur of various animals, it may be a fox fur, Mouton, sable, wolf and many other fur-bearing animals. These jackets can be combined with any clothing, jeans, sweaters, and they will create a great harmony with trousers, vests and the main advantage is that a fur vest in modern life has, above all, flexibility.

 Fur vests

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 hippie style

Hippie half a century ago has made a real revolution in the world of fashion. Today, few who are not familiar with such a course of culture, which began in the mid 60-ies in the West and spread rapidly around the world. And though since then was not so much time over the years of its existence, it has undergone many changes, but has not lost its relevance. Bright clothes with kleshennym silhouette - long skirt hippie, trousers, tunics and blouses rainbow hues, creating a feeling of lightness, still very popular among the fans of this style.

Hippie style in clothes - is perhaps one of the most colorful and at the same time, the country style in the modern world .  It combines the fantastic shades of bright, colorful floral designs and a huge quantity of various accessories .  For the hippie generation ago, there were no rules, moral principles and trends, only the pursuit of happiness, joy and comfort .  In contrast, for fans of modern fashion trends it is very important to follow all the fashion trends .  This style is popular for more than a season, he is now actively used by many modern designers .  And their choice is not accidental: fashion clothes in this style is not only extinguished, but on the contrary, every year is becoming more widespread .  The reasons for such a high popularity of this style more .  Chief among them - simplicity and convenience .  Furthermore, such clothing does not have age limits, and does not require its owner certain social status .

Fashion designer every season include their collections elements of this style. Today we can say with confidence that the hippie style is experiencing a rebirth. Incredibly popular in the 60s of the last century, this style in our time more expanded its borders, received a new name - the hippie-chic.

Create your own unique style of dress

 hippie style

To look this fall and winter coming like a hippie, not necessarily from head to toe dressed in old-fashioned dress "flower children." Modern fashionable women to combine quite loose clothing bright flower colors with some characteristic details. Accessories have always been of great importance in the style of a hippie. All sorts of talismans and amulets made of wood, beads and baubles from yarn, leather braided bracelets, wide-brimmed hats, wraps and bright painted scarves - all this was not just a bright addition to clothing, but also an excellent means of self-expression. However, the most important accessory hippie youth of that time was the ribbon on the head, which is decorated with long flowing hair. As for the headscarf, it is not necessary to tie around the neck or head. This stylish accessory can also be "attach" at the waist or wrist purse.

 long skirt hippie

As the basics to create a fashionable image, you can use:

  • long colorful tunics;
  • maxi skirts and dresses with high waist;
  • hand-knitted sweaters;
  • Colorful tunic with embroidery;
  • loose shirts;
  • most ordinary jeans deep shade;
  • flared jeans;
  • trousers in a narrow strip;
  • Clothing with patches;
  • Fur vests.

Create a unique image you will wear in ethnic style - it is always original and fashionable. Also, it lets look fashionable and stylish in almost any situation, except for official and business receptions.

When choosing wardrobe, give preference to knitted and crocheted apparel, fur and denim. With its arsenal a couple of original fashion veshchichek you favorably stand out from the common crowd and attract attention to his person.

To create a fashionable image, sometimes simply to supplement the usual jeans and a simple T-shirt hippie accessories.

Neo-hippies - a new hippie style in the modern world of fashion

 trendy hippie style

Neo-hippies - a combination of traditional style with the high ideals of the podium - is now extremely popular .  Clothes in this style is perfect for all occasions .  It can be worn in everyday life: to work, to visit during the city's shopping and walking, and used as an evening dress .  For today's hippie clothes are still important naturalness and closeness to nature .  Therefore, designers when selecting materials for such outfits are increasingly favored the so-called eco-fabrics, that is, those that do not contain synthetic fibers .  This denim, cotton, linen, leather, suede or even fur .  In the new designer collections you can find a lot of romantic dresses made of flowing fabrics and flying .  Most of them are bright clothes elements with a touch of chic negligent - simplicity and naturalness in its original image .  No fashionista would not be able to resist such an exquisite outfit .

However, before you try on the fashionable things, you should think carefully about what you're going to wear it. After hippie style clothing can be combined not with all things feminine wardrobe. In order not to be in a ridiculous situation, stylists advise not to combine it with elegant clothes and clothing business style. But a casual, country and romantic style, such clothing is very good harmony.

Schem wear such clothes: choose shoes and accessories

 hippie style autumn-winter

Hippie style in a familiar, and in the "ennobled" form can not without hippie symbols and accessories. It can be as young women of fashion favorite baubles beads and other accessories have already mentioned above, as well as scarves, stoles, sunglasses a la John Lennon and, of course, roomy bag over his shoulder. It may be made of patches in style patchwork or straw.

Shoes can be almost anyone, whether it be rude gladiators sandals with straps knee-boots-sandals flat shoes or a more feminine model in high heels. The main thing that they are sure to have relaxed a bit sloppy appearance.

As decorations for clothes and shoes and bags used for the most different decor. The most relevant fringe, woven rope, suede laces, straps decorated with beads and rough, with long fringe hanging down straps.

Creating the image of hippies, do not forget about such mandatory attributes like hair ribbon, which is designed to pacify the loose hair. The use of various accessories, as well as easy and natural make-up corresponding to this hairstyle will make your image recognizable and complete.

 Hippie style of dress - down mediocrity!

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