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Today it is difficult to find a solid company, without having its own trademark and corporate identity. Corporate image of a large company and is expressed in such a thing as a dress code. This is one of the most important elements supporting the firm's reputation and give the impression of it in the market. What is the dress code and what rules it obeys?

What does the term "dress - code"

What is the dress code? It is a form of clothing and how it wear when visiting the various activities, restaurants and events. The phrase comes from the English dress-code, which translated means "dress code» (dress - clothes, code - usually a code). English term quickly became popular and began to be used in countries around the world. Rules dress code usually represent norms wearing office. In fact, this concept is wider, and its position on the dress code can have people of different nationality, occupation, religion, social class, sexual orientation and marital status.

Clothing, which means the dress code at work, is not uniform. It can be an individual, but chosen by the laws set forth in this or that company. Types of dress code depends on the scope of the firm.

For example, people of creative professions - sellers of paintings, theater workers, employees of modeling agencies, and so on - can be worn on service rather extravagant attire. And those who belong to the representational activities and acts as the face of the company in negotiations with customers and companions must wear simple, classic style.

Dress code Any reputable company assumes that in the same clothes to appear at work for two days is impossible. At each of its employee or the employee must have at least three - four options suits, in harmony with each other on a style and color. The company's reputation depends, among other things, from the appearance of its employees, who often plays a decisive role in establishing the confidence of consumers and business partners to the firm itself.

Often, familiarity with the company begins to communicate with a particular employee, clothing and appearance which primarily talks about respect for the potential customers. Therefore, the company's dress code, and that shows the state of affairs of the company as a whole, is extremely important and is a natural extension of the corporate culture and an integral part of the brand.

In the west, in large corporations business dress code may make a rather strict requirements. The contract includes several pages with detailed description personnel clothing, including the composition of the material from which it is made. For example, at the headquarters of the United Nations legitimately employee, ignoring the dress code for women, established by the company, may make change pantyhose on, say, a lucky color.

However, to justify the excessive rigidity of the dress code, office worker can be equipped with air conditioning, so even in the hottest time of year, you can feel good in the pantsuit with long sleeves, and even tights under trousers in this office will not deliver discomfort. High wages also makes employees more tolerant of rigor dress code.

While in the former Soviet Union is interpreted rather narrowly, that is a business dress code, and the rules it is mainly used for clothing for events, the success of which may depend on the appearance of staff. It may be open corporate parties, business meetings, during which important decisions can be taken.

Most often regulated by the office dress code and a list of unacceptable to wear things working in the office staff. In general, the business dress code is divided into male and female.

 What is the dress code

  Female dress - code

Female dress code at work, as a rule, prohibits low-sitting trousers, tops with bare belly, mini-skirts, shorts, transparent clothes, deep neckline, sports clothing, flip-flops. Demanding corporate dress code is to be found only in restaurants and banks. However, judging by the fact that the leaders of the organization after traveling to foreign partners are increasingly seeking to introduce their company culture like wearing, dress code is gradually coming into fashion. Today, they are found in the Company's Charter and in labor contracts.

Business feminine style of a large corporation is generally a suit and not very narrow skirt, the length of which must not be above the knees. The girl working at a corporation must have a number of similar suits. They can be complementary accessories and ornaments, but within reason. With these additions costume for the office, if necessary, it can easily be turned into a kind of non-formal attire for some reception or corporate evening.

The dress code for women and provides skirt and trouser suits dark color, complemented by delicate blouses or sweaters. Shoes employee must be very clean, neat, on a low heel and closed toe. The emergence of women in the workplace, not donned pantyhose, even on hot days is unacceptable.

In some firms a business style must be observed from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and on various corporate events assume an informal dress code. It allows you to put on dresses and blouses with trousers or skirts without jackets and decorate themselves more than the usual amount of accessories. However, the shoes still have to be closed toe. In general, even informally company employees should adhere to the elegant, without excessive frills style.

Female corporate style of clothing - the basics (some species codes):

Formal, Full dress - recommended ball gowns

Semi-formal, Smoking - day permitted cocktail dresses, evening - evening.

Informal - a business suit.

Smart casual - jeans are allowed, slacks or a skirt with a blouse or turtleneck; can jacket, sweater, jacket, belt; shoes or boots shoes on stockings, socks or tights. Earrings possible if they are combined with the rest of clothing.

Business casual, Country Club - cloth trousers, long shorts or capri pants with polo.

 dress code for women

Business dress code in the summer

How to choose clothes that make you feel comfortable in a stuffy office, without violating the strict corporate dress code? And what about those female employees who are prescribed a strict corporate charter only wear closed shoes are not allowed to ignore the tights and long sleeves afford to not less than three-quarters? In this case, have demonstrated extraordinary inventiveness - so that dress code was "hungry", and the body remained intact.

  • First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric from which the garment is sewn. Of course, it may not be clear, but too it is desirable that it was quite thin and allow the body to breathe easily. It is best suited for this purpose flax. Especially that linen suit may well be combined with clothes from other opaque but thin fabrics. Example: a linen jacket and monochrome chiffon skirt well together and are consistent with the business style. And if you wear linen stockings under her skirt, then you would not threaten to overheat.
  • Long skirts and sleeves, if your company's dress code clearly states what should be the length of the skirt and the sleeves of his jacket or blouse, it will save you again, lightweight fabric and style of dress. Try to select those models that do not fit tightly to the body.
  • Shoes: dress code of some companies prohibit the wearing open shoes. In summer, this condition is particularly difficult to perform, because in closed shoes, and even when put on pantyhose, legs will be very hot. Here, too, there is a way: you can wear shoes, sandals. These shoes are closed heel and toe, and only stop in the middle or on the side open. If you still need a more rigorous version, choose shoes made of cloth or leather shoes with holes (it looks like a weave or grid) - and you will be able to comply with the requirements, and be able to afford sufficient comfort to provide.
  • Tights: Here, too, you can go to the trick. You can afford to replace the one-piece nylon stockings to pantyhose-net. Just buy a flesh-colored tights with a fine mesh. They will be invisible on your feet and allow the skin to breathe.

You can not cite one example of how with the help of simple tricks to circumvent the rules are too strict business dress code, generally without disrupting its requirements. It all depends on the situation and on your imagination. We believe that with our tips you will do whatever is necessary to look at the office quite professionally.

 Fundamentals and rules of dress code

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