French manicure on nails naroshchennyh

You know, what's most important misconception many women? The fact that they appreciate the beauty of hair, make-up or a beautiful dress, forget about your hands. But they can both do well-groomed woman in the eyes of others and spoil all impression. We're not just talking about the smoothness of the skin (which, of course, is important too), but also about a manicure. Just do not say that you have no time in the morning to make up your nails. Think of how much time you spend in the shower add to this half-hour makeup and think about how these two procedures cut to stay a minute or two on the French manicure.

If time really is not, you will save the nail. After all, the gel (as in acrylic) lacquer coating held like a glove within two weeks. To increase the nails? You can sleep in the morning for 15 minutes longer. And it is in today's world such a luxury! Particularly impressive on the nails of extension looks very fashionable now a French manicure. And the longer holding this kind of manicure in the display, the greater the species occurs. What is not only experimenting manicure! And the color and shape, and the coating selected is different. Therefore, we can safely say that the French manicure - this is not just one kind of drawing on nails, but also a new way of expression. We are sure that many readers are now frozen in the expectation that we will tell them about the French manicure on nails of extension in detail. So be it!

 nice french manicure on nails naroshchennyh

French manicure color, form and content

All of you remember the famous "smile line", which is an integral part of the French manicure. In the classic version is covered with clear nail (or nail color) paint, a very isolated part edged with white, echoing the natural shape of the nail. Today, this line can take place not only at the lower edge of the cut, but also figuratively. Manicurist paint on request instead of the usual semicircle sharp corner or just a long line obliquely, edging separating the part of the nail. In short, you can draw on your nails is not an ordinary French manicure, and all that draws you to a fantasy. Naturally, the key points are the contrast of colors and the separation of the nail cutting.

Speaking of color. It is believed that the French manicure - a white edge of the nail. Today, the color of the nail cutting can be anything. Red, pink, or even black. As for the main part of the nail, there can also be enough to experiment. Therefore, aside clearcoat aside and give free rein to their imagination. Maybe your mood nails red suit with a gold edge? Or black with silver border? For those who have not decided on a bold experiment, we can offer less crucial french manicure. Cover the nail plate familiar with varnish, and the smile line does not draw a white and pale pink or just cover the edge of the nail glitter.

If you do not have enough imagination and professionalism (and draw a "smile line" is rather difficult), seek professional help. As today in the salons of a new service - the French manicure, which is not erased. In this case, manicurist uses no paints, and color gels, which are also subject to drying in the UV lamp. On the one hand, a French manicure is very convenient because you do not need to touch up each morning nails. On the other hand, change the color of the nail plate, you can not (unless you cover the color gel polish on top).

What to choose - a regular manicure, painted with varnish, or almost perpetual version made color gel, you decide. In any case, you should remember that any manicure (even on the nails of extension) should be refreshed, so do not forget the way to a beauty salon and appreciate your manicure. And then your pen will always look perfect!

 French manicure nails on naroshchennyh

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 cream facial wrinkles


  • Why do I get wrinkles?
  • Prevention, first and foremost!
  • Cosmetics of facial wrinkles
  • A bit of peptides ... What is it and how to act?
  • Wrinkle cream based on natural ingredients
  • A variety of cosmetic facial wrinkles

Wrinkles do not bring any joy to the woman. And no matter the age or they mimic. After all, with the advent of each new wrinkles on our face delayed imprint of sadness, even if there is no reason to be sad. Age-related changes occur on the face after 30-35 years, but the notice fine lines around the eyes, the lips and the nose can be much earlier. Cream of facial wrinkles - the most popular vehicle in cosmetics, always buy it. Indeed, so eager to stay young and look attractive and fresh!

Funds of this kind are quite a few, and often we get lost, selecting "medicine" for the youth and beauty. And many of us do not realize that the appearance of facial wrinkles can be delayed for several years. To do this, regular care for the skin, and you need to start the procedure as soon as possible.

Why do I get wrinkles?

As we know, women express their emotions more than men. And so their facial muscles are almost always involved. It is continuous work these muscles and causes changes. To mimic wrinkles include "crow's feet" around the eyes, "thought crease" on the forehead, between the eyebrows line. They then make a woman's face sullen and sad.

You have started to appear wrinkles? So you must immediately begin action to eliminate them! But before you choose a cream facial wrinkles, is to understand the cause of their appearance. Changes may be hereditary or the result of severe stress and emotions. In this case, a good cream will be enough. But if your wrinkles have appeared due to improper skin care, metabolic disorders, make sure you revise your lifestyle. Change diet, pay more attention to hydration and nutrition of the skin, keep a healthy lifestyle and do not forget about exercise.

 cream against expression wrinkles

Prevention, first and foremost!

In order to need the cream of facial wrinkles come as late as possible, it is necessary to ensure a balanced skin care every day. Toning and moisturizing mask, massage, foam cleanser - all this will help to avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles. The main thing to remember, choose the care you need exactly in accordance with the age and type of your skin.

Strongly desiccate the skin color cosmetics, so you need to remove makeup every night with the help of special tools. Also, adverse effects of ultraviolet light has. Try to protect the face from excessive sunlight. In extreme cases, use a barrier cream.

Against expression wrinkles works well cosmetics containing ingredients that influence the production of collagen. Girls with dry skin is not recommended to use scrubs as they irritate the skin and even more it is dried. Especially scrubs with fruit ingredients. And most importantly - less wrinkle face! Always smile, no frown eyebrows, then wrinkles will not appear prematurely.

Cosmetics of facial wrinkles

Today, there are two effective methods to fight against facial wrinkles. First - Botox injections. This tool is introduced into the muscle under the skin, the result is noticeable after a week, but after about six months, we have to repeat the procedure. The second method - a cream against expression lines. Most of them contain substances similar to Botox, therefore produce the same effect, but it has to wait longer.

Using this cream, you get a chance to regain youthful skin without surgery. For example, you can describe the effect of the cream «Lanotech», which after only a few applications reduces wrinkles and fights the appearance of new ones. The best of its kind - «Caviar Moisturizing Cream», created on the basis of peptides. It acts on the skin calming, relaxes facial muscles, thus preventing the appearance of aging and facial wrinkles.

A bit of peptides ... What is it and how to act?

Products that contain this component, able to cope with the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth in a short time. Today, there are not only commercially cream of this kind, but also foams, gels, lotions. That is, you have the opportunity to take a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. Peptides begin to act within 20-30 minutes after application. They contain amino acids that penetrate deep into the skin and restore its natural way, that is, drive the processes of regeneration and self-regulation.

An advantage of the peptide cosmetics is its ability to accumulate in the body during daily use. For example, you apply the cream for the first time - the effect is valid for at least 5 hours. But if you use the vehicle for at least 30 days - you can completely forget about wrinkles in the next month. And most importantly, these funds are suitable for different age groups and almost no contraindications. Thus, it is necessary to think carefully before agreeing to Botox injections, because there are more loyal (but no less effective) tools.

 cream on facial wrinkles

Wrinkle cream based on natural ingredients

Homemade masks and cream will be an excellent addition to cosmetics. They can become your assistant principal and if the changes on the face you saw recently. Home cosmetics cooked very simply, and the ingredients you will certainly find the nearest store or pharmacy. Well, let's try to rejuvenate with the help of Mother Nature?

Cream honey and Vaseline

  • Honey - a tablespoon;
  • Vaseline - a teaspoon;
  • Iodine - a couple of drops;
  • Castor oil - a tablespoon.

Take a small bowl of glass and drip into it a few drops of iodine (no more!). Now add jelly, butter and honey. All mix well - cream is ready! Store means you need a glass jar in no more than 30 days. Before applying a good clean face tonic, apply a cream necessary to thin uniform layer on the face, you can keep up to two hours, and then wash off with warm water.

In addition to the "work" of the first wrinkle cream copes with bleach facial, so if you have any liver spots (which is not uncommon at a certain age), feel free to use this tool!

Cream honey and brandy

  • One egg yolk;
  • Fatty cream - 100 grams;
  • Honey - a tablespoon;
  • Lemon juice - a teaspoon;
  • Cognac - 2 dessert spoons.

All the ingredients are mixed in a glass container and applied with a cotton pad on clean face. An hour later, all washed off with warm water. This tool provides an excellent anti-aging and moisturizing effect, suitable for all skin types.

Cream honey and rose petals

  • Lemon - 3 pieces;
  • Honey - a teaspoon;
  • Vegetable oil - a tablespoon;
  • Cologne - tablespoon;
  • The infusion of rose petals (on alcohol) - a tablespoon.

Lemons cleanse, peel finely cut and fill with boiling water. We give it brew for 8 hours. Now, we filter the infusion, and were cast into the prepared glass container quarter, there was added honey, butter (preferably unrefined), a spoonful of lemon juice, cologne and tincture of rose petals. Beat with a mixer, and all can be used. One caveat - this cream is not suitable for very dry and sensitive skin, as alcohol additives more it will dry.

A variety of cosmetic facial wrinkles

Creams that fight against expression lines abound. Many of them contain active ingredients acting on the collagen and elastin fibers skin. It is these fibers and contribute to the appearance of facial wrinkles, because they are constantly in motion. The components of these creams blocking ability, which leads to smooth out wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

Designed not only lotions, and serums and masks which are to the benefit of a female face. Here are just a few cosmetic companies that manufacture these tools: Helena Rubinstein, Matis, Vichy, Givenchy, Lancome, Dior, Vichy, Givenchy. They are considered the best of its kind, many women tried to imagine action of their products.

In general, you will surely understand that the choice of anti wrinkle facial huge. And to make this choice be for you. The main thing to remember, a comprehensive approach to the problem - here is your best assistant in this difficult matter. Face Care should be implemented on a daily basis, regardless of age. Masks, good moisturizes and nourishes cosmetics, decorative quality, massage - all this will remove you from the problem of facial wrinkles. And even after the inevitable signs of aging, your skin will look healthy and radiant. And then who would dare to say that you are 18 years old ?!

 Cream of facial wrinkles: choose the best

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