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French manicure, as well as a French kiss, for the past three decades, dominates the minds of beautiful women. And who can remain indifferent to the elegant, well-groomed nails with white "smile" on their tips? Business lady in a strict office, excited bride at a wedding party, a young girl walking on a first date - a nail design is perfect for them? Of course, french manicure, because it is truly a win-win situation. Years pass, fashions are replaced, and the French manicure has been and remains the most popular service in any beauty salon, where there is a manicure room. Moreover, the jacket - it's the only type of manicure, which agree to men.

  "French manicure" is not French?

So who came up with this awesome nail design, who first had the idea to cover the nail bed pink pearl lacquer and paint on the tip of a white smile (this is the classic French manicure)? In fact, the exact answer to this question is still not there. The two great powers are fighting for the right to be known as ancestors tunic - namely, France and America.

France? Of course, you say, whence to take a French manicure, if not from the streets of Fleury, Regis, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees and other cute names to our hearts? In fact, your guesses are not far from the truth. According to one version, it was the French fashion designers have created a new kind of manicure. The fact is that fashion shows fashion models should look perfectly "to the toes" and repainted in the color of your nails every outfit is usually no time nor opportunity. It is estimated that thirty years ago, a humble, unknown French fashion designer went and invented a french manicure, perfect for any type of clothing.

However, this version is not the most popular, because of the palm in the creation of the world's most elegant manicure very successfully fighting the United States. Yes, do not be surprised: it is possible that the French manicure was not invented in France and in America. So, to create a new nail design inspired the American film industry professionals.

The seventies of the last century have become a real boom in American cinema by number of films filmed. Often, the same actress were engaged in several films simultaneously. Playing different roles, they had to get used to the different characters, different ages, and, of course, trying on different costumes. Sometimes this change of image took place within one day several times, but because poor women and their make-up artists, could only sympathize. Imagine how much time was spent on the change of image in general and in particular the manicure? Moreover, during that period, American filmmakers began to make close-ups, and therefore looks actresses, including the hands, had to be perfect.

Tired of complaints actresses and stylists, the producers enlisted the help of ambitious and talented Jeff Pinku - owner of the American cosmetics company «Orly». Now this man is considered a legend of the nail business, it was he "flick of the wrist" has opened the world of the original French manicure technique. Everything that he has done - to improve the classic nail design, highlighting the tip of the nail thin strip-white smile. It would seem that what little! But with such manicured any dress - from the insanely extravagant to the strict black - it looks just perfect.

Since then, the manicure is not only actress but also the most ordinary girl willing to nails on their fingers always looked beautiful and well-groomed. And the name of "french" this design was due to the fact that everything in the world refined and elegant it is usually referred to France. That to be honest: the words "French" and "fashionable" a long time ago for most of us have become synonymous. Because the name "French manicure" very quickly and stuck, and the technology nail quickly spread around the world ...

 french manicure

French manicure technique

Any manicure, including the French, it's best done in a beauty salon. It's so nice when experienced master takes care of your hands, bridging the real beauty on nails (especially since the French manicure technique is not so simple). Unfortunately, the opportunity to relax in a comfortable chair manicure is not at all, so we will tell you about how to make such a manicure at home.

Perhaps it is not necessary to stop the focus on how to properly cut the cuticles and file nails - in this part of the French manicure is not much different from any other. The shape of the nail, you can choose any - although the square, though oval - jacket looks great in both versions. Also be sure to use a base coat and a fixer for nail polish, because with these tools your manicure will look much more professional. Well, the fact that the coating is done very carefully, without streaks and spots on the skin of lacquer, we think, does not mean to say: it is on french manicure such flaws just catch your eye!

So, the most important and difficult part of the French manicure - this is carefully and precisely draw a "smile" on the tip of the nail. This should be a thin brush, strictly followed so that the thickness and line bending on all the nails were the same. If you find it difficult to cope with this task yourself, then stick to the nails special stencils for the tunic, which are sold in almost any cosmetic shop. After the lacquer dries, you can apply the basic colors - pink or clear, at your discretion.

 French manicure options

Options for the French manicure

Time does not stand still, and the famous French manicure keeps up with modern trends. If once used predominantly classic design nails (nail pink and white "smile" on the protruding tip), now the jacket provides endless scope for imagination. At the moment, there are a variety of options as the French manicure that they are able to satisfy the taste and mood of absolutely any fashionista.

So, consider the news of the French manicure, nails can decorate the most discerning beauties:

  1. Fan - frenchSkoree all, some manicure was a cheerful mood, and he, instead of the usual classical tunic, decided to create a design Changeling. That is the very nail plate of the client, he covered the bright white lacquer, and "smile" on the tip - light pink nail polish. It turned out so unusual and funny that manicure or call: fan jacket (hilarious French). If you decide to try a similar nail design for yourself, feel free to use any other color paints, the main thing - it is their contrast and compatibility.
  2. Color frenchNazvanie this version of the French manicure speaks for itself: here you are provided with a limitless space for imagination. Want to make tunic in two colors, you want - three or more, and want - to put the nails in different colors and patterns of topics. Importantly, do not forget about the "smile", otherwise it will not be French, as usual manicure.
  3. French milleniumEdinstvennoe Unlike french millennium from color tunic that the tip of the nail - "Smile" - shining sequins.
  4. Twist - frenchEtot nail design is characterized in that the end of the nail is painted with two or more colors.
  5. Hollywood French manikyurZdes tip of the nail is painted not in the form of a semicircular line of a smile and a zigzag, comma, in the form of "lightning" and so on.
  6. The stylized form of the French manicure frenchEtot allows any combination of colors, any drawings, as well as sequins and rhinestones.
  7. Lunar frenchEto also a kind of "Changeling", but the gist of it is that a different color is allocated is not the tip of the nail and its base (light part, "moon").

If you are tired of the classic manicure and want to treat yourself to something new, then it can do itself any unusual jacket. Do not be afraid to experiment and match colors to match your image and mood. This year especially popular combination of black with red, black with pink or gold, and white with a blue and white with gold. Do not forget that the girl with the French manicure on the hands always look stylish and fashionable!

 French manicure: Greetings from America

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 how to do a French manicure


  • At home or in the salon?
  • What you'll need
  • French Manicure with their hands

Paradoxical as it sounds, but the so-called French manicure was born not in France or even in Europe. His birthplace of America, to be precise - Hollywood. I must say that he quickly won the love and recognition of women in different countries.

This phenomenon is explained very simply - the French manicure is: a) beautiful; b) stylish); c) elegant. And most importantly, it is appropriate to always and everywhere.

You agree that with brightly painted nails (not to mention absolutely unacceptable for a woman with refined taste painted nails) unseemly to appear in the office, during business negotiations and meetings. A modest and low-key, but surprisingly elegant French manicure is good in all circumstances of time and place.

French - this square, rounded or oval nails, beige or transparent varnish on the body of the nail and dyed white tip. Just? Of course, but how beautiful!

  At home or in the salon?

How to do a French manicure? And where - at home or in the salon? Here everyone decides for himself. Of course, a qualified technician will give your nails a real charm. From the first time to cope with the French plated rather difficult. Most likely, first we must use the services of a specialist to understand certain nuances with which French becomes truly perfect look.

If you have free time, and the material side of you is not too worried about the French manicure in a beauty salon - the best solution. However, even wealthy ladies are advised to master the basics of creating such a coating that in some extreme situations (for example, an unexpected event where it is necessary to look like a million dollars, and the time to prepare practically nothing) you could bring their nails in perfect order .

Girls with modest incomes will certainly need to master the full course of the French manicure to look better than regular clients fashionable beauty salons. No special difficulties, you just have to buy everything you need and learn how to make classic French manicure and coating.

 how to do a French manicure

  What you'll need

First of all take care of all the accessories for a classic manicure. French looks nice on the manicured hands, and this means that you must have a beautiful form of nails, cuticle and skin is well-groomed and, of course, no burrs. Well, of course, you need all the things without which it is impossible to make a French cover. So, you will need:

  • Universal nail files
  • sticks of orange tree
  • means for processing the cuticle
  • Cream for the care for hands
  • set nail French manicure
  • special stencils

You can buy a set of French manicure - these are now offered by many brand-name manufacturers of hand care. The kit includes all the necessary accessories and even instructions on their use.

French Manicure with their hands

And now the answer to the question of how to do a French manicure. Rules are simple.

To start making the usual classic manicure. You can refer to the traditional "wet" manicure, but recently increasing popularity of the so-called European (in other words, edging) manicure. Step by step, this process is as follows.

  1. We treat the nails with nail file, giving it the desired shape.
  2. Applied to the cuticle tool to soften it and leave for a few minutes. (For those who prefer "wet" manicure, it is necessary to lower hands in warm water with soda or liquid hand soap).
  3. We treat the cuticles with a wooden stick with which removes dead skin cells. (Supporters of the "wet" manicure have to remove the cuticle using nozhnichek or special cutters).
  4. We treat the nails and degreaser case basis under the lacquer.
  5. After drying the paste the foundations of a pattern that marks the boundary between the body and the tip of the nail.
  6. We cover the tip of the nail white painted and dried.
  7. Remove the template and cover the body of beige or clear varnish.
  8. Dried paint and cover the nail fixer, which will give strength and shine.

In some kits to the French manicure is a special pencil - it is used for staining the tip of the nail. It is convenient for the so-called express-care when you have no time for coating and drying lacquer according to the technology. It is understood that the strip deposited so short-lived, not very pronounced, however, this jacket looks very natural.

After all these manipulations can be applied to hands nourishing cream. The process is complete and your pens look great.

It goes without saying that occasionally useful to make a mask for hands, use scrubs - in other words, to use all modern means to care for your hands. After all, it often suffers from drying out, aided and chemicals used for cleaning the house, washing dishes, and adversely affect the environment.

Give your hands a little time, and you'll look perfect!

 How to do a French manicure? Instructions

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