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After a long winter, we often look forward to the hot days. What could be better than the sun and the sea ?! However, not all and not always the sun gives a beautiful tan and brings a lot of joy. Freckled ocharovashka for various objective and subjective reasons, trying to hide her face from the sun, and once and for all get rid of the pesky stains. And the ugly pigmentation, acting on his face so out of place? Or are you overdo with a tan? And then you direct route to the beauty salon.

But not everyone can afford a visit to the beauty salon, the more that person will require repeated bleaching procedure. And remembering and using his grandmother's advice, we can once again make sure that the skin whitening folk remedies as effective as accessible and easy to use.

To prepare the masks and infusions, has a bleaching effect, folk cosmetology offers the following natural ingredients:

  • Bearberry - has a bleaching effect due to the content of hydroquinone, which is often used as a component of many preparations for skin whitening.
  • Yarrow - is rich in flavonoids, which holds most of the ultraviolet radiation.
  • Licorice - rich in organic acids, which are perfectly clean the horny layer of the skin.
  • Parsley - a very popular product that is often used to lighten the skin. Essential oils, which contain parsley, allow gently and painlessly brighten problem areas.
  • Lemon and cucumber - contain vitamin C and organic acids are the basic ingredients for the preparation of most whitening masks.

All of the recommended natural elements you can use in various combinations, as well as independent components for whitening masks.

 folk remedies for whitening skin

Recipes masks to lighten the skin

Next we present some recipes of masks and infusions, you just have to select the appropriate option. When you select the mask necessarily consider features of your skin!

  • Rice-water

The recipe, which used to enjoy and will benefit many generations of women. To prepare the broth of rice you need to boil a spoon (tablespoon) rice, but make sure that the seeds do not seethe. Then, you must drain the broth, cool and pour it into a container for ice container was then placed in the freezer of your refrigerator. For a gradual lightening of skin color should be daily wipe face with ice cubes of rice.

  • Decoction of parsley and lemon juice

Lovely whitening effect will give you a decoction of parsley with the addition of lemon juice. A cotton swab, apply a decoction on the spots and leave it there for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water and use their usual means to nourish the skin. This infusion has a strong drying effect, so add to the infusion of nourishing cream, if you are the owner of the skin prone to dryness.

  • Spoiled milk

This recipe is still very popular with our grandmothers. The gauze is necessary to drench sour milk and apply on face, to endure such a mask for twenty minutes. Especially the milk wash with water is not necessary, you can just wipe with a damp face wet disk. After weeks of your skin has cleared considerably and freckles blackness.

  • Mask of hydrogen peroxide

For this mask you need to mix pharmaceutical solution of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. The resulting mixture is thoroughly wipe the face, and then impose a mask of sour cream. Sour cream is recommended to use varying degrees of fat content: for dry skin should be taken fat sour cream, and for oily skin - diet.

Hydrogen peroxide can be joined with a mixture consisting of fifty one grams of cheese and raw egg yolk. Use mask conventional manner. If the composition and add a spoonful of honey, you can get a wonderful nourishing mask.

Another option: a spoonful of natural Komkova yeast dissolved in hydrogen peroxide, achieving a creamy consistency, and apply on face as a normal mask.

  • Cucumber

The easiest and most proven way to whiten the skin - use a mask out of the ordinary cucumber. By the grated cucumber, add a little chopped parsley. The prepared slurry was spread on the face and hold it for twenty minutes.

At the same time solve the problem of oily skin by using the following recipe: juice obtained from cucumber, mixed with the same volume of the vodka and push at least a day. Two or three times a week to impose on the face with gauze bandages, soaked in the finished nastoe.Esli you have dry skin, it is necessary to this infusion add fat sour cream or cream for dry skin.

  • Parsley

Chopped parsley need to pour boiling water in a thermos, give it a worn out in ten minutes. Then allow to cool; wipe the cooled infusion of pigmented skin areas twice a day.

  • Honey and lemon

One tablespoon of honey nezasaharennogo and as much lemon juice mix, the resulting mask used for other purposes. And in order to melt the thick honey, the amount required to heat it on a steam bath.

  • Raw egg

Very interesting way of bleaching freckles. We need to take a film covering a raw egg inside, lay it on the nose and wait for the complete drying. Repeat this procedure every day for a week, you can get rid of freckles.

  • The protein raw egg

A common variant, with which you can successfully whiten chloasma (dark spots) - a mix of crude protein with lemon juice and add sugar in the amount of a quarter of a spoon; all pour half a glass of water. Next - apply to face and endure fifteen to twenty minutes.

 skin whitening folk remedies

Folk mask whitening

Has a bleaching effect and berries such as black currant and elderberry, strawberry and strawberry. You can use them both individually and in various combinations with milk, sour cream, cream. It is also recommended during the course of bleaching take vitamin C - to enhance the effect.

A good result will give you a stable and herbs, but masks are needed to apply for a longer time. That's what plants to help you in the fight with freckles and pigment spots:

  • Milfoil

You will need fresh or dried blossoms yarrow (one spoon dining room), whey (also one tablespoon), one teaspoon cloves (spicy clove, which is commonly used as a condiment), one teaspoon of citrus juice (lemon, orange, grapefruit) . All the ingredients are crushed and mixed. The resulting mask used for its intended purpose, to bear its twenty minutes. Perhaps a slight tingling; do not worry, this is normal. After removing the mask, instead of nourishing cream, use olive oil.

  • Rosehip

From freckles will help you as a mask based on the sour cream with the addition of rose hips. Hips grind in a mortar and mix with sour cream. Then use the mixture as a normal mask.

  • Rowan

You can try to whiten the problem spots by using the following mix: the leaves of mountain ash, wild rose, sorrel in equal volumes to mix and add to them cream. Next, use the usual way. Rinse off the mask is recommended to diluted milk to bear it on the face for twenty minutes.

  • Black radish

Mask of black radish is also considered an effective means to lighten excessively tanned skin. Take the average radish cut a hole and spoon. The resulting deepening put a spoonful of honey. Eye-catching and radish juice will be a lotion for skin whitening.

  • Tea mushroom

Insisting month the composition of the two spoonfuls of tea fungus and one of the same spoon of onion juice, you get a tool to lighten pigmented skin. The resulting infusion wipe the face during an evening dress, leaving it on the skin until the morning.

  • Horseradish and apple

Horseradish in combination with an apple also has a whitening effect. To prepare mask grate on fine grater apple and horseradish, apply the resulting slurry on the face. Rinse off the mask is recommended with a weak solution of chamomile or plantain.

  • Calendula

Rubbing daily face lotion, made from equal proportions of lemon juice, red currant and has already prepared a decoction of the leaves of marigold, you lighten freckles and age spots as soon as possible.

  • Elderberries

Whitening decoction of elder prepared as follows: Stir in a thermos in a couple of big spoons of inflorescences elderberry and pour boiling water (300-400 g). Let sit for thirty minutes, strain and cool. Regularly wiping face obtained broth, you permanently get rid of age spots and freckles annoying.

  • Celandine

Wipe pigmented skin squeeze of celandine in the morning and in the evening or prepare an infusion of dried celandine vodka (in the ratio 1: 5). Dipped in the infusion discs cover the face for twenty minutes, then wash off necessarily infusion with skin and put a cream.

  • Taraxacum

But this mask is not only whitens, but also treats inflammation of the skin. Finely chop-dandelion leaves and mix it with warm milk. Ten minutes later, insisting add raw egg yolk mixture. The mask is ready to use!

Finally I would like to keep you from making mistakes. By using a mask, make sure whether you have an allergy to a particular component, and check how comfortable do you feel afterwards. Do not risk the well-being of the skin, even out of season to spot or too tanned. After all, it is important to be not only beautiful, but also healthy. We sincerely wish you and that, and another!

 Freckles, sunburn, age spots? Whitens the face of natural resources