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Rare to find a woman who is fully satisfied with their appearance. Agree, we always have a concern: the nose is too long, then the cellulite too obvious, then, as luck would have jumped in front of a corporate party spots. And so you can continue indefinitely. Number of female dissatisfaction tends to rise and wane, depending on the onset of critical days and seasonal changes, sometimes to reduce their occurrence to a minimum helps participation and attention from a loved one.

But be that as it may, sooner or later, every woman notices a some shortcomings. The most common of them - the imperfect skin. However, thanks to modern developments cosmetologists, to cope with the problem of uneven and dull skin on the face is not difficult, because the tone cream and powder, - essential tools in the struggle for beauty.

Tone Cream: pros and cons

Cosmetology has gone far ahead. If before such products as doubts arose, but today everything has become much easier. But even now, many women are wary of using foundation, arguing that the foundation is bad. We want to dispel this myth.

According to experts, foundation - a good opportunity to align the complexion. A decade ago, these drugs were very rough, dense, containing basically the larger particles that clog the pores. Therefore, there were all kinds of rashes and allergies. But newfangled foundation is not the case.

Besides the fact that the current cosmetic products give the face a healthy gentle color, they also protect against the aggressive influence of the world - water, air, automobile exhaust gases and so on. If you do not use foundation, powder not applied, all the dust and dirt will be deposited directly onto the skin. Therefore, this is an obstacle cosmetics dirt and protects you from external stimuli. And even today, many companies are added to the foundation vitamin E, which is engaging in the fight against free radicals, prevents wrinkles and SPF protects against UV rays.

So, as you see, not what is possible, and even necessary to have in the arsenal of tone cream and other beauty products. The main thing - to choose the right tool for your skin type and use it wisely: Always wash off makeup at night, and water-resistant use tonal means no more than three times in seven days. The fact that these products are very dense and steadily absorbed into the skin, so they do not want to use frequently. If you ignore this rule, then hike to a specialist for you should be the norm - a wire peelings, cleansing and hydrating mask regularly. And then there will be no problem!

 How to apply powder on the face

Powder as a kind of tonal resources

To the person look healthy, smooth and fresh, you should first find a suitable foundation, as we'll discuss later. Tone Cream is a lightweight, compact consistency, moisturizing or anti-aging effect, of various shades. But powder - something more diverse, so let's dwell a little on her species.

There is shading and translucent powder, and for more spectacular make-up for a special occasion - giving a slight glow. Sold in powder form of small balls, compact or crumbly. Let's talk about each detail.

Means, so to speak, every day - a regular compact powder, which are used to daily use of many women. It eliminates the fat shine, gives the skin a matte and velvety. Her twin substitute - loose powder, which has the same properties as the compact, but it means a lighter consistency and due to the state of powder is better distributed on the face (a good thing to use a brush).

To fix the make-up, as a final touch in creating the image, you can use a transparent powder with light reflecting particles. They are also compact or crumbly, or a mixture of several (two or three) tones. This powder gives skin a glow inside, matting and fixes make-up.

Ideally, each purse lady should be some means of varying textures and shades. Some - for everyday use, the other - on the yield and the third - for a special occasion, for example, with a calming effect for problem skin. Whatever it was, it is important to choose the right foundation for you.

Foundation and powder: 2 1

With the development of modern cosmetology today concealer and powder united in one bottle, and under one name - cream powder. This tool not only has an excellent ability to mask all the bumps, pimples and rashes, but exempt from duties powder oneself during the day. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly correct makeup, but want to look good, replace the foundation and powder on one tube of the tool.

Again, pick a cosmetic product, taking into account your skin type. For women with oily or combination skin is perfect cream powder compact with silicone. It is applied evenly and prevents greasy.

Older women with already noticeable wrinkles better to choose a cream-powder liquid consistency, which nourishes and protects from dehydration, the same tool, but with moisturizing and antiseptic properties, it is recommended to use the ladies with a dry skin type. This cream powder lays down a thin layer of soft and provides even a healthy complexion.

Note that if you enlarged and visible pores on the face, applying cream powder will make them only more visible. In this case it is better to use a busy tone cream and shimmering powder - apply them to the temples and cheekbones.

How to choose the foundation

Daily stress, insomnia, work load, poor nutrition - all of this is naturally reflected in the appearance of women. Camouflage minor flaws, align the complexion and give it freshness will help foundation and powder. But to the effect of the use of cosmetics was evident not hurt the skin and so exhausted, you should choose the right cosmetics. We will tell you how to do it.

Firstly, the most important rule when buying new cosmetics, whether foundation, for daily care, lotions, powders or other - pick his skin type.

If you have normal skin (to the extent of dry and not too fatty), then consider yourself lucky - as powder and foundation will be ideal helpers for creating fresh and healthy.

Usually this type of girls do not have to worry about rashes and acne, but smooth complexion now a rarity. Therefore, in order to look nice and attractive, use foundation or powder, and to great effect - both means.

Beauticians are advised to do before applying the peeling, or use a cleansing mask - this will remove dead skin cells, and then the foundation "lie" on the face beautiful even layer. Then spread a wet sponge and rub the usual moisturizer and tone from the top, and to give a velvety and get rid of excess shine - a little powder.

Dry skin is suffering from lack of moisture, thereby increasing the risk of premature wrinkling. Women with this type of skin is recommended to foundation, as powder in this case does not hold, and make your crumbling clearly not decorate.

Today diverse selection of cosmetics, so, if possible, to hydrate, giving a fresh face smooth tone and to protect against the appearance of wrinkles, use a special foundation 3 in 1 anti-aging effect. Since the powder applied to women with mature skin is not recommended, it is better to buy cosmetics with shimmering particles - this will give a gentle glow and make way perfect.

When the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, it appears on the face shine, familiar to many, besides such skin "clings" over all the dirt and dust, which can occur as a result of unwanted inflammation and pimples. Girls with the skin should be chosen concealer light consistency, even better - absorbing excess sebum.

However, the tool with features found quite problematic, so it is best to choose an alternative to the option - do not apply foundation and powder. You ask why? The answer is simple. Powder unlike tonal resources does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe freely, also absorbs an excess of sebum and makes it a matte, smooth and silky.

And another little tip. Pick up foundation and any other cosmetic product should be exposed to light, causing a small amount on the palm (the inner part of it); so you can make correspond to your tone of foundation or powder. Also, experts advise to regularly (every six months) I have the contents of cosmetics.

Tone cream and, of course, powder - not a panacea for all ills; but it is a great helper in the fight for the beauty and freshness of the face. And what woman does not want to look irresistible? To keep your skin is healthy and radiant, not just Correctly choose cosmetics, but do not forget about a healthy way of life - swimming, sports, bends required eight hours sleep, diversify your diet with vitamins and the right products - and then the views of passers-by will confined only to you. Good luck!

 Foundation or powder: how, why and why

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